Heavenly Genius - Chapter 83


Silently, the girl combed his hair. Her touch was soft and pleasant that even Niu Yu Tao closed her eyes blissfully from her actions. He waited for her to start saying what she wanted.

"Lord Tao, that Wei Duo is still on his knees." - Shu Qing reminded him.

Niu Yu Tao calmly replied:

"The Highest Purity Sect still wanted to kill me! He loves to kneel, so let him stand!"

Shan Shu Qing was silent.

And when Shu Qing gathered her hair in a bun, she still asked:

"Lord Tao is looking for a place where it will be possible to close for cultivation. We still have one safe place. At least before that, it was not shown to other people."

Niu Yu Tao asked in surprise: "Here? Where?"

Shan Shu Qing: "In secret, Lord Tao, we did not show everything in Tsan Wu County. We have one more secret place!"

"Secret place?" - Niu Yu Tao opened his eyes and asked.

Shan Shu Qing: "A significant place. Now it's inconvenient to speak to Lord Tao. If Lord Tao goes there to cultivate, then, of course, he will see."

Niu Yu Tao thought a little: "If this is a safe place, then we can stay there."

Shan Shu Qing: "Good! I will then have everyone prepare. However, it will be necessary to wait for several days. Otherwise, the daughter-in-law may suspect something."

"A few days are possible." - Niu Yu Tao answered. However, after a while, he again asked: "Did you convince the prince and Mr. Lan to let me go to that place to close for cultivation?"

Shu Qing froze. She did not understand how he had guessed. After all, this place is significant and, to show him that place, she argued with her brother and Lan Jo Ting for a long time. Shu Qing, dodging the question, asked:

"Is there a hairpin?"

She had already gathered the bunch, only found that there was no hairpin to fix everything.

Seeing that she was evading the question, Niu Yu Tao did not interrogate either. He understood that showing him a secret place was a somewhat risky move. Be that as it may, he will return or not. There are still cultivators of the heavenly Jade sect. The question is that he already knows their secret plans, knows about the farce with a 100,000 army of ravens. Could they now let him go?

If they were evil people, they would have long tried to kill him as a witness. However, borrowing people from Feng Ru Nan is difficult. Moreover, he said that with his help, they could get a 100-thousandth army. Therefore, if the sect of heavenly jade does not provide strong arguments about why it is necessary to kill Niu Yu Tao, then they are unlikely to agree to kill him.

"I never gathered my hair in a bun. Why do I need it?" – Niu Yu Tao smiled.

Shu Qing hesitated a little, but then pulled out a central hairpin from her hair. When she did not go out, she did not wear a hat, but she wore a bandage is covering half her face.

Gathering his hair and putting his hair in order, Shu Qing cheerfully asked:

"Lord Tao, how so?"

"Mirror." - Niu Yu Tao waved his hand, ordering to give him a mirror.

Yuan Gan quickly pulled out a bronze mirror and showed Niu Yu Tao. Niu Yu Tao took a mirror and asked: "What do you think?"

Yuan Gan: "Not bad. You look a lot more cheerful."

Having returned the mirror, Niu Yu Tao got up, turned, and said, smiling: "The Grand Duchess personally gathered my hair, how bad it could be."

Shu Qing said with a laugh:

"Nothing. Lord Tao, if not against, then from now on, I can gather your hair every day."

Niu Yu Tao waved his hand. How dare he ask this girl to do his hair all the time?


The county town of Tsan Wu.

After the cleaning waves subsided, some families rejoiced. Ordinary people could only go with the flow.

There was a bookstore Jin Mo Xuan on one street. It was the most famous bookstore in the county town. Seeing that during the mopping-up, people came and described the property and quickly sorted out some owners without further ado, the owner of the store decided to go away from sin for a while. Yes, many shopkeepers in these times left their shops and went somewhere. They wanted to see the attitude of the new government.

The new owner now, taking the broom, was sweeping the bench. He was wearing white clothes.

Three people walked along the street. When they passed the bookstore, they immediately stopped. Three people looked at the sign, then around. Then they went inside.

"Gentlemen, what you want .." - Having heard that guests had come to him, that person turned and spoke in greeting. However, before he could finish, he immediately broke off. Looking at a man led by people, the owner of the shop froze.

He said quietly: "Brother Liu, why are you here?"

A healthy man at the head answered: "Lu Sheng Zhong, Wan Hen told you to avenge Father Yang Qing. Well done!" You took this shop and pretended to be an educated, intelligent man. Tricky. "

This new shopkeeper is none other than receiving orders from Wan Hen to kill Niu Yu Tao, Lu Sheng Zhong. And that strong man is none other than the son of the manager of the Song family home Liu Lu, a student of the sect Liuxian, Liu Zi Yu. He also came in the direction of the Song family.

Although both were not very familiar, the Song and Wan Hen families became related, so they saw each other a couple of times.

