Heavenly Genius - Chapter 89

"Brother Lu Sheng Zhong, brother Lu Sheng Zhong, why did you act so inconsiderately?" An Xiao Man sighed and said.
The matter was necessary and urgent, so he immediately wrote a secret message to the teachers under the lamp and sent them with the king of birds.
After that, he walked around the room, and various thoughts visited his head. Lu Liu had a good influence on Zhou Shou Xiang. Can Zhou Shou Xiang do anything to him? Different thoughts crossed An Xiao Man's mind. In the end, he decided to leave this place. If nothing happens, he can come back. And if something happens and he doesn't leave this place, it will be too late.
In the room, the lamp had not yet gone out, and An Xiao man had already collected all the necessary things. Then he called all his fellow students and disappeared into the endless night…
There was fog outside the window.
Niu Yu Tao sat in front of the window and looked in the mirror. A girl was standing behind him, brushing his hair. He thought of giving her a good mirror, but as soon as he remembered her ugly face, he stopped thinking about it.
"Lord Tao, master Lan has almost prepared everything. Once everything is ready, you can leave at any time."
"Good!» Niu Yu Tao closed his eyes and suddenly opened them: "I'll have Breakfast with the Prince later."
Shu Qing froze, but then nodded her head. "Good! I'll tell him."
She was surprised that Chao Zong mostly had Breakfast with Feng Ru Nan these days. They were living together now. Everyone noticed the change in Chao Zong. Chao Zong was no longer the old Chao Zong. At first, Niu Yu Tao and Yuan Gan stopped eating with them, then Lan Jo Ting also stopped, feeling superfluous. After him, Shu Qing left the young, and the very last Bai Yao felt unnecessary. Now Chao Zong was eating alone with Feng Ru Nan.
Niu Yu Tao said that he wanted to have Breakfast with the Prince - this is entirely unexpected…
When it was time for Breakfast, Niu Yu Tao arrived in Chao Zong's courtyard. There he saw Shu Qing and Lan Jo Ting. They were wondering what would happen.
A little later, Feng Ru Nan also arrived. She was surprised by many people.
Every morning she rode a horse, shot arrows, and generally trained.
"Good morning, Princess!" Niu Yu Tao himself came up and greeted her.
Although he was smiling, Feng Ru Nan was still displeased with him and chuckled coldly. However, she found that Niu Yu Tao was looking at her strangely today. Especially her stomach.
She immediately became angry and asked: "What are you looking at?"
Niu Yu Tao scratched his chin and whispered: "Not yet pregnant?"
Nearby, Lan Jo Ting, and the others were speechless. What kind of pregnancy is this? Even if she's pregnant, you won't notice it now!
Chiao Zong's head ached from this. Lord Tao can't just communicate with Feng Ru Nan.
"..."Feng Ru Nan only now understood its meaning and growled:
"It's none of your business!"
Niu Yu Tao said awkwardly:
"Princess, what do you say? Am I saying the wrong thing? Ning Wang left an only son and took you as his wife. You need to take good care of yourself. Now, if the Prince does not have an heir, who will continue the line? If so... " - he turned to the Prince, who was already uncomfortable: "Prince, can I find for you, beautiful concubines?"
Feng Ru Nan clenched her fists. "Nonsense!"
Niu Yu Tao: "Princess, isn't it worth compromising? I know that the County Kuangai not much respect for us, but where can you go now? Do you think that the County Kuangai thinks only about you? The ruler agreed to the marriage for the sake of profit, and a grandson would be better for all of us. You can think about it yourself!"
Feng Ru Nan asked with a bitter smile: "Do you want to sow discord between us?"
"You can think whatever you want. However, if there are other children, how will you look others in the face?" Niu Yu Tao shrugged and turned away: "Monkey, we are not welcome here, let's go somewhere else!"
Chao Zong was restless. Lan Jo Ting also felt the awkwardness of the situation and immediately said:
"Prince, we have a business to attend to." As he left, he winked at Shu Qing. They left together.
Feng Ru Nan grasped the sword that hung from her belt. She was very displeased, and when she turned around, she met Chao Zong's gaze:
"What are you looking at?"
Chao Zong did not find words. It was more difficult for him than anyone else right now.
Outside the courtyard, Shu Jing and Lan Jo Ting were leaving together. The two men slowed their pace.
