Heavenly Genius - Chapter 7




Out of nothing, create something.

The art of deception is to deceive first, and then not to cheat. You use the same feint twice. Having reacted to the first and often the second feint as well, the enemy will be hesitant to respond to a third feint.  Therefore the third feint is the actual attack catching your enemy with his guard down.


So, being on the verge of life and death, in front of a powerful palm, Niu Yu Tao had a familiar feeling. He saw a bloody amulet emerge from his head and, in an instant, collided with the palm of Tan Su Su.


There was a roar, and warm air dispersed in all directions so that even the grass and the trees staggered. And Niu Yu Tao flew back a few jumps and hit the mountainside.

"Transmitting creed to the successor amulet!" Luo Yuan Gun and Su Po muttered at the same time and looked at Tan Su Su.

Tan Su Su was wholly dumbfounded on the spot and no longer thought to attack.

The amulet transmitting a creed is a forgotten technique of the sect of the Highest purity. And only internal students can cultivate it. Not everyone can know that. And only those who can create formations can achieve success in this teaching. Moreover, usually, no one cultivates such methods because, for themselves, these methods are useless. This method is intended for another cultivator only. And the one who uses this method spends his strength to promote the cultivation of another without receiving anything in return.

Now in the sect of the Highest purity, only Dong Guo Xao Ran knew this method. Luo Yuan Gun and Su Po cannot use this method. This indicates the highest skills in the formation of the formation.

The fact that Niu Yu Tao has the amulet transmitting a creed is already confirming that Niu Yu Tao is a student of Dong Guo Hao Ran. And Dong Guo Hao Ran, in a dim mind, would definitely not be able to use such sophisticated magic and spells.

Niu Yu Tao felt something sparkle in his head. Then he got up and found that everyone was looking at him now. Someone was looking at him angrily, especially Tan Su Su, like an angry dog ​​ready to bite him.

This old woman, without saying anything, wanted to kill him. Fortunately, she did not succeed. He thought a little and then returned to the body of Dong Guo Hao Ran, threw a vine on himself, and carried the stretcher back.

*What?* *What does this mean?* - The crowd of people was amazed.

They realized that he was going to leave them. Su Po flashed and blocked his path: "Where are you going to go?"

Niu Yu Tao: "Sorry. I bothered you. I most likely made a mistake at the place."

After what he said, he went around him and continued to walk. The grass rustled with noise as he pulled the stretcher.

Many thought that he was acting like a child. Yet he had not yet become an aged man.

Su Po looked at Tan Su Su and gave her a sign to apologize.

Tan Su Su shook her head, indicating that she was not going to apologize.

Su Po with nothing to do again blocked the path of Niu Yu Tao and again sighing said:

"Just a misunderstanding happened. You found the right place."

"Wrong. I have to bring the teacher back home."

 Niu Yu Tao stood his ground and again went around Su Po.

From his words, many felt embarrassed. Standing nearby Tan Yi wanted to say something, only the turn did not reach her. After all, there were elders. She certainly cannot make decisions yet.

Su Po extended his hand and held the shoulder of Niu Yu Tao. He detained him and began to persuade him in a warm tone:

"That's right. "Here is the sect of the Highest purity. Follow me." along the way, he grabbed the vine and threw it from Niu Yu Tao.

Niu Yu Tao raised his hands and held on his chest, not holding the vine.

Now on Niu Yu Tao, there was a cotton robe, worn shoes with open fingers, he smelled of fish, and behind his belt, there was still a bamboo pipe and knife. His whole face was dirty.

Did he even know how ugly he looked? Su Po smiled bitterly and called two assistants. They grabbed Niu Yu Tao from two sides.

"What are you doing?" Niu Yu Tao immediately shouted and wanted to fight.

Those two students did not pay attention to him and, taking off, carried him deep into the forest.

Su Po again called two students and ordered them to take away the body of Dong Guo Hao Ran, and ordered the other students to disperse. As a result, only three patriarchs remained in place. At this point, Luo Yuan Gun said Tang Su Su:

 "Younger sister has just crossed the line."

Tan Su Su Su answered in a cold tone: "This guy is talking nonsense. Who knows who sent him to us."

Luo Yuan Gun: "And how do you explain the amulet transferred creed?"

Tan Su Su said: "Did you hear him talking? He is a hillbilly."

Luo Yuan Gun:  This must be gradually clarified. But it is not right, without analyzing anything, to immediately kill people. "Are you afraid that he will become the head of the sect?"

Tan Su Su looked away and replied in a cold tone:

"The second brother, you think a lot. Dong Guo Hao Ran had many students, does the position of the head reach this tramp?"

Luo Yuan Gun nodded his head: " Dong Guo led the disciples and left the sect, and now only his body has returned. I'm afraid the situation is the same as with Tan Mu. But fortunately, Dong Guo Ran left the transmitted creed to the amulet of one man. And if not for this, then this boy could not have come here. I am afraid that there is no other way, and that will be the only way. I do not believe that you did not think about it."

Tan Su Su looked in the direction of the sect of the Highest purity and said in a grim voice:

 If this is true, then according to the laws of the ancestors, are the brothers ready to replace the head of a sect of higher purity with an unknown boy?

