Heavenly Genius - Chapter 62


"In the rooms of the young and soo disgraced!" - Bai Yao sighed and said to himself: *It is not surprising that a girl who always did not want to get married would behave like that. What husband wants to marry her? Moreover, you do not say that the first beauty, what are you doing then?*

"Did the bride grab her husband like that at night? This is a shame! "Niu Yu Tao shook his head too. It seems that Yuan Gan spoke correctly. Chao Zong is really not a rival to Feng Ru Nan. He looked at Yuan Gan.

Yuan Gan immediately grabbed Yuan Fang and took him aside for a conversation.

Lang Jo Ting and Shu Qing heard how Feng Ru Nan twisted Chao Zong.

Shu Qing was worried about her brother's safety.

Lan Jo Ting frowned. If this happened today, then most likely, Feng Ru Nan will not respect her husband. How then can they then take troops and control them? Even if they manage to make troops to Tsang Wu County, it will still be difficult for them together.

"Do you let go!?

"I will not let go, and what? You dared to touch me. I didn't tear off your skin, and this is my courtesy to you. Do you think you can offend me at any moment?"

"Just a joke. You are my wife…"

"Wife, and what? Do you think you can touch me at any time?"

Hearing her brother's tormenting voice, Shu Qing shouted:

"The bride, today, we have all become one family, but there is no need to make a fuss!"

"Outside, sister Shu Qing? How could I so fuss? This is your brother's hands. Don't worry. I will teach your worthless brother well. I guarantee that he will behave himself later pretty well. "Feng Ru Nan was quite respectful of Shu Qing. Because she knew that even though she not so beautiful, Shu Qing was all the more not beautiful. If Feng Ru Nan can also show his face, then Shu Qing always walks under his hat and is afraid to scare people with his face. People say she is horrid. Therefore, Feng Ru Nan was sympathetic to her. Also, Shu Qing was left without funds, and Feng Ru Nan, as a girl, understood her and felt sympathy for her. She realized that she was much luckier in life than Shu Qing.

Yuan Gan went to Niu Yu Tao and whispered in his ear:

"She already drank the drink, and he warrants that the action of the drink is about to take effect."

Shu Qing went to the door of the bride and groom's house and said Bai Yao:

"Senior, let me in and talk."

Bai Yao, immediately holding the sword moved away. He hoped that this comedy would end soon. After all, he thought about how to report everything not only to the ruler but also to the sect?

However, Feng Ru Nan immediately warned:

"Sister Shu Qing, you better not go in. Your brother and I make love, and we're not dressed. This is not a good time for you to enter."

Shu Qing knew that Feng Ru Nan seemed to be talking nonsense:

"Bride, I'll come for a short while..."

Feng Ru Nan interrupted her:

I say you don't come in - so don't come in. I am now tense, and if anything, I can do something wrong. If you enter, then I can accidentally deprive your brother of offspring. Should you come in?"

Niu Yu Tao, when he heard this, smiled. Yet this girl is still that tigress!

Only Feng Ru Nan could pronounce such words. What can you do, she steadily grew up among the warriors and often heard their conversations. And how can warriors talk? So she involuntarily picked up from them that's words, and she sometimes forgot that she was a woman. In general, a woman with male habits.

She decided to torture Chao Zong. Recently, she cried out of resentment for several days. How many years she did not cry, and these days she cried. Now the culprit of her tears was served to her on a silver platter. Now she wants to take revenge on him for everything.

"M ..." - Chao Zong groaned painfully.

Shu Qing hurriedly said: "Bride, don't do anything horrible. You better talk."

Feng Ru Nan replied: "Sister, you don't understand. Your brother and I are fighting. If we swear, then we love each other. This is not your business. I don't want to harm you, so it's better to leave calmly. Otherwise, do not blame me for my rudeness."

"Scum!" Chao Zong swore.

"Bah!" The slap rang across Chao Zong's face.

Feng Ru Nan: "You shut up. Otherwise, I'll count all your teeth!"

Bai Yao shook his head. Indeed, Chao Zong needed to be silent. Why does he vex her even more?

Yuan Gan said to Niu Yu Tao, and Niu Yu Tao calculated everything to himself. Indeed Chao Zong deservedly receives. He clearly knew how Feng Ru Nan relates to him. Why was he in such a hurry? He would have wait until she calms down, and he had tactfully begun to approach her.

He imagined the situation inside the house and said with a sigh:

"Grand Duchess, the princess, speaks correctly. These are the affairs of the husband and wife. No need to bother them outside. Let them frolic themselves. If they don't come out in a day, then we'll enter."

