Heavenly Genius - Chapter 70


The so-called the list Dan is a list that publishes the Palace of ice and snow from the world of cultivators. It includes 800 of the best cultivators of Jin Dan celestial kingdom!

Once this list is called the list Dan, of course, it includes cultivators who have reached the level of Jin Dan level. In fact, in China, there are more than 800 cultivators of Jin Dan level. They just enter the strongest. Of course, this list is volatile. If you defeated someone from this list, you might be included in this list. Or if someone died from this list, then someone else will take his place.

However, many do not particularly believe that the strongest Jin Dan cultivators are on the list Dan. After all, some cultivators do not seek fame and sit at home. Although who knows how strong they are. Some fight with others and win, but do not tell anyone about their victories. And those who lose do not say that they lost. In general, the integrity of this list is very doubtful.

The Palace Ice and Snow took this into account, also made up the top ten most powerful cultivators. And the remaining 790 cultivators could only be content with the fact that they are on this list. However, the first ten usually don't change. Few dare to challenge the cultivators of the top ten.

800 cultivators of the list Dan are famous throughout the Celestial Kingdom. Everyone should respect them, some like it or not. No one dares to provoke them if he does know their exact position. Such cultivators easily find a source of resources. They can quickly become essential mentors. Especially those who occupy the highest places. They have a lot of support for cultivation, so they are so strong.

At the same time, provoking people from the list is a fairly common occurrence. Especially for those who were left without resources for cultivation. Indeed, those cultivators of Jin Dan level that are not on the list are not revered as such. And the price of their services is already becoming different. It's the same that one will take the same product in a branded store and a simple shop. The product is equally good, but prices can be very different.

Of course, usually simple cultivators of Jin Dan level do not cause the Jin Dan to fight, which are coming from the sects. After all, even if you defeat the Jin Dan level cultivator, then that sect can secretly kill you. And cultivators of Jin Dan, who have a path to resources at the expense of the sect, do not need to call other Jin Dan level cultivators. What can they get from a simple Jin Dan level cultivator? And even more so, they will not cause cultivators of Jin Dan cultivator to other sects, so as not to bring enmity among the sects.

Thus, the list Dan is somewhat dubious. Of course, if you want to say that someone is not worthy of this list, you can also go to the Palace of ice and snow. Only then will you have to show your capabilities.

However, disgruntled people will not be able to say anything to the Palace of ice and snow. After all, the head of the Palace of ice and snow is the granddaughter of the powerful Yuan Ying grandfather Xue, which can be counted on fingers. And the list Dan was created by a student of grandfather Xue.

Even the rest of Yuan Ying does not dare to say something about the list Dan. What can mention other simple cultivators?

No one dares to say anything to the man of grandfather Xue. After all, the grandfather Xue is at the top of the cultivating world. He has enough fame and strength.

It's also not easy to keep track of the list Dan. After all, how many fights take place in the Celestial Kingdom, and how many need to be tracked? Therefore,  grandfather Xue connections are enormous, much more than pure sects.  When someone was beaten somewhere with someone, many still do not know that there was a battle, and changes are already appearing in the list Dan. Then a lot of people will find out that someone defeated someone in the battle.

Why is there no list for the rest of the levels? The reason is simple. The Palace ice and snow do not dare to compare the forces of other Yuan Ying openly. As for the level of liang qi and zhu ji, cultivators of such a level soo many. Can you keep track of everyone?

Seeing the contents of the report, Lu Sheng Zhong smiled bitterly:

"A master from the list Dan, Bai Yao personally accompanies them. It seems that Feng Lin Bo pays special attention to the prince."

An Xiao Man scratched his chin and said sadly:

"It is right too. This Feng Ling Bo is very overdoing it. He sends not only his daughter but also Bai Yao sent with him. Okay, maybe Ning Wang influenced Feng Lin Bo in those days. But how could Ning Wang affect the sect of Heavenly jade? I don't understand..." - he spoke, shaking his head.

"Brother Lu, in this case, I suggest you think well!"

Lu Sheng Zhong sighed heavily:

"Our sect of Ulyanshan is not so big. And we cannot exist on our own, but can only rely on others. Otherwise, someone may simply displace us. Wan Hen does not know about Feng Lin Bo's army. What do we do? What can we do? If we can't pass him Niu Yu Tao, then with his connections, Wan Hen can influence not only me alone!"

An Xiao Man was silent.

