Heavenly Genius - Chapter 9




watching a fire from the other side of the river

Let discord grow in the camp of the enemy and grow unrest unceasingly. Keep away from this and wait for the crash.

 Mutual feuds and views, full of hatred, A sure sign that the enemy will destroy himself.


In the twinkle of an eye, another month flew by. Niu Yu Tao felt more and more imprisoned. As Song Yang Qing said, he can only walk in and around the palace. And to go where eyes look is such a pleasure until he is allowed. He was told that only a student who entered a sect could not go where his eyes look. He clearly understood that if it were alone in the rules of the sect, would there be a guard behind his door?

Niu Yu Tao was sure that there was another reason. Only he knew little and could not at all guess what was going on.

However, here he could not do anything. He could only calmly watch and monitor the situation. The only thing he could freely do was his cultivation. Until the secret curtain in front of him opens.

Night sky. Myriad of stars shine and give the magical beauty of the night. No one in the room was sleeping. Only next to the couch was a man standing on his arms.

Under the lighting, it was possible to notice that Niu Yu Tao held a sword in his hand and, supporting on the ground, kept his balance. If you look closely, you can see how his shoulder vibrates, as if he is trying to maintain the balance of his body. However, it was difficult for him to maintain balance, so he changed his hand and held the sword in his other hand. A brighter shine began to come from his body. He trained not only the power of control but also the skill and body balance. He taught every muscle of his body. In such matters, many things need to be taken seriously.

Especially to hardening the meaning of the sword, hardening the balance of the soul, body, and sword. We can say that in this way, the thought of the sword and man merge. Thus, you achieve perfect control over the sword. When a person mentally joins with the sword, when they become one, then they move - as one. Therefore, the sword lends itself to effortless control. This is a feature of the art of the sword of Tayi. It is called the aspiration of the blue lotus of chaos. The body is positioned so that blood flows to the head. Why gradually the human mind becomes foggy in such a position as an opened lotus bud, allowing everything to go naturally.

At first, it's difficult to cultivate, which is beyond words. However, in such torment, one can gradually feel the clarity of the control of the sword and realize the real benefits of controlling the sword.

In one month, you can learn to stand upside down on the top of the hilt of the sword. You can see pretty quick progress. Only Niu Yu Tao in a past life spent a year to achieve such a scale. In many moments, he still wandered in the dark. And now he had a wealth of experience. So having repeated the path, it was much easier and faster to achieve success.

So, standing for more than half an hour, the whole body of Niu Yu Tao was covered with sweat. His face turned red from the flow of blood, and drops of sweat began to fall from his forehead. Tears of sweat also flowed along the blade of the sword to the ground, making the earth moist.

As a result, Niu Yu Tao could not stay so long. He was forced to bend his legs and bend his back. After the coup, he got to his feet and, seizing the sword, breathed deeply with his chest.

Niu Yu Tao did not dare to swing his sword hard so as not to wake people from the outside. So he carefully put the sword back into its sheath. Then, taking a terry towel, he wiped himself off and changed his clothes. Then, laying his legs under himself, he sat down on the bed and began to practice the technique of breathing qigong. He fell into oblivion and forgot about the aching pain and fatigue of all his limbs.

So slowly, the dawn crept up.

The breathing technique of Niu Yu Tao for more than a month of training has achieved even greater success. He could now inhale profoundly and calmly, filling all the channels and limbs with air, then very slowly, painstakingly exhaling.

Over time, the sun rose and lit up the whole sky. From the morning sun, all living things gradually awakened, which suggested to Niu Yu Tao that the best time of oblivion had already passed. So he slowly opened his eyes.

*After overnight cultivation, all the fatigue from standing on my hands was lifted off by hand.* Now Niu Yu Tao was in a cheerful and good mood.

After all, he did not intend to continue cultivating after night. After all, he still had a young and immature body, and excessive loads were harmful to him. Niu Yu Tao was still in a period of growth, and his blood and qi feel the influence of the environment. Besides, food for him is delivered at a particular time. If he continually stays locked up in his house, then such behavior can cause doubts, among other people.

How can a rustic ignoramus cultivate? Also, Niu Yu Tao still does not know the attitude of a sect of higher purity to himself. Some things are better not to tell others. At least he cannot protect himself yet. Therefore, the fewer problems he has, the better. As soon as he finds out the situation inside the sect better, then he can be made decisions.

A hot spring flowed in the courtyard. After brushing his teeth, Niu Yu Tao, at the usual time, opened the door and left the yard. Under the peach tree sat, legs crossed, Xiu Yu Tian. He guarded Niu Yu Tao all night.

Hearing the creak of the door opening, he turned his head and slowly stood up.

 Niu Yu Tao came up and greeted him. They did not say a few words as Cheng Gui Shuo climbed the mountain with a drawer for food. He came to replace Xiu Yi Tian.

Xiu Yi Tian will leave, and only at lunchtime will bring food for lunch, and in the evening, Cheng Gui Shuo will return. That's how these two people always guarded Niu Yu Tao.

The sect of the highest purity attaches great importance to him. Niu Yu Tao understood this too. Otherwise,  why did the criminal world call him lord Tao?

Opening the food box, Niu Yu Tao had a hearty breakfast. And after he carefully washed the dishes, he put the clean dishes back in the drawer and put the drawer under the tree. He knew that Cheng Gui Shuo would then pick up the box.

