Heavenly Genius - Chapter 74


*Go to Shao Deng Yong?* The three people froze.

Tan Yi continued:

"Shao Deng Yong is a veteran of the former Ning Wang. He used to be a great general and knew well our sect of the Highest Purity. And now, the current emperor, to clean up the forces of the former Ning Wang, also wanted Shao Deng Yong to deprive him of power, which forced him to take the side of the enemy country. Now Shao Deng Yong has become the enemy country and occupies the area that was previously the province of the Yan kingdom. Now in the kingdom of Han, he can be said to have an independent position. Behind him are former sects from the Yan kingdom. If we go to him, then he will most likely receive us. Secondly, Shao Deng Yong occupies vast lands where new people will be needed. And now he needs helpers. And our position, Shao Deng Yong, knows well. Moreover, he once has a good relationship with us. The probability that he will accept us is good!

Tan Su Su, pointing her finger at Tan Yi, snarled:

"Who thought so? Isn't that the traitor by the name of Zhao?"

Luo Yuan Gun and Su Po only frowned and considered the feasibility of Tan Yi's plan. However, after being reminded by Tan Su Su, they immediately looked suspiciously at Tan Yi. Maybe that person from the werewolf ridge took advantage of the inexperience of the head of the sect?

Tan Yi shook her head:

"Patriarch Tan thought up a lot. No one told me to do anything. I thought it over myself. I always thought so, just did not say."

Tan Su Su waved her hand: "It's impossible! I saw how you grew. You couldn't forget so much about the sacred. It suits the traitor Zhao more!"

Tan Yi sighed and said slowly:

"I know that perhaps because of the death of the uncle and younger cousin, you hate him. You wish you could kill him. But I can swear before the altar of the founder of the sect that I came up with all this."

Tan Su Su twisted her face and suddenly said:

"I am against leaving teachers!" She quickly turned: "Brothers, can you want to quit the teachers?"

* quit the teachers?* - sounds pretty loud. Why did Luo Yuan Gun and Su Po change in the face?

In the eyes of Tan Yi flashed a solid gleam: "I ask patriarch Tan to monitor your behavior. Who, in the end, is the head of the sect - you or me?"

"You ..." Tan Su Su pointed her finger at her and almost said: *If not for me, then you would not be the head!*

She pointed to Tan Yi with her finger, and Tan Yi at that moment, pulled out the tablet of the head:

"I am the head of the sect, so now I officially declare that I am firing Tan Su Su from the post of the patriarch of the guardian of laws and demote to the student who protects the laws. And I will combine the position of the patriarch of the guardian of laws myself!"

Luo Yuan Gun and Su Po stared. They did not think they would see such a scene. Such a gentle and soft girl today showed such a character. After all, earlier, Tan Yi did not speak a word against Tan Su Su.

Tan Su Su also froze. Her grandniece? Her blood?

Luo Yuan Gun:

"Please, calm down. Patriarch Tan simply stated her arguments, which could simply be considered. Do not take such hard measures. We ask the head to cancel your decree!"

Tan Yi turned and looked at him, clearly showing him the tablet with the position of the head.

"Patriarch Luo, do you know that the decrees of the sect of the Highest  Purity sect are not discussed?"

Luo Yuan Gun said with a friendly expression:

"Of course, I know. I just ask you not to solve everything quickly."

Tan Yi: "You know, according to the laws of the sect, I have the power to make decisions myself. If everyone believes that I am making erroneous decisions, then you can get all the students to vote on the removal of the chapter. And if more than 80% choose an offset, then I will immediately leave the post. In the meantime, I am the head of the sect. I will not cancel my decree! In general, either remove me from the post of head of the sect of the Highest Purity, or Tan Su Su is removed from the position of the patriarch of the guardian of laws. Students can choose!"

Luo Yuan Gun and Su Po simply trembled. They did not think that usually a calm, tender, and beautiful girl would become so cruel and want the position of Tan Su Su. It is not for nothing that the founder of the sect drafted such a rule to avoid possible harm to the sect from one person. And if at a meeting, more than 80% of students decide that the head should be removed, then the current leader cannot lead the sect and does not own their trust. So it's better to change it.

Nobody knows that Tan Yi has long understood the obstacle emanating from the guardian of the laws of Tang Su Su, so Tan Yi was thinking about many things by herself. Yet she is her grandmother, and Tan Yi does not need a reputation in which she does not listen to the advice of her elders. And after her uncle told her a few phrases: that the sect no longer makes sense to protect, that the further, the worse it is for her sect, and now the sect itself must bravely face reality.