Shu Qing looked at him in surprise, and Lan Jo Ting frowned.

And from the room came the loud voice of Feng Ru Nan: "Niu Yu Tao, you are a cheater and a scammer! Wait, I'll settle my scores with you!"

Niu Yu Tao was silent. It looks like Feng Ru Nan remembered his voice.

"Oh, princess, you're having a lot of fun. We won't bother you." Niu Yu Tao sighed and waved Shu Qing:

"Great Duchess, let's go!"

Shu Qing did not understand and doubted. *So we will let go, my brother? What if something happens?*

Niu Yu Tao waved his hand again.

Shu Qing doubted, but still trusted him and then left.

Niu Yu Tao also waved his hand at everyone: "Go away. All go away. They are inside. They have their affairs. Why bother them?" He nodded gravely to Bai Yao and said to Wen Xing and Wen Li:

"They don't need your service today. Go away too."

After his words, everyone began to disperse, and Yuan Fang, dangling his head, followed Niu Yu Tao.

 Seeing that everyone had dispersed, Bai Yao again said:

"Ru Nan, I'm telling you again. Know the measure!"

Feng Ru Nan: Uncle Bai, don't worry. I won't do anything wrong, or else I won't be able to command the army."

Bai Yao shook his head with a sigh. He flew up and landed on the roof, staying on the roof under the moon and listening to the sounds in the newlyweds' room.

Not much time passed before the noise rose again in the room. It seems that they began to fight again. However, the battle seemed to cease quickly, and yet there was silence inside.

Bai Yao shook his head: "This girl is hard to convince ..."

"Lord Tao, nothing will happen to my brother?"

Niu Yu Tao walked, looking at the three-story palace. He walked with his hands behind his back. Lan Jo Ting and Shu Qing followed him. Shan Shu Qing was worried about her brother.

Niu Yu Tao smiling said: "Death from a beautiful woman is a worthy death!"

Shu Qing did not find words. So she couldn't find a place for herself because her brother was suffering there, and Niu Yu Tao was joking here.

Lan Jo Ting sighing said:

"Lord Tao, now is not the time for jokes. However, returning to the main theme, will Feng Ru Nan do nothing with the prince there?"

Niu Yu Tao smiled:

"What can happen? Would she kill him? The prince can get a little beating and all."

Lan Jo Ting and Shu Qing thought that if Niu Yu Tao recalled every one, then he had a reason for this. Lan Jo Ting said:

"Lord Dao, death is not death, but you must not allow her to turn the prince into an invalid. Will it be late then?"

"Nothing will happen." Niu Yu Tao shook his head and said:

"Mr. Lan, we will need to think about how to rectify the situation upon arrival at Tsang Wu County."

Having not received an answer, two people left disappointedly. Niu Yu Tao stood and watched them go. Then he turned his gaze to the moon, leaving his thoughts far into the distance ...

"Knife, who has a knife?" Having returned to the courtyard, Yuan Fang immediately began to question the monks. Everyone just did not know what happened. Why does he need a knife?

One took out a dagger and asked: "The head, will this come down?"

Yuan Fang looked at the knife. His eyes flashed, and he immediately nodded:

"Ok, good."

He sat down in front of a candle and, pointing to his gray beard, said:

"Help me shave my beard..."

Dawn rose on the horizon, and one piercing cry broke the silence of the morning:


This scream belonged to Feng Ru Nan.

Around all the cultivators immediately turned their heads towards the bride and groom's house. Lan Jo Ting and Shu Qing, who were on guard outside, also woke up and opened their eyes.

Standing on the roof, Bai Yao opened his eyes and immediately went down to the door.

Yesterday it seemed to calm down, what happened again? Have they started a fight yet?

One silhouette crept in and jumped out the window, and behind it, something wooden flew.

Shan Chao Zong broke through a papier-mâché window and ran out through it, followed by the naked leg of Feng Ru Nan.

On the torso, naked, Chao Zong, with bare feet, ran forward without looking back.

"Buh!" The front door was pushed open, and Feng Ru Nan's bare feet could also be seen. Her hair was tousled. She looked pretty crazy. It's good that she wore some clothes. She threw on her formal clothes. Only she had not yet had time to button up the collar, because of which it was possible to make out the whiteness of her skin.

"Ru Nan, what is it?" Bai Yao blocked her path.

Ru Nan, as if she had no time to explain anything, immediately extended her hand and grabbed a sword from Bai Yao.

"Jing!" Came the sound of a sword drawn from its scabbard.

And she, too, ran after Chao Zong.

"I will kill you!"

And Chao Zong ran away, without looking back!