Heavenly Genius - Chapter 86


Tsan Wu County was on the edge of the Kingdom, and there were few educated people. Especially poets. If there were any outstanding people here, they left this place long ago. Lin Shang Po was considered a relatively educated person in the County, so he was invited.

There were vegetables and meat on the table. Lin Shang Po looked from one to the other of them. He revised the invitation several times. As a result, he got up and was about to leave.

His wife came quickly out of the next room and asked: "Few people can come to the Prince, why should they invite you?»

Lin Shanп Po shook his head: "In the capital, the Princess saw a lot of scientists. And where will the scientists come from in this small County? Maybe this is an excuse to get us out. After all, we live well. A lot of well-to-do families have recently transferred their entire fortune to the Prince. Perhaps the same fate awaits us!"

 His wife tensed: "Then what should we do?"

Lin Shang Po replied: "What else can I do? Even if you try to escape, you won't survive..."


With white walls and a tiled roof, the house of the Su's family stood.

Su De Kang was also one of the famous scientists of the County. He used to read poetry in the capital and was even a classmate of current officials in the capital. His ancestors were even officials in the capital, so he now lived well off the inheritance of his ancestors.

When the Prince returned, Su De Kang also rode his horse to meet him and also saw the scene when the Prince captured the local aristocrats. So then he immediately ran away on a horse. However, he was not young in years, and so on the way, almost said goodbye to life. Fortunately, he managed to return home alive. And to his surprise, his family and fortune were untouched. He just was scared.

Now he was being invited to a meeting of poets. He was leaning on a walking stick, walking in his house.

The Manager of the house came up and asked, pointing to the invitation:

"Master, what does the Prince want? What then?"

Su De Kang, leaning on his cane, said with a sigh:

"What else can I do? I don't know. Now we are in a difficult situation."

House Manager: "Are you going to go or not going?"

Su De Kang sighed:

"If I don't go, it will bring suspicion to our house! If I go, you can say I will become a rebel, just like the Prince. And when the Imperial troops arrive, I will be branded as a rebel. I need to think carefully..."

At this time, more than ten invitations were distributed throughout the County.

In Jin Mo Xuan, Lu Sheng Zhong also received an invitation from the soldiers. Many onlookers gathered around him, for they had seen the Prince's soldiers bring the invitation. So everyone was interested.

When things were more or less calm, Lu Sheng Zhong went back to his room and stood behind the counter. He opened the invitation and looked at it, then put it back up his sleeve.

At night, as soon as only one of the two lamps at the door was lit, a customer came to his shop half an hour later. He stayed with him for a long time and then left…

The next day, Niu Yu Tao opened the door early in the morning, and, as expected, Shu Qing was waiting for him outside the door.

"Good morning, Lord Tao!"

"Good morning, Princess!"

Without saying anything, Niu Yu Tao opened the window out of habit and sat down on a chair in front of the mirror. Shu Qing didn't talk much, either, and came up behind him. She began to arrange his hair.

Usually, Shu Qing would start telling some news, but this time she was silent. Niu Yu Tao did not break the silence either.

In the end, Niu Yu Tao asked:

"Princess, would you like to ask me something?"

Shan Shu Qing: "What does Lord Tao want to tell me?"

Niu Yu Tao: "I can't really hide anything from you. Your people did everything."

Shan Shu Qing: "However, not everything is clear."

Niu Yu Tao: "Every day the Princess puts my hair in order - for this, I will show you a Comedy. Good?"

Shu Qing narrowed her eyes and smiled.


The morning sun was coming down on the forest. Outside the city, at the foot of the mountain, the guards saw various people who arrived. Some came on foot, some in an ox cart, some on a palanquin…

Lu Sheng Zhong also walked. He was wearing a hat and looked around from time to time. He found out yesterday that he was not the only one who received this invitation, so he relaxed a little.

At this time, all the poets were walking and greeting each other. The County is not vast, so many people knew each other. They talked and talked among themselves. Only Lu Sheng Zhong seemed a stranger. Although someone did ask him about the previous owner of the store. Lu Sheng Zhong, who was already prepared for this, told everything in order.

