Heavenly Genius - Chapter 84

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It can be said that Liu Zi Yu saw how Song Yang Qing grew. From childhood, Song Yang Qing did not like to read books, and when cultivated, he also did not want to read poetry. Therefore, Liu Zi Yu knew Song Yang Qing well. And for the Song family, finding someone to write instead of Song Yang Qing is pretty straightforward.

He knew that the verse that Lu Sheng Zhong had told was most likely not the verse of Song Yang Qing. However, man is already dead, and it's not good to talk about the dead like that. Moreover, why should he belittle the dignity of the owner?

However, returning to the topic, it doesn't matter if the verse is good or not, and Lu Sheng Chezhong figured out how to contact the prince's subordinates. Nevertheless, there are many subordinates, and they will need accessories. Liu Zi Yu himself could not have thought of this.

"Using Song Yang Qing's verse, you can avenge for him. I hope Song Yang Qing in heaven, approves it!" - Lu Sheng Zhong said.

"With this case, you need to wait. There are many cultivators of the Heavenly Jade sect, and of course, it will not work out quickly. Therefore, I ask Brother Liu to tolerate it. "

Liu Zi Yu nodded. "Good! Let everything go according to the plan of Brother Lu!"

Liu Zi Yu changed his attitude towards him. Of course, he noticed the recent arrival of a bodyguard confirmed Sheng Zhong's skills.

Sheng Zhong asked again:

"I do not know, with brother Liu how many more people have come? Maybe they will be useful for the implementation of my plan. "

Liu Zi Yu: "Another brother and sister are fellow practitioners. Both cultivators are level Jin Dan. When necessary, they will be announced. "

Sheng Zhong's eyes flashed. The ancestors, for the sake of a worthless grandson, they pushed the cultivator of the Jin Dan level ...

In the mountains under one healthy old tree in the rays of the sun stood Niu Yu Tao He held a sword in his hands and looked peaceful. He had a calm state of jing, qi, and shen. He also looked at a group of people who were digging the ground.

Digging the earth was just the monks led by Yuan Gan. They were going to plant vegetables. Yuan Gan taught monks to plant vegetables. Although they knew how to do this, it seems their technology was utterly backward. Niu Yu Tao still doubted when Yuan Gan would manage to make a greenhouse.

On the way, Yuan Gan continuously collected spices for food. Along the way, he still collected seeds of vegetables and also forced others to do this.

No one knew, but Niu Yu Tao knew this habit of Yuan Gan. Wherever he goes, he always collects seeds for vegetables. Niu Yu Tao loved to cultivate, and Yuan Gan believed that sowing vegetables are much more beneficial. So you can't do anything with this difference between two people. He cannot force Yuan Gan to love cultivating. Of course, planting vegetables is not a flaw. Niu Yu Tao also once regularly planted vegetables, especially in the group where he grew up.

Just to get the crop, you need to wait a while. And they will soon leave to cultivate. Niu Yu Tao sighed to himself. After all, he understood that Yuan Gan was thinking of returning for the harvest, and he showed him that he wanted to return. Therefore, Niu Yu Tao had no choice but to put up with it.

Some things are hard to tell and explain. Everyone has their wishes. For example, these monks. They have done many bad things in their lives. However, every day they read prayers and try to do good deeds. Especially Yuan Fang, this bear. He led a crowd of monks, still dreaming of returning to the southern mountain and equipping a monastery or building a golden Buddha statue.

What kind of nonsense? They quickly kill people but do not eat meat. Yuan Fang - This WEREWOLF does not eat meat? What nonsense is this?

Everywhere strange people. This stutter, who has been kneeling behind the doors for several days and is bothering him.

Opening windows and doors, showing that he had already woken up, Niu Yu Tao sat in front of the mirror. And after him stood Shu Qing and began to tie his hair in a bun.

Since that time, this girl every morning at the appointed time came to comb his hair. Niu Yu Tao even thought if she liked to serve as a servant.

He even doubted if this girl had fallen in love with him? If so, he would need to refuse her. It's not that he judged a man by appearance, but he simply can't walk with a man who scares him with his presence.

However, he understood that she was doing this voluntarily, hardly because of feelings. And most likely, she wants to arouse his disposition so that he does not leave them. Therefore, he did not think in any way to refuse her services.

