Heavenly Genius - Chapter 78


What was happening in the heart of Chao Zong, few could understand. His family was now in decline, and for the sake of raising the spirit of the warriors, his sister joined the battle. If something happens to his sister, how can he then look into the eyes of parents and brothers in the afterlife?

"Brother, I'm fine." - Shu Qing spoke in a weak voice and shook her head.

Niu Yu Tao flew past here. Reaching out, he began to examine Shu Qing. He squeezed one acupuncture point Shu Qing and examined her back. Regarding the act of this girl, Niu Yu Tao did not say anything. He believed that among all the paths, you need to choose a safe way. And a person should not just risk it at all. Therefore, now he did not understand this girl at all. Why would such a fragile creature run on the battlefield? However, although outwardly, Niu Yu Tao did not show anything, deep down, he was ashamed.

Of course, now he should worry only for Yuan Gan.

"Prince, the Grand Duchess is all right. She just lost a lot of blood. Heal a little, and everything will be fine. Only the wound behind his back is quite large. It will be necessary to stitch so that there are no scars left. " - after examining the back of Shu Qing, Niu Yu Tao said, Chao Zong.

Hearing that nothing terrible would happen to his sister, Chao Zong sighed in awe. However, hearing about the seam, he asked a little doubtfully:

"The seam? How is the seam? "

 "Uh ..." - Niu Yu Tao membered that the medicine here was not the same as in that world. Therefore explaining said:

"In general, you take the body and sew it up like clothes. Then not only will the scar be smaller, but for the wound, it will be better. "

Chao Zong, when he heard this, was so numb. He even got goosebumps. How to sew this body like clothes?

"The body and flesh are not clothes. Must Lord Tao be joking? "

Niu Yu Tao scratched his forehead. Such a concept is probably difficult for them to perceive. And he was too lazy to explain everything, so he let them decide the path themselves.

Shu Qing asked in a weak voice:

"Lord Tao, will a seam help heal wounds?"

Niu Yu Tao: "Of course!"

Shan Shu Qing: "Then, I ask Lord Tao to help the wounded brothers to stitch."

"Eeee ..." - the standing wounded bodyguards involuntarily stepped back. They, like Chao Zong, got goosebumps. Is this a joke?

Chao Zong, frowning, said:

"Shu Qing, this is the case ..."

Shu Qing interrupted him:

"Brother. I believe that Lord Tao will not say anything aimlessly. If this effectively helps heal the wounds, then let it be."

She, looking at the frightened faces of the bodyguards, resolutely said:

"Lord Tao, first stitch me!" - she wanted to show everything by personal example.

Niu Yu Tao smiled and, turning his head, said:

"Monkey, cook everything, and set it to boil water!"

Yuan Gan nodded his head and, turning around, called for Yuan Fang and other monks. They immediately joyfully began to help.

Lan Jo Ting crouched beside him and pulled out two porcelain jars from a red bundle. From them, he took out two pills. One pill was red and the other green. Shu Qing accepted both of them.

Niu Yu Tao, these pills seemed familiar. In the book, he saw their descriptions. They are given to wounded soldiers.

He asked curiously: "Is it a tonic and blood-restoring pill?"

"Right!" - Lan Jo Ting nodded.

Niu Yu Tao knew that the tonic and blood-restoring pill and the refreshing pill did not allow wounds to fester. They have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Chao Zong could not always stay with his sister. At such a time, he still had other concerns. It was necessary to worry about other wounded and dead. He left his sister Niu Yu Tao, and he went to the others.

Having reached the 33 dead soldiers, he silently stood next to them. The battle flag of Yinyang and Wuli played in the wind.

33 dead soldiers, about a hundred wounded - for some, this is an obvious victory. But for him, such losses were enormous. After all, he has very few people. How many times can he lose so many people?

Nearby, Feng Pu Nan was always looking at the blood-covered Chao Zong. At times, she turned her head and looked at the wounded Shu Qing. He, being the prince, galloped first in the front line, and his sister raced after him, holding the banner. And their father, with one group, defeated the massive army. Feng Ru Nan, as it were, did not want to, but had to admit that she underestimated these brother and sister. However, in words, she could not admit it.

She went to Shu Qing and calmly asked:

"Princess, is everything all right?"

"Daughter-in-law, everything is right!" - Shu Qing answered in a weak voice.

