Heavenly Genius - Chapter 77


Broken cavalry still had no time to gather again to respond to the attack.

But the assembled cavalry of Chao Zong, not allowing them to catch their breath, again struck.

The difference in the location of the troops and their re-attack could be imagined.

Seeing that Chao Zong was attacking again, the commander of the cavalry bandits of wolf fangs shouted:

"Get ready quickly!" Faster ... "- he did not have time to command everyone, as he was frightened.

Chao Zong, holding the sword, flew up to him and immediately hit him. Behind him came bodyguards. The defenders did not have time to react, as they began to break again.

The formation of robbers was so in chaos, and here they began to attack again. Chao Zong seized the moment and decided to finish off the enemy. He goes and smashed everyone in a row. The opponent's fighting spirit has already fallen. Some even turned their horses and started to run away.

More than 1000 riders in front of the troop, which less than 500 riders, unable to withstand two attacks, were immediately defeated!

Seeing this massacre, Niu Yu Tao was quite shocked. How many battles he saw! He saw about a hundred people crash. But to kill each other on such a scale and so ridiculously - this was beyond the reach of his understanding. They were like a crowd of boys who gathered and decided to beat. Only these fought to the death. However, he could notice that one side was scattered without proper command, and the other was as a whole and fast passed in the ranks of the enemy. Especially where the was the banner!

And Feng Ru Nan was boiling. She clenched her fists.

"I have to get the teaching methods for the Wuli and Yinyang guards ..." - Feng Ru Nan talked to herself. Fewer than 500 horsemen defeated the cavalry of more than 1,000 horse riders - this also shocked Feng Ru Nan.

She admitted that if she led 1,000 horse riders, she would most likely also be defeated. Chao Zong skillfully attacked opponents twice and defeated.

She understood that on this level ground, the most potent weapon was the cavalry. And the cavalry of the enemy is already defeated by Chao Zong. Now they have to finish off all.

"The cavalry on the left to attack the enemy infantry on the left phalanx. Cavalry on the right to attack the enemy on the right phalanx. Take them in ticks!"

"Kill them!" - the cavalry on the left screamed. And their leader sent 200 riders.

"Kill them!" - the cavalry cried on the right, their commander led 200 horse riders and also went to attack.

"Everything to the attack!" Dressed in red, Feng Ru Nan shouted and, waving the hand, ordered the whole infantry to go into battle.

"This is the guard of Yinyang and Wuli! Shan Chao Zong indeed leads them! " - standing in front of the infantry, Xian Wu Ren identified Chao Zong. This is one of the reasons why he was called to identify Chao Zong.

Yang Duo and others were surprised. They did not even understand why Chao Zong in the front-line detachment began to attack them?

Xian Wu Ren quickly shouted:

"Grab it! Grab it faster! " "He knew the main thing was to capture Chao Zong." Then, even his loss in battle will turn into a victory for him.

"Come on!" - Yang Duo shouted, and dozens of cultivators fly up with him.

Bai Yao also saw the actions of rivals perfectly. And even with cultivators jumped to the top. Only one cultivator of Ji Dan remained to guard Feng Ru Nan. The rest went to save Chao Zong.

Two cultivators of the Heavenly Jade sect that have already been sent by Bai Yao. They flew up to Chao Zong. They stepped on the back of Chao Zun's horse.

"Take him away!"

Two cultivators took his hands and began to soar from the battlefield back.

"Princess, follow the prince!" - Lan Jo Ting shouted to Shu Qing.

Shu Qing immediately turned her horse and followed her brother soaring in the sky.

In the battle, little was heard. Therefore, the bodyguards who were away simply followed behind the banner. So it turns out they followed Shu Qing, who rode behind her brother soaring in the sky.

At the top, people flashed. Soaring at the head of their cultivators, Bai Yao and Yang Duo collided. Bai Yao drew his sword.

Ahh ...

A scream rang out, and Yang Duo's foot began to fall. Bai Yao, pushing himself from the back, Yang Duo went to another cultivator.

"Arrows!" - Xian Wu Ren shouted angrily.

Sandwiched infantry, put up shields cut. And inside it fired archers began to shoot at the advancing cavalry.

One could see how the cavalry on both sides put up shields too. However, at times it was possible to see how the horses fell, and the riders topple too.