"Lord Tao, almost done. Tomorrow you can go to that place." - Shu Qing recalled.

"M!" - Niu Yu Tao calmly answered: "OK, got it."

Shu Qing asked a little more about any preparations, then suddenly Shu Qing said:

"Lord Tao, you write poetry well."

*Again?* - Niu Yu Tao grinned bitterly: "I really can't write poetry."

Shu Qing did not argue with him either: "Lord Tao did not understand. I recently received one verse and wanted to show Lord Tao to appreciate it."

Niu Yu Tao smile bitterly: * You need to clean your ears. Can't hear what I'm saying? *

Shu Qing took out the verse and began to read in a soft voice:

Who saw the clouds on Mount Wushan does not recognize other clouds..." - she paused because Niu Yu Tao twitched.

However, he smiled: "OK, carry on."

Shu Qing started again: "One who has seen the sea cannot be surprised by the river. Who saw the clouds on Mount Wushan does not recognize other clouds. Looking back, half the way was perfect, half the way in domination! Lord Tao, how are you?"

"Good verse, good verse." - Niu Yu Tao said approvingly and, looking again in the mirror, asked her: "Only Mount Wushan, what is this mountain?"

Shan Shu Qing: "Did not hear. Only in the Celestial kingdom, there are many mountains. Perhaps the one who wrote these verses traveled a lot. Somehow I'll ask him to come and tell me where this place is."

Niu Yu Tao coughed: "You can clarify the situation? Is it a poetry writer in Tsan Wu County?"

"Right! The verse was received in a bookstore ..."- Shu Qing told the situation: "Such a good verse that I immediately asked where it came from. It turns out that there is a bookshop in the city called Jin Mo Xuan. When our people bought stationery, the shopkeeper wrote a poem. Who knew that such a talent would be in such a place ?!

Truly gifted talent. There will be an opportunity. It will be necessary to get to know him and expand his horizons." - Niu Yu Tao said approvingly.

After the hairstyle was ready, Niu Yu Tao threw on his clothes and simultaneously took a sword in his hand. He escorted the princess to the door to the street and suddenly asked:

"Princess, can you delay the trip to that secret place? I suddenly remembered one thing. I don't know if it will be convenient?"

Shu Qing froze but immediately nodded: "Nothing. Then we can talk about cultivation later." - then she bowed and left.

Niu Yu Tao watched her, then reached the gazebo where Yuan Gan was brushing his dagger. Niu Yu Tao went up to him and tapped him with a scabbarded sword.

Yuan Gan raised his head and expected to say, Niu Yu Tao.

Niu Yu Tao calmly said: "Just heard a verse. Do you want to listen?"

Yuan Gan did not answer, but continued to brush the dagger, as if he replied, "You love poetry, you listen."

Niu Yu Tao slowly continued:

"One who has seen the sea cannot be surprised by the river. Who saw the clouds on Mount Wushan does not recognize other clouds. Looking back, half the way was perfect, half the way in domination! What do you think?""

Yuan Gang raised his head and answered lazily:

"Are you bored? What's the catch?"

Although he is not a connoisseur of poetry, he only followed Niu Yu Tao for so many years and, of course, knew this famous ancient poem.

Niu Yu Tao, looking at him, said: "The princess just read it to me, but I never told her once."

Yuan Gan froze. He slowly raised his head and said: "You know that I'm not a fan of poetry." - he hinted that he also did not tell her anything.

Niu Yu Tao: "Interesting… One owner of a bookstore handed over this verse to the princess. Has anyone else besides us got here? It is quite possible. But, he also appeared in Tsan Wu County, is this a coincidence?"

Yuan Gan suspiciously asked:

"Are you sure you never told this verse to anyone?"

"Good question!" - Niu Yu Tao turned and walked slowly forward, looking into the distance:

"I told this verse to one person, but this person is already dead. I dealt with him in the monastery on a small southern mountain, and that person's name was Song Yang Qing!"

The fact that this is due to Song Yang Qing, and this person appeared in Tsan Wu County is already easy to guess! Yuan Gan put the dagger into his boots and stood up. He looked at Niu Yu Tao.

"Shop *Jin Mo Xuan. * Find out about this." - Niu Yu Tao, standing with his back to him, calmly said.

Yuan Gan, without answering anything, immediately left.