Heavenly Genius - Chapter 66


When they were in the city, Feng Ru Han could not find that older man with a white beard. Yes, even if she found it, then what's wrong. She can't do anything anyway.

She clearly understood that although she was disgraced, it was the husband and wife's business. She could not do anything. She will simply be told that she is wrong. So her parents stopped her and told her not to disturb all. But here everything is different. Here she is herself mistress. Here she has power. And she will decide how and what to do!

They did not find that man in the city, but she was silent and did not want to frighten him away. He probably hid there. But now, when they leave, he should appear.

Wen Li and Wen Xing walked around and looked for a man.

Niu Yu Tao noticed this and occasionally glanced at them. Then he turned and asked Yuan Gan:

"Bear, where did he go?"

Yuan Gan: "Back, in the second row, that black-faced.

Niu Yu Tao turned and looked at the black-faced bodyguard. If Yuan Gan had not told him, then he would not have recognized Yuan Fang.

He immediately asked: "And what about his face?"

Yuan Gan: "He says that I beat him and that's why he is trying to recover with medicines... He took the sauce in the kitchen and covered his face."

Niu Yu Tao smiled: "This bear is still very skilled."

Yuan Gan did not answer. He also understood and admitted that this simple-minded bear is not so simple and very cunning. Realizing the danger, he shaved off his beard, which the monks do not like. He also borrowed clothes from bodyguards and painted on his face, referring to Yuan Gan. Like this, he wants to avoid retribution from Feng Ru Nan. If it were not for lord Tao, who said that he would not run away without monks, then Yuan Gan would always guard him.

Yuan Gan allowed him to escape. However, he will leave 20 monks. Yuan Fang went out to town to shop and, to his surprise, returned. He did not leave his monks, and this aroused the admiration of Yuan Gan. Now he did not think that he was a cunning scumbag. Otherwise, he would have left 20 brothers.

Yuan Gan, of course, understood that Yuan Fang was not a good person. However, it can still be fixed. On the way, faced with many dangers, with swords and pikes, people just become close. In such situations, people begin to believe each other.

And as Lord Tao said, this bear's worldview is merely small, and its value systems are wrong. And so one can make a good person out of him.

Chao Zong and others also noticed that Feng Ru Nan still couldn't calm down and was always looking for someone.

"Bah!" There was thunder.

Clouds suddenly appeared in the blue sky.


 Although they have not yet traveled half a day from the city. Large drops of rain began to fall from the sky.

The riders accelerated to get to the post station faster. Because they did not bring a convoy with them, they did not have tents to shelter from the rain. Yuan Fang could be under the rain for some time, but not so long. Therefore, he had to fall to the horse and pray to the sky.

It was already visible postal stations, but the clouds quickly clouded the sky, and the rain became stronger. However, when they drove closer to the postal station, the rain stopped.

Crouching to the horse, Yuan Fang lifted his head. He looked at the blue sky and said: "Great Buddha!"

All the postal stations in Kuangai County were already used by Feng Lin Bo. They were not intended for an imperial house. Therefore, the postal station already knew that Feng Ru Nan would arrive. Because of the rain, they are unlikely to go any further and are likely to remain at the station, so postal people began to install tents. They managed to install many tents, as the weather cleared up.

Only tents are not enough for 1000 people. Feng Ru Nan and other main people will go there, but the rest of ordinary soldiers are not so lucky.

Knowing that Feng Ru Nan would come, everyone was moving fast. The postmaster ordered the subordinates to cook soup. Although it was spring rain, it was still cold. Especially the riders who were riding in front, the wind beating in their face.

Indeed, not much time passed before the approaching clatter of hooves was heard.

Feng Ru Nan did not wear armor this time, she was in simple women's clothing. From the fact that the clothes got wet and covered the body of Feng Ru Nan, her outstanding charms, covered with clothes, attracted men's attention well. Wen Xing trembled all the same and quickly threw a cloak over Feng Ru Nan.

Only Feng Ru Nan was in no hurry to climb into the tent. At first, as a decent military leader, she examined everything. She watched what consequences of the rain fell on the army and then was about to return. Only then did she smell a terrible stink.

The wind carried one specific thick smell, which attracted the attention of a considerable number of people. Many people turned their heads and looked at Yuan Fang.

Yuan Fang cried bitterly to himself. He noticed that from the rain, his whole sauce on his face began to drain down his neck onto his clothes. A thick stench emanated from him, plus he had a healthy physique. Among all, he was - like a crane among chickens.

And without the sauce, it was hard not to notice.

Although he could hide for a while, he could not always hide. Therefore, sooner or later, he would have been discovered. However, Yuan Fang still wanted to postpone the case. Who knows, maybe he will have the opportunity to take the monks and escape.

Initially, he did not think that the case would be dangerous. But when at night he heard Feng Ru Nan beat the prince, then he understood what he had gotten into.

There was nothing to blame him. He was brought from the temple, and he knew nothing about the situation.

Feng Ru Nan looked at him and turned her head and asked:

"Is it he?"

Wen Xing and Wen Li carefully looked at him, but could not admit. And it was not only the missing beard but the fact that when they saw him, he was completely bruised. And after that incident, Yuan Fang always rubbed his face so that the blood would dissolve. Therefore, after that incident, he had a different look.

"It seems the eyes are alike ..." - Wen Xing and Wen Li stood there and couldn't identify him accurately.

Chao Zong and others also noticed a strange thing. They looked at Yuan Fang and wondered why they look at him. However, they also noticed it was strange that Yuan Fang shaved his beard.

Only Yuan Gan, who knew the matter, stood with a stony expression on his face, and Niu Yu Tao especially smiling loudly asked:

"Bear, what about your gray beard? Have you shaved it off? And why did you color your face?"

As soon as he said this, a cold smile appeared on Feng Ru Nan's face.

Yuan Fang nearly fainted. He shouted bitterly to himself: *Lord Tao, what are you doing?!*

Yuan Gan even twisted his mouth. He now perfectly understood what Yuan Fang was feeling.

Feng Ru Nan did nothing. She found out, and that was enough.

Several tents were set up, but not all.

 And in one tent somebody cooked soup. Feng Ru Nan understood that this was no time for revenge, especially not far from the city. And along the way, she noticed that the head of the post station did an excellent job.

Therefore, looking at the head of the post, she calmly said:

"Report to the county so that this person will be appointed an official of the postal setup!"

 That man understood that these words changed his life. It is not to say an official of the postal setup was not an important position but is good for him.

Therefore, as soon as he heard this, he immediately rejoiced.

And Feng Ru Nan strode inward with a wide step.

First, the girls went to change clothes, and then the rest.

Niu Yu Tao noticed that even though there was good rain and everyone was almost wet through. However, Bai Yao and other cultivators were completely dry, as if the rain had passed them by. When Niu Yu Tao himself was also wet.

"Lord Tao!" Yuan Fang stood aside and asked Niu Yu Tao to leave.

Niu Yu Tao, covering himself with a fan from the smell and frowning, asked, pretending to know nothing:

"What smells of you?"

Yuan Fang clasped his hands, began to beg:

"Lord Tao, please let me go with the monks. If I do not leave, then I am afraid I will not live!"

Niu Yu Tao was amazed: "Why do you say that?"

Yuan Fang, pointing to Yuan Gan, whispered in a whisper about what Yuan Gan had asked him, and at the end, he whispered:

"If I don't leave, the princess will kill me!"

Niu Yu Tao calmly said:

"Is that what? I told Yuan Gan about this business, so he said you to do it."