Heavenly Genius - Chapter 8




Secretly go to Chenqiang

Advancing quietly by an unknown path When the enemy, confident in his superiority, does nothing in return, take advantage of his passivity.


Taking the sword and waving it, Niu Yu Tao discovered that he still could not exercise by this sword. His wrist could not stand the weight of the sword. He immediately sheathed his sword, then held his wrist. It looks like his young body is still tender and weak.

Clasping his hands behind his back, Niu Yu Tao continued to walk around the yard and calm himself. He needs to develop the strength to protect himself. Otherwise, he will continuously live under the threat of other people and will be like a tortoise who hid her head. Is it so good to live?

Finding a suitable room, he temporarily settled down there. One way or another, than just sitting idle, it's better to cultivate. Therefore, Niu Yu Tao decided to cultivate the method of Tayi. He has long known this method, and cultivating it again will be quite straightforward. He hardly reached the sect of higher purity. Just because of the secret amulet that Dong Guo Xao Ran gave him. He also wants to comprehend these profound methods. However, for now, he needs to cultivate to at least protect himself.

Regarding the Tayi method. He got this method when he plundered an ancient tomb. In the jade casket, he found several pages of the holy canons of Tayi, so he began to comprehend this method. However, this was not easy for him. He leafed through many ancient books to understand this method. And only then, thanks to this method, in the underground world, he began to call the lord of Tao.

However, he remained unhappy because knowledge on several pages was limited. They indicated only breathing techniques and fencing skills. However, he heard that there is a more mysterious knowledge that allows you to fly to heaven and be omnipotent. Such opportunities make him excited. Yet, the pages he pulled out were not completed the method of Tayi. They seemed to be just an introductory course. Tayi's method could not be limited only to the technique of practicing breathing and the art of fencing, so he regularly plundered ancient tombs. And if it were not for Dong Guo Hao Ran, who showed him such opportunities, he would not have left that village so quickly.

Days replaced each other. Niu Yu Tao was fed three times a day and kept in custody. There was always someone guarding him at the door, and no one was talking to him. As if they were hiding him from the outside world.

He repeatedly requested a meeting with Tan Mu. Only they did not pay attention to him. If Tan Mu finds out that Dong Guo Hao Ran is dead, then he will want to see him. However, Tan Mu did not come, but he is being held here. Most likely, this situation is not good. However, Niu Yu Tao could not do anything. He did not have the strength to do anything. It only remained to wait.

However, he did not waste his free time. Niu Yu Tao, in addition to cultivating the Tayi method, began to temper his body. He sat on the twine, stood on his hands, wore heavyweights on his back, and did stretching. It was already painful for his body to develop physical strength, but Niu Yu Tao had a strong will. Isn't such a burden on his shoulder?

About this bronze mirror. Song Yang Qing, when he searched him, took a bronze mirror, but did not attach any importance to him. However, Song Yang Qing drew attention to the sign of the girl and began to question him how this sign appeared at Niu Yu Tao. Niu Yu Tao told, and eventually, Song Yang Qing left a bronze mirror and took away the wood sign.

Niu Yu Tao felt that this bronze mirror was not smooth. Firstly, he saw this mirror in the ancient palace on the statue, and it looks like it brought him here. Secondly, Dong Guo Hao Ran himself said that he had sacrificed his life for the sake of this mirror. This mirror is not simple. Only Song Yang Qing has eyes, but remains blind and does not understand things.

However, what he did not do, but Niu Yu Tao couldn't do anything with the mirror.

The palace of the head of the sect of the Highest purity is the palace of the Highest purity. A group of people hurriedly entered the palace. There they saw the three patriarchs Luo Yuan Gun, Su Po, and Tan Su Su.

Now the place of the head is empty, and the three patriarchs conduct the affairs of the head.

After a group of three greeted them, Luo Yuan Gun asked: "What did you find?"

The student at the head reported:

 "We passed the village near the broken temple. There was a man called Niu Yu Tao. It's right. When Niu Yu Tao left the temple, it was already the second day after the government attack on the village. And on the second day, he disappeared from the village itself. People of the village themselves are looking for him, although they believe that animals ate him. And we described the portrait of Niu Yu Tao, they confirmed. As for that sign, the younger brother Wu reached Kuangai County and found the owner of the sign. This case is not fictitious either."

Tan Su Su, said with a stone expression:

"Niu Yu Tao doesn't look like a hillbilly."

To this, the students answered:

 We checked that too. "For a long time, one cabinet scientist, without a livelihood, stopped in the village at the monastery, and Niu Yu Tao was left alone in the house because of the complexity of the military unrest. So that scientist lived with him for some time and just taught Niu Yu Tao writing and reading. As for how erudite Niu Yu Tao is, the villagers cannot pinpoint. And that scientist has long left the village in an unknown direction, and it will be difficult to find it now."

Luo Yuan Gun asked: "Can the villagers cheat?"

The student answered: "Initially, we checked the villagers themselves at the temple. Everyone seems honest and modest. They are unlikely to lie."

"Once so, it should be with the situation of Niu Yu Tao no problem." Luo Yuan Gun looked at Su Po and Tan Su Su.

