Heavenly Genius - Chapter 87


When Lu Sheng Zhong was surprised, Bai Yao suddenly stabbed him in the small of the back with a sheathed sword, where the acupuncture points were.

Lu Sheng Zhong did not have time to react, because the distance was small. Besides, they had a big difference in cultivation with Bai Yao.

He felt an excruciating pain in his body as a layer of magical power enveloped his body. He spat out fresh blood.

Without waiting for him to resist, Bai Yao put his hand on his shoulder and pressed down hard, preventing him from getting up. It has now blocked his unpaired meridians in eight veins. (unpaired meridians in eight threads (receiving excess blood); "wonderful" meridians). Bai Yao ruled out using Lu Sheng Zhong's magic powers.

Lu Sheng Zhong felt dizzy and fell to the ground. He was coughing up blood. It was not difficult to guess that he had been identified. However, he managed to turn his head and look at Bai Yao in surprise.: "Why are you attacking me?"

Bai Yao shook his head and said indifferently:

"There is a magic power in your body." He hinted to him that there was no longer any need to pretend.

Lu Sheng Zhong: "Can't I cultivate?»

"Look here!" Niu Yu Tao called to him.

Lu Sheng Zhong turned his head and looked at him.

«Introduce myself. I am Niu Yu Tao, a disciple of the Highest purity sect. I had a brother who was a fellow student of Song Yang Qing. He asked me to write poems for him." Niu Yu Tao couldn't help but smile as He said this.

Lu Sheng Zhong froze and understood why Niu Yu Tao had said that these were his poems.

He just didn't understand how they caught him. How did they figure it out? Where did he go wrong? And it turns out that he used the poems of the person who was standing in front of him. Now there was no difference between him and the idiot.

Lu Sheng Zhong wished that he could smash his head to death right now. He had never been so exposed. Is it like watching him go to their deaths? Others will just laugh when they find out!

He was already cursing Song Yang Qing. This bastard didn't just steal another person's poems. He took the poems of a fellow student. How can he not be ashamed in front of his teachers? How could he not be ashamed at all?

Sun Yang Qing used these poems to seduce girls. But it turned out that these were not his poems? After all, if someone found out, song Yang Qing would disgrace not only himself but also the entire Song family. Did he not understand that?

However, Lu Sheng Zhong never thought that SOng Yang Qing would be so selfish that he would dare to use the poems of a fellow student.

Lu Sheng Zhong was already thinking of digging up Song Yang Qing's grave to avenge his sins.

He didn't know that Niu Yu Tao was under arrest in the peach garden of the Highest purity sect, so Song Yang Qing dared to use his poems.  He also told everyone that these poems were written by himself. Song Yang Qing thought that Niu Yu Tao would not leave the peach spring alive. This was another reason why he wanted to kill Niu Yu Tao.

"..."Shu Qing turned and looked at Niu Yu Tao. She got the message.

She understood what was happening. It was pretty funny. She wanted to tell him his poems.

Lu Sheng Zhong smiled bitterly. He wiped the blood away and sat cross-legged.

Niu Yu Tao folded his hands and turned to Bai Yao.

"Thank you, senior Bai Yao. Then Junior will be able to figure it out for himself.»

Bai Yao looked askance at the man lying on the ground and walked out with a stony expression, clutching his sword.

Niu Yu Tao looked at Shu Qing with a smile and said:

"Princess, the rest of the educated people, have come. Please take care of them."

Shu Qing shook her head and left, smiling.

There were only three people left in the room. Niu Yu Tao placed a chair in front of Lu Sheng Zhong and sat down opposite him.

"If you have any tricks, you can talk. I'm listening."

Lu Sheng Zhong leaned over and spat blood, then said helplessly:

"You found out about me a long time ago. Why didn't you attack immediately?"

Niu Yu Tao: "You're just a killer, why would I kill you right away?"

Lu Sheng Zhong: "Then why did you set it up like this?"

