Heavenly Genius - Chapter 68


Yuan Fang was so scared of such a terrible situation that he hid behind Niu Yu Tao and did not dare to stick his head out.

"What does the princess want to do?" Niu Yu Tao calmly asked.

Feng Ru Nan, taking a step, crossed the threshold:

"Do you want to know what I want to do?"

Niu Yu Tao: "Really to kill me - matchmaker?

"Matchmaker?" Feng Ru Nan remembered how he borrowed money from her, thereby greatly disgracing her. Barely suppressing anger, she calmly said:

"Do you think I dare not?"

Niu Yu Tao: "I think that the princess will not dare. Otherwise, you need to think about the prince. And the prince still your husband."

Feng Ru Nan put her hand on the hilt of the sword that hung on her belt, and looking askance at him said:

"First, I will kill the matchmaker, and then the prince. What then?"

Niu Yu Tao was amazed at her insanity, and Yuan Fang trembled with everything. Yuan Gan slowly moved to take a more advantageous position.

Feng Ru Nan, pointing to Yuan Fang, said:

"If you do not give him, then you will die!"

Niu Yu Tao looked at Mei, Lan, Zhu, and Chu, standing on her sides, who also held a sword.

"The prince instructed us. If you want to do something, then first go to the prince.  No need to pour out anger on subordinates. Otherwise, I do not agree!"

After their words, there was a clatter again.

Feng Ru Nan made such a noise that Chao Zong and others came running here.

"What is it?" Chao Zong shouted. Lan Jo Ting, Shu Qing, and others came running after him.

Niu Yu Tao looked at them, and calmly explained:

"The princess doesn't distinguish white from black and wants to take my subordinate!" - saying this, he pointed to a person standing behind.

Chao Zong turned and said displeasedly to Feng Ru Nan:

"What are you up to?"

Feng Ru Nan drew her sword and said: "Let him give him to me!"

Chao Zong angrily: "Do not give up what?"

Niu Yu Tao, having heard this, immediately approved the reaction of Chao Zong. He, in such a situation, did not understand who was right, but quickly began to protect his people.

"You won't give him back, let's see it!" Feng Ru Nan pointed to him with her sword. She was also angry. Pictures of that night appeared before her. Shame on him.

"Princess, do not make noise!" Bai Yao's voice came from outside: "Did you gather there to kill each other?"

Although he was not visible, May, Lan, Zhu, and Chu were immediately worried. His voice influenced them more than Feng Ru Nan, so they immediately left. Only Wen Li and Wen Xing remained near Feng Ru Nan.

At that moment, Bai Yao appeared in the doorway with a sword in his hands. He said again loudly:

"The princess!"

"Wait and see!" Feng Ru Nan said, pointing to Chao Zong, and turned around and left.

Lan Jo Ting immediately clasped his hands and bowed to Bai Yao, expressing gratitude.

Bai Yao looked indifferent at everyone present and then slowly walked away.

Niu Yu Tao turned and said, Yuan Fang:

"Now, you are by my side. If someone wants to harm you, let him hurt me first!"

Yuan Fang nodded his head. He didn't want to go anywhere now.

Lan Jo Ting stepped forward and clasped his hands asked: "Lord Tao, what happens in the end?"

Niu Yu Tao, pointing to Yuan Fang, said:

"This guy learned bad manners at the monastery. So when the prince spent his wedding night, then this bear negligently poured something into the food so that the prince would succeed that night!"

Anyway, sooner or later, everyone will find out about it, so there was no point in hiding everything anymore.

Yuan Fang silently bowed his head and cursed to himself: *And what does negligence mean?* Only in the current circumstances could he not say anything to Niu Yu Tao, who was now the only one who defended him. Therefore, he had no choice but to admit guilt.

Chao Zong immediately flushed: Wretch!" He waved his sleeve and left.

Lan Jo Ting and Shu Qing exchanged glances. They certainly understood. Although Niu Yu Tao threw all the arrows at Yuan Fang, in this case, he is the primary initiator.

Lan Jo Ting smiling bitterly said:

"In the current situation, I ask Lord Tao to be more patient. No need to increase the contradictions."

Niu Yu Tao smiling answered: "Mr. Lan, don't worry. What is needed - I will tolerate what is not necessary - I will not tolerate it."

Lan Jo Ting did not find words. What did he say, didn't say - what's the difference? Therefore, he only shook his head and also left.

After they left, it became a little quiet. However, Yuan Fang decided that he would follow Niu Yu Tao wherever he went.

However, not much time passed before one monk ran in and said perplexed:

"The Head, bad! The princess grabbed our two people..."

He explained a little, and Yuan Fang immediately understood everything. These two monks were just those whom he took with him to the Chao Zong affair.

Yuan Fang immediately began to pray to Niu Yu Tao:

"Lord Tao, please save them. These two monks were with me and helped me toss some medicine to the princess. As soon as they just say something, I will die!"