Luo Yuan Gun shouted displeasedly: "Then, what are you doing? Do you think all students are idiots? Do you believe that they will not guess your thoughts? Tan Mu, why he said all the students about his last will? Precisely so that someone does not distort his desire. How will the students think about your actions? Are you ready to bear responsibility for the premeditated murder of the head of the sect? And when the time comes to choose a new chapter, how will you convince the mass that you are right? Or do you want to sow the root of unrest and chaos inside the sect? Stupid!

Tan Su Su, with a stone expression, was silent.

In a hot spring inside the mountain, Niu Yu Tao was washed. He was comfortable. He recalled what had happened to him in all these few days. As he arrived at the mystical grave crypt, where he found an underground palace. Then he got into this world. And now he got into this sect. Everything seemed vague to him, as in a fog. He could not see anything. Maybe this was not happening to him.

And digging in his head in search of answers, he eventually put things in order in the course of events. Thanks to which, he calmed his mind.

After the bath, he got up and put on a clean and tidy gray robe of the highest sect. He combed his hair into a ponytail.

The exciting thing was that before, he had never grown such long hair and did not comb his hair in a ponytail. How to comb?

Three disciples stood behind this gorge, and earlier, Niu Yu Tao had already seen them. At their head stood one arrogant man with excellent manners. His name is Song Yang Qing. The others are Cheng Gui Shuo and Xiu Yi Tian. Both seemed to be listening to Song Yang Qing. The brothers seemed friendly to each other.

The sect of the Highest purity allocated these three people to protect Niu Yu Tao.

All three were surprised when have seen Niu Yu Tao came out.

As the saying goes: by the clothing, you can get the impression of a person. The horse needed a saddle, and Niu Yu Tao needed a costume. Besides, he has his experience as Lord Tao. Everything now gave him grace.

Going up to three people, Niu Yu Tao adjusting his clothes asked:

 "Can you tell the masters that I want to see the head of the sect!"

He already doesn't know how many times he asked to see the head of the sect. He has not yet completed the Dong Guo Hao Ran case.

Song Yang Qing looked at him dismissively:

"This you want to see the head of the sect? Humbly follow us."

"Let's go!" Cheng Gui Shuo and Xu Yi Tian began to push Niu Yu Tao.

Pushed by three students, Niu Yu Tao himself did not know when he managed to be guilty in front of the three gentlemen. From the very beginning, they did not treat him very well.

So, accompanied by three people, Niu Yu Tao reached the cliff, and along the cliff, they headed up. In the middle of the slope, Niu Yu Tao already began to see structures. From all sides, no matter how you look, everything looked majestic. This was an essential place in the sect of higher purity.

When they reached the peak of the cliff, you could see the ancient palace, and on the edge of the cliff, you could see a peach tree. It was beautiful. On the tops of the tree were pink, like dawn, flower petals. When the wind blew, the petals fell off. These petals fascinated everyone. Niu Yu Tao could not stand it and cry out: " Can a peach blossom at this time of year? "

Turn back, Cheng Gui Shuo laughed, said:

 "Didn't see? This peach tree is over 1000 years old. It bloomed a long time ago. Then, when the founder of the sect came here, he chopped the root of wisdom from a tree, and now this tree stands here like a cliff and always blooms. It doesn't matter what time of year - autumn, winter, spring or summer, a peach tree blooms continuously for several hundred years. This is a marvel of our sect of the highest purity.

Niu Yu Tao, as he heard this, was surprised. And Song Yang Qing said in a cold tone:

 " Why are you talking to him?"

Cheng Gui Shuo immediately shut up awkwardly.

So they came to one palace. Niu Yu Tao looked at the sign on top of the door. It was engraved with hieroglyphs * The peach spring !*

Song Yang Qing stopped in front of him and, looking at the palace, said:

 "This is Uncle Dong Guo's place of residence. You can live here temporarily. You cannot go anywhere. Otherwise, your legs will break. Okay, got it?"

Niu Yu Tao frowned.:

"Master before death instructed me to see the head of the sect"

"Come in!"

Xiu Yi Tian took him for the collar and threw him into the courtyard. And Xu Yi Tian was want to close the door.

Almost falling, Niu Yu Tao stabilized and headed back. Opening the doors, he shouted angrily:

"What do you mean? Am I a prisoner here?"

Song Yang Qing turned and said with a cold smile:

 "Do not make noise and do not wander where it is not necessary. Who knows, suddenly, by negligence, you fall off a cliff." There was a threat in his words. And he slowly turned around and left.

*The weather is good!* Niu Yu Tao looked up and closed his eyes.

People outside talked about the murder. In a past life, he was called Lord Tao. This name was revered in the underworld.

"hahaha" "What else was he planning" - outside, three people laughed?

 Taking a deep breath, Niu Yu Tao quickly suppressed his anger and calmed down very quickly. Then he began to rejoice and not pay attention to ridicule from the outside. He calmed his mind.

Holding his hands behind his back, he began to pace the ancient courtyard. The structures here were with curved roofs, as in ancient China. They looked elegant and excellent. The atmosphere here was pleasant, and idealistic silence reigned here.

In the middle of the courtyard, there was a huge tree that almost propped up the sky. A stone was laid around it, and an altar stood before it. And on the altar itself hung a sword across.

Niu Yu Tao went up to him and gently drew his sword. A cold glow shone from the scabbard. He immediately waved his sword, and in the sword, he saw the silhouette of a man. There was a murmur:

"Where deep pits, high mountains, and long distances, a three-chi sword is still in the peach spring!"

(chi = foot).