Heavenly Genius - Chapter 85


The palace of courage in which the coat of arms of Ning Wang hung.

The military councils were taking place here. Chao Zong and Lan Jo Ting stood in front of the map and calculated every possible option.

Now Chao Zong had at his disposal more than 1000 veterans of Ning Wang. He also recruited more than a thousand recruits. Tsan Wu County is easy to defend and difficult to attack. Especially now, Feng Lin Bo and the Heavenly Jade sect stood behind him. In such a situation, he could already make plans for the future.

An ordinary person could not enter such a secret place. Only Shu Qing was not a simple person, and calmly entered here.

Shu Qing told the situation with Niu Yu Tao, which is why Chao Zong was surprised:

"Wants to close on cultivation later?"

Looking at the map, Lan Jo Ting also turned and asked:

"Princess, why did he decide to close later on cultivation?"

Shan Shu Qing: "He did not say. I did not ask. He is such a person, you know. If he doesn't want to talk, then it is useless to ask him. "

What you think? Chao Zong and Lan Jo Ting looked at each other. They thought, what could happen?

As for planting vegetables - it is unlikely because of this he postponed cultivation. Yuan Gan, with the monks, planted vegetables. Previously, Shu Qing thought of planting flowers there. Only when Yuan Gang began to act, she could remain silent.

Due to vegetables, delaying cultivation is strange.

Just at that moment, one bodyguard came and reported:

"Prince, Yuan Gan found us and ordered us to go and find out everything about the Jin Mo Xuan bookstore. He said several more times so that we would do everything carefully, without betraying ourselves! "

Shu Qing froze. She suspected something.

"Jin Mo Xuan?" - Chao Zong whispered: "Why does this name seem familiar to me?"

Lan Jo Ting recalled: "Prince, this is the verse about the one who saw the sea - you won't surprise the river ..."

"Aaa!" - Chao Zong screamed. He remembered this verse, but asked in surprise:

"Why would he find out about the bookstore?"

Lan Jo Ting shook his head a little: "This most likely does not want Yuan Gan, but Lord Tao. He always acts a few steps forward."

Chao Zong already understood that Niu Yu Tao is a very visionary person. When Niu Yu Tao went to Kuangai County, he already had a plan to twin the Prince and occupy the troops. In the end, he even predicted and poured poison on the wedding night.

Shu Qing looked at the bodyguard and said: "Do as he says."

The bodyguard saw that the Prince was not opposed, clasped his hands and said: "Yes!" - and turned around quickly left.

Chao Zong and Lan Jo Ting looked at Shu Qing, and she replied:

"The delay in cultivation is most likely due to the bookstore."

Lan Jo Ting: "How do you know that?"

Shan Shu Qing: "Recently, I mentioned this verse, and he began to ask about it. Where did this verse come from? "

Lan Jo Ting said in surprise: "What is it about this bookstore? Why not just get to know the owner of this shop? Why should everyone find out so carefully? "

Shan Shu Qing: "Mr. does not know. Just when I told him that tomorrow it would be possible to go to a secret place, he immediately agreed. However, as soon as I told this verse and mentioned this bookstore, he immediately changed plans. He still does not want to bother the snake in the grass ... It seems he thinks that something is wrong with this bookshop."

Silence fell in the hall of courage. All thought. Everyone wanted to ask Niu Yu Tao what was going on. But they understood that if Niu Yu Tao intends to say, he will say, and if not, then they will not recognize.

As a result, Chao Zong slowly said: "Do not do anything. We will just watch."

The news came that afternoon after lunch. Yuan Gan went into the yard.

On the couch under a tree in the shade lay Niu Yu Tao, his eyes were closed. He also fingered the hilt of the sword, which he held in his hands. This indicated that he did not sleep at all.

Yuan Gan went up to him, sat down in a chair and said about business:

"The Jin Mo Xuan Bookstore is the most famous in the city. After the Prince's waves, away from sin, her former master temporarily left. Now his younger cousin runs his shop. The neighbors say that in his shop, besides that person, there is no one else. So far, little is noticeable. You need to look deeper, and then you can find something."

Niu Yu Tao said nothing and seemed to be asleep. But he was still running his fingers over the hilt of his sword. And when he stopped, he said:

"You don't need to check deeper. Otherwise, you can scare him off. Just set up shop supervision, and that's it."

Yuan Gan: "Lord Tao, what are you thinking of doing?"

