Heavenly Genius - Chapter 72

Seeing this beast, you could think of only one person. In the last generation of the Devil sect, there was a beautiful outstanding sorceress. She just always rode a gold-haired howler. Somehow she encountered one student of the sect of the Highest purity, and the young fell in love with each other. It was only forbidden love, because of which the sorceress died. The sect of the Highest purity drove that disciple out of this love.
After that, the gold-haired howler consistently followed that apprentice.
Now, this rare beast has reappeared in the sect of the Highest purity. This means that the Man from the Werewolf ridge came!
At this time, Bold and the self-confident people of the Liuxian sect froze. They are puzzled.
Tan Su Su also felt mixed feelings. After all, most of all hated the owner of this beast!
The beast appeared at a critical moment for the sect of the Highest purity. However, Luo Yuan Gun also felt mixed feelings.
"Uncle!" - Tan Yi spoke to herself. She did not expect him to come. After all, this Man since childhood was next to her. And she greatly admired him.
Su Po was also happy. He did not expect this person to come. He just tried to send Tu Han to him. But it turned out he really came.
Obviously, he had long been prepared. And he was always near the sect of the Highest purity. Otherwise, would he have appeared at such a time? He must have heard the whistle of slinging arrows and the ringing of a bell.
It is said that when the sect of the Highest Purity had difficulties, the sect always had a guard nearby. On this account, Su Po was delighted. *Brother, brother. You are still wise. Of the three students, you are the most gifted.*
Some people thought that this beast was just a passerby. Such a beast was very rare at present. They did not understand where he came from.
Shao Huang now clearly did not look so joyful. He looked around and looked for the werewolf master. However, he could not see it anywhere. After exchanging glances with fellow practitioners, he decided not to act rashly. That madman from the werewolf ridge defeated more than ten sects alone.
Moreover, not weak sects were crushed. This madman is on the 9th place of the list Dan. Sect Liuxian is too weak for him.
Wu Shao Huang did not think at all that this exile disciple from the sect would appear. He took the sickle with both hands and said with displeasure:
Some students of the sect Liuxian were surprised. They did not understand what was happening. Someone wanted to ask what was the matter. However, the patriarchs immediately waved hands and looked quite dangerous.
People sect Liuxian began to leave. And Tan Yi, who steadily looked around, suddenly said sternly:
"All wait!"
That Man came, she immediately believed in herself!
The people of the Liuxian sect stopped. Wu Shao Huang turned and gloomily asked:
"Our sect, Liuxian, is a little guilty. We apologize."
Tan Yi said in a stern tone:
"You broke into our sect of the Highest purity, killed our sentinels. And say you are a little guilty?"
"..." - Wu Shao Huang did not know what to say. As a result, he took a sickle and put it in one hand. And immediately, he waved his hand with a sickle and cut off his second hand. Therefore did the hand fall to the ground, and blood begin to flow like fontan.
"Brother!" Patriarchs, Liuxian, immediately cried out. They ran to him and tried to close his wound, stop the blood.
Many students did not understand what was happening. Disciples of the Liuxian sect use two hands to attack with a sickle. And losing one arm is like losing half your strength. Why did their patriarch level Jin Dan cut off his hand?
A pale Wu Shao Huang pushed everyone away and, bowing to the sect of the Highest Purity, said:
After what was said, he turned around and left with the disciples of the Liuxian sect.
Many students of the Liuxian sect did not understand what was happening. However, everyone looked at that proudly standing gold-haired howler. After he appeared, Wu Shao Huang began to act differently. Someone was starting to understand something.
 The disciples of the Higher Purity sect watched as the Liuxian sect retreated. They looked at Wu Shao Huang's hand. Someone also did not understand what happened. Someone stood with complicated feelings.
Seeing that the sect Liuxian was leaving, that beast growled again, looking into the sky. And he began to go back into the depths of the mountains majestically.
Tan Yi soared to the top. And immediately turned out to be over 100 Zhang. She went straight towards that beast.
"Head, come back!" - Tan Su Su angrily shouted. She knew that Tan Yi was looking for him.
Tan Su Su only wanted to follow Tan Yi and stop her, as the nearby Luo Yuan Gun immediately grabbed her hand and firmly stopped:
"Sister. It doesn't matter what it was. But now he saved the sect. You need to thank him."
Tan Su Su became severe... she wanted to say something but said nothing ...
