Heavenly Genius - Chapter 75


Qingshan County, the mountain ridge of wolf fangs.

High mountains and dense forests are scattered everywhere, which added features to this place.

In the depths of the mountain, forests were troops sent from the Southern province. Yang Duo just explained the situation to them.

They stood in the forest on the side of the mountain and looked around on soldiers lying on the ground. All were dressed in colorful clothes and did not wear imperial uniforms. And if it weren't for the nearby tools, then they couldn't be identified at all.

"The mountain ridge of wolf fangs because of the robbers began to be called the wolf fangs. I destroyed all the bandits yesterday. Then it will be possible to use their flag and impersonate the robbers.- Xian Wu Ren, dressed in multi-colored clothes, reported.

Yang Duo mockingly said:

"More than 10 thousand soldiers and more than 1000 horsemen dare to attack the army? Even I, without a military education, find out that these are not robbers."-

Xian Wu Ren shook his head:

"It does not matter. The main thing is to attack, whether they will guess or not, is not essential. This is just an excuse. Officially, it's better not to attack. I have long contacted the robbers, and the rest of the subordinates do not know the actual situation." He waved his hand and pointed to the other side.

In his direction, on the other side of the ridge, stretched mighty mountains. Xian Wu Ren pointing there, said:

"There is the road through which they will go towards Tsan Wu. Once their riders get there, we will attack them from all sides. As for the goal itself, it already depends on the masters of the mentors."

Yang Duo nodded a little to him.

Two people descended from the side of the mountain and climbed the opposite side. They didn't go even more profound as a man approached them. Yang Duo waved his hand so that Xian Wu Ren would go to his team and stay on that side of the mountain. There were just a few dozen cultivators. Each of them was dissatisfied and held in his hands' evidence of why they were here. Looking at this, Yang Duo sighed.

So in the mountains, they hid half a day. It was already beginning to dusk when suddenly a movement appeared.

All cultivators, laying their legs underneath, stood up. Yang Duo shot up and soaring in the wind instantly reached Xian Wu Ren. Before he could ask, Xian Wu Ren immediately began reporting to him:

"There was news from the first squad. The goal will arrive soon. Please prepare for all the mentors..."

A vast plain, abandoned, not plowed fields. Several thousand soldiers came here. These were 4,000 soldiers sent by Feng Ru Jie to Feng Ru Nan.

Sitting on a horse, Niu Yu Tao steadily looked around... Ever since they entered Qingshan County, he noticed that this county was much poorer than Kuangai County. There must be a ruler of the county, and the area here is much inferior to Feng Lin Bo. Often one could see the gnawed bodies of people, and no one cares about them. It is not surprising that many people fled to Kuangai County.

At the same time, Lan Jo Ting rode a horse and continuously looked at the map. He pulled up to Chao Zong and said something.

 Chao Zong raised his hand: "Wait!" At the same time, he looked at Feng Ru Nan and signaled to her.

Feng Ru Nan also stopped her people and, waiting for Lan Jo Ting and Chao Zuyong, indifferently asked:

"What else?"

Lan Jo Ting, pointing to the mountains, said:

"Princess, in front of us the mountain ridge of wolf fangs. This is the place in which we will, in any case, pass on the way to the Tsan Wu. If someone wants to obstruct us, he will do it in this place."

Feng Ru Nan examined the area and said indifferently:

"Who dare to hide several thousand soldiers here. Besides the imperial warriors, who dares attack us? Do you think the imperial house will dare? Especially since the scouts went there, but found nothing. What do you think?"

Lan Jo Ting smiling said:

"Princess, it's better to be careful." He looked at Bai Yao and added:

"Maybe it is better to send high-level mentors?"

"Ah!" Feng Ru Nan sighed contemptuously. She also thought that excessive caution would not hurt. But she didn't like that Chao Zong's henchmen tell her what to do. Therefore, she showed on Niu Yu Tao:

"You have the same mentors. Let them go and check."

Niu Yu Tao turned to her and immediately grabbed his lower back:

"Long ride ... When I can get off the horse, the back is falling apart!"