Indeed it was so. Wan Hen and his master Zhou Shou Xiang are subordinates of the emperor and are closely related. Therefore, if Lu Sheng Zhong fails, then not only he can lose his place, but also An Xiao Man. And there are a lot of willing cultivators to take their place.

"Only this thing is impossible. Not that you and I, even if our entire sect  Ulyanshan goes to attack them, will still not be able to cope with Bai Yao alone. Bai Yao is a man who can cope with a sect in one." An Xiao Man said with a sigh.

Lu Sheng Zhong said with a sigh: "Success depends on the person. Since we cannot defeat the enemy by force, we need to do it with our mind and cunning!" He took the glass, drank it, and laid it on the table. Then he swore:

"Damn! This Niu Yu Tao is some kind of moron! Found someone to kill !? Why kill Song Yang Qing? He knew perfectly well who was behind him, and yet he dared to kill."

The capital of the kingdom Yan. Hall of the Public Works Advisor.

Song Jiu Min just entered inside and respectfully welcomed Tong Mo.

Tong Mo signaled that everyone else should leave. And bypassing Song Jiu Min, he went outside under the eaves of the roof.

Song Jiu Min followed him and patiently awaited instructions.

Tong Mo was silent for a long time before he spoke:

"From the Palace, it was decided to eliminate Shan Chao Zong. We won't get anything, but Feng Lin Bo shouldn't too."

 Song Jiu Min froze: "Feng Lin Bo, would agree to this?"

Tong Mo: "His Majesty is afraid that Feng Ling Bo might reveal secret information. And Feng Lin Bo is not afraid to do this. The imperial house does not need the external enemy to know about internal unrest. Therefore, Feng Lin Bo feels support. But if you manage to destroy Shan Chao Zong, then Feng Lin Bo will not lose anything, and we will calm down. If he loses anything, he will not dare to attack back. And if he divulges information, then for him, it will not bring any benefit."

Song Jiu Min thought a little and nodded. Feng Lin Bo thinks that having received those troops, he will be able to dictate rules to the imperial house. But the imperial house does not need this. And when he finds out that this, he will bother.

"Therefore, we will only have one chance now!"

Tong Mo nodding said: "It's only one chance ..."

The southern province, the Palace of the governor of the province.

In one pavilion on the water, ruler Zhuo Shou Xiang stood in a dressing gown with a jasper belt. He looked into the distance and thought.

One healthy man ran up and folded his arms and said:

"I don't know why the governor of the region called me?"

Zhou Shuo Xiang lowered his hands and, clasping his hands behind his back, went inside the pavilion:

"Yang Duo, there is one business!"

The man in black clothes immediately followed him and said:

"Ruler, say what you have in mind!"

Zhou Shou Xiang continued with a little doubt:

"His Majesty issued a decree: Shan Chao Zong should not be left. And we need to eliminate him!"

Yang Duo thought for a moment and then continued:

"I heard that Shan Chao Zong became Feng Lin Bo's son-in-law. If you go to him, you will need a large army. And such actions will make a fuss, and then all the surrounding kingdoms will look at us predatorily. They may even begin to attack us. Is it worth it?"

Zhou Shou Xiang stopped slowly:

"You can't start a war with Feng Lin Bo. Therefore, this is a secret decree. We need to kill Shan Chao Zong secretly!"

Yang Duo inquiringly asked:

"To stab?"

Zhou Shou Xiang did not answer, but simply continued:

"I just got the news that Shan Chao Zong reached Qingshan County. With him 1000 horse riders and 4 thousand foot soldiers. About 30 cultivators of the Heavenly jade sect and Bai Yao!"

"Bai Yao?" - Yang Duo froze and said, bitterly smiling:

"Bai Yao - this is one of the outstanding cultivators of the Heavenly jade sect. He has listed on the list Dan. This man once smashed one sect alone. With him another 30 cultivators and several thousand warriors? It will be difficult for them to arrange a trap. Ruler, if you do not ask the cultivator Yuan Ying or Jin Dan from the top ten of the list Dan, it is hardly possible to fulfill the decree."

Zhou Shou Xiang: "Cultivators Yuan Ying has departed from worldly concerns. Even if His Majesty himself will ask them, they are unlikely to pay attention to this. As for the Jin Dan from the top ten, they need to be attracted to something of value. As for the remaining sects, they are afraid of the sect of Heavenly jade and do not dare to attack."

Yang Duo understood him and immediately said with a sigh:

"Ruler, not that I do not want to carry out the decree. It's just that my possibilities are limited. Not only will I not do it; on the contrary, but I can also only jack up the great. I ask the ruler to ask for a more enlightened person!"