Heavenly Genius - Chapter 67


"Uh ..." Yuan Fang glanced sharply at him

He had long doubted Niu Yu Tao. But now Niu Yu Tao is so frankly telling him about it that it was hard for him to believe. He began to think about the reason for this attitude and, bowing his head, asked:

"Lord Tao, why are you harming me so much? At the monastery on the mountain, I didn't do everything on purpose. Then Song Yang Qing forced me to." He thought that Niu Yu Tao was angry with him because of that incident.

Niu Yu Tao patted him on the shoulder:

"You thought a lot. I do not hurt you, but I help you."

Yuan Fan raised his head in amazement: "Help me?" - at that moment on his face, as if it was written: *But you are setting me up!*

Slime appeared on the hand of Niu Yu Tao, and he found a clean place on the clothes of Yuan Fang and rubbed his hand there while saying:

"You know, sooner or later, you would be discovered. One way or another, it's better to let them find you now and solve this issue right now."

*Die!* - Yuan Fang spoke to himself and continued to pray: "Lord Tao, you better let me go. If you let me go, I will put your tablet in the monastery, and I will pray for you every day so that you have a long and bright life. Okay?"

Niu Yu Tao leaned on his sword and sincerely said:

"Want to go-go. Just listen to my bitter words before you leave. As soon as you leave the post station, our relationship with your breaks. And again, it will be complicated to build them."

*Damn you and your relationship! I pray that this relationship will end. Beating every day - is it better? * thought Yuan Fang to himself, and clasped his hands he said:

"I ask the lord Tao, help. I need to keep my word. Otherwise, burn me in hell."

Niu Yu Tao nodded his head:

"Forcibly be sweet, you will not. If you want to leave, then leave. Some Niu wish you happiness. Be healthy! "He waved to Yuan Gan, and he came up.

Niu Yu Tao sighing said: "Monkey, you need to forgive people whenever possible. No need to trouble them. Let them go. Give them one horse." After what was said, he took his sword and left.

Yuan Gan was surprised, but released them and still gave them a horse. He did not believe that Lord Tao decided so, and was surprised. However, if Lord Tao said so, then you must do so. Therefore, letting the horse down, he said to Yuan Fang:

"I will not accompany you!"

Yuan Fang bowed gratefully and folded his hands: "Buddha Amitabha! Great, great! I will put a nameplate in front of the temple, and I will not forget lord Yuan."

*A nameplate?* Yuan Gan certainly did not believe him. This werewolf wouldn't curse him all right.? Therefore, he turned around without ceremony and went to Niu Yu Tao.

When Yuan Gan entered the room, he immediately began to change clothes.

But Niu Yu Tao did not change clothes. He stood leaning on a sword with his eyes closed, and steam came from his wet clothes, and over time it became quite thick.

Yuan Gan, changing clothes, asked:

"Lord Tao, do you want the werewolf to leave?"

 He did not want Yuan Fang to leave. Yuan Gan realized that the bear is capable and can be taken along with him, as well as his monks. Extra people running errands will not bother them.

Niu Yu Tao, who closed his eyes, calmly said:

"Let him go? Where will he go? You can climb onto my boat, but you cannot get off it. Believe it or not, he will be soon begging us to stay him."

Yuan Gan numb. *How is this possible?* However, after a little thought, he understood lord Tao and smiled a little. Niu Yu Tao especially betrayed him to Feng Ru Nan. Where can he escape now?

Indeed, the clothes of Niu Yu Tao dried directly on it, and at that moment, there was a knock. There was a faint voice from Yuan Fang:

"Lord Tao, lord Yuan, can I come in?"

Yuan Gan came up, opened the door, and saw Yuan Fang, who was standing smiling. Yuan Gan said displeasedly:

"Want to leave, so leave. No need to bother. Get out!"

"Wham!" He closed the door so that he nearly hit Yuan Fang in the face.

Niu Yu Tao smiled a little. He opened the window, looked at the blue sky and white clouds, and said:

"That sudden rain. What weather is changeable!"

As soon as he spoke, Yuan Fang's weak voice came again:

"Lord Tao, Lord Yuan."

Tidying clothes, Yuan Gan shouted again:

"Get out!"

Only Yuan Fang not only did not leave but also dared to open the door and enter.

Yuan Gan, holding wet clothes in his hands, immediately threw it away and, clenching his fists, wanted to hit Yuan Fang.

Yuan Fang immediately stepped back and waved his hand said:

"Lord Yuan, do not rush. Listen to me first. Lord Yuan, Lord of Tao."

"Monkey, when will you stop being so hot-tempered? Although relations had already ended, and he was about to leave, would there be problems if we listen to him? First, we listen to him." - standing with his back to them and facing the window, Niu Yu Tao spoke calmly.

Yuan Gan only waved his fists and yet then released them:

"Speak quickly and on business."

