Heavenly Genius - Chapter 71


He knew what the consequences of his failure would be. He continually being in the subordination of the governor received profit. But how did he meet the problems, he could not cope with them? Is it going to be okay? After Yang Duo refuses the ruler, who will look at him well. Other people will just despise him.

The consequences will be severe. However, he knows that if he takes up this business, then he certainly will not succeed in it. He will simply die. Although he is also the cultivator of the level of Jin Dan level, Yang Duo clearly understood that he was far from an opponent of Bai Yao. And even more so, he is not an opponent of the sect of Heavenly jade. If some sects do not want to offend the sect of Heavenly jade, then How he, the lone cultivator, dare offend this powerful sect?

Decline to Zhou Shuo Xiang, he will at least remain alive, and then something can come up with. And he agrees, then he will simply go to death. And what can the dead do?

Zhou Shou Xiang waved his hand and said with a kind expression:

"First, listen to me to the end. We will send not only you. I have already sent the 10 thousandths selected army to ambush them in one section, which they will undoubtedly pass. Besides, there will still be 50 cultivators, among them Jin Dan level cultivators, if, including you, we get 10 Jin Dan level cultivators. And so, you will are more strong, that will be enough to detain the warriors Kuangai and Bai Yao. And during this time, you will have to kill Shan Chao Zun."

Yang Duo froze. 10 thousand warriors and 50 cultivators, including 10 Jin Dan. And is it just to kill Shan Chao Zun? You will not call it a small army. However, after a little thought, he folded his arms and said:

"Ruler, still forgive me!"

The most important reason why he refused is precise because of the sect of Heavenly jade. How would he, alone cultivator, dare to confront the sect of Heavenly jade?

Zhou Shou Xiang narrowed his eyes and said slowly:

"Yang Duo, a certain Zhou, has he mistreated you all these years?"

"Zhou Shou Xiang is generous. Henceforth I will thank the ruler. Bow out!"  Yang Duo folded his arms, and turning around was about to leave.

Zhou Shuo Xiang shouted:

"Do not rush. Some things need to be given to you. Look, then you'll go." - Outside, two people entered, namely the governor's mentors.

Yang Duo, when I saw them, was taken aback. He stepped back a little and took precautions. He believed that they want to kill him as an unnecessary witness.

Who knew that Zhou Shou Xiang would throw him two jasper pendants. Yang Duo immediately caught them and looked at them. He immediately raised his head and asked:

"Ruler, what do you mean by that?" - If someone else looked at them, then he would not have suspected anything. But Yang Duo knew that these jasper pendants, the pendants of his wife and daughter.

Zhou Shou Xiang smirked to himself. *I fed you all the time, and when you ran into business, you immediately decided to leave. Am I the kind of person you can come to when you want and go when you want?* However, outwardly, he calmly said:

"Calm down, your wife and daughter are now in good condition. They are in the southern province, enjoying the beautiful scenery of nature. They don't know anything. And I will be waiting for you to come back."

His thoughts were clear; he directly warned him. Yang Duo was immediately angry, what a pity that you can't seize the ruler and exchange for his wife and daughter. However, he knew that this was now impossible. He had already prepared and called on his mentors. Not only daughter and wife, but even he also will not be able to leave if he wants.

Yang Duo clearly understood that he would now have to agree.

He said in a weary voice:

"I do not know who these 50 cultivators are? What schools are they?"

Zhou Shou Xiang: "Like you. Lone cultivators. They do not yet know what they need to do. They were not told, for not to divulge the secret."

Lone cultivators? "Yang Duo said in a trembling voice: "The ruler is sure that after they find out, they dare to go against the sect of Heavenly jade?"

Zhou Shou Xiang: "How do they get together? You throw them some things. They will then listen to you." - Two mentors to the side of the ruler threw him bags.

Yang Duo caught the bags and looked at what was in them. Inside, he also saw jasper pendants, or hairpins, and the like junk. Everything was clear. They were like him. Their weaknesses seized them. And they will have to do what is required of them. Most likely, only people from other sects did this to them. The sects themselves are afraid to attack the Heavenly jade sect. Therefore they are forcing lone cultivators to attack the Heavenly jade sect. And it must be not one or two sects. Many sects have done this.

"The ruler has excellent methods!"

"For the salary of the ruler, you must be faithful to the ruler! His Highness pointed out. Ministers can only follow directions!" - Zhou Shuo Xiang closed his eyes, and without paying attention reminded:

"All who will attack must hide their position. It does not matter whether you decide this matter successfully or not. To the emperor and us, these matters should not have ties."

