Heavenly Genius - Chapter 91


There were extensive and narrow places in the underground river. Therefore, where they passed, they saw different landscapes.

On such a fantastic earth's surface, you could see stalactite deposits and young bamboo forests. Moreover, bamboo forests flashed strange animals. In certain places, when the darkness was lit with a torch, mirages slipped through.

"This underground river was formed by surging water. The area was constantly eroded by underground water, so the land here turned out to be a little loose. In a short period, nothing could appear here..." Shu Qing said.

"I want to say that it is the Paradise of the earth? Nothing like that. This stalactite has limestone that has leaked carbon dioxide and water. So, he dissolved the calcium carbonate inside the limestone. I cannot tell you, but you will not understand. Inside the limestone is a substance of hydrolytic destruction. When a drop of waterfalls on it, the water immediately dries, dissolves it, and solidifies again. So, drop by drop, they have accumulated over millions of years. You can take a good look at yourself..." Niu Yu Dao sighed about Shu Qing's knowledge of underground water. How could such a smart girl not understand this? So, he immediately began to explain everything to her.

He walked forward, continually waving his hand, pointing at something, and explaining to Shu Qin. Shu Qing followed him and stared at him with wide eyes.

"Lord Dao, you understand a lot. You even know how this area was formed. If the opportunity arises, I hope you will not refuse to enlighten Shu Qing!"

"Does he understand much?" Yuan Gang, who was walking behind, curled his mouth. He said to himself: "Don't you know how things have changed? »

"A lot, you know?" Niu Yu Dao laughed and shook his head. This is elementary knowledge; how can you not know about it? However, he did not explain all this. However, he made a mental note to keep his mouth shut, or there would be doubts.

The further they went; the slower Shu Qing became.

The main thing was that the three men's speed was quite high, and she had a blister on her feet.

"Careful, the gutter!" Niu Yu Dao reminded her, and turning around, noticed that Shu Qing was walking a little incorrectly.

"Twisted your leg? »   he asked.

Shu Qing did not say that she had a blister, but answered firmly:

«Nothing. I am just not used to these roads."

They continued walking for a while. As a result, it became even more difficult for the girl to walk. Therefore, Niu Yu Dao found a suitable place and told everyone to stop for a rest. To keep the fire going, they left one torch lit.

For the men, the road did not seem difficult, especially for these three.

Niu Yu Dao offered to climb on his back, but Shu Qing flatly refused. Better slow down, but on your own. The fact that he was already holding her was too much for her. There is no way to climb on his back.

Spread your legs? Should I lean against it? Shu Qing could not even imagine it. If it were not for the need to go down into the well, she would not have allowed Nu Yu Dao to wrap her arms around her.

As if to say, Niu Yu Dao, on the one hand, understood Shu Qing. Only he also said to himself: "The Lord of the Dao has no interest in you at all!"

Well, it would have been a flat and straight road, but here we had to go up and down. Shu Qing was tired of this road.

Shu Qing immediately sat down and, as soon as she leaned her head, fell asleep.

Seeing that Shu Qing was falling asleep, Niu Yu Dao took a garment from the bag and covered Shu Qing with it. Shu Qing did not even notice how it was covered and fell into a deep sleep.

Looking at her tired appearance and how sweetly she was sleeping, Niu Yu Dao thought That it would be a long time before she would Wake up. So, he immediately decided to set up a watch.

Although there is little danger that can happen in the underground road, however, a minimum of precautions must be observed.

Niu Yu Dao decided to take turns guarding: he alone and yuan gang with Yuan Fan. It is just that if Yuan Fan cannot handle it, then the yuan gang can help him.

Yuan Gang was the first to guard, and Niu Yu Dao sat cross-legged and closed his eyes. He was meditating.

It was unknown how much time had passed, and Niu Yu Dao suddenly felt cold. This was no ordinary cold, but a cold that killed hope. A chill that made my skin crawl. In ancient records, it was said that such cold is inherent in evil creatures.

He opened his eyes at once. Yuan Fang was bustling around. He noticed that Niu Yu Dao opened his eyes and whispered: "Lord Dao, it looks like ghosts have appeared here. Just now, I thought I saw something flash. »

Niu Yu Dao immediately felt a familiar feeling when he visited the tomb sites in that life. Here, however, the atmosphere was colder. As if they were not just the souls of the dead. This was already an established evil.

