Heavenly Genius - Chapter 73


When Tan Yi returned, the students had already left. Luo Yuan Gun, Su Po, and Tan Su Su stood still waiting for her.

Seeing Tan Yi with the jug of wine, Tan Su Su immediately asked angrily:

"Did he give you that?"

Tan Yi answered thoughtfully:

"Perhaps this jug was buried by my father."

Tan Su Su wanted to say something but said nothing. She wanted Tan Yi to throw this wine away, but when she heard that it was probably a relic of her father, she immediately changed her mind.

Su Po went to Tan Yi and asked:

"Head, and he?"

Tan Yi sighing said:

"He will not stay, gone ..!"

Tan Su Su said in a cold tone:

"Scum, how much trouble he brought the sect. If it weren't for the Head of the sect, who forgave him, he would already be dead!"

"Don't say such things!" - Luo Yuan Gun shouted at her again. Then he calmly asked:

"The Head, for some time, the sect will not be in danger. Now we need to put everything in order. Already sent students for several dozen traitors. Only in mountainous areas will it be difficult to catch them. I also ask the chapter to let out the rumor that some students betrayed the sect. Those other sects would eradicate them!"

Tan Yi replied:

Ran away and good. No need to trouble them.No need to disturb them. Leaving them is also useless. They can also be caught in an ambush.  Besides, among them, there may be spies. So we will avoid evil deeds. Maybe it's for the best. Here would be no happiness, but misfortune helped."

As soon as she spoke, everyone either nodded their Head or agreed in silence. Indeed, the meaning to them is from these unfaithful students. Only three patriarchs noticed that Tan Yi had changed. She used to listen to their opinions, and now she began to speak her own.

Tan Su Su said:

"You definitely can't leave these traitors!"

Tan Yi: "Of course, can't. Only now this is not the main thing, and certainly not worth our current expenses. As elder Luo Yuan Gun said, after that person appeared, they will not temporarily touch us. Only temporarily. And we must prepare well for the time allotted to us. Call back our disciples. As for the traitors, I will send out a list of traitors. To make it difficult for them to live, and there was a terrible rumor about them. Besides, I will add Song Shu to the list. Song Shu sent the killer to kill fellow practitioner Niu Yu Tao. He also betrayed his mentors and conspired with the sect Liuxian to suddenly attack our sect. Let the whole heaven know about his atrocities!"

The three patriarchs were merely numb.

Song Shu to be included in the list of traitors? Of course, they knew that Song Shu was behind the actions of the Liuxian sect. However, he certainly was not involved in an attempt to assassinate Niu Yu Tao. It's Tan Su Su's fault, and then she shifted everything to Song Shu. However, if Tan Yi takes the initiative on himself, then who will believe Song Shu later, when the whole celestial will know about his actions.

Nice method. She took and transferred all the blame with Tan Su Su to Song Shu.

Tan Su Su was shocked. And looked at Tan Yi, a soft look. Nevertheless, it was not in vain that she spent a lot of effort to make her the head of the sect. After all, they are one family!

As a result, everyone noticed a change in Tan Yi.

Luo Yuan Gun replied restlessly:

"The Head, this method is useful. Only in this way will we finally sever all relations with the Song family. And then it will be difficult for us to hold out."

"I made the decision!" -Tan Yi looked towards the palace of the Highest Purity. Determination shone in her eyes. She took the jug and went there. She said to patriarchs:

"Need to light the founder of the candle!"

Light the candle founder? Three patriarchs numb. They looked at each other but followed her. Who refuses to light candles to the founder.

They came to the palace of the Highest Purity. Tan Yi, she took and lit three candles. And she stood in front of the founder. Three patriarchs also came up and lit candles, and then stood behind the Head.

Tan Yi looked at the founder's large sculpture for a long time and suddenly knelt. Therefore all have changed in the face.

It is not strange that if you kneel in front of the founder, only ... they usually do it during a big ceremony.

However, if the Head knelt, would the patriarchs not be?