Feng Ru Nan looked at him contemptuously:

"Trickster, scoundrel!"

"Ok, need to check ..." Bai Yao nodded.

 After all, they work for a common cause. He turned back and said to the 4 cultivators of the Heavenly Jade sect:

"You go and examine everything."

4 students immediately took off and ended up 100 zhang away.

They turned out to be 200-300 meters with each jump. For Yuan Gang, this was simply unrealistic. He could not understand how this happens.

On the way, Niu Yu Tao already explained to him that due to qi, wings could be created that a simple person simply could not see. But Niu Yu Tao and other cultivators can see them. This qi is pale in color and directed outward. With it, they can soar high. This qi, as Niu Yu Tao said, is a kind of dark matter that a simple person will not see. For example, a simple person cannot see the spirit. In essence, this is a collection of dark matter, but the cultivator can. If a person does not see dark matter, then Niu Yu Tao and other cultivators can. This ability is called the all-seeing eye.

Far jumping people can be cultivators of the level of Lian ji. And those who can jump even further are already cultivators of the level of Zhu ji tribute. However, everyone has to land some time to again leap forward to jump high. The difference is that someone soars longer in the air and jumps higher.

And if they jump down from the mountain, then they will last longer in the air and fly on. However, the difference between Zhu Ji and Jin Dan is great. They have a difference in qi density, qi intensity, magic power, quality, and quantity. The cultivator Zhu Ji will spend a lot of magic power if he uses wings. After all, he will still receive the force of resistance and friction from the air when he flaps his wings. Therefore, Zhu Ji cultivators do not fly for a long time. When the Jin Dan cultivators can fly even longer. They have denser and more intense qi, also stronger and more magical power.

However, for the average person, there is no difference between the Jin Dan cultivator and Zhu Ji. They just bounce high and can already hit everyone.

As for cultivators even higher level - such as Yuan Ying cultivators. They are simply freed from the shackles of the body. They seem to be reborn. Their qi willfully unfolds in heaven and on earth. Cultivators of Zhu ji and Jin Dan, releasing qi, can spend it even on air resistance. And Yuan Ying cultivators are free of this. When they soar in the sky, they fly like gods. Ordinary people consider them gods.

Niu Yu Tao, of course, now could not jump as far as the cultivators who had run away. However, using force to jump several tens of meters - for him, it will not be a problem. He will also be able to run through the water smoothly.

Very quickly, the students of the Heavenly Jade sect hid in the mountains.

Here 4 students were hiding from view, and in the mountains, they appeared opposite.

"Bad!" Xian Wu Ren shouted plaintively.

Hiding near a thorny bush, Yang Duo looked at several initially confident generals:

"If they check even more in-depth, they will notice a lot of people in ambush!"

Xian Wu Ren clenched his fists. He was afraid that their ambush would open. Why did the opponents once again decide to let scouts out? Especially mentors! Previously, he took precautions and always kept people off the path.

Seeing that 4 cultivators mostly looked at the terrain near the road, Xian Wu Ren had hope. He immediately gave the order:

"It's good to hide!"

A man standing behind immediately passed an order so that everyone would hide.

Not much time passed before those 4 cultivators had already flown up. They just began to consider this grove. After all, birds suddenly took off here. Most likely, someone was hiding here. So many people immediately began to disappear - of course, someone would leave traces. One cultivator flew up here and noticed one soldier hiding.

"Jing!" One soldier immediately drew his sword.

"Beware, they set up an ambush here!"

The other three cultivators also discovered the strange and began to leave.

4 cultivators headed back. Yang Duo and the others also came out. Yang Duo, looking at the general, said:

"We are discovered. We disturbed the snake in the grass. Now suddenly, it will be impossible to attack. The goal will be challenging to get. They are careful. Well, explain everything to the governor of the region." - Yang Duo just found an excuse not to attack.

"How do you know that they will run away? Feng Ru Nan is not one to escape. There will be a chance!" Xian Wu Ren shouted, turning his head:

"Tell the order: everyone to pack up and prepare for an unexpected attack!"