Heavenly Genius - Chapter 81

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"Capture Qingshan County?" - Niu Yu Tao raised his eyebrows. Although he did not understand attacks, however, but Chao Zong entirely took over the entire reign of Tsan Wu. And now he wants to capture Qingshan County. His appetite is rather significant. Only desires need to be weighed against their capabilities. Otherwise, you can pay with death. He smiled: "Even Feng Lin Bo did not dare to do so. However, the prince wants to occupy the soldiers and capture the county. Is it too much?"

Lan Jo Ting smiled and, stepping back a few steps, pointed to the kingdom of Zhao: "Zhao's kingdom! The Dowager Empress Shan Yao Lan is the aunt of Ning Wang!"

"Eh! That's it?" - Niu Yu Tao said:– Niu Yu Tao said quietly:

"The imperial clan, wherever you look everywhere the imperial clan. Has the imperial clan planned this long ago to make her empress?"

Shan Chao Zong sighing answered:

"Just a shameful time. When the great-grandfather came to the throne, the kingdom was in a precarious position, so his sister married to another's kingdom. Who would know that then she would become the mother of the emperor, and now the dowager empress! Actually, after the collapse of the Wu kingdom, the Shan family gave out daughters to different princes to stabilize the situation. Therefore, now in every kingdom, there will be more or fewer people of the blood of the Shan family. Only Shan Yao Lan managed to become an empress."

In his past life, Niu Yu Tao read many historical books by his profession and heard many such stories. So he added:

"If we talk about the times when Shan Yao Lan married the emperor of the Zhao kingdom, then I understand that. But now, when the Dowager Empress has been in Zhao's kingdom for so many years when her son and grandson are there. Now, she is more likely to worry more about the Zhao kingdom than the Yan kingdom. Now her family is there. Otherwise, she could not have become the Dowager Empress of the Zhao kingdom. It is unlikely that she will begin to withdraw the troops of the Zhao kingdom for the sake of the prince. Even if she misses the Yan kingdom, is there still no need for her to fight against the Yan kingdom now?"

Lan Jo Ting waved his hand: "Lord Tao speaks correctly. Shan Yao Lan is now at the peak of the power of the Zhao kingdom. And of course, she cannot but reckon with the interests of the Zhao kingdom. However, each kingdom had times of weakness and strength. Later, when the kingdom of Zhao weakened, the emperor of the kingdom of Zhao, namely the husband of Shan Yao Lan, sent his daughter and son as hostages to the kingdom of Yan. These were just the children of Shan Yao Lan. Her son is the current emperor of the Zhao kingdom, the emperor Hai Wu Ji. And her daughter's name is Hai Zhu Yue. Then Hai Zhu Yue was young, and in the capital, Ning Wang kept an eye on her well. They had a good relationship. And when Hai Zhu Yue returned to Zhao's realm, they still had excellent communication with Ning Wang. However, each kingdom has rebelled. In the kingdom of Zhao, one local prince of the Qingzhou province, Xiao Huang, brought many troubles. Therefore, the emperor, to reassure Xiao Huang, passed on Hai Zhu Yue for his weak son, Xiao Be Shan. When Xiao Huang died, Xiao Be Shan took power from his father. And when Hai Wu Ji ascended the throne of the Zhao kingdom, he wished all the princes to crush and reconcile. Then Xiao Be Shan was in danger. Then Hai Zhu Yue was forced to contact Ning Wang in the hope that because of her former friendship, Ning Wang would help. Just at that time, Ning Wang was riding a horse and thundering around the kingdom. Besides, the Yan kingdom did not want to see a centralized and robust neighbor Zhao's kingdom, so Ning Wang agreed to help Hai Zhu Yue. Then Hai Wu Ji had to recall his strength back from Xiao Be Shan." - Lan Jo Ting pointed to the Qingzhou province on the map, which was opposite Qingshan County.

Niu Yu Tao thoughtfully said:

"Does the prince want to take the people of Qingzhou province and pick up Qingshan County?"

Chao Zong nodded.

"Then Hai Zhu Yue swore that when necessary she would help her father. In any case, if it will be in her power. I have an oath written in the blood of Hai Zhu Yue. If she refuses, then I can pronounce this oath. And such a reputation would not be beneficial to her. I hope she agrees. For her, this is not difficult, and Zhao's kingdom should like this. It also does not want to see the kingdom of Yang strong. They will only need to stop the troops of the southern province. After all, when I capture Qingshan County, the ruler of the southern province will react. When I capture Qingshan County, and Hai Zhu Yue will support me, then the imperial house will understand that it's better not to touch me. The Imperial House will not dare attack me with the support of Hai Zhu Yue. And the sect of Heavenly jade knowing that I influence Hai Zhu Yue will support me!"

Niu Yu Tao asked doubtfully: "Hai Zhu Yue in Qingzhou province has a big influence?"