Yang Duo: "The ruler once said so. We dare not disobey!"

Zhou Shou Xiang:

 "Do not be late. Immediately go. Then proceed based on the situation." - It was clear that few people knew about their tasks.

After what was said, one mentor approached Yang Duo and, holding out his hand, said:

"Brother Yang, please!"

Yang Duo clasped his hands, bowed to the ruler, and turned around and left. In his eyes, he struggled to suppress anger ...

 Sue! Sue!

One singing arrow took off in a mountainous and wooded area.

Then another singing arrow flew up and exploded. They are notifying of danger.

Bang, bang, bang! The enemy suddenly attacked!

How many years the bell did not ring. Now he warned all students about the danger. All students gathered together.

Tan Yi, Luo Yuan Gun, Su Po, Tan Su Su, and a group of students of the highest purity sect gathered in an open area. Everyone was puzzled like never before.

The consequences of the death of Song Yang Qing came. What the entire upper stratum of the sect was worried about has now come.

A group of people was approaching from the back of the mountain. At times you could hear the sounds of battle. Those who stood guard over the sect fought with the attackers. It was possible to imagine the difficulties of the defenders.

"Sneaky, student!" -Tan Su Su shouted cursing.

Luo Yuan Gun and others understood who she meant. Except for Song Shu, no one else could attack.

However, they did not know that the Song family didn't plan to attack. They just decided to watch from the side calmly. Nevertheless, the sect of the highest purity was drawn into a massive chess game, in which someone could only destroy the sect of higher purity with just one word. And besides the Song family, some people did not want to see the sect of highest purity at all.

"Sect Liuxyan!" - Luo Yuan Gun said in a grim tone.

It was already possible to make out the attackers. There were at least a thousand people. They flew along the treetops. They had implemented in the form of a sickle, like a moon.

Shuh! Tan Yi as the head of the sect, she drew her sword. And she looked pretty serious. She stood in front of everyone.

They were ready for a deadly battle.

The enemy was more than 1000 people. And the sect of the highest purity could come out only a few hundred people. And retreating is like accepting a crushing defeat. If they run away, then students who are weak in cultivation will not have time to run away. They will simply perish. Moreover, it is not known how many people from the enemy's side came, and didn't they ambush them? Therefore, it was too late to think about running away.

The sect of the Highest purity, though doomed, but in such a situation, they will abandon their students.

However, some students could not restrain the onslaught. Seeing a powerful enemy, someone slowly began to retreat. Someone turned his head and suddenly began to run away.

One ran away before the battle. After him, the others immediately ran away.

"Traitors!" - Luo Yuan Gun, turning his head, said in a trembling voice.

Then he turned his head and looked at Tan Yi. He felt sorry for her. What is it like when your sect is already left without a livelihood. And then, when a powerful enemy came to you, your disciples scatter who is where? And not one student, but several dozen. What then did the head of the Tan Yi sect feel!?

However, at this moment, they could only boldly meet the enemies.

More than 1,000 people in the Liuxian sect, with patriarch Wu Shao Huang, surrounded the disciples of the highest purity sect. Now the opponents were standing opposite each other.

Luo Yuan Gun holding a sword shouted:

"Wu Shao Huang, our sect of the highest purity, has no enmity with your sect Liuxian. Why did you invade our mountains today?

Wu Shao Huang calmly said:

"Brother Luo, the Lingshan Mountains are so beautiful. And the sect of the highest purity has long been using the benefits of this place. Are there too many blessings for you? Used for so long, now let others take advantage. Our sect Liuxian is not looking for problems for you. Just leave the mountains, and we will not pursue you. How do you like it?"

The sect of the Highest purity took a better place. When the founder of the sect, was the mentor of the founder of the kingdom of Yan, then, of course, he chose the best place for the sect in the kingdom of Yan. And after his death, how many people have plunged into these places.

The founder and all the heads and ancestors were buried here.  How can their students leave these places now? If they give these places away, how can they look at other cultivators? Wu Shao Huang knew that they would not agree to this condition.

"Want to pick a place, come. Try your luck!" - Tan Yi spoke in a stern voice.

Wu Shao Huang laughed: "Should it be the head of the Tan sect? It seems that in the sect of the Highest purity, there are no people left. Once such a girl is now the head of the sect. I see…"

"Aarrr!" - There was a terrible roar from the mountain.

A lot of people got scared and looked around. One could see that on one side of the hill, one beast like a lion and not a lion, completely covered with a golden ray, was going down.

"Gold-haired howler!" - One man screamed in fright.

Many people of the Liuxian sect have changed in the face.