Heavenly Genius - Chapter 63

"What?" - Bai Yao did not understand. The newlywed ran out in this form. Now the bride is chasing to kill the groom?
Hearing the noise, Shu Qing and Lan Jo Ting also came running. Seeing Chao Zong naked, they even did not understand what was happening. 
Only they were even more surprised when they saw Feng Ru Nan chasing after them with a sword in their hand. What is she wearing? She seemed to hastily put on the dress that one could see her bare legs. Apparently, she hadn't even put on her knickers and had not yet fastened the collar in front. Therefore it had possible to see slightly swaying white breasts. Shu Qing could not believe her eyes. For her, it was over, not chaste. How can a girl run around and show her charms?
She simply could not imagine such a thing. If her parents had seen that their daughter would run like this, they would have shot her right away!
Lan Jo Ting also opened his mouth and staring. For him, too, this kind of activity was a shock. Such an act simply violates all the moral principles of girls. How could a wealthy Feng family have such a daughter? He also could not imagine it. 
Chao Zong fled to this side. He, with bare hands, was not an opponent of Feng Ru Nan. Not to mention the fact that she had a sword in her hands. Therefore, he immediately ran away. 
"Shameless dog! Wait, I'll kill you!" Feng Ru Nan ran from behind and screamed furiously. 
Around cultivators and standing on the roof, cultivators also did not find words. 
Bai Yao immediately flickered. Felt a gust of wind, Feng Run Nan quickly turned and waved her sword. She did not even pay attention to whether this is her people or not. Bai Yao waved the sheath of his sword and hit him with the sword. Then he grabbed Ru Nan by the shoulders and stopped in place:
"Ru Nan, don't make any noise!"
Bai Yao safely took the sword from Ru Nan. 
"Let me go! Let me go! I have to kill him! I have to kill him ..." Ru Nan screamed hysterically, and her eyes turned red. What could even be seen as tears began to drain from her eyes? She stared at Chao Zong. 
Bai Yao frowned. "Ru Nan, what happened?"
She spoke through her teeth: "He's a shameless man..!"
Seeing what she says in riddles, Bai Yao already guessed what had happened. Only he smiled bitterly and said: "You already married. Why get angry now? What has been done is a regular thing. In the whole of heaven, after the wedding, this is a natural and self-evident matter!"
Only he was surprised. After all, last night, she did not allow herself even to touch. Why did this happen? Did he take advantage of the fact that she fell asleep? However, he was embarrassed to ask such things. 
She did not tell. Bai Yao did not ask. He only gave a sign to Wen Xing and Wen Li to help Ru Nan get back. He, covering her, pulled into the house. 
Lan Jo Ting, Shu Qing, and several other bodyguards sighed in relief when they saw that Ru Nan was being returned. In this life, they were not so embarrassed. 
Lan Jo Ting turned his head and saw Chao Zong half-dressed. He immediately ordered the bodyguards to give Chao Zong a cloak. Someone from the bodyguards gave their boots so that the prince would not go barefoot. 
Lan Jo Ting and Shu Qing quickly led the prince into the courtyard. 
On the way, Lan Jo Ting tried to ask: 
"Prince, did everything goes well?" He meant the first wedding night. 
It was difficult for Chao Zong to talk about this, but he nodded slightly, admitting that he managed to achieve what he wanted. Only before unmarried Shu Qing how will he talk about it. 
Shu Qing, noticing his nod, immediately blushed. Only she did not understand to herself - after all, Ru Nan made it clear that she did not want this. Why did she give up?
As soon as they returned to the courtyard, Lan Jo Ting invited the prince to go inside and change his clothes. And then wanted to talk. 
Chao Zong coughed dryly and then said: "Mister, You come in too." 
Lan Jo Ting understood him and went in without saying anything. 
As soon as the door was closed, Shu Qing also realized that her brother was avoiding her, so she left. 
Inside the room, Chao Zong found his clothes and changed clothes. He was frowning all the time, and Lan Jo Ting stood aside and was silent. 
As soon as he changed clothes, Chao Zong put his hands on the table and bowed his head. A lot of time passed, as he perplexedly said: 
"Mister, This is a strange thing."
Lan Jo Ting went up to him and said: "Tell me."
Chao Zong: "Last night, Feng Ru Nan defeated me. Only then did her hands loosen. I initially thought that she was just taking her breath. But after a while, she completely loosened her grip. I broke free and seized the moment. Only after this ... this, I thought that she humbled herself and surrendered at will. However, then she said that they had put medicine for her ... And after that, you saw."
"A cure?" - Lan Jo Ting hesitated. "Are you sure?"
