Heavenly Genius - Chapter 82


He did not say what they would do early in the morning, so Yuan Gan only learned in the morning that the plan of Lan Jo Ting worked. Yuan Gan did not tolerate this kind of business. They went to the courtyard of Chao Zong.

It was as if they suspected that Feng Ru Nan might get out early. Feng Ru Nan opened the door of the room and just wanted to go to the entrance of the courtyard when Niu Yu Tao appeared there.

"Eee!" - Niu Yu Tao pretended to be frightened and looked in surprise at Feng Ru Nan. Then squinting at the house and smiling, he folded his arms and asked:

"Did the princess rest well yesterday?"

Feng Ru Nan was immediately embarrassed and blushed, which is rarely the case. Her face turned red and became like a monkey's. However, she replied menacingly:

"It doesn't concern you."

Hearing the noise, Chao Zong left the house, but when he saw that uninvited guests appeared, he immediately flashed back.

Niu Yu Tao already noticed everything but said with a sigh: "Ah. I was afraid that you would beat our prince again. Therefore, he consistently stood at the door." - he hinted that he knew about her arrival on his initiative.

Feng Ru Nan said through gritted teeth:

"The shameless bastard!"

Niu Yu Tao honestly answered:

"Princess, this time, I guarantee that no one poured any medicine."

Feng Ru Nan changed face. She thought - now to take the sword and cut it in half.

"It seems the princess is not happy with me." - Niu Yu Tao turned to Yuan Gan and waved his hand:

"Let's go to. It seems that the needles for treatment are no longer needed."

Feng Ru Nan looked at him intently. *I would cut you into thousands of pieces!* Only she suppressed anger and, through her teeth, said: "Wait!"

In the end, she bowed and apologized!

Niu Yu Tao left with a pleased expression.

When he passed by Yuan Gan, he said to him: "So, she will always hate you."

"So what. Why can she always yell at me? Now she will know." - Niu Yu Tao smiling answered and added: "It would be better if she screams like this, and does not keep silent but not harbors to herself all the anger. It's dangerous in general."

At breakfast, Niu Yu Tao noticed that the number of people increased by two. Feng Ru Nan and Bai Yao began to have breakfast with them.

Feng Ru Nan, as she saw Niu Yu Tao, then immediately blushed. She was embarrassed.

He had already teased Feng Ru Nan, so he now chose a different object. Looking at Chao Zong, he said: "Prince, you weren't beaten yesterday?"

From this unexpected question, Lan Jo Ting closed his mouth, and Shu Qing could not sit it and laugh. Bai Yao twisted his mouth and smiled too.

Feng Ru Nan pretended not to hear. She only grabbed a piece of bread firmly, and under the table, she kicked Chao Zong.

Only Chao Zong awkwardly wanted to say something, as a man came running and reported:

"Prince, outside, there is one man named Wei Duo. He says that he is a student of the sect of the Highest purity and came to see his mentor."

Several people looked at Niu Yu Tao.

Niu Yu Tao frowned.: "Wei Duo?" - he remembered him. He looks like the main student of Tan Mu.

Tu Han said that this student, although he stutters, is kind and respects teachers.

Regarding Wei Duo, Niu Yu Tao did not attach much importance. He saw him when Tan Su Su almost killed him with her palm. However, why did he find him?

"I do not want to see him! Tell him that I broke off my relationship with the sect of the Highest Purity." - Niu Yu Tao answered.

Chao Zong waved his hand and made it clear that they would transmit it.

After that, Bai Yao suddenly said: "Something has happened to the sect of the Highest Purity."

Everyone immediately looked at him, and Niu Yu Tao asked: "I don't know, what happened?" - according to his calculations, the sect of the Highest purity should have been destroyed, and this one probably survived by a lucky chance.

Bai Yao continued: "Recently, we received news from a sect of the Highest Purity. They announced a list of students who insulted teachers. Among them was the son of the supreme judge Song Jiu Min - Song Shu. They say he attempted the life of a fellow practitioner. They also mentioned that he had conspired with the sect of Liuxian so that they would suddenly attack the sect of the Highest Purity. If at the decisive moment, the expelled student Zhao Xiong Ge from the werewolf ridge had not entered, then the sect would have been destroyed. What is now with the sect is still unknown.

* Survived? Have they not been destroyed? * - Niu Yu Tao froze.

He heard about Zhao Xiong Ge, and Tu Han mentioned him. He also told him that if something happened, he would need to look for Zhao Xiong Ge on the werewolf ridge. Zhao Xiong Ge will help. But if the sect was not destroyed, why did this Wei Duo come running?

Feng Ru Nan could not stand it and ask:

"Zhao Xiong Ge, who is in 9th place on the list Dan?"

Bai Yao slowly bit his bread: "Is he."

Feng Ru Nan was curious:

"If this is such a first-class master, why did the sect of the Highest Purity drive him out?"

