Heavenly Genius - Chapter 80


"..." - Lan Jo Ting did not find words: * And you call me two-faced? You - who threw the medicine of Feng Ru Han? *

He only hesitated a little as Shu Qing returned and immediately asked:

"Mr. Lan, why did you ask lord Tao not to talk about the treatment method?"

"Yes, here, basically, the question is not in the method of treatment. Mr. Lan just wants the prince and princess to share the bed more often ..."- Niu Yu Tao immediately answered.

Shu Qing smiled bitterly. It turns out these men only think about such things. However, she did not blame them and immediately asked:

"Lord Tao, your methods on the battlefield are instrumental. I don't know if it will be convenient for you to educate us?"

Niu Yu Tao immediately waved his hand and said: "Nothing. If you want, ask the Monkey. He knows this better than me."

Such outstanding teaching. Shu Qing was still worried about whether Niu Yu Tao would teach them. Yet this is relevant teaching. But he, it turns out, so quickly agreed. Why did she immediately joyfully answer:

"Good! Shu Qing, thanks to you for the commander!"

On the battlefield, such a method will indeed be beneficial. Only for Niu Yu Tao, it does not mean anything. He answered smilingly:

"These are trifles, so do not give thanks. By the way, you better talk about this with Mr. Lan. He wants to force your daughter-in-law to share the bed with your brother! "

Hearing this, Shu Qing was embarrassed again, but she nodded her head.

That evening, Feng Ru Nan spotted people who came from Tsan Wu County. They were stopped by security. People said that they are people of Chao Zong. After the bodyguards of Chao Zong identified them, they went into the tent of Chao Zong and talked with Lan Jo Ting and the prince. The lamp burned until late.

Also, the monks noticed this. Yuan Gan, as he learned about this, also later said Niu Yu Tao.

The next day, the group continued their journey, and by noon they had already reached their destination. They reached Tsan Wu.

County head Lin Mao called ordinary people and aristocrats of the county to meet the prince.

All respectfully greeted the prince. The prince seated on a horse with a stone face looked intently at everyone.

And after that, Chao Zong said in a cold tone:

"Are you broke the laws?"

All people immediately froze. Even Feng Ru Nan and Niu Yu Tao did not understand what was happening.

County head Lin Mao folded his arms in surprise and said: "I don't know what the prince wants to say by this?"

Chao Zong: "As an imperial official, you take bribes. As aristocrats of the county, you use advantage and take lands by deception, offend men and women. Isn't that a violation?"

Lu Lin Mao dutifully replied: "Prince, some bad people have slandered us."

Chao Zong did not want to argue with them and, waving his hand, said:

"Take it!"

A group of bodyguards immediately jumped off their horses and knocked down the Li Lin Mao and his subordinates. County aristocrats did not dare to do anything when they saw the fierce bodyguards. Everyone immediately dutifully knelt.

Suddenly this happened. The people who greeted the prince were captured. Several cultivators responsible for collecting the spiritual herbs of the area got scared and flickered to run away. Chao Zong did not want to pursue them.

Feng Ru Nan and others watched with interest as Chao Zong will be in charge here. Although the county of Tsan Wu is a granted land to the prince. However, since the collapse of the kingdom of Wu, when chaos reigned everywhere. In each kingdom, all the appointed officials of the imperial house ruled basically everywhere.  And the princes to whom the lands were granted only levied a certain fee, but did not interfere in their affairs and did not have the right to manage these lands.

Lin Mao, struggling with all his might, shouted:

"Prince, even if we are guilty. All the same, imperial officials should interrogate us. It's not your authority!"

Chao Zong replied indifferently:

"I will report instead of you to the imperial house! There is no room for pests like you on the lands granted to me. You are not worthy of death!" - He waved his hand and said:

"Chop off!"

Several bodyguards immediately drew their swords. A cry of horror rang out, and fresh blood flowed from several people.

The remaining aristocrats and petty servants were frightened to death and were now cautious.

Immediately, Chao Zong left some people under arrest and led other people to go to the center of the county.

When they reached the county town, Feng Ru Nan, Niu Yu Tao, and others only understood why Chao Zong did all this. It turns out that not only for the sake of peacekeeping have those people been eliminated. He still did a thorough sweep of the people of the imperial court. He eliminated imperial power and did not hesitate at all, but acted decisively.

As soon as they got to the county town, he had more than 1000 people. He has long had a list and list ready. Chao Zong had people who showed everyone and showed the way. He began to describe and take away the property of all involved and guilty persons. Although they only got there, even along the way, the bodyguards immediately went to deal with the culprits. It's not in vain that Ning Wang sent veterans here just in case. This case came in handy.