After his words, she became more determined and yet did not want to break off relations with Tan Su Su. She tried to allow Tan Su Su to listen to her. But in the end, Tan Su Su, not even listening to her, immediately began to confront her! Therefore Tan Yi did understand that some things could not be avoided? Thus, only by depriving Tang Su Su of his post, one can solve the obstacle on her part.

"Good good! Fine! I will not be the patriarch guardian of the law! "Tang Su Su said with a laugh. She never dreamed that the grandniece who she trusted most of all would stab a knife into her back. She waved her hand:

"Want to leave - leave. I will stay here and not leave the teachers!"

Tan YI staring at her, she said:

"We will all leave. If someone comes here, you think - you alone can cope with them? Why you want useless victims? Grandma, I will need your help!"

Tan Su Su grinning answered:

"What are such lofty words for? Crossing the river and burning the bridge, do you still want me to help you?"

Tan Yi pursed her lips and calmly said:

"You don't want to. You'll go anyway. If you don't go, then I will expel you from the sect, and you will never enter the sect of the Highest purity!"

Tan Su Su growled: "Why on earth?"

Tan Yi: "With the one that you hinted Song Yang Qing to go to the monastery on the southern mountain and ambush the student of the sect. This is not enough?"

From this, Luo Yuan Gun's mouth twisted, and Su Po rolled his eyelids. Two people noticed dramatic changes at her.

"You ..." Tan Su Su Su angrily pointed the finger at her and spoke in a trembling voice. She did her best to make Tan Yi take the post of the head. And now everything that Tan Su Su did, Tan Yi used against her.

As a result, Tan Su Su, smiling sadly and looking at the sky, said:

"A thirst for power dope man. Tan Yi, one day you will regret what you did!"

"Regrets are better than sitting here and waiting for death. I have already decided that for all the errors, I will be responsible alone. I alone will appear before the teachers!" - Tan Yi looked at the others:

"Who else wants to resist?"

Silent Su Po suddenly folded his arms:

"Su Po will follow the instructions of the head!"

Luo Yuan Gun looked at him in surprise. He did not think that he would agree so quickly. However, to oppose the decision of the head is still a serious matter.

Tan Yi looked intently at him.

Luo Yuan Gun eventually sighed. The sect of the Highest Purity seems to have no other way out, so he folded his arms and said:

"I will strictly follow the instructions of the head!"

Tan Yi relief nodded:

"We have a little time. It is necessary to collect students and stealthily move around. Along the way, it's better not to mess with the outside world so that rumors don't spread. And while it's better not to tell the students our true intentions. On the other hand, I need a man who will be the first to go to the northern region to meet Shao Deng Yong. First, we will need to talk to him well to rule out surprises."

There were several people in the palace. Luo Yuan Gun and Su Po understood that only they are reliable for this business here, and they don't trust Tan Su Su in this case.

Again Su Po folded his arms and said:

"I met Shao Deng Yong several times. We can say that we are well acquainted. I want to go to him to eliminate unnecessary risks for the head of the sect!"

"Good! Without breaking the old, you cannot build a new one! That's what we decide!" Tan Yi resolutely answered.

As soon as Su Po left the palace of the Highest Purity, he froze. He saw Tu Han standing outside. He came again.

As soon as the two people looked at each other, Su Po smiled slightly and said:

"I did everything well. Another business came up. Follow me on a long journey ..."

"Werewolf ridge, Zhao Xiong Ge? Is he?"

In the capital, the homestead of the Song family. Song Jiu Min went back and forth. His eyebrows frowned, and he said doubtfully:

"Was Zhao Xiong Ge not excluded by the sect of the Highest Purity? They said he was almost killed in a sect of the Highest Purity. He had to hate the sect, why did he intercede for it?"

 Liu Lu, standing next to him, said: "This is unclear. The Liuxian sect says they dare not hurt Zhao Xiong Ge. Therefore, they asked for forgiveness. The forces of the sect Liuxian is not enough to confront Zhao Xiong Ge.

Song Jiu Min waved his hand:

"Zi Yu will still need to stay in the Liuxian sect. No need to bother them. You go to them yourself. Let them do nothing for now. However, it is inconvenient for me to report to the Minister of Public Works that it was not possible to carry out his orders. Only this Zhao Xiong Ge creates difficulties. He does not honor anything, does not know the height of the sky and the thickness of the earth. I lose my temper from it. On the other hand, few people dare to hurt Zhao Xiong Ge.  Therefore, you need to say to the Liiuxiam sect have been keeping silent and keeping a secret all. Also, contact another sect, send them to the sect of the Highest purity. Just check the attitude of Zhao Xiong Ge. If he appears again, then we will need to find a method to eliminate it!"

"Yes, sir." - answered Liu Lu.