Heavenly Genius - Chapter 76


Yang Duo did not find words. He could not prevent persecution. The trouble if he refuses to him, as this person will go and report to the ruler about it.

He did not know that earlier, Xian Wu Ren had sworn to Zhou Shou Xiang that he would fulfill the task.

Xian Wu Ren immediately began to collect all the warriors.

4 cultivators have already returned and reported:

"An ambush has been set up in the mountains. How many people are unclear, but many!"

"Really an ambush?" - Feng Ru Nan was surprised. She immediately waved a spear and shouted:

"Take a position!"

Pedestrian soldiers immediately take out shields and guns. Archers from the quiver took arrows and loaded the bows.

Chao Zong also gave the command to his troops to prepare guns.

Bai Yao bowed his head and looked at his people to get ready.

Not much time passed, as it was possible to see the soldiers leaving the forest mountains. Experienced warriors roughly determined that there were more than 10 thousand soldiers.

Xian Wu Ren, holding a spear in his hands, jumped out of the mountain on a horse and rode in front of his people. Yang Duo drove slowly after him.

"As expected, they did not run away!" - Xian Wu Ren burst out laughing and, suddenly pointing the spear forward, said:

"Attack! You need to grab them! "

One man who was next to him pulled out a bugle from a bull horn and, puffing out his cheeks, began to blow.


"Kill them!" The cavalry galloped first with battle cries. From their stomp, the earth trembled.

After the cavalry was marching pedestrian soldiers. Xian Wu Ren rode quietly in front of 9,000 pedestrian soldiers who followed him. They have already seen the enemy.

Those who saw many fighting positions could still hold on. And those who saw such a spectacle for the first time were simply afraid of such a scale. Niu Yu Tao also did not see in the past life, so that more than 10 thousand soldiers went on the attack on him.

Bai Yao and other cultivators strained their eyes as if they wanted to see something.

Feng Ru Nan looked askance at Chao Zong.

"Prince, these people have come for you. The opponent has an advantage in power. Are you afraid, not? If you want to run, you need to run early."

Chao Zong turned his head and looked at her angrily.

Feng Ru Nan continued:

"I have heard a lot about the military exploits of Ning Wang. However, this has nothing to do with you. If you stand in front, you will only interfere with us. Better go back! Do not worry. I will protect you!"

This time, she not only touched the pride of Chao Zong but also the pride of the guard of Yinyang and Wuli. When did they cowardly run away and were still under the protection of a woman?

Niu Yu Tao riding up to Chao Zong said:

"Prince, don't make impulsive decisions!"

Chao Zong did not pay attention to him. He turned and looked at his sister. Shu Qing herself took out zhanmadao from the back of her horse. (zhanmadao (sword dissecting a horse))

She took off her hat, exposing an ugly face, then pulled out a red cloth from a bag. When she unfolded it, you could see on this fabric a golden falcon, which looked like a phoenix.

There were several holes on this banner as if many arrows had already fallen into this banner.

Many bodyguards immediately turned their eyes to this banner. One could notice how their chests began to rise, and the inexplicable aura began to diverge here.

One bodyguard pulled up and gave a spear for a flagpole.

Shu Qing immediately put the banner on the spear and put it on top so that it flutters in the wind.

Feng Ru Nan and the other Kuangai warriors were surprised one by one, looking at this banner!

Bai Yao, looking at the fact that they are going to do rash things, shook his head:  "Prince, the goal of the opponents, is you. Don't be rash."

Chao Zong did not pay attention to him. He looked ahead and saw that the distance between the opponents was getting smaller. Taking a long sword, he shouted:

"Who does not spare life?!"

Standing bodyguards shouted:

"Yinyang and Wuli!" - One by one, take out swords were drawn. The intention of the murder began to diverge from all the warriors.

Riders Feng Ru Nan were frightened by such a cry.

Chao Zong angrily repeated again:

"Who does not spare life?!"

Standing bodyguards shouted:


Shu Qing also screamed: "I!" - at this moment, no one paid attention to her ugly face.

"Who does not spare life?!"


"We!" - the question with the answer was repeated.

Even Lan Jo Ting - this cabinet scientist drew his sword.

Niu Yu Tao looked at them like crazy. Yuan Fang and the monks were also surprised. Yuan Gan strained his face.

"Prince ..." - Niu Yu Tao again wanted to dissuade the prince.

Chao Zong had already pulled the reins. His horse rose to his hind hooves. And when she again landed on the front, she instantly went forward with a bullet.

Shouting nothing, the remaining several hundred bodyguards went after him. The intention of the murder came from them.

The fragile Shu Qing also rode behind her brother, holding a banner. Lan Jo Ting also followed them.