He still borrowed people from Feng Ru Nan and immediately sent them to clean up the county, so that they would rob the fortune and land of the aristocrats who were guilty.

His people did not at all give a chance to the aristocrats from the list to explain anything, much less let them escape. Everything has already been carefully planned.

In the following days, the whole of Tsan Wu County was in full swing. Stripping continued. The new head Wu Fa, Tsan Wu County was not appointed by the imperial home but was appointed by Chao Zong. Chao Zong was not going to feel the pressure of the emperor anymore. So the new head was now under the control and support of Chao Zong. The people immediately began to reassure. The fertile lands of the aristocrats were divided and distributed to ordinary people. The provisions were also given to the needy and refugees. Chao Zong's number of subordinates here immediately increased, and now he had more than 1000 subordinates. So he instantly established order in Tsan Wu.

After understanding the plan of Chao Zong, Bai Yao sent a message to the Heavenly Jade sect so that they would prepare a batch of students to receive spiritual herbs here.

As soon as he organized everything in the county and county town, Chao Zong advanced the main forces from the city.

Not far from the county town in the mountains was a new manor, which Ning Wang had recently built for himself. It could comfortably accommodate more than 10 thousand people. However, the most important thing was that it could easily be held and protected. An important affairs official came from the county town every day. So far, they have decided not to seal the county. It was still unclear what would happen to Qingshan County.

On the way, Niu Yu Tao saw a train of fodder carts. He approached Lan Jo Ting and asked:

"Is it all from the families of aristocrats?"

Lan Jo Ting sighed answered:

"The ordinary people lack food. And here these wealthy aristocrats hold so much wealth. We cannot always rely on Kuangai. We need to start to get and feed ourselves. Now we have purveyance only for a year. As things get better, you can set the tax and collect products. "

Niu Yu Tao said: "And you quickly found the money."

Lan Jo Ting answered bitterly smiling:

"Nothing to do about. It is unclear how much imperial power leaked here, so it was necessary to exclude all potential enemies immediately. This is the only way to get on your feet. "

Niu Yu Tao: "It seems that you have thought everything through for a long time!"

Lan Jo Ting: "Not so long ago. If the wedding had not been successful, we would not have dared. "

Niu Yu Tao: "Tsan Wu County is located behind Qingshan County. Enemies on three sides, are you not afraid of the imperial house? "

Lan Jo Ting: "Along the way, they were already trying to attack. It did not work out. Now Feng Lin Bo and the Heaven Jade sect are watching us. The Imperial House does not dare to act rashly. "

 After his words, he saw that Niu Yu Tao smiled tightly and seemed to understand him.

Niu Yu Tao said quietly: "Still, this is not a place to talk. We'd better talk about this later. "

Niu Yu Tao pointed to the nearby Feng Ru Nan and Bai Yao.

There was a manor on the mountain. Maybe because there were veterans of Ning Wang or someone had planned for a long time, even though the estate was a little destroyed, it was swept and cleaned.

The troops, as they arrived, immediately settled. The forage and provisions were well distributed. And when it began to get dark, everyone went to eat. Lan Jo Ting called Niu Yu Tao and the others after eating in the basement, in one stone room.

Inside the room, a map was already hung on the wall. Lan Jo Ting, Chao Zong, and Shu Qing suddenly approached Niu Yu Tao and Yuan Gan. They bowed at the same time.

Niu Yu Tao and Yuan Gan looked at each other perplexedly.

Niu Yu Tao smiling asked: "Gentlemen, why such a ceremony?"

Chao Zong thankfully replied: "Just wanted to thank you. Earlier, when I left the capital, I couldn't even think that I could start doing things like that already. We thank you!"

Niu Yu Tao laughed: "Nothing." - looking at the wall of the stone room, he asked: "The gentlemen must have invited us here not only to give thanks?"

Lan Jo Ting: "On the way, lord Tao asked me why we are in such a hurry to restore order everywhere. And all because Lord Tao threw us an idea. Lord Tao said that Feng Ling Bo is just a puppet of the Heavenly Jade sect. And while they need the prince, they will not abandon the prince. That's why we came up with a new plan." - Lan Jo Ting turned and tapped the map at Qingshan County.

"We are thinking of seizing Qingshan County, and then we will be like Feng Lin Bo. As soon as we grab the place, the Heavenly Jade sect is unlikely to want to drop this greasy piece. And it doesn't matter if the prince has a 100,000th army or not. They will still defend the prince!"

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