He knew that talking to his monks would not be so easy. However, he could not just watch how his people who followed him would suffer like this.

Niu Yu Tao understood him. They wanted to capture Yuan Fang, but they did not succeed. Now they want to grab Yuan Fang subordinates. This Feng Ru Nan has shown her attitude and does not seem to put up with this. Therefore, she needs to prove the guilt of Yuan Fang.

Yuan Gan, who was standing at the window, suddenly leaned over and jumped off the second floor.

Niu Yu Tao quickly ran to the window and looked forward. He saw that Yuan Gan rushed to one man.

Outside the post station, returning Wei Xing was scared. Yuan Gan ran to her and immediately grabbed her by the neck, then leaned the dagger against her neck.

Wen Xing said in horror:

"You, what do you want to do?"

Niu Yu Tao and Yuan Fang also jumped and came here.

The actions of Yuan Gan attracted the attention of many people. Even Bai Yao stood up on the roof.

As soon as Niu Yu Tao approached Yuan Gan, he turned his head to the monks and said:

"Where are the captured monks?"

That monk pointed to one tent and said: "In that tent."

Niu Yu Tao, raising his sword, went there. Yuan Gan, holding Wen Xing, also led her along. They were thus warning the rest that the wrong movement and Wen Xing will be killed.

At this time, Chao Zong and others ran up. They, seeing the situation, asked: "What happened?"

Niu Yu Tao did not pay attention to them. This man cannot control his woman, and now he is still asking what happened.

Lan Jo Ting only sighed heavily. Everything has not calmed down yet, but then something happened again.

Yuan Fang waved his hand, and a crowd of monks ran up too.

From the noise, Feng Ru Nan left the tent and, seeing the situation, angrily said:

"How dare you grab my man? Let her go."

Niu Yu Tao stopped, holding a sword in front of him: "No question, I let her go. Only you first let my people go."

Hearing this, Chao Zong and the others understood what had happened. Chao Zong gradually began to get angry.

*This girl is crazy.*

Feng Ru Nan angrily said: "There's no place to bargain. I tell you, let her go, otherwise do not be offended!"

Niu Yu Tao did not answer. He just raised his head slightly.

-Psh! -Psh! Baam ... - there was a loud sound.

Yuan Gan grabbed Wen Xing by the hand, and with his other hand, gave her several slaps in front of a crowd of people. So much so that she went bleeding from her nose and mouth. The poor girl sobbed.

Feng Ru Nan's eyes widened and looked at Wen Xing. This was beaten not only by Wen Xing but also gave a good slap to Feng Ru Nan herself. She immediately told two people to pull out the monks. When they were brought out, one could see their battered faces. After that, Feng Ru Nan angrily said: "Quickly let her go. Otherwise, I will kill them!"

The subordinates immediately put the knives to the stomachs of the monks. However, the monks did not dare to say anything.

Niu Yu Tao was still silent. And Yuan Gan immediately wrapped Weng Xing's hand, making a ringing sound. He dislocated her hand.

"Ahhh!" Wen Xing screamed in pain in front of a crowd of people. And standing behind Feng Ru Nan, Wen Li turned pale. Chao Zong and the others only now realized how cruel Yuan Gan can be!

Feng Ru Nan shouted angrily: "Are you tired of living?"

Yuan Gan immediately released his hand and took Weng Xing by the other forearm.

"Stop!" Bai Yao, standing on the roof, shouted loudly.

Niu Yu Tao raised his chin slightly, and Yuan Gan immediately stopped. However, he immediately raised the dagger to Wen Xing's neck to restrain the others.

At this time, Feng Ru Nan, with people and Chao Zong from the other side, stood and looked at each other.

Bai Yao quickly flickered and was between the two sides. He said in a cold tone:

"Everyone quickly lets people go!"

Feng Ru Nan bared her teeth. Bai Yao told her, and she would not dare to ignore him.

Feng Ru Nan, pointing to Niu Yu Tao, growled:

"Cattle, you first repay my duty to me!"

"Once the elder Bai said, then I will not say anything. I believe the elder Bai!" - Niu Yu Tao waved his hand: "Let her go!

The situation gradually began to discharge. Bai Yao looked at Yuan Gan.

Yuan Gan removed the dagger and pushed Wen Xing.

Wen Xing staggered to her own. Someone ran to her and grabbed her.

Bai Yao also looked at Mei, Lan, Zhu, and Chu. They no longer paid attention to Feng Ru Nan and also pushed two monks.

Niu Yu Tao looked at the two and noticed that nothing serious had happened to them. He said again:

"Once the princess mentioned the duty, while the elder Bai is here, I want to clarify so that henceforth both parties do not heat the situation and do not violate our peaceful attitude. I don't know how senior Bai looks at it?"