Chao Zong said quietly: 
"Last night, when I was busy with business, I did not pay attention. But after... Later ... later I realized that she was telling the truth by 80-90%." - He turned his head and asked inquiringly: 
"Could it be that somebody has poured the cure on our part?"
Lan Jo Ting waved his hand and said: 
How could we? Besides, all the food brought from the ruler. We wouldn't have time to do anything."
Chao Zong grinned bitterly: "Well, did Feng Lin Bo himself do this?"
"It is right too. If so, then who? " Lan Jo Ting did not understand. Suddenly a sparkle appeared in his eyes. He recalled yesterday's events. When everyone was worried about the prince, only Niu Yu Tao behaved calmly and urged everyone to disperse. 
He was still wondering how he was not worried about the prince. Thinking about this, he continued: 
"Maybe this is that person."
Chao Zong looked at him and asked doubtfully: "Who?"
Lan Jo Ting said with a sigh: 
"Who pushed the prince to fulfill his marital duty? Besides him, who else can?"
Shan Chao Zong was surprised: "Does Mr. believe that this is Niu Yu Tao?"
Lan Jo Ting: "Last night, he behaved strangely. I am 80-90% sure that this is due to him." 
Chao Zong hesitatingly said: 
"Mr., how could he do this without our knowledge? When would he have a chance? Besides everything that was there, I also ate. Why didn't anything happen to me?"
Lan Jo Ting sighing said: 
"I do not know this. The snake has its path, the mouse has its own, and their ways are different. This lord Tao is not distinguished by decent behavior. He takes money from the princess and bought them gifts for her. Such an act does not exactly paint a decent person. And he is not a respectable person. However, his methods are effective. Perhaps there are no things that he cannot. He is an outstanding person. I still can't understand how, at his age, he can be such an intelligent person? How could such an educated, broad-minded person come from the village? I also do not believe that they could teach him this in the sect of the Highest purity. Especially when they kept him in custody. I don't know whether it's good or bad that we keep such a person with us. However, for these few days, although he did not always use suitable methods, his goals were useful. While he helps us."
Chao Zong sadly twisted mouth: 
"And now what? How will I look in her eyes..."
Having discussed everything, Lan Jo Ting left the lonely prince and went outside. 
When he saw Shu Qing, he went to the side with her to talk. 
"Nothing with my brother?" Shu Qing asked immediately, worried. 
Lan Jo Ting shook his head and seemed to want to say, but on the other hand, he was not comfortable talking. 
Seeing his expression, Shu Qing immediately said: 
"Mister, If you have something to say, then say it. We do not need to ceremonies with each other."
We do not need to ceremonies with each other." 
"I want to warn the princess. In no case, be alone with the lord Tao."
Shu Qing was surprised: "Mister, Why says so?"
Lan Jo Ting thought and said in a whisper: 
"In the chambers of the newlyweds, Feng Ru Nan seems to have added medicine. Otherwise, the prince would not have succeeded yesterday."
"Ah ..." Shu Qing cried out in surprise, and noticing that she had lost control, she covered her mouth: "How is this possible?"
Lan Jo Ting: "It must be like that. The prince after..." - Lan Jo Ting vaguely everything and explained how and what happened. 
Shu Qing, after listening to him and also linking everything, thought that most likely, it was Niu Yu Tao. She understood that Lan Jo Ting was afraid that the same thing would happen to her as Feng Ru Nan. Only she said lightly: 
"Mister thought up a lot. No one dares to do so. Should I be afraid of this?" By this, she meant that she was ugly. 
Lan Jo Ting: "I ask the princess to be more attentive. This person uses low methods."
He folded his arms, bowed, and left. 
Shu Qing watched him and thought...
Yuan Gan came to the courtyard of the monks from the monastery of the southern mountains. Yuan Fang smiling again, greeted him with bows, and prepared for the next beatings. Only Yuan Gan was in no hurry to beat him, but, on the contrary, examined his face with curiosity. Having shaved off a gray beard, this werewolf has considerably grown younger. That it's will hardly recognize him ...
Chaos reigned everywhere in the bridal room. Chairs, furniture, and utensils were broken, and Feng Ru Nan lay on the bed. 
The pictures of last night kept popping up in her head. She recalled how tightly she held Chao Zong and how her grip loosened, and then unpleasant scenes began. From this, she again became hurt and hurt. 
Wen Xing and Wen Li walked carefully cleaned everything. Only by negligence did they touch a golden glass of wine. Feng Ru Nan came to herself from the resonant sound, wiped away her tears and, looking at the wine kettle, asked: 
"Where does this wine come from?"