Tan Su Su Su answered in a cold tone: "Is there a small chance that someone has impersonated Niu Yu Tao? And asked the villagers to respond well about him."...

A few days later, Niu Yu Tao finally left the peach spring and went on himself don't know where. He only knew that he wanted to look at local customs. Just making a circle around the city, he did not notice how he came back. What happened, he did not understand.

Returning, he again entered the courtyard.

At this time, three patriarchs called all the disciples of the inner circle and continuously talked about something.

And a month later, they again called Niu Yu Tao from the courtyard of the peach spring and brought him to the palace of higher purity.

Several furnaces warmed the palace. Inside the palace, all the disciples of the inner circle gathered. Everyone was serious.

Niu Yu Tao stood in the center, looked left and right. He noticed that everyone was looking at him. What happened?

As a result, having gathered courage, he said:  "My master told me to see the head of the sect before dying!"

And standing in the middle, patriarch Luo Yuan Gun said with a sigh: "You came late. Tan Mu has already moved into another world!"

"Ahh!" Niu Yu Tao was stunned and could not help surprised. That's it? Turns out, that's why Tan Mu didn't see him. It turns out that he has already died.

Luo Yuan Gun slowly said:

 "Dong Guo Hao Ran accepted you into his disciples, today we can answer you enter into the sect of the Highest purity. We accept you. Also, there is one thing we should ask you about. If we ask you to become the head of the sect of the Highest purity, will you agree to become one?

*What?*  hearing that he was accepted into the sect and finally recognized, Niu Yu Tao was delighted. However, then he was amazed. Pointing to his nose, he asked:  "Do you want me to become your head?"

Luo Yuan Gun nodded his head, indicating that Niu Yu Tao had heard right.

Niu Yu Tao at first thought that he was being deceived based on how they had met him initially. However, even if they really want him to become the head, he thought it isn't good things. He immediately hastily waved his hand:  "I do not fit, I do not match. The student is not worthy! "

As soon as he said this, Tan Su Su's face relaxed.

Luo Yuan Gun again asked:  "You really do not want to become the head of the sect?"

Niu Yu Tao again waved his hand, refusing:

"Of course not. I don't even know what is happening in the sect now. Better ask someone more worthy."

Luo Yuan Gun examined all the people and asked loudly:

"Have you heard everything clearly?"

The students answered: "Yes, we did."

*What's happening?* Niu Yu Tao looked around and did not understand why everyone was reacting like that.

Among the crowd of people stood Tan Yi and did not say anything. She only tilted her head slightly, as if afraid to look into Niu Yu Tao's eyes.

Luo Yuan Gun raised his hand and said: "If so, then come back."

Song Yang Qing went to Niu Yu Tao and joyfully holding out his hand said:

 "Younger brother, please!"

Niu Yu Tao stepped forward and turned his head back three times. *What the hell?* *What's happening?*

On the way, for some reason, Song Yang Qing was so happy that he patted Niu Yu Tao on the shoulder and seemed friendly. He almost hugged him. And when they reached the peach yard, he said to Cheng Gui Shuo:

 "Now you don't have to keep your younger brother locked up. Niu Yu Tao can go out of the yard. Right. Feed him goodies and treat him with good wine."

Yes, sir! "Cheng Gui Shuo answered smilingly.

Niu Yu Tao is also in joy, thinking that he was now really accepted into the sect, said:

 "I came to the sect for a long time, but have not yet carefully examined the road. I was thinking of going down the mountain and looking at everything well."

He just turned, about to go for his pleasure, as Song Yang Qing froze in place and immediately held out his hand, stopping him. He, pointing to the area around the courtyard of the peach spring, said smiling: 

"The Younger brother, near the entrance to the yard it will be better. You have just entered a sect, and the time has not yet come when you can go anywhere."

Niu Yu Tao did not find words. He looked at the courtyard and the square around it. And is it called freedom?

Palace of the highest purity. The crowd of students dispersed. Someone is joyful, and someone is just silent.

As soon as the crowd of people dispersed, inside the palace, Tan Su Su laughing said: "How? He refused."

Luo Yuan Gun and Su Po sighed at each other. If Niu Yu Tao would become the head of a sect, then this would be a joke on them. If they had told him everything, would Niu Yu Tao refuse?

Su Po: 

"He is now a potential chapter. Who knows, maybe one of the students of Dong Guo was still alive by a lucky chance."

Tan Su Su, taking a moment, said:

 "Good! Then we will wait for 3 months. If there is no news, then we will act according to my method."

Su Po shook his head.

"Then, we will lose justice.

Tan Su Su said gloomily:

 "All for the sect of the Highest purity. Otherwise, how can students agree? And to make a chapter out of this boy who does not understand anything, is it not a joke? Besides, how can Tan Yi give in to him? Tan Yi, with its beauty in the county of purple clouds, if not the first, then the second girl!

Luo Yuan Gun, frowning, said:

 "Does Tan Yi agree after he finds out?"

Tan Su Su seriously said:

 "She is a student of the sect of the Highest purity. Also, she is the daughter of the head of the sect. Now, at a critical moment, will she not be responsible? I am not only the patriarch of the sect but also the sister of her grandfather.  And now, when her parents are not, I naturally am her older generation.