Heavenly Genius - Chapter 65


He knew that Yuan Gan was serious about duty. And if once someone helped him or saved, he will do his duty. Niu Yu Tao did not consider this a bad trait. He even supported Yuan Gan and did not want him to become as insensitive as he was.

And he did not plan to bow before this sister and this brother Shan. It would not be easy for them to win his heart.

Shu Qing wanted to say something but eventually said nothing. She thought and felt that the words of Niu Yu Tao had a deep hidden meaning.

Niu Yu Tao, seeing that she was silent, challenged again:

"Princess, have I done wrong?"

Before him, Shu Qing finally answered:

"Lord Tao did everything right. It will be better for us."

Niu Yu Tao did not find words. He hoped that she would say that he was wrong. And then he can quickly leave and take Yuan Gan with him.

It seemed to him that this girl had outwitted them both. There, at the monastery of the southern mountain, this girl made them stay. And here she again did not give him a reason to leave. This soft-looking, but the strong-willed girl manages them well.

"Women are more annoying than men." Niu Yu Tao spoke in a whisper and, unclenching his fist, said:

If so, then what other questions are there?"

Shu Qing sighed and, changing her tone, asked:

"Feng Ru Nan seems to know already that she was given the medicine. How can my brother look into her eyes now?"

How can my brother look into her eyes now?" He took a flower from his ears and sniffed it:

"The princess is going through a lot. It is only necessary to follow further. What about the ties of the newlyweds - this is their business. This is the happiness or problems of the prince. Him and solve them. What are we going to do? They need to decide everything between themselves."

 He initially did not think that the prince would be weaker than Feng Ru Nan, but it turned out like that.

Shu Qing did not find words.

*You invented all this, and now you say that this is not your business? Do you always do this? Mow it and then push it onto another? You kill, but you don't want to bury the body yourself!*

She said, bitterly smiling:

"Lord Tao, what if this case comes out?"

Niu Yu Tao counter-asked:

"Will we tell this to others?"

Shu Qing shook her head. "Not!"

Niu Yu Tao, folding his arms over his chest, replied:

"Is the Feng family going to talk about this when they find out? Feng Ru Nan is strong. And in this matter, at most, she will find ways just to take revenge, but she will not tell everyone either. She had already done insane things. And even if someone hears about it, he will simply say that these are family matters. What is there to be afraid of? This case does not concern other people. If the prince pours her some more medicine, then what? Princess, you need not worry."

Shu Qing sighed lightly. She realized that she was behaving rather tediously. And really, what's the difference between what others think? It is not so important. Especially in their position.

So she looked at the soy bristly and, translating the topic, asked:

"Lord Tao, what do you want to do with soy?"

"Hehe. Yuan Gan is voracious and asked me to cook something." - Niu Yu Tao pointed to Yuan Gan: "Somehow, I will prepare a yummy dish and invite the princess to try it."

*Soy, what can you do with it? Cook, fry, stew, bake?* - Shu Qing did not understand. However, she nodded.

"Good! I hope to broaden my horizons and try out the preparations of Lord Tao.

"The princess will be pleased!" Niu Yu Tao immediately joyfully answered, then turned to Yuan Gan and said:

"Later, you will need to find seasonings. Pay attention to this."

They have been here for several years and found that seasonings are quite uniform here. Therefore, the food seems so quite simple.

Yuan Gan nodded.

They haven't had breakfast yet. Shan's brother and sister, Lan Jo Ting, Niu Yu Tao, and Yuan Gan went to eat together.

Several people had breakfast, and Niu Yu Tao  joke:

"Prince, what is it with your face? Where did the bruise swell come from?"

Initially, Chao Zong and Feng Ru Nan planned to go in the morning and visit his parents. Only after what happened at night he was uncomfortable to go out. Therefore, he sent people, saying that he was sick. That side, understanding the situation, sent a man and wished the prince to recover.

Chao Zong rolled his eyes:

"Lord Tao, you all know. Why are you asking?"

Niu Yu Tao smiling continued: "Here is missing another person. Where is the princess? Will, she not eat with us?"

In addition to Yuan Gan, with a stone expression on his face and Chao Zong, the rest could not stand it and laugh.

While they were eating, a bodyguard came running and called Lan Jo Ting. Lan Jo Ting went out, talked to that, and returned, said to Niu Yu Tao:

"Lord Dao, that Yuan Fang wants to borrow clothes from a bodyguard."

