Heavenly Genius - Chapter 88


In the southern part of the County town, there was a wasteland where various things were sold, mainly to peasants outside the city.

It was already past noon, and there were few people left. One man in gray clothes went and looked at things for the peasants. He looked at the quality and asked the price. Then, making a circle, he went to a tea shop nearby.

He sat down at the table and said to his host: "Tea for me!"

"Okay, wait a bit." One of the servants answered.

At this time, a horse-drawn cart arrived, which attracted the attention of the man in gray. Only he didn't notice when two men walked around him and put a dagger to the small of his back.

"..."- he felt the dagger begin to press painfully on him.

The two men were silent and only signaled that he should make no noise.

They threw a few coins on the table and took the man to the cart.

As soon as they started his cart, they immediately covered his mouth and tied him up. The hostage was pinned to the floor, and the carriage moved on.

In the tearoom, the clerk came out with the teapot after making the tea. Only the client is already gone. The clerk collected the coins, went outside and looked around, but saw no one…


The outside of the estate of Jo Lan Ting came out with scientists from the County. He personally saw them off.

"Mr. Lan, don't see me off!" – a group of people kept asking him to stop.

And when they went down the mountain themselves, they were drunk.

The Princess personally received them and conducted conversations with them, then gave them a good meal. Although she always wore a hat, however, her graceful silhouette, delightful manners, grace, and gentle voice delighted people.

Someone had said that she was ugly, but now everyone realized that she was not. How can she be ugly with such a figure, manners, and a soft voice? Many of the scientists were already thinking about how to get closer to the Princess. They dreamed that they would be able to enjoy it. However, this is only a dream. After all, they have different social positions. How can they be ordinary County people standing next to a girl from the Royal family?

After lunch, they had a good talk with Lan Jo Ting. Lan Jo Ting asked their opinions on the situation in Tsang Wu County. And before leaving, he gave 100 silver pieces to each of them, which made everyone very happy.

Formerly timid, Lin Shang Po was now cheerful. He knew that he had made up his mind. He recalled moments when he was near the Princess, and involuntarily compared her with his wife.

Many were happy. Only the likes of Su De Kang seemed quite reserved. They clearly understood that the Prince wanted to earn popularity among them.

As for the disappearance of Lu Sheng Zhong, the Princess replied that he soon returned to his home. The others were indifferent to this. In fact, many felt that he was not worthy of being around them. He was only invited out of respect for the Jin Mo Xuan shop, because of the popularity of the shop. And he is an uneducated man.

After descending the mountain, everyone went home. It was getting dark then.

In one dark alley, one could already smell someone cooking dinner. The courtyard door opened, and the scientist shouted:

"Tomorrow, cut the chicken and cook it for me." –  he said, making it clear that he was back.

His wife came out and started swearing: "The Princess will then take care of us?"

The scientist looked at his wife, then dropped a bag of coins on the table.

The wife, as soon as she heard the jingle of coins, immediately rolled her eyes, said:

"Did you steal from someone?» – she didn't believe anyone could have lent them that much money.

"Robbed? What are you thinking!" The scientist rolled his eyes.

"The Grand Duchess gave us a gift for the road. Can't scientists make money now?" – Yes, " he chirped.

*Did the Grand Duchess give it?* - the wife rolled her eyes and immediately went to close the doors of the courtyard so that someone would not hear them and especially not see their money. Then she began counting the money in her bag.

"Don't count. There will be 100 coins. This will be enough for us to eat for a whole year! We'll buy you new clothes tomorrow. And kill a chicken tomorrow for me..."

When all the scientists were returning to their homes, a cart also drove into Tsan Wu County. The carriage drove up to Jin Mo Xuan's shop. Lu Sheng Zhong got out, and the carriage immediately drove away.

He looked around and was immediately surrounded by a crowd of onlookers. Everyone wanted to know how it went.

"Nothing, nothing. Disperse!" Lu Sheng Zhong looked flustered and did not speak to everyone.

When they saw that he was not in the mood to tell them everything, they all dispersed. Lu Sheng Zhong entered the shop and immediately went to the back of the building. His magic powers were suppressed, and now he can't escape.

As soon as he entered the room behind the curtain, he froze.