* You pretended to be intelligent! * - Lu Sheng Zhong to himself was unhappy: * You are a simple servant, but you came here and want to command! *

Outwardly, however, he politely answered: "This is not a place to talk. Come into the hall." - seeing that the outside became lively, he put down the broom, turned around, and went into the room behind the curtain.

Liu Zi Yu and others followed him, and Lu Sheng Zhong again asked:

"Why are you here?"

Liu Zi Yu indifferently answered:

"What else to say? Gentlemen are afraid that you will not be able to complete the task, and so they sent me to follow you. At home, you are doing everything well under supervision, and in the wild, who knows what you will do. What things can you imagine to come back and fool the owners later?"

Lu Sheng Zhong smiling bitterly replied:

"Brother Liu, you have come, so you know the situation in Tsan Wu County. There are many cultivators around Niu Yu Tao. How can it be easily killed, so I'm looking for a suitable case."

Liu Zi Yu answered in a cold tone:

"You took this shop, and how are you looking for a case? I've been watching you for two days. You spend two days only here, you don't go anywhere, and you don't know anything. Are you looking for the right occasion?"

Lu Sheng Zhong sighing answered:

"Now everything is under the supervision of Chao Zong. The devil knows where and who is watching you. And if you go around and ask questions everywhere, you can attract attention! Especially about Niu Yu Tao or Bai Yao! Neither you nor I can do anything yet. So I'm thinking about how to take it by cunning. You can't use the force a ride here!"

Liu Zi Yu, frowning, said: "So you lurking in a bookstore?"

Lu Sheng Zhong, shaking his head, said helplessly: "Brother Liu, since you've been here for more than 2 days, you probably know the situation. Then I will ask you, what is my shop compared to others?"

Liu Zi Yu frowned and said: "The best bookshop. What does it matter?"

Lu Sheng Zhong folded his arms: "Think about it. Shan Chao Zong has a lot of people, and can they do without the scientist's 4 treasures? (ink, ink, brush, and paper). If his people need these things, where will they go? That's when they come to me. Then there will be an opportunity to find out something!"

As soon as he said, a man standing next to the curtain immediately signaled that everyone should shut up.

A voice came from outside: "Master?"

Lu Sheng Zhong showed the rest to wait a bit, and he went out.

As soon as he stepped out of the curtains, he immediately froze. The other person would not recognize, but Lu Sheng Zhong knew that the bodyguard of Yinyang and Wuli had come to him. Moreover, a sword hung on his belt.

He came up with a broad smile: "Dear guest, what do you want?"

The warrior pointed to some writing instruments. He immediately paid for them and asked to be packed.

Lu Sheng Cheng did everything as requested, wrote something else on the sheet, then put it in the package.

Seeing this, the warrior asked: "Master, what did you write, and why did you put the note inside?"

Lu Sheng Zhong laughing answered: "Yes, just one verse. If customers like the verse, they will come again."

Lu Sheng Zhong put the packaging in front of him.

The warrior smiling answered: "You are cultured people who are good at business." Then he turned and walked away.

Lu Sheng Zhong escorted him outside, looked around from the outside, and then again went into that room.

Near the curtain, Liu Zi Yu was waiting for him: "The bodyguard of Yinyang and Wuli?"

"Said and came true. It seems that I have correctly decided everything." - Lu Sheng Zhong rubbed his hands excitedly:

"I heard that Shan Shu Qing is a connoisseur of art, loves chess, qin, calligraphy, and painting. I put an excellent verse inside, and that person will pass it on to the princess. So we will have contact. Who knows, maybe then they will call me, or she will come. And there we'll see what can be done."

"Good verse?" - Liu Zi Yu looked at him:

"Can you even write poetry? How do you know that your verse will be appreciated?"

Lu Sheng Zhong smiled, went to the table, and wrote a little, then passed on to Liu Zi Yu.

"Can Brother Liu appreciate the verse?"

Liu Zi Yu looked suspiciously at the leaflet and began to mumble:

"One who has seen the sea cannot be surprised by the river. Who saw the clouds on Mount Wushan does not recognize other clouds. Looking back, half the way was perfect, half the way in domination!" - Having read it, he looked at Sheng Zhong: "Good verse! It turns out you have such a talent? Brother Lu, you are great!" He said in surprise.

Lu Sheng Zhong folded his hand:

"Funny. These are not my verses, but your master Yang Qing. I just borrowed his verses." - saying this, he sighed.

 In the capital, before that, it was rumored that Song Yang Qing was gifted in poetry. On several occasions, Song Yang Qing sent poems to the Wan family. Then Wan Hen praised his poems. Then Song Yang Qing still sent him. Lu Sheng Zhong did not initially recognize Song Yang Qing's verses. But then he noticed that his poems are perfect!

"Mr. Yang Qing wrote?" - Liu Zi Yu almost had a seizure.

* What a joke? * - He bowed his head and looked at the verse. He did not know who wrote these verses ...