Tan Yi quickly raced towards the peak of the mountain.
She ran through the trees and already overtook that place from where the beast disappeared.
A moment after, she found a beast standing near a mountain river. He was just swimming in the cold, bubbling river.
And next to him, a sloppy man sat on a large stone. He held a jug of wine in his hands and poured wine into his mouth. Yes, he did not drink wine, but simply poured it on himself. At that moment, a gold-haired howler shook himself from the water, causing his drops to fall on the Man. They even got into his mouth. Only he did not pay attention to it at all.
Having swallowed the wine, that Man burped, laid the wine on a stone, and looked smiling at Tan Yi.
Seeing this Man again, Tan Yi hardly recognized him. After all, in her memory, there was one intelligent Man, in white clothes looks like a celestial, who regularly wrote delicious poetry. And now in front of her was some kind of ragged Man, with dirty, disheveled hair. His face was dirty as if he had not washed for months. His clothes also blackened because he did not wash them.
Remembering the Man whom she saw in childhood and looking at the Man who is now standing in front of her, Tan Yi did not know what to say.
Initially, the most gifted student of the sect of the Highest Purity, the most promising student, the most potent candidate for the head of the sect, eventually fell in love with the sorceress from the devil sect. Because of what he was expelled from the sect.
Tan Yi later heard that it was not in vain that he was revered so. After all, he later began to rise rapidly in cultivation. He shook the celestial Kingdom and inter the top ten list Jin Dan. Father, Tan Mu, continually sighed. He said that the third student was wrong on the path. Otherwise, the head of the sect was not Tan Mu, but the third student.
Tan Yi did not understand, is it possible, because of one demonic girl, to abandon a bright future. And now live in poverty, behave like a ragged man. Is it good?
"Uncle!" - Tan Yi gathered courage and greeted him.
"Eeeeeee" - That sloppy Man burped and shook his head, said:
"Girl, your uncle is not here. No need to scream like that."
Tan Yi still stood her ground:
"Thank you, uncle. You saved our Highest Purity sect from death."
The sleazy Man pointed to two jugs of wine that were next to him:
"Then, I, your father, and Dong Guo Hao Ran buried wine together here. And agreed that when the time comes, we will drink it. I heard that your father and Dong Guo Hao Ran died. So I remembered about the wine.  I thought, did this wine here or not.? Maybe he is already gone.? It turned out here. Cool wine, good wine! I came because of the wine, not for the sect of the Highest Purity. You thought a lot!"
Seeing that the uncle refuses to admit, Tan Yi did not argue with him. She folded her arms and said:
"The Sect of the Highest Purity is now experiencing difficulties. And the uncle is very popular in the Celestial Kingdom. Now the sect of the Highest purity can rely on you. May you stay!"
The sleazy Man shook his head and said, smiling:
"Girl, I hear you got married?"
From these words, Tan Yi became embarrassed. She blushed.
"I am now without money. I have nothing. Nothing to give you. Only this wine thirty years ago. Take it as a wedding present!" - A scruffy man waved his hand, and one jug of wine immediately flew up to Tan Yi.
Tan Yi accepted him and was silent. Who knows, maybe her father was digging this wine.
The sleazy Man, again taking the jug of wine smiling, said:
 "Dong Guo Hao Ran, this talker, and the harbinger of misfortune, once said that my character does not match my name. In the end, I changed. I did not think that he would be so accurate. Did your husband hear the last student of Dong Guo Hao Ran? Although Dong Guo Hao Ran took him to him before his death, he has a keen eye.  He could not take anyone horrible. There must be a reason for this. You need to find methods to get your husband back. Then everything will be fine."
After what was said, he jumped to the top and landed on a gold-haired howler who rushed along a mountain stream.
Seeing that he was leaving, Tan Yi:
"Uncle, do you want to see how the sect of the Highest Purity falls?"
"The past in the past, it will not be returned. What happened yesterday, today you will not return it, everyone now needs to look only forward. The sect of the Highest Purity has survived to the present. You can't support it anymore. Then it will only get worse. Girl, you're not stupid. No matter how you became the head of the sect, since you became the head of the sect, you must act as the head of the sect. Do not obey everyone. Do what you think. Feel free to make decisions and act according to your mind. I went!"
The scruffy man said the last words, and on the back of the beast rode up against the current. Splashes of water flew to the sides, but the Man managed to drink wine along the way. He drove further and further ...