"Clothing?" - Niu Yu Tao holding a flour cake with chopsticks, raised his head: "Why should he borrow clothes?"

Lan Jo Ting said: "He says that brother Yuan Gan often beat him, ripping off all his clothes." Now he has no suitable clothes left, so he asks him to borrow some.

Niu Yu Tao nodded: "Well, then let him lend him."

Lan Jo Ting smiled but said nothing. He specifically told him that Niu Yu Tao would know if that bear was planning anything.

"Prince, what do you eat and leave nothing?" Came the voice of Feng Ru Nan from outside. She appeared outside the gate. She had a wicked look.

Several people immediately rose in the hall, Shu Qing stood up and greeted her:

Wife of an older brother!"

Lan Jo Ting and the others also began to greet her: "The princess!"

Feng Ru Nan, not paying attention to anyone, went up to Chao Zong and stood before him, staring at him intently. Her height was taller than him. She clenched her fists as if at any moment she was ready to hit him in the face.

Chao Zong, with confidence, said:

"Let's eat together!"

"What to talk in vain? You already ate all."

Feng Ru Nan looked around and said:

"I will walk here, I'll see. The prince does not mind?"

Chao Zong: "As you wish!"

Feng Ru Nan freely took Wen Li and began to walk around the rooms, as if looking for something ...


Feng Ru Nan regularly sent people, calling the prince to the newlyweds' chambers for respite. Only the prince, under any pretext, refused her ...

So the moment came when it was time to pack on a long journey. Behind the regional city of Kuangai, a few pavilions stood. There, Peng Yu Lan, shedding tears, waved her hand to her daughter. Feng Lin Bo stood nearby and looked dejectedly as the horsemen were leaving. He was sad to let his daughter go in such a hectic age.

Feng Ru Nan, riding on horseback, kept looking at the silhouettes of her parents and looking at her native city.

How many times she drove in and out of this city. However, today she traveled differently. She now understood that she was married!

. The love between a man and a woman gave way to a great cause. After the wedding, there were not many ceremonies. Chao Zong rested one day with them, then took his wife and took his leave.

This time their troops increased by 500 bodyguards more. It was the guard of Feng Ru Nan.

In Kuangai County, there were hundreds of selected troops under Feng Ling Bo. Among them, 5000 cavalries. This time he gave 500 Feng Ru Nan and another 4,000 foot soldiers Feng Ru Nan agreed to lend Chao Zong. In fact, everyone understood that these troops belonged to Feng Ru Nan. Without her words, not a single soldier will budge. However, although the army was small, everyone clearly understood that among this army, there was a daughter Feng Lin Bo and his son-in-law. Therefore, no one dares just to attack them.

Including the riders of Chao Zong, they ended up with about 1,000 passengers and 4,000 on foot. However, if they advance in such a composition, then their speed will be languid. Therefore, Feng Lin Bo ordered his second son on the western side to meet Chao Zong along the way and give them 4,000-foot soldiers. And Feng Lin Bo himself would later supplement it with 4,000 soldiers.

Feng Lin Bo has already notified neighboring Qingshan County that his troops will accompany his daughter. But, Actually, they wanted to see the situation and provide, in extreme cases, escape routes. And Qingshan County was not as powerful as Kuangai County. So, they did not dare to confront Feng Lin Bo.

 If Feng Lin Bo dared to confront the imperial house.

Although a decree came out from the imperial house that they told Chao Zong not to go to Tsang Wu County, but to return to the capital. Allegedly they want to put him in the service.

The tiger has already been released into the mountains, and the water dragon has been released into the lake, unlikely they want to return to the cage.

If the messenger goes roundabout, then he will need a lot of time. So he went through Kuangai County. As soon as he went into the county, he immediately disappeared. Yes, even if he got to Chao Zong, he would still say that he did not meet the messenger.

The imperial house understood that these were Feng Lin Bo's affairs. Therefore, they, even more, believed in the existence of hundreds of thousands of ravens!

Feng Lin Bo became more and more critical, and the Heavenly Jade sect supported him and sent him more people.

In addition to 500 bodyguards, Feng Ru Nan also took 30 cultivators. Bai Yao also followed them.

The couple had a lot of wedding gifts and things. Just so as not to delay them, Feng Lin Bo decided to send gifts and other things next.

As soon as they drove away from the city, Feng Ru Nan gathered her thoughts and said Wen Xing and Wen Li:

"Go look for me that bearded old man. But don't say anything!"