Niu Yu Tao: "You settled down in a scientist's shop and waited patiently by the sea for the weather. I even made them call you here. It's tricky. If it were not for this verse, perhaps your mission would have been successful. You're smart, and it was dangerous to invite you alone. We could have scared you off, so we called a lot of people."

Lu Sheng Cheng smiled bitterly. "Was it all worth it for one killer? I'm not worth anything. Wouldn't it have been easier to kill me right away?"

"You said yourself that you are worthless. So you know your role... there are people behind you who pointed me out! You are not my enemy, but the people behind you. You must understand that."

Lu Sheng Zhong nodded slightly. "I understand."

Niu Yu Tao put his hand on the sword and tapped it.

"Your name, what school, sect? Where are you from? You'd better tell me yourself if you don't want to feel pain!»

In this situation, Lu Sheng Zhong clearly understood that he had two paths-either of death or life. Of course, he chose the latter.

So he started telling him everything. After his story, Niu Yu Tao thought for a moment, then gave a sign to Yuan Gan.

Yuan Gan went out, and it wasn't long before he returned with Yuan Fang and two other monks.

After identifying the object, Yuan Fang immediately put chains on it and tied it tightly around Lu Sheng Zhong. Then they tied a cloth around him from head to foot. They were all so skillful and intelligent that Niu Yu Tao was surprised by them. These guys are pretty experienced at this sort of thing.

He and Yuan Gan also left the house and went to Bai Yao's courtyard.

When they reached Bai Yao's gazebo, he was sitting inside and did not come out.

He simply asked indifferently: "What did you find out?"

Niu Yu Tao smiling answered:

"His name is Lu Sheng Zhong. He is not Song Shu's man, but Wang Hen's man. Student Wulianshan. There are also 5 disciples of the Liuxian sect. Among them are 2 Jin Dan cultivators. One of them is the son of the manager of the house of the Song family, Liu Lu - Liu Zi Yu.

Bai Yao sighed: "Wulianshan dared to climb to the sect of the Heavenly jade? They tired of living. All right, I'll take care of it."

Niu Yu Tao: "Senior, Liu Lu's son, must not escape. The rest doesn't matter - who will die and who will remain alive. It is better to leave one as a witness. When Liu Lu finds out that Lu Sheng Zhong betrayed his son, he will want to settle accounts with Wulianshan. The tiny Wulianshan sect is not worth the attention of the Heavenly jade sect."

Bai Yao didn't say anything.

"We got the news. The sect of the Highest purity left their land, the land of their ancestors."

Niu Yu Tao was startled. The Highest purity sect left the ancestral lands like this? Although this is logical, thus they avoided disaster. He asked:

"Where did they go?"

Bai Yao: "I do not know! It seems that the cultivator on his knees doesn't know about it yet. It has been without water for so many days. He probably won't last much longer."

 Niu Yu Tao: "No one forced him to kneel. If he wants to let, he goes…»

When Niu Yu Tao returned to his courtyard, he said to Yuan Gan:

"Let Shan Chao Zong and his people keep their guests strictly secret. I don't want Feng Ru Nan to find out about it."

The so-called guest was Lu Sheng Zhong's. Lu Sheng Zhong did not dare to keep the king of birds with him for communication, so as not to draw attention to himself, so he had a person to communicate with.

"Also, go tell that stutterer that the Highest purity sect has left the ancestral lands. Let him go, too.» Niu Yu Tao waved his hand lazily.

Yuan Gan nodded his head and turned away.

Niu Yu Tao lay down on a couch under a tree. It was a habit he developed when he was held in custody at peach spring.

Only Yuan Gan soon came back and said: "Lord Dao, that stutterer said that since the head of the sect is here, he won't go anywhere."

"..."- Niu Yu Tao could not find words. Most of all, he didn't understand such stubborn donkeys.

"Does he have nothing to do?"

He didn't understand Wei Duo at all. Even a blind man would have noticed that The Highest purity sect was not good for him. They also wanted to kill him. Why should he treat them well? He has already said that he will not seek revenge, much less become the head of a sect.