"Brother Cheng, can you help me get a couch?" - putting the food box under the tree, Niu Yu Tao asked Cheng Gui Shuo. Since he abandoned the position of the head of the sect, Song Yang Qing began to relate to him much better, and if they could do something for him, then they did.

Sorting and smelling flowers of a peach tree Cheng Gui Shuo turned and asked, laughing:  "Why do you need a couch?"

Niu Yu Tao pointing to a place under the tree said:

"Put it here. The brothers are continually sitting on the open ground under a tree. I'm embarrassed by this."

Cheng Gui Shuo was surprised. It turns out this young man was worried about them !? So he patted Niu Yu Tao on the shoulder and said approvingly:

"Well done. Okay, then I'll get a couch."

Niu Yu Tao smiled dazzlingly and, looking around, said:

 "Brother, this is a fantastic place. Undoubtedly in the world of cultivation, the sect of the highest purity occupies a top position?"

Only when Cheng Gui Shuo was returning could he ask him a few questions. He felt that a sect of superior purity was hiding something from him.

Song Yang Qing infrequently comes, and he has a constantly changing mood. Xu Yi Tian is rather silents. Whatever Niu Yu Tao would ask, he was always silent. And only Cheng Gui Shuo could not keep closing his mouth. He recently told many things to Niu Yu Tao. Only about the cases to which Niu Yu Tao is related, he did not speak.

"Hehe!" - Cheng Gui Shuo smiled restrainedly. However, then, shaking his head, he said:

 "Okay. From what I say, nothing will happen. Our sect of the Highest purity has long been dominant - the first sect in the kingdom of Yan, and our founder was the mentor of the king." - Cheng Gui Shuo praised the sect-like that.

"After the collapse of the kingdom of Wu, many descendants of Shan Sun experienced great adversity. And the heavenly kingdom was divided into many warring kingdoms. It was among them that the kingdom of Yan appeared, and the founder of the sect of Highest Purity, Da Gong Shen, was just the king's mentor. Then the sect experienced prosperity, and the number of students in the sect reached more than ten thousand people. Only then, for various reasons, the sect began to decline. And now the number of students reaches only a few hundred people."

Speaking about the position of the sect in the world of cultivation, Cheng Gui Shuo as if did not want to talk. And Niu Yu Tao, too, understood that it was awkward to ask such a moment.

Noticing that Cheng Gui Shuo did not want to talk anymore, Niu Yu Tao immediately changed the subject:

 "Usually, brother Song came. Only recently, it has not been seen for a long time. I am bored without him."

Cheng Gui Shuo grinned:

 "Sister Tan is the first beauty of the county of purple clouds, and soon her wedding.  How will brother Song remain indifferent?" saying this, Cheng Gui Shuo reacted late and, waving his hand, said:

 "What I'm talking to you with the child. What do you understand ..."

Niu Yu Tao blinked his eyes and, pretending to be offended, said:

 "Why do I not understand? Will the brother marry sister Tan?"

 "Ah, you little prankster!" Cheng Gui Shuo laughed and, patting him on the shoulder, said:

"This is not a surprise. Sister Tan is the next chapter in the sect and will be getting married soon."

Niu Yu Tao was curious about Song Yang Qing because he noticed Cheng Gui Shuo and Xiu Yi Tian respect him. They treated him not as a respected friend, but as to the higher brother.

So, because Brother Song will become the husband of the head of the sect, are you afraid of him?"

Cheng Gui Shuo gazed steadily at Niu Yu Tao:

"Prankster, who are we afraid of?"

Niu Yu Tao: "I say wrong? Is it because he is a student of the inner circle, and you and brother Xu are not? It's strange to me. You and brother Xu don't seem to be very different from brother Song. Why is he a student of the inner circle, but you are not?"

From such words, Cheng Gui Shuo seems to have become bitter in his soul. This stunted student, leaning against a peach tree, said:

 "Brother, some things look complicated. It often happens that it's essential not who you are, but who is behind you ..."

Frustrated, Cheng Gui Shuo spoke a little about those behind Sun Yang Qing.


Song Yang Qing's father, Song Shu, is a personal student of Tan Su Su. But more important is the grandfather of Song Yang Qing - Song Jiu Min. He is the confidant of the Minister of Public Works Tong Mo and occupies one of the 9 highest court ranks. He works in the supreme court of the imperial court. And the father of Song Yang Qing, Song Shu after leaving the high-purity sect, went to Song Jiu Ming and became a mentor of the security service. In the imperial court, having a security guard mentor with you is a fairly common thing.

Of course, that big man in the Supreme Court has not only one son Shun Shu and not one grandson, Song Yang Qing, but the extra protection will not interfere. Especially when you have your son in guard. And now the sect of the Highest purity is mainly held on by the Song family. Resources for cultivating the sect of the Highest purity are delivered through the channels of the Song family. And if not for the Song family, the sect of the Highest purity would have long been destroyed by other sects. Now let's see, in such a situation, even if Song Yang Qing is a poorly gifted student, will he have problems to become a student of the inner circle?

Niu Yu Tao suddenly understood. Niu Yu Tao suddenly realized.


The Minister of Public Works - this can be said to be the adviser to the emperor, and grandfather Song Yang Qing is a confidant of such a person. His grandfather also holds the position in the Supreme Court. We can say that the entire judicial power of the country is in his hands. What is there to be surprised.

"Ah, what do you understand?" Cheng Gui Shuo waved his hand, laughing at himself.