Feng Ru Nan noticed Niu Yu Tao next to her and immediately changed her face. What mentor will stand behind when his masters jump into battle? Therefore, she could not restrain herself and said:

"Shameless trash!"

"..." - Niu Yu Tao wanted to say something but still said nothing.

Feng Ru Nan called on Wen Li to look after Shu Qing. Chao Zong has only men at his disposal, but it will be inconvenient for them to take care of Shu Qing.

When they placed the tent, Yuan Gan brought everything inside. Shu Qing lay on the felt.

Niu Yu Tao has already prepared. He put his hand and remembered that women and men should not touch each other, even when they transmit something to each other. So he hesitantly asked:

"Grand Duchess, I can cut your clothes a little to sew up the wound."

Shu Qin understood what he wanted to say. He will see her back. She bit her lip and closed her eyes, answered:

"It is to save the wounded in battle. I believe that Lord Tao is not from uncultured people." - so she hinted to him that he would not do what comes to mind.

Niu Yu Tao smiled and cut her clothes behind. There he discovered a red spot. This girl, though ugly, but her skin on her back is so graceful, white, and beautiful, like porcelain. You can't leave a wound to spoil this beauty.

"It is a pity that there is no alcohol to sanitize the wound ..." - Niu Yu Tao whispered to himself. He had only a needle and a thread in boiled water.

Seeing that Niu Yu Tao was threading through the eye of a needle, Shu Qing turned her head away.

Niu Yu Tao pressed on life points and relieved her pain. Then he quickly and painstakingly sewed up the wound. He hoped the scar would be small and inconspicuous. Thus, he was already less ashamed.

Nearby, standing, Wen Li was simply horrified. Cold swept through her body. How can a person be sewn up like clothes? Awful!

Having completed everything, Niu Yu Tao lifted Shu Qing.

"Okay, be careful not to pull the wound. When it heals, you can remove the seam, and the scar will not be visible."

"The scar is not important." - Shu Qing shook her head. She already had a stain on her face and what she can fear? If there be a scar? For her, people were important, whom they have so few. Therefore, it would be better to cure them now.

Pulling her back, she noticed that nothing had happened. Therefore, smiling, she said:

"I ask Lord Tao to take care of the brothers."

Niu Yu Tao smiled and nodded to Yuan Gan:

"Take care of this and take the bear and others with you. There are many injured. The more people will know how to do, then we can faster take care of everyone. " - he will not be engaged in all.

Yuan Gan turned and walked away.

Wen Li helped Shu Qing change clothes.

Niu Yu Tao, noticing the pale face of Shu Qing, whispered sighing:

"You. You know that you were not born for battles. Why did you go? "

"We, brother and sister, have no selfish intentions. Otherwise, we would not have the defenders of Yinyang and Wuli. " - Shu Qing calmly answered, putting Niu Yu Tao in an awkward position. Because he is just that egoist.

 She suddenly asked: "If Lord Yuan went into battle, would you go too?"

"Looking at the setting." - Niu Yu Tao quickly answered and immediately left. He did not want to talk about it.

Wen Li, as soon as Shu Qing helped, immediately came to Feng Ru Nan and reported to her about everything. Feng Ru Nan changed her face - "To sew a person up, like clothes?"

Bai Yao: "What the hell did he doing?!" He said, looking at Niu Yu Tao.

After Shu Qing showed by her example that she had been stitched, other bodyguards also had to let stitch themselves. Yuan Gan and the monks began to heal them. The suturing is not tricky. Only courage is needed.

However, when they sewed them up, the bodyguards did not hold back and screamed in pain. They were not afraid to lose their heads, but they were afraid to watch them sewn up like clothes. Perhaps this is because Niu Yu Tao clicked on vital points and had an analgesic effect of Shu Qing.

Hearing the screams of the bodyguards of Yinyang and Wuli, Feng Ru Nan was surprised. Is this the method of guards Yinyang and Wuli? She was still impressed by this guard, so she wanted to learn from them. Therefore, she went and began to look at them. Because of this, the bodyguards who were healed and was seeing her endured with all their might and tried not to scream in pain.

It was already getting dark, so the group took an impregnable mountain for an overnight stay. Using the king of birds, they sent a message to Feng Lin Bo. Nevertheless, the losses were somewhat significant. Even the students of the Heavenly Jade sect suffered losses. Therefore, the sect of Heavenly Jade needed to send more cultivators. About revenge, they will think in the future.


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