After all, Bai Yao was already waiting for him there. Lu Sheng Zhong did not know when Bai Yao arrived. He could only smile bitterly.

An hour later, when it was dark, Lu Sheng Zhong went to the door and lit the lamps.

An hour later, a silhouette appeared on the street. It was Lu Zi Yu in disguise. He immediately went to Jin Mo Xuan's shop. Just as he entered, the sound of blows was heard. A moment later, Lu Zi Yu stumbled out of the shop.


He was coughing up blood.

The noise caused a group of people to appear at the end of the street. They immediately went to the side of Lu Zi Yu. Only they were hindered halfway by people.

Bai Yao flashed out of the house and stepped on the crawling Lu Zi Yu. He swung his sword and cut off Lu Zi Yu's head.

Seeing that Lu Zi you had already died, the other cultivators realized that there was no need to save him now. Especially when they saw Bai Yao himself. They understood that they were not opposed to him, so they immediately began to run away.


In the darkness of the night, there were screams of pain. Two more people appeared in space and began to chase the group of people.

In the houses around, many people started to look out through the Windows.

The city patrol wagon also arrived, and Chao Zong's bodyguard and Yuan Gan got out. Yuan Gan immediately went into the shop and took Lu Sheng Zhong with him. He sent it to the cart.

Bai Yao and the others glittered in the darkness of the night and disappeared.

Someone had lit a signal light on the city wall, pouring oil on the brushwood.

And in the manor on the mountain, standing and leaning on the railing, Niu Yu Tao, seeing the signal light, said indifferently: "Bear, release."

From behind, yuan Fang released the bird king from the cage. He immediately disappeared into the night sky.

Chao Zong and the others looked at each other. Then Chao Zong asked:

"Have the killers been captured yet?"

"Whether the murderers are captured or not, it doesn't matter. Those who sent them are the real problem. And you can't catch them right away." Niu Yu Tao then turned to Chao Zong and said with a smile:

"Prince, if you manage to capture Qingshan County, then I will give you a generous gift!"

A generous gift!? The three men looked at each other again, confused. Lan Jo Ting asked joyfully:

"I don't know what gift?"

Niu Yu Tao smiled but did not answer. Lan Jo Ting did not find words. He knew that if Niu Yu Tao didn't want to talk, he wouldn't answer.

Niu Yu Tao immediately changed the subject: "If it's convenient, I would like to close my cultivation tomorrow."

Chao Zong nodded. "Good. We will arrange it." – Only he was still wondering what the generous gift was."

Niu Yu Tao folded his hands and left, followed by Yuan Fang.

Three people remained in the attic.

Lan Jo Ting sighing said: "This Lord Tao is not simple."

Chao Zong asked: "What does the master want to say?"

Lan Jo Ting asked a counter-question:

"Didn't the Prince find out? That bear is already utterly submissive to him. Even the monks treat us with detachment, but they obey him implicitly. He's just a demon!"

Under the moon, Yuan Gan returned to the courtyard with Lu Sheng Zhong. The latter had a sad expression on his face.

"Everything is quiet now."

These words were enough for Niu Yu Tao.

Niu Yu Tao said to Yuan Fang:

"Bear, take him and take him into custody. Tell the others to keep a right eye on him. You can't let him talk to anyone, let alone run away. If anything, use extreme methods!"

"Lord Tao, you be calm." "Yuan Fang vouched, and seizing Lu Sheng Zhong, led him away.

In the dead of night in a city in the southern region, in one building, the king of birds landed in a nest.


An Xiao Man went out and grabbed the king of birds. He took a secret letter from its talons.

When he returned to the room, he read the letter. There, Lu Sheng Zhong reported to him that he had been discovered. And for the sake of his life, he gave up Lu Zi Yu and the other brothers. Only one disciple from the Liuxian sect remained alive and will probably pass everything on. Lu Sheng Zhong asked An Xiao Man, so he warned the sect of Wulyanshan about possible problems.

Looking at this letter, An Xiao Man's face changed. Who is Lu Liu? He should not be underestimated, assuming that he is a simple Manager of the Song family's Affairs. He has one son, Lu Zi Yu. And will he remain calm? Wouldn't the Liuxian sect be silent? They will go to the sect of Wulyayanshan to settle scores. The sect of Wulyanshan is in trouble!