"The enemy does not know that I am connected with this verse. Otherwise, he would not have written this verse. But what does he want to do with this verse?" Niu Yu Tao slowly opened his eyes and began to answer himself:

"If you think about it, he was looking for an opportunity to get closer. Only he didn't have the chance. He is most likely afraid of the Heavenly jade sect. It also says that he is not an opponent of the Heavenly jade sect. So we're safe here."

Yuan Gan said nothing and waited for Lord Tao to speak. Niu Yu Tao smiled and continued to talk.

"It turns out that he decided to use a bookstore. It's popular here. And the Prince has a lot of people, and he will need writing materials so that they will go to his shop, and no one will suspect him of anything. Very interesting. I want to meet him."

He stood up, grasped his sword with both hands, and looked into the distance. Then he continued to speak.

"He clearly understands that he cannot approach a person who is under the protection of the Heavenly jade sect. However, it still dares to contact us. They don't feel comfortable while I walking around here. The Song's family won't rest until they kill me!" He turned and looked at Yuan Gan.

"You will arrange for this shopkeeper to meet me. Invite him. Say that the Princess liked his verse and invites him to a meeting! By the way, also call some more or less educated people in the city. Don't be quiet, but don't be loud. And you need to keep it a secret."

Yuan Gan understood. He immediately turned around and left.

Niu Yu Tao also left the courtyard and went to Bai Yao's courtyard.

The Bai Yao courtyard is not a place where Niu Yu Tao can walk freely. So he told the guards at the door:

"Please report that Niu Yu Tao wants to visit the older generation."

Soon the guard returned and led Niu Yu Tao into the courtyard. There he saw Bai Yao, who was sitting with one disciple opposite each other. He doesn't know what they agreed on.

"Greetings to two of the older generation." Niu Yu Tao folded his hands.

Behind him, Bai Yao asked indifferently:

"What is happened?"

"Someone wants to kill me!" Niu Yu Tao replied with a smile.

Bai Yao paused and then turned to him…


"An assembly of poets?"

In the hall of courage, Shu Qing was speechless as soon as she heard the news. She was so deceived! And they said that she was the one who was collecting this assembly of poets. Why cheat like that?

Lan Jo Ting frowned and said:

"They also invited others, so there must be problems with that shop.»

Just then, another man came and reported:

"Prince, the mentor has gone to Bai Yao."

Lan Jo Ting asked: "Did they call him?"

"No, the master went to them."  he said.

The three men looked at each other in confusion. They could not understand why Niu Yu Tao went to him. Bai Yao and the others usually called for him, but then Niu Yu Tao himself went to them. The Prince and the others understood that Niu Yu Tao had not just come to them. But it made them nervous that Niu Yu Tao kept them in the dark all the time...


In the city, a man was walking along an alley. He looked educated. This man pushed open the door and immediately broke into the courtyard. A chick that was jumping on the road, from fright, quickly ran to his chicken. The woman who was hanging things to dry on the bamboo was also scared and jumped back. Then she shouted:

"Why are you scaring people? Tired of living?"

The scientist said excitedly, pointing to one of the tablets in his hand: "Wife, look what it is?"

His wife's eyes widened.

"I don't know how to read. Is this a recipe?"

The scientist paid no attention to her and still said excitedly:

"Invitation! The Grand Duchess Shan Shu Qing invited me to the Prince's estate for a meeting of poets!»

His wife froze for a moment, then said scornfully:

"And what of this meeting? What's the use of words? You will go there and eat. Can you feed your family? Are the rest of us going to be hungry? If she had given me a bag of flour, it would have been different!"

The scientist said irritably: "What nonsense!"

The wife replied:

"So what if you look cool? This will not help us to get rid of hunger!"

The scientist put his hand on his neck:

"That's your look! Do you think that everyone can get an invitation from the Princess? Do you know who is now the owner of the county? And what can happen if you get praise from the Princess! In this troubled age, if you can get praise, you may be given a salary and appointed an official. Then we will no longer know what hunger is!"

When his wife heard him, she asked doubtfully:


The scientist pointed to the street.

"Did you not see how the owner of the tavern Wu Fu became the head of the County?"

His wife blinked and answered immediately.

"Anyway, you don't do much good. Go on. By the way, take your clothes from the drawer.»

At this time, the chick and his Chicks were just passing by. The scientist's eyes glittered, and he pointed to the chicken.

"We need to kill the chicken. I'll have enough to eat today, and my memory will work better. Tomorrow I will tell them about my poems very well."

The wife was furious.

"You want to kill her, and then who will lay eggs? Who will give money for eggs? She makes more money than you do. It would be better to kill you, and it would be of more use…»