Lan Jo Ting smiling answered:

"Lord Tao most likely does not know. Xiao Be Shang was weak from childhood, so he died already 7-8 years ago. And his son Xiao Tian Chen has not yet reached the age of majority. All power is in the hands of Hai Zhu Yue. The prince has secretly sent a man there. Soon the answer will come."

Niu Yu Tao said doubtfully:

"Do you think that Hai Zhu Yue will agree to help? I think we need to persuade her with more realistic things. For example: to offer part of the tax, rather than simple vows."

Niu Yu Tao simply doubted that during the period of the howling kingdoms, everyone was fighting to the death. The kingdoms can give each other vows, and when necessary, forget about the promises. Not to mention the oaths written in blood.

Lan Jo Ting: "Trying does not hurt. If she refuses, then we will have to give up the idea to capture Qingshan County and try more practical methods. "

 Niu Yu Tao and Yuan Gan looked at each other. It seems that once Chao Zong spread their plans for them - this suggests that they already trust them.

Once Chao Zong and others have long thought about this, then good. Niu Yu Tao rejoiced at this. Not everything is doomed.

Niu Yu Tao sighed to himself. Whatever it was, Chao Zong needs funds.

"Feng Lin Bo and the Heavenly Jade sect will soon rush you about that thing. We need to figure out how to pull with this. " - Niu Yu Tao reminded them.

Lan Jo Ting: "The Heavenly Jade Sect tacitly agreed that we occupy Tsan Wu. And we will need to put everything in order, and it will take 3 months. This time should be enough to resolve the issue with the Qingzhou province. "

Well thought out. Niu Yu Tao realized that he was worried too much. After a pause, he hesitantly said:

"Prince, I and the monkey may leave for a while."

As soon as he said this, all three in shock began to look at each other. They laid out their secrets in front of them, and they were going to leave?

Chao Zong asked restlessly:

"But where did I behave wrongly?

Niu Yu Tao waved off his hand, realizing that he was misunderstood:

"The prince did not understand me. I need to find one safe place to close for cultivation. People are continually walking here and a little dangerous. I told you to find a suitable time when I can quietly close myself to cultivation."

In fact, he did not lie. It has long reached the peak level of Lian qi. And along the way, he felt that he would soon break through to the level of Zhu ji. And the farther, the more he felt it. He no longer processed the amulets transmitting creeds to the student, because he was afraid that he would not be able to control them. Therefore, he needed to find a place for cultivation and just teach Yuan Gan.

Yuan Gan knew that this extraordinary thing was essential to Niu Yu Tao. Therefore, he will go with him to guard him.

They talked and were still a little worried. As Yuan Gan said, Niu Yu Tao is a brilliant person. Yes, they guessed too.

After that, several people left the basement. However, not much time passed before Shu Qing came with a teapot to Niu Yu Tao in the yard and started pouring tea on a small table.

Shu Qing poured tea and simultaneously asked:

"Lord Tao, we have selected several people. Can you teach them tomorrow the technique that accelerates wound healing?"

Niu Yu Tao immediately, pointing to Yuan Gan, said:

"This is for him. No need to ask me."

Shu Qing again asked:

"My sister-in-law was also interested in that technique. I don't know if it will be convenient if she sends her people. Perhaps she will come. How do you look at it?"

Niu Yu Tao again pointed to Yuan Gan:

"This is not for me. To him." - after that, he raised his cup and began to enjoy tea.

Shu Qing looked at Yuan Gan. He nodded to her, making it clear that he would train them. Then he did not drink tea and left. Yuan Gan had a habit - when someone brings something to eat, he did not eat but left. Also, with tea. Maybe after a while, he will drink himself.

It's not that he wants on Niu Yu Tao to check if the poison is sprinkled, and not that he does not trust Shu Qing. Just in case of an emergency, if someone decides to poison them or put them to sleep, then one of them will be able to take care of the other. If they both fall, then they will not even be able to take care of each other.

Two people were sitting under the moon. Shu Qing wanted to say something several times but said nothing. She wanted to ask where Niu Yu Tao would go to cultivate. But still, she didn't ask. And when she saw that Niu Yu Tao was tying her hair in a ponytail, she asked:

"Lord Tao, why aren't you pulling your hair in a bun?"

Niu Yu Tao smiling answered:

"I didn't collect before and to learn laziness."

Shu Qing grunted and left without saying anything.

That evening, Yuan Gan came to Niu Yu Tao's room. Niu Yu Tao sat meditating.

"Feng Ru Nan came to the chambers of Chao Zong. She also transferred her things there. She seems to be going to live with him."

Niu Yu Tao opened his eyes and laughed:

"This Lan Jo Ting is shameless since he did so." He said, shaking his head, and added:

"Tomorrow, we need to get up early!"