Tan Yi held candles with her hands and looked up at the founder's sculpture, she sincerely spoke:

"The founder above, the ancient teacher above, the 11th Head of the sect of the Highest purity Tan Yi guilty! Today, sects of the Highest Purity are in critical danger. The student is helpless now. Today, when the sect of the Highest purity is in danger, the student takes an oath to the founder. That will give all the strength to raise the sect of the Highest purity. If I do something wrong, then I will accept all responsibility. Heaven will be witnesses!" - After what was said, she humbly bowed her head three times.

Three people were surprised. Everyone knew that the current situation of the sect did not appear in one day. And this is not the fault of Tan Yi. But Tan Yi now, before the founder of the sect, she took full responsibility.

The three looked at each other, and also began to bow.

Tan Yi stepped forward and put three candles in the censer, then fell into place.

The three patriarchs then came too and laid their candles in the censer and stood behind Tan Yi. After waiting for them to fall into place, Tan Yi turned to them and looked thoughtfully at them.

"The Sect of the Highest Purity is now in such a difficult situation. Do the three patriarchs now know any method to get out of this situation?"

Three people were silent. If he would, wouldn't they talk about him?

Luo Yuan Gun tried to ask:

"Did the head come up with something?"

Tan Yi: "We have no good way out, but we should not stay here and watch the sect perish. We cannot stay and expect death. If we do this, then others will remember us without good words!"

WIthout good words? The three immediately became severe. Because few people want to stay in memory with evil deeds. Especially their generation, how then will they meet their ancestors in heaven?

Luo Yuan Gun: "Head of the sect, what shall we do then?"

Tan Yi: "I do not need to say what is happening with the sect of the Highest Purity. Even if no one attacks us, we are now left without resources. Now we can no longer feed the students. And what is the point then? Then there will be more traitors than today. A tree, if moved, it will die. But man will live. I want to temporarily leave that place and go to other lands in search of resources. Try to revive the sect!"

Luo Yuan Gun and Su Po stared.

Tan Su Su seemed to slap in the face. She shouted:

"You are the high-ranking Head, and you want to leave the sect? I didn't think how the celestial would look at you? Everyone will laugh at you! You did not think that the bones of the founder and ancient teachers were buried here. Even your father is buried here. And you want to let anyone get on their graves? How can you say that to the founder?!"

She also wanted to say about her husband and son. They are also buried here. And how can she allow other people to walk and trample on their graves?

Besides, the remains of some teachers have simply stratified that you can't even transport them if you want. What is the point then? Then it's possible to leave the sect.

Only the Linshan Mountains, this earthly paradise, if you leave, someone will take this place. How will you return it later?

Leaving a place is easy, but returning with the power of the sect of the Higher Purity will be difficult. Do you want to leave, leave, but why force others?

Tan Yi objected:

"No one can protect the sect of the Highest purity. If no one will guard us, then what shall we do, wait for our death? We only need to find an opportunity to rise. To develop. And when we have the strength, we can return. I also do not want to see how the graves of our ancestors will succumb to insult. But it will be the price of our rise. The founder and ancient teachers must understand us!"

"You..." - Tan Su Su pointed her finger at Tan Yi, and angrily said:

"Good. Good good! As long as you speak correctly. I am the older woman wrong. But the kingdom of Yang is enormous. Where do we go? To your Niu Yu Tao to the rebel Feng Lin Bo?"

Tan Yi: "Before such difficulties, I also thought about it and racked my brains in the evenings. I considered the option of switching to Feng Ling Bo's side, to Shan Chao Zun. Only Feng Lin Bo is unlikely to accept us. Especially the sect of Heavenly jade. They are already under heavy pressure because they received Shan Chao Zun. And they are unlikely to want to accept us. Even if they accept, it will still be complicated for them. And now everywhere in the Yan kingdom is unstable. We also need to find a place where the imperial house will not get us.

Moreover, it will be necessary to arrange so that other kingdoms do not recognize the precarious situation of the country. Otherwise, many states will attack us. And from this, no one will benefit."

Tan Su Su mocking said:

"Do you propose to lead sects of the Highest Purity to another country? So that strangers will accept as well?"

Tan Yi: "I prepared to lead the sect to the north. To the rebel army of General Shao Deng Yong!"