For fame and honor! The remnants of Ning Wang's army, as if for the sake of the deceased owner, defended their former glory. The fragile girl, the cabinet scientist, all went forward no matter what. Even though the enemy was twice more.

They seemed to have lost their minds!

Niu Yu Tao drew his sword and blocked the path of Yuan Gan, who had almost galloped after them.  Hell knows,  they raced to what a mess. He was not going to let Yuan Gan go there.

The group of people went forward. Everyone understood where they were going. But this behavior left an imprint on the heart of Feng Ru Nan.

Feng Ru Nan, looking at the riders who left, twisted her mouth.

"Being a general, not controlling the warriors, he immediately went forward. Like a blind fly. And what is the use of demonstrative courage!" understood that in such a situation, you would not do anything else.

"The princess is not going to send troops now?" - Bai Yao asked displeasedly.

Feng Ru Nan: "Do not rush. Let them know what the forces of the enemy are. And we, if they will need, come in time. You just keep an eye on him!"

Bai Yao did not answer. Of course, he realized that it was necessary to monitor the safety of Chao Zong.

He waved his hand, and immediately two cultivators of the level of Jin Dan jumped on their horses and rushed after them. So that nothing happened to Chao Zong.

Cultivators rarely meet in the battle between warriors. After all, the effectiveness of their participation in fighting is small. Well, can you kill a few people, so what? Can you fight with a massive army? Especially when the morale of the military at altitude. During the battle, few will listen to you, when you alone fighting, especially in the thick of the fight. And the more significant the battle, the lower the effectiveness of the cultivator in the battle. Only a very high level of cultivators can dramatically affect the outcome of the battle. But these are already at the top of the food chain. They have no reason to get in such battles. As a rule, such cultivators have helpers, and this is enough for them.

As Feng Ru Nan said, the commander in chief is needed for command and for breaking the front line. The commander stands and manages the troops, and the cultivators stand nearby and protect his safety.

Bah! - two enemy cavalry collided together.

 Chao Zong, holding a sword in his hands, collided with an enemy cavalry general. Having beaten off his spear, Chao Zong accurately immediately beheaded the enemy. One could immediately see that Chao Zong also knew martial art.

Chaos reigned among both sides. People fell from their horses, horses scattered around.

Chao Zong chopped everything on the left and on the right. Fresh blood flowed in the river. Bodyguards galloped around to protect him. They did not allow anyone to run into him. If one of them died, then immediately a new cultivator appeared behind him. The main thing for them is to continue to move forward and save the life of Chao Zong.

The Guards of Yinyang and Wuli knew the art of war well. Those who were dying always tried to take more lives with them or to shield their brothers from the most vigorous attack.

Among the crowd of men, one could see a fragile female silhouette. Shu Qing carried the banner on her shoulder and bit her lips. Although she spent a lot of time in a military camp, she participated in the battle for the first time. Therefore, it can't say now that she was not afraid. Only now she had no choice. She had to follow her brother.

Looking at the cut hands and heads, hearing screams of pain, the grinding of armor and blades, smelling a thick smell of blood - all this made Shu Qing almost sick. However, she gritted her teeth and followed her brother. Putting the banner in her bosom, she grabbed the reins with one hand, took out the sword with the other, and repulsed the weapons aimed at her from time to time. It is good that the side guards repaid most of the attackers.

Lan Jo Ting even studied the art of wielding a sword, but he considered it only for self-defense and health support. And in this confusion, it's certainly not possible to show your tricks. Here you need to survive. It's good that there were also bodyguards next to him.

After the two cavalries met and parted, one could see complete confusion among the cavalry of wolf fang robbers. Their standard-bearer fell, so chaos reigned among them. And the cavalry of Chao Zong moved like a monolithic block. Everyone followed the banner.

One could immediately see the loss of both sides. After the first attack from the bandits of wolf fangs, 200-300 people fell, and Chao Zong apparently had small losses.

With a significant margin, and so it all happened? Xian Wu Ren with the pedestrian troops numb. And when he saw the military banner of Chao Zong, he was afraid:

"Guard Wuli and Yinyang? Not surprising…"

Also, standing behind Feng Ru Nan held her breath. She bit her lips and recalled the glory of the Guards of Yinyang and Wuli. They are worthy warriors and the best of all warriors! Did she have the right to insult them!

Bai Yao said:

"Then, Ning Wang led the 10,000th army of the Guards of Yinnyang and Wuli, and the former emperor was surrounded by the 100,000th army of the kingdom of Han. No one could break the ring except them. Today I found out that the glory of them is not fake! "

One could see that Chao Zong, making an arc, again went to attack the already defeated cavalry of the enemy. And after him, a frail girl, holding a battle banner, galloped ...