Heavenly Genius - Chapter 69


Bai Yao was silent. Although he was willing to stop these fights and avoid all the tricks of Feng Ru Nan, he is also the man of the Feng family. He can appease Feng Ru Nan in plain sight, but cannot take the side of Niu Yu Tao in front of everyone.

However, the fact that he was silent - spoke just about the fact that he tacitly agreed.

Niu Yu Tao certainly understood this and continued:

"Everyone is probably interested in what is happening. Many do not know the cause and effect. The princess borrowed money from me - that's right. Indeed, without money, I was forced to borrow money from the princess. And not a little, but 10 thousand gold! The princess demanded money back, but I did not refuse to return. Only I had no money, and I borrowed them for the prince. I did not waste a single drop of money on personal needs. As for the money itself, the great ruler has already forgiven us for it. Although the ruler said so, the princess still demands them back. Then I have no choice but to ask the elder Bai to be the judge here. I don't have that kind of money now, and the prince doesn't. Maybe we can wait until we reach the city walls, and there we can sell war horses to return the money to the princess. How do you like this option?"

Chao Zong and others did not find words. Especially, Chao Zong, he was most embarrassed. However, he had no right to deny this.

Bai Yao twisted his mouth. Feng Ru Nan almost began to spit blood. Niu Yu Tao here said so as if he was really going to return the money and still made such a fuss. If Feng Lin Bo had heard him, he would have been angry. It was evident that Niu Yu Tao was not going to return the money.

In truth, Niu Yu Tao was not originally going to return the money. He is, in principle, not a borrower. After all, he did not spend a coin on himself, but everything for the prince. As a result, the prince with Feng Ru Nan is a husband and wife. What are their debts among themselves? Niu Yu Tao owes nothing to Feng Ru Nan.

Bai Yao looked askance at Niu Yu Tao. This man is shameless, why be surprised!

And the rest of the people did not know what happened. Therefore, most people talked among themselves and believed that Feng Ru Nan makes noise out of the blue. They are now with the prince husband and wife, what money?

Especially Chao Zong's bodyguards were outraged. Sell ​​warhorses, and then they will go on foot to Tsang Wu County?

Feng Ru Nan almost spat on blood because the case disgraced her. She wanted to say something, but she couldn't.

It was from the day when she met with Niu Yu Tao at the military camp that her unpleasant days began. When would she, as a woman commander, endure such insults?

Bai Yao said: "Once the ruler said - do not need money, then do not."

He knew that he should not demand more money. After all, this shameless Niu Yu Tao can bring to the point that it will encourage everyone to sell horses. If such a rumor reaches Feng Ling Bo, then his anger will not be limited. And when he finds out, Feng Ru Nan will be to blame for everything.

"Good! "Once the elder Bai said so, the younger generation will not mention it anymore." - Niu Yu Tao folded his arms and thanked Bai Yao.

Lan Jo Ting helplessly raised his hand to stroke his forehead. He did not know how to resolve the contradictions between Niu Yu Tao and Feng Ru Nan!

Feng Ru Nan gritted her teeth in anger and wanted to rush to kill Niu Yu Tao!

Niu Yu Tao only continued to say:

"Also, there is another thing. It can be said that this is the cause of today's conflict. Perhaps everyone is wondering what happened? Nothing special. Just when the prince spent his wedding night with the princess, the princess did not want to fulfill her marital duty. Therefore, I had to go for a trick so that a significant event happened between the young. And now, the princess wants to settle scores with simple subordinates!" - Of course, Niu Yu Tao missed little details about the medicine.

Both sides were opposite each other. And here it turns out that the matter is only in conjugal duty? Some riders could not resist and laughed.

Chao Zong was embarrassed. How could anyone say that to everyone?

"Shameless!" Feng Ru Nan was furious. She did not think that Niu Yu Tao would dare to say such a thing to everyone. Now, how many people behind her will laugh at her. She drew her sword and headed for Niu Yu Tao.

Bai Yao nodded his head, and Mei, Lan, Zhu, and Chu from all sides immediately stopped Feng Ru Nan.

Niu Yu Tao: "Elder Bai, you were there, and everyone saw correctly. I won't talk anymore. In general, the princess only now wants to settle accounts with past affairs. If the princess wants to settle accounts, then let him look for the prince. Why recoup on subordinates. I ask the elder Bai to be fair in this matter." - Then he turned to Chao Zong:

"Prince, I borrowed money for you, you took the princess as a wife, you had fun in the chambers. Why should we take responsibility now? Decide this matter now. It makes no sense to continue these games." - After what was said by Niu Yu Tao, without paying attention to anyone, he called Yuan Gan and Yuan Fang. They left, leaving those with their problems and resentment in front of them.