Lan Jo Ting sighing said:
"Lord Tao does not care about the Princess's mood and hopes that the Princess will give birth to a child by the Prince. She had no way back, and she did not rush the Prince to search for the hundred thousand armies. It is awkward to talk about such matters, but Lord Tao was initially not on the best terms with the Princess, so he said so directly!"
Shan Shu Qing: "Although he spoke directly, why so harshly. All the girls in the middle Kingdom will hate him for saying that."
Lan Jo Ting froze. He had forgotten that the girl was walking beside him…
Capital. Residence of the Song Family.
A beautiful lady opened the door of the house, and Song Jiu Min came out. He saw the steward of the house, Lu Liu, standing outside. Only Lu Liu looked mournful.
Lu Liu ruefully folded his hands and passed on a secret message.
"Master, it was not possible to complete everything correctly. The servant did not finish the case.»
He had received this message a long time ago, but he was still sorting out his feelings and didn't want to bother Song Jiu Min.
"What is happened?" Sun Jiu Min frowned as he read the message. As soon as he heard the news, he involuntarily looked at Lu Liu. He says that he was guilty before him, even though it was Song Jiu Min himself who was guilted before Lu Liu.
"Liu, I'm sorry! Don't worry. We will take revenge!" Song Jiu Min consoled Lu Liu in a sullen tone. He did not worry much about the death of his grandson, but about the son of his faithful steward, Lu Liu, he was sadder.
Lu Liu bowed. "He didn't complete the task himself. There's no one to blame."
Song Jiu Min let out a cold sigh. "Wulianshan has great courage. They even dared to betray our people. Give the task to the Liuxian sect!"
"Yes!" Lu Liu replied.
Song Jiu Min walked up to him and patted him on the back.
"Liu, it's already done. No matter what I say, it's useless. If you look at reality, it's better to find yourself a few young ones… And may you have a few more children, and I guarantee their bright future!"
Lu Liu nodded. His eyes were red, and he felt helpless in his heart: *How do you know that if I have several children, they will have a bright future? At the top, everyone is cruel. Who knows what will happen to the Song family in the future. Everything can change dramatically in one day…*
Chao Zong and Feng Ru Nan lived in a manor on the mountain. Until noon, a few people ran into each other again.
Shu Qing changed her clothes, and Niu Yu Tao couldn't stand it and kept looking at her. What's this girl up to? Did she want to go with him?
Chao Zong and the others looked at Yuan Fang, who was following Yuan Gan and Niu Yu Tao.
When Lan Jo Ting saw that Yuan Fang would also leave with them, he couldn't help but remind them:
"Lord Tao, where you are going, is quite a secret place." He looked at Yuan Fang.
Niu Yu Tao understood him and replied, smiling: "We are all brothers, don't worry. He will be with us everywhere."
Yuan Fang blinked. He didn't know where they were going. Niu Yu Tao told Him to get ready, and that was it.
Lan Jo Ting walked over to the table and pointed to the bags on the table. "This is prepared food. You'll need it on the way."
Niu Yu Tao checked, and indeed there were provisions in the bags.
"So much food, is it that far?" He calculated that they would have enough food for several days. With such a margin, they can leave not only Tsan Wu County but also Qingshan County. Wasn't it said that the secret place is in Tsan Wu County?
Chao Zong replied: "Later,  Lord Tao will understand. Shu Qing will guide you."
Niu Yu Tao was surprised: "Will the Princess go too?"
Chao Zong: "There should be one of the three of us on the way. Otherwise, it will be inconvenient. Later, Lord Tao will understand. It is inconvenient for Mr. Lan and me to leave the manor for a long time. Otherwise, it may arouse suspicion. Shu Qing is a weak girl. I ask Lord Tao to take care of her."
Niu Yu Tao nodded his head: "Have you come up with an excuse for the Princess?"
Lan Jo Ting: "Don't worry. We've already found an excuse. Now the Princess is inspecting the troops. You should hurry. You must leave the manor now…»
Next, Niu Yu Tao realized that they would not leave the manor at all, but would reach a secret passage that would be well.
There was no water in the well, as it was a backup well. During the siege, such a well will simply be filled. There were several of them in the manor. There was no groundwater in it. It is quite convenient to design everything here. Probably those who built it, thought a lot about it. And filled the well with the help of bamboo pipes.
Several men with bags on their backs came to the end of the house.
Although Lan Jo Ting hurried them, they strolled and decided to move one at a time, so as not to attract them. There were people near the well.
Niu Yu Tao signaled Yuan Gan to go first to the well and open it.