Heavenly Genius - Chapter 90

As soon as he passed behind the house, Yuan Gan approached the well. He looked carefully around and then suddenly jumped. Yuan Gan immediately disappeared into the well.
As soon as Yuan Gan jumped into the well, he immediately stretched his legs in the splits, so he managed not to fall. Slowly shifting his legs and supporting himself, he went down, carefully keeping his balance. As soon as Yuan Gan descended to 3 zhang, he saw bulging bricks on both sides.
He noticed a lot of these dented bricks, but one of them looked interesting. It is dents symmetrical, not like the others. Yuan Gan tried to push him, and he struggled with a lot of effort. As a result, a door appeared in the wall of the well, as if some mechanism had turned and opened the door halfway.
Yuan Gan leaned toward it, then sank into it a little. Taking out a rope, he lit it and noticed a torch nearby. Yuan Gan lit a torch and looked around. It turns out that this brick was a stone rod that connected the mechanism. And this stone mechanism was not so easy to move. If a person does not know the key to this installation, they will not know about it.
Yuan Gan leaned back and raised his head. He picked up some green moss and tossed it up.
Seeing a piece of green moss, Niu Yu Tao gave a sign to Yuan Fang. He also looked around and jumped into the well.
"Princess, it will not be convenient for you to go down yourself so that I will take you with me.» Niu Yu Tao turned and said to Shu Qing.
Shu Qing nodded. "Yeah."
Chao Zong folded his hands and said Niu Yu Tao: "Lord Dao, protect Shu Qing in any case."
"Don't worry. As long as I'm there, nothing will happen to her." - Niu Yu Tao enlisted. He hinted that if he didn't die, then Shu Qing would be beautiful as well.
Lan Jo Ting folded his hands and said: "Princess, Lord Tao, take care of yourself!"
Niu Yu Tao and Shu Qing nodded at him, then walked together to the back of the house.
They looked around. Niu Yu Tao took that piece of moss and threw it back into the well. Then he reached out and wrapped his arm around Shu Qing's delicate waist. They jumped up and disappeared into the well.
Behind him, Chao Zong clenched his teeth. He didn't feel comfortable watching his little sister being held like that. After all, Shu Qing has already grown up and become a girl!
Chao Zong couldn't resist looking back.
"Shu Qing runs to him every morning, has she fallen in love with him?"
Lan Jo Ting was surprised: "The Princess is a tactful person, why does the Prince think so? Did you see something?"
Chao Zong realized that he had let this thought slip, so he waved his hand awkwardly. "No, it was just my imagination!»
Shu Qing herself stiffened when Niu Yu Tao grabbed her like that.
Niu Yu Tao activated his qi and used the power of the air to float slowly as soon as they were in the well.
Thus, the man and the girl kept very close together. After sensing the man's scent, strength, and qi, Shu Qing's mind became chaotic, and her heart began to pound wildly.
Niu Yu Tao seemed to feel her heart pounding, and said soothingly: "Don't be afraid. Nothing will happen."
As soon as they got to the right place, Niu Yu Tao led the Princess and then went after her.
As soon as Shu Qing caught her breath and calmed down, she immediately pointed at the stone pillar.: "You need to put it back and close the door. This secret place must not be discovered by anyone." Shu Qing would have put the stone pillar in place, but it would be challenging for her.
Yuan Gan immediately took the stone weighing more than 200 Jin and put it in its place.
After removing the post, he noticed that Niu Yu Tao was looking for something.
"I found it already. There is one torch here.»
Niu Yu Tao let him pass to show the way, then turned to Shu Qing: "Just one torch?"
"Then, there will be many torches, enough for more than 1000 people."  Shu Qing turned to him and asked curiously: "Lord Tao, don't you have a small moon?"
Niu Yu Tao replied awkwardly. "This butterfly recognizes only one host, and I haven't had a chance to feed it yet. One day I'll find one and grow it."
He didn't have a small moon, and neither did Yuan Fang, so everyone had to follow Yuan Gan.
Under the torchlight in the tunnel, one could see the steps of the stairs. The tunnel stretched for several hundred meters. And the farther they went, the louder the sound of water could be heard.
Niu Yu Tao asked: "Underground river?"
Shu Qing replied: "Right. A vast underground river."
When they reached the end of the tunnel, they could see the river. There was ample space, and with the light of a single torch, it was impossible to see the opposite Bank.
"Torches!" Yuan Fang shouted, pointing at the pit.
A few people turned around and saw a lot of torches. They immediately lit them, and the area of visibility at the moment increased.
"Where to go?» – Yuan Gan asked.
Shu Qing: "Upstream."
They followed the winding road downstream. Now even Niu Yu Tao couldn't tell where they were going or in which direction. However, they noticed that this rough road was formed by nature. No one made it themselves.
"Princess, give me my things." Niu Yu Tao pointed to the bag that Shu Qing was carrying on her back. On the road, so it was challenging to go, especially to bring things, and here the girl is taking heavy items.
Shu Qing tactfully declined. "Don't worry. I can carry it myself."
Niu Yu Tao simply reached out and took the bag from her. He immediately gave the bag to Yuan Fang, who was walking behind him: "Bear, take it. You're used to climbing mountains, by the way. Go ahead, lead the way. Monkey, go behind."
"Yeah." Yuan Fang obediently took the bag, hung it around his neck, and then immediately paved the way.
Shu Qing did not find words. She thought that Niu Yu Tao would take the bag and carry it himself, but he gave it to Yuan Fang. Moreover, he also took off his pack and gave it to Yuan Gan. And the latter did not object at all but took his bag in silence.
Niu Yu Tao followed Yuan Fang, followed by Shu Qing. Yuan Gan went behind.
They had been walking for some time, and Niu Yu Tao asked: "Princess, have you been here before?"
Shu Qing: "No, this is the first time."
Niu Yu Tao stopped. He frowned and turned.
"You've never come here, and now you're leading us?"
Shu Qing explained: "This road includes many forks, and I know secret passages that can pass the time."
"Many forks?" Niu Yu Tao was surprised: "And how long will it take to walk?»
Shu Qing: "In a normal situation, a few days. This underground river is long."
A few days? Will it take a few days? They all looked at Shu Qin. That's why they took so much dry food with them.
Niu Yu Dao already believed that 80-90 % of this move leads outside of the County of Cang Wu.
"Ning Wang didn't spare a lot of energy to make such a far pass."
Shu Qing: "This is not intentional. My father accidentally found this river during the campaign, so he decided to establish passages hereafter exploring it."
Niu Yu Tao chuckled and remembered a case. When they were still on the little South mountain, Chaozong mentioned that they might go to sea. Maybe this river just leads to the sea?
The group continued to walk, and the road regularly changed. Mostly the way changed by itself. There were places where it was difficult to pass, where you had to climb hills, where you had to move with chains, and someone had already broken through the road with nails. However, for Niu Yu Tao, these places did not create difficulties. He just took the Shu Qing and flew over them in the air.
Shu Qing herself was already used to all this. After Ning Wang's fall, life forced her to become a more resilient and brave girl. And now she was no longer the pampered girl who was always hiding in the Palace's inner chambers.
On the way, Niu Yu Tao began to think more about growing a butterfly-a small moon. With a small moon, he can immediately fly with Shu Qing. And it is quite inconvenient to move with a torch because it continually goes out.