Yuan Fang, clutching his head with both hands and hiding in a corner, immediately began to thank Niu Yu Tao:

"Lord Tao is a great man!"

Niu Yu Tao, looking out the window, asked:

"Are you not going to leave? Why come back?"

Yuan Fang was delighted when they mentioned the departure. He gathered the monks, and with one horse, they were going to leave the post station. However, they noticed many of the views of the soldiers on themself. Can they escape somewhere under such supervision? Especially in the county of Kuangai.

He understood why Feng Ru Nan did not immediately execute him. After all, he is the man of Niu Yu Tao, and therefore the man of the prince. This means that she will not attack the prince's man in plain sight, because then they will have a conflict. And if they go to deserted places, then it will be easier for Feng Ru Nan to deal with them. Especially when many masters next to her are much stronger than Niu Yu Tao.

Moreover, they have one horse for 20 people. How far will they go on foot?

Therefore, when Niu Yu Tao let them go - it was the same as going to die.

Having discovered the trap, Yuan Fang hesitated. Is it not specifically that Niu Yu Tao wants to expel him so that he is not considered his man? After all, now does he useful for Niu Yu Tao?

"This is ... lord Tao. We don't want to leave yet." Yuan Fang said, smiling.

"You just said that it's vital for you to leave." Now do not want? And then you want it again? Bear, do you want to play with me like that?" Niu Yu Tao still spoke calmly.

"I don't dare. I don't dare!" Yuan Fang immediately, neglecting Yuan Gang, went to Niu Yu Tao:

"Lord Tao, I didn't mean it."

Niu Yu Dao did not listen to him and said:

"Usher the guest. Get them out of the post station and tell everyone that he has nothing to do with us. If he wants to come here again, then kill him without pity!"

 Yuan Fang was scared at that moment:

"Lord Tao, aah ...

Yuan Gan went up to him and hit him on the stomach so that he would shut up.

"Lord Tao, you really can't do that. You cannot cross the river and burn bridges behind you!" Yuan Fang grabbed Yuan Gan by the hand and began to fight him.

He was not going to leave. Previously, for the safety of the monks, he did not dare to resist. But now, when they are sent to death, he already began to use all his strength and was not inferior in force to Yuan Gan. What you won't do when life is at stake?

Niu Yu Tao turned and, looking at the bear, said:

"Burn one's boats? Good. Then do not say that I am not merciful. I give you another chance. You can choose again - leave or stay!"

Yuan Gan held Yuan Fang, and Yuan Fang said in a weak voice:

"Now, I won't leave!"

Niu Yu Tao: "Now? Will you stay with us like a parasite, and then, ignoring the problems, will you just leave? Where it is seen? You choose now. Say one word. Look, my patience has borders too!"

Seeing that Yuan Feng was thinking, Niu Yu Tao said to Yuan Gan:

"Go away him."

Yuan Fang immediately shouted: "I will stay! We will stay!"

Niu Yu Tao lowered his hand, and Yuan Gan released Yuan Fang. Niu Yu Tao approached him:

"Bear, it's your choice. You have chosen your path. You are responsible for it. Are you sure you choose to stay?"

Yuan Fang, bitterly bowing his head, said: "I will stay!

But in his heart, he determined that as soon as a chance appeared, he would immediately run away.

At that moment, somebody knocked on their door and immediately opened the door. Wen Li stood outside the door. She walked over and, looking at Yuan Fang, said:

"You follow me. The princess wants to see you!"

Yuan Fang was immediately scared. That woman even beat her husband, how can he go? He directly looked imploringly at Niu Yu Tao:

"Lord Tao!"

Niu Yu Tao, holding a sword, stepped forward and blocked her path:

"He won't go!"

Wen Li froze and said displeasedly:

"Didn't you hear? The princess told him to go!"

Niu Yu Tao indifferently said:

"The prince said that in any case, his consent is needed. Especially in the affairs of the princess."

Niu Yu Tao was not interested in what the prince would say. After all, what the Niu Yu Tao will say, the prince will say. And he was not afraid that he would shoot arrows at the prince. Feng Ru Nan does not dare to kill the prince. At most - she will beat him, and that's it.

 Wen Li did not find words. She turned and growled before leaving:


Niu Yu Tao turned and said, Yuan Fang:

"Nothing. While I am here, she will not touch you. Today I will tell you that from today we will share food and booze too. We will share all the blessings and troubles."

"Thank you, Lord Tao, thank you, Lord Tao!" Yuan Fang immediately began to thank him. If it weren't for Niu Yu Tao, then he probably would have died.

Only at that moment, there was a clatter.


 Someone opened the door from his feet, and several people came in with Feng Ru Nan at the head.

Seeing them, Niu Yu Tao frowned.

*Does this male girl know the shores?*