"Check around!" Niu Yu Dao said. Yuan Fang nodded. He immediately lit several torches and threw them in different directions and the direction of the river. Then he took up his torch and began to look around.

Niu Yu Dao was also looking around. In the dark, you first need to turn on the light. Although he could see better than an ordinary person, what good was a good vision in total darkness?

He tilted his head toward the torches and signaled. Yuan Gang immediately stood up and took out clothes from his bag. He broke the torches and threw them into his clothes. Then he wrapped them in a bundle and hung them on his back.

Niu Yu Dao, leaning on his sword, stood up and walked over to Shu Qing. However, he noticed that this girl seemed to have had a nightmare. Her face was dripping with tears, and she looked sad. This child had been struggling all the way, and now she had a nightmare. Her dream was rather sad.

"Princess, Princess..." - Niu Yu Dao called her, but she did not Wake up. So, he reached out and pushed.

Shu Qing woke up and immediately sat up. She stared at Niu Yu Dao standing in front of her, then discovered that She was crying herself. Shu Qing immediately wiped away her tears, feeling a little awkward.

Moreover, when she took off her clothes, she recognized that they were the clothes of Niu Yu Dao. It made her heart warm a little, but at the same time, she was embarrassed.

"Lord Dao, did I sleep long?"

Niu Yu Dao noticed that when Shu Qing stood up, she was limping.

"You cannot go any further. I will carry you."

Shu Qing could not accept that. She immediately shook her head: "My leg is fine. I can go."

Niu Yu Dao: "you think a Lot. We are being watched. We cannot move slowly. " he looked around as he spoke.

"..."- Shu Qing froze and discovered that Yuan Fan was not here, and torches were lit everywhere.

Soon, she saw Yuan Fang come running.

"Lord Dao, I do not know where they went! »

"We're going, and we have to go! » Niu Yu Dao gave a sign and handed the sword to Shu Qing.

Shu Qing froze and picked up her sword. However, Niu Yu Dao immediately pulled her towards him. He turned and grabbed her legs, pulling her over his back. He promised Chao Zong that he would look after Shu Qing while he was alive. Furthermore, among all of them, he was the strongest.

This posture much confused Shu Qing. She immediately blushed and did not dare to lean on top of Niu Yu Dao. She placed the sword on Niu Yu Dao's shoulders and held it with her other hand. However, who knew that Yuangang would come and put a torch in her hands. Now she was forced to lean against Niu Yu Dao.

Several people left. They went in the same order, except for Shu Qing. Yuan Fan was in the front, and Yuan Gang was in the back.

Without Shu Qing, they even went a little faster.

Shu Qing was afraid that the oil from the torch would fall on Niu Yu Do's clothes. After all, they were moving very fast, continually going up and down. Therefore, she had to lean against his shoulders wholly, so that her Breasts could feel Niu Yu Dao's shoulders. Moreover, she was already breathing into his ears, holding on to his shoulders. Shu Qing was very confused.

For her, however, this speed was good. So, they came to another place where there should have been torches.

Yuan Gang reached one of the caves, felt its oil walls, then sniffed them.

Niu Yu Dao Shu Qing, who was leaning against Her shoulders, said: Прислонившаяся к плечам Ню Ю Дао Шу Цин сказала:


"It cannot be. There are no people here. If they were, they would have told everyone about this cave by now."

"Go on! » Niu Yu Dao signaled for the three to continue moving.

When they reached the second place where the torches should have been, they were not found again.

Niu Yu Dao looked around and suddenly said: "Bear, check the river."

Yuan Fang immediately flickered and ran to the river. As expected, he saw torches in the river.

Very simply. As Shu Qing says, there should be places with torches on the way, and there should be more than a thousand of them. Even if someone took away the torches, they could not have taken all the thousands, could they? It turns out that someone is plotting against them. Moreover, if they want to harm them, the most useful thing is to throw torches into the river.

Yuan Fan took out torches, brought them, and tried to light them. Only they are already well drenched. It is hard to rekindle them.

"Someone is plotting against us, fucking..." throwing away the torch, yuan Fan cursed.

Who would want to throw torches into the river? Someone is setting them up.

"Someone was here. No torches. »