And while they were waiting for the others, someone had a stony face, someone was agitated, someone looked very worried, Lu Sheng Zhong only smiled at everyone and said little.

Lu Sheng Zhong was thinking to himself when he heard about the meeting of poets: "Is it because of me?"

He could understand Shu Qing's feelings. Shu Qing is alone, without a man. She must be bored.

Lu Sheng Zhong prepared the second verse that Song Yang Qing sent to him. He intended this verse to attract the attention of the Princess. But will Niu Yu Tao be at the meeting? And if he does, will it be possible to kill him? And if he killed him, would he be able to escape?

While he was thinking, a bodyguard came out of the tent. He smiled at everyone and spoke:

"Thank you for your courtesy, dear guests! Kept you waiting."

"It's okay!" someone answered. Someone was silent.

The bodyguard waved a hand.

"Gentlemen, the Princess requests you. Follow me!"

Everyone went inside, and so did Lu Sheng Zhong. Then they asked everyone to follow them on foot. These were the rules. Everyone had to walk up the mountain. Ordinary people didn't have much choice.

Along the way, they could admire the beautiful view. Only Su De Kang was not particularly happy. He was already a man at an old age, and climbing the mountains was quite difficult for him. Fortunately, there were young people who supported him from both sides.

So they reached the highest point of the mountain. There was a courtyard at the top of the County.

As people approached him, they saw a man kneeling near the door. He looked rather haggard.

When they reached the courtyard garden, the bodyguard said again, smiling at everyone:

"We have prepared separate offices for you here. In each office, there are 4 jewels of the scientist. You have half an hour to leave your masterpiece, and then the Grand Duchess will appreciate your efforts and reward you for them. You can write all kinds of poems."

And without waiting for the poets to agree or not, they were escorted to their offices.

Someone smiling said to everyone, waving his hand:

"Gentlemen, I'll see you in half an hour!"

Lu Sheng Zhong walked to the back of the garden and steadily looked around, studying everything.

When he entered the pavilion, the 4 jewels of the scientist were already neatly arranged inside. There was also tea and fruit on the table.

He did not immediately drink tea and eat fruit, but added a little water and began to rub the mascara.

Just as he was about to recite song Yang Qing's verse, he heard people stomping outside. 4 people came to his room. One girl was wearing a canonical hat, and there was a middle-aged man holding a sword. His hair was already a little gray. There was also a young man who was rather lazy. As soon as he entered, he leaned on his sword. And next to him was another tall young man.

After examining them, Lu Sheng Zhong roughly understood their social status. When Shang Chao Zong entered the County, Lu Sheng Zhong noticed Niu Yu Tao among them. Only he didn't think that right now, he would see it in front of him. However, he did not dare to attack him because of the man holding the sword. Lu Sheng Zhong sensed the danger coming from him.

As soon as he saw them, he immediately began to greet them with the manner of a scientist.

Niu Yu Tao introduced the Princess with a smile.

"Sir, this girl is the Grand Duchess!"

Lu Sheng Zhong folded his hands and said:

"The low man greets the Grand Duchess!»

Shu Qing nodded her head and wondered to herself – " what play does Niu Yu Tao want to show Her?"

Niu Yu Tao invited the Princess to sit down at the table. Then he Yuan Gan stood on either side of it to protect it. And Bai Yao stood behind Lu Sheng Zhong, which made him feel awkward.

"I heard that Mr. scientist writes poetry well?" Niu Yu Tao asked again, smiling.

Lu Sheng Zhong replied modestly:

"I don't dare say I'm good, but I can."

Niu Yu Tao smiling answered: "I am also fond of poetry. Please enlighten me."

Lu Sheng Zhong replied politely:

"I wouldn't dare. I hope you can enlighten me."

Niu Yu Tao thought for a moment and then continued smiling. "One who has seen the sea cannot be surprised by the river. Who saw the clouds on Mount Wushan does not recognize other clouds. Looking back, half the way perfect, half the way master... " I Don't know, how do you like my verse?

"..."Lu Sheng Zhong looked at him. "Does he want to take my verse?"

Shu Qing also looked at Niu Yu Tao in surprise.