He always believed that if you are weak, then you need to know the time when it is worth leaving.

Chao Zong was biting his lips now and wished to grab Niu Yu Tao right now and kill him. How dare he tells everyone that he, a healthy warrior, could not cope with his wife!

Bai Yao, too, at that moment hated Niu Yu Tao. He mentioned such a case and also called on Bai Yao to be a judge?

Niu Yu Tao did not care what they thought. The affairs of women and men need to be decided among themselves. Why rush on others?

"I swear I will kill you!" Feng Ru Nan screamed angrily.

Today, she not only dropped her face but also fell in the eyes of the warriors. All these years, she deliberately renounced women's things, so that her warriors respect her as a warrior. Indeed, soldiers often believe that women have no place in war.

"Enough! On this and finish. Don't make a fuss anymore! Whoever violates, then do not blame my tactlessness!" Bai Yao shouted and looked coldly at both sides. Then added: " All Remove!"

Lan Jo Ting waved to the bodyguards, and they quickly dispersed, laughing to themselves. The Feng Riders also disbanded soon.

Feng Ru Nan blushed and held her sword, panting.

"Don't make a fuss." Bai Yao warned her again and approached her and said:

"I know that you have endured so many insults. Only you should understand that if you interfere with a significant cause, then you nor I can bear the responsibility. I will give you one promise, as soon as we find what we need, you can do with them what you want."

Feng Ru Nan bit her lips. She was forced to marry. For the sake of a great cause, she agreed to fulfill her duty, but she did not want Shan Chao Zong to marry her. For this dog without a master. Yes, and he did not want to marry her. She understood that he married her out of necessity. Therefore, she initially believed that they would have a fictitious marriage. And when they find what they need, then she can leave him or even kill him. She will kill him when she already has an army, and who then will tell her something? No one will pay attention to the prince.

So the comedy ended.

Everyone understood that now that Bai Yao knows everything, nothing should happen.

Due to rain, the group stayed for the night.

And when the dawn came, everyone again sat on the horses. Wen Xing sat on the horse, only her hand was dislocated again, but she immediately straightened her hand back.

Yuan Fang has always been with Niu Yu Tao all this time. According to Feng Ru Nan, it was clear that she had not calmed down yet, only temporarily under pressure from Bai Yao did not dare to do anything.

However, Yuan Fang was very grateful to Niu Yu Tao, because he, risking his life, stood up for him. Moreover, he even began to treat Yuan Gan differently. After all, without thinking for a long time, he grabbed the man Feng Ru Nan and beat her in front of everyone, forcing Feng Ru Nan to free the people of Yuan Fang. But now Yuan Fang was still looking for a chance to escape. However, the thought of running away was already sad for him. And if he runs away, what will he do?

Having experienced this incident, he still began to relate to them differently and began to feel safe among them.

Monks also began to relate differently to Niu Yu Tao and Yuan Gan. They now thought that these people are not bad.

Along the way, they were now more approached to Niu Yu Tao and Yuan Gan, when they had previously tried to avoid them. Yes, with these two, it seems a lot safer.

Southern province.

 One boat sailed on the lake with emerald water.

On a small table was a snack and drinks. Lu Sheng Zhong and An Xiao Man sat opposite each other and drank. Two people were mentored-brothers. Although they did not have the same teacher, they are all disciples of Ulyanshan.

Having reached the southern region, Lu Sheng Zhong decided not to go to Qingshan County immediately. At first, he decided to find out the news from his brother-student. Although he had the order of Wan Hen, he did not dare to go on a rampage to the sect of heavenly jade.

An Xiao Man is a mentor to Zhuo Shou Xiang, ruler of the southern province. One subordinate of Wan Hen, the other assistant of Zhou Shou Xiang. And Wan Hen and Zhou Shou Xiang are close people of the emperor.

One young man quickly ran across the water and passed the notice, then immediately ran back.

An Xiao Man opened the notice, read it, and then handed it to Lu Sheng Zhong.

"Brother Lu, you got the news you wanted." Feng Ling Bo seems to attach great importance to Shan Chao Zong. He sent a tribute cultivator Jin Dan level with him, and not one. Moreover, there is a Jin Dan cultivator from the list Dan, Bai Yao. And he led their guard. It will be difficult for you to cultivate Zhu Ji to get the head of this Niu Yu Tao!