Bai Yao: "They say he was the most promising student. Only once did he fall in love with a sorceress from the Devil sect. The teachers and kicked him out of the sect. About him have a lot of gossips, and it seems all of this is true."

While they were talking, a man came again:

"Prince. That Wei Duo says that until he sees a mentor, he will not leave."

"Tuff. Let him come. " - Niu Yu Tao said irritably. He was interested, why the sect was not destroyed.

Not much time passed, as Wei Duo was brought. He was waiting outside.

Niu Yu Tao put down the bread and went outside. The others also followed him to see.

Outside, there was one guy of a good build. By his appearance, it was immediately possible to determine that he was an honest and fair person.

As soon as Niu Yu Tao came to him, they immediately began to examine each other with Wei Duo. Niu Yu Tao over the years has been well matured, but Wei Duo has not changed at all. Although they saw each other a couple of times, they both recognized each other.

Niu Yu Tao, leaning on his sword, said indifferently:

"Why did you look for me?"

Wei Duo got excited and folded his arms and bowed:

"The student at .... welcomes the head ... head! The student was late ... late, about ... please forgive the head .... the head! " - saying this, he fell to his knees, and his eyes turned red. He almost sobbed.

From such a greeting, Niu Yu Tao was even scared. What you think?

In addition to Chao Zong and others, Bai Yao and Feng Ru Nan were surprised. Head? Whose head is it?

Niu Yu Tao: "I told your brother that nothing connects me with the sect of the Highest purity. You shouldn't greet me like that. Tell me why you came. Otherwise, I don't have time to just talk to you like that."

"The head of the offense .... the offense ... offended. They don't... no ... no ... no need ... it was soooooo. So do .... I cos ... cost ... constantly ... resisted .... me ... and the command ... the punishment ... punished on the back ... back ... on the back of the mountain ... I ... not ... not ... didn't know ... what ... they ... would do so ... with the head ... the head." - Wei Duo answered stuttering.

Niu Yu Tao stood and looked at the sky, then at the earth. He was tired of listening to him.

The others, too, were tired of listening, but in the end, they understood. Bai Yao and Feng Ru Nan realized what had happened. It seems that Niu Yu Tao was supposed to be the head of the Highest Purity sect, only someone did not want to make him the leader. Therefore, he was sent on a journey, and they tried to kill secretly. He had a hard time.

"OK, OK. I understood you. I believe that this does not concern you. However, nothing connects me with the sect of the Highest Purity. You need to come back. " - Niu Yu Tao waved his hand so that Wei Duo left.

Wei Duo seemed agitated:

"We ... we are together ... together we will go. I'm re... I will restore justice for the head!"

Niu Yu Tao continued to wave. "Not necessary. I do not want to. Go away. "

Wei Duo: "Then, I ... I .... I'll stay protect .. protect .. protect the head!"

Is this a joke? Niu Yu Tao doesn't leave any person next to him. How to know that this is not the second Song Yang Qing? So he shouted: "Get out!"

Wei Duo shook his head.

"I will not leave!"

Niu Yu Tao frowned.:

"Here, you are not the sect of the Highest purity. You will not be allowed to commit atrocities here. You believe or not believe. Go! Otherwise, I will kill you!"

Wei Duo shook his head. "Apprentice ... Apprentice Dong Guo Hao Rana will not ... not ... will not do this to me!"

Niu Yu Tao did not feel any sympathy for him, but there was nothing he could not do. Therefore, he did not think to be kind to him. However, the mention of teacher Dun Guo Hao Ran influenced him. So he shouted, waving his hand:

"Guard, take him out!"

Several bodyguards came, but Wei Duo refused to leave. As a result, they began to force him out. Wei Duo did not dare to exert force and went out screaming * Head! *

"Insane!" Niu Yu Tao spoke and returned to his place.

Immediately a man came and said:

"Mentor, that man knelt by the door and said that until the mentor agrees, he will not get up."

"And where did this fool come from!" - Niu Yu Tao said with an evil smile:

"He loves to kneel, let kneel. He will leave in due course."

On the second day, opening the door early in the morning, Niu Yu Tao noticed one silhouette.

The female silhouette turned and spoke smilingly:

"Lord Tao, good morning!"

Niu Yu Tao came out: "Why did the Grand Duchess come early in the morning?"

Shu Qing replied:

"Earlier, Lord Tao said that he could not tie his hair in a bun. So I came to help."

Niu Yu Tao, with a tight smile, said: "How can I ask the princess to tie my hair in a bun?"

Shu Qing turned and walked away. However, she soon returned with a chair. She put it under a canopy, indicating Niu Yu Dao have to sit on it.

No wonder say - do not expect anything useful if somebody pleases or flatters to you for no reason! Niu Yu Dao still calmly walked over and sat on a chair. He was wondering what this girl wants. What the hell brought her?

Shu Qing took the comb and began to comb his hair. And Yuan Gan, with a calm look, stood nearby and looked at them.