The riders on the left launched meteor hammers.

("Hammer-meteor" (metal impact load fixed on a rope)


 There was a roar. And warriors from the front line began to fall or drop their shields.

Many horses from the left flank squeezed into the ranks of the infantry. At high speed, the cavalry pierced the shields with hooves. At first, warriors fired spears against the cavalry from the rear rows of the infantry. The horses that were in front suffered. They either capsized or the riders themselves fell under the spears. Only the following riders went deep into and then pierced the soldiers at high speed.

A hole in the phalanx is a great danger. In such a situation, the infantry against the cavalry is weak. Again there was chaos among the robbers. The same situation was with the right flank. Rivers of blood flowed again, screams of pain rang out.

Leading infantry Feng Ru Nan did not pay attention to the following cavalry of Yinyang and Wuli. She as soon as she reached the zone of accessibility of arrows, she immediately ordered to blow the horn. Her cavalry immediately began to run out from the enemy infantry. 3 thousand infantry Feng Ru Nan shouted belligerently, and 1000 archers pulled a bowstring and immediately fired arrows.

"Sue, Ph'u, Sue!" - a rain of arrows appeared in the sky.

Bai Yao and others were fighting in the sky, and after the bugle, they began to fell down. Cultivators can protect the body with protective qi. But in combat, protective qi takes strength and reduces the speed of movement. Therefore, it is better not to fall under a hail of arrows.

The rain of arrows fell on the enemy infantry. One wave of arrows after wave attacked the enemy. It is not known how many people died and screamed in pain.

And when the enemy infantry began to react, raising the shields, two columns of cavalry again began to attack them, breaking into their location.

At this time, the robbers of the wolf fangs were simply in chaos. 3000 Feng Ru Nan infantry was already approaching here. Their fighting spirit was at its maximum. And their opponents, on the contrary, were not about to run away. The 3000 infantry surrounded the cultivators who went down. Single cultivators began to attack. Powerful streams of power emanated from them. They killed people in waves. Only there were too many people. You kill the first row, but that a spear will pierce you from the second row. If you kill the second row of people, they'll finish it with the third spear.

One thousand shooters next to Feng Ru Nan threw bows and, taking the guns, went to them to help.

Chao Zong's cavalry has already returned to Feng Ru Nan. Having already killed more than 10 cultivators, like the god of war, Bai Yao turned around and headed for the cultivators, who led for Feng Ru Nan.

The two cultivators who brought Chao Zong nodded to the Feng Ru Nan guard cultivator, the Ji Dan, and turned to stop the remaining cultivators. But they managed to stop only a part. Three more single cultivators continued to go to Feng Ru Nan.

Feng Ru Nan waved her hand in cold blood, and a hundred bodyguards standing next to her pulled their arrows and shot them at the cultivators.

Three cultivators in the sky used force to resist the arrows.

"Archers! Another wave of arrows! " - Chao Zong, standing next to Feng Ru Nan, shouted. And the bodyguards of Yinyang and Wuli started to shoot cultivators right on horseback, blocking their course. This was enough to bring Bai Yao back in time.

Seeing that the war's god Bai Yao was returning, those cultivators realized that they would no longer catch Chao Zong. Therefore, they scattered immediately went to the mountains.

Xian Wu Ren saw that the fighting spirit of the troops fell, hit himself on the chest:

"Ah! The thousand well-trained cavalries, 10 thousand well-trained infantry, and so defeated! "

He knew that now everything could not be returned. Xian Wu Ren, leading more than ten scattered horse riders, headed back to the mountains.

Seeing that the enemy army was defeated, Bai Yao returned. The single cultivators were not persecuted by the students of the Heavenly jade sect. They began to protect the Chao Zong.

Seeing that the enemies started to run away into the mountains and were unlikely to gather again, Feng Ru Nan did not pursue them.

Lan Jo Ting went to Shu Qing and took the banner. However, he was scared. He saw that the princess was staggering. And one man shouted:

"Princess is injured!"

Chao Zong immediately turned and quickly ran to Shu Qing. He grabbed her and found that she was shot in the back with an unknown gun. Chao Zong was in battles and realized that his sister had lost a lot of blood. Only she did not attach any importance to this and continuously held the banner tightly. If only the flag fluttered in the wind.

Chao Zong's eyes turned red, and he shouted violently: