Heavenly Genius - Chapter 92 –


"The enemy knows the local situation well. Most likely, he has been here for a long time." – Yuan Gang suggested.

Niu Yu Dao nodded in agreement. In such mazes, if a person does not know the way and does not know where the torches are, he will immediately be lost. It is good that Shu Qing shows them the way. Niu Yu Dao turned and looked at Shu Qing: "Princess, has anything strange happened here before?"

Shu Qing: "I did not hear it. It should not be."

Niu Yu Dao: "how long has this passage been used?"

Shu Qing: "I do not know for sure. It looks like the passageway has not been used since my father died. »

Several people realized that the enemy might have studied these places for several years. He must have learned all about it well at that time. And not the fact that he entered from the entrance that Ning Wang invented. Such a giant maze must have many entrances.

Niu Yu Dao was silent for a moment and then said: "We do not have anything to worry about. The enemy does not seem strong. Otherwise, he would not have taken so long but would have attacked at once. We cannot let our feelings run wild, but we need to keep our cool. Maybe we can catch it ourselves. »

As soon as he spoke, Shu Qing, who was sitting behind him, nodded her head.

"Bear, go to the river and collect as many torches as you can."

Yuan Fang replied in surprise: "Why? They are already ruined anyway."

Yuan gang immediately interrupted him:

"Why are you talking nonsense? The Lord of the Tao said to do so, so do so!"

Yuan Fang smiled foolishly but noticed that his torch gradually began to burn less. Moreover, Yuan Gang untied the knot and took out oiled torches. He threw Yuan Fang alone. Although the torches were not long, it was still possible to hold them.

Yuan Fang was surprised. He did not know when Yuan Gang had prepared so many torches. Then he looked at the calm Niu Yu Dao and immediately realized that these two people had already thought of this moment for a long time. How thoughtful are these two guys?

Niu Yu Dao did not think about this turn of events. It is just that when the situation changed when he felt the cold, he immediately thought of an essential thing in the current situation. After all, he was a seasoned man and knew that the important thing here was to ensure visibility and not get bogged down in the dark.

Shu Qing was asleep and did not see when Yuan Gang prepared the torches, so she was surprised.

After lighting the torch, Yuan Fang did not worry anymore and went to the shore to get torches.

There he found that the torches were lying high above the Bank in the water.

Niu Yu Dao took the sword from Shu Qing and placed it in front of him. Then he said, smiling:

"You are tired, and you have not slept that much before. Go to bed."

Shu Qing shook her head. In such a wary situation, how can you sleep? She just sat down on the cliff and looked around.

Yuan Gang kept only two torches for himself, and threw the rest into a pile and began to light them. The fire made it warmer and much brighter.

As soon as the fire was well lit, Yuan Gang threw the sodden torches nearby to dry.

Yuan Fang, who was running to the shore and back, only now realized why they were going to take the sodden torches. So, he began gathering torches even more quickly at the beach.

And Niu Yu Dao stood by the fire and calmly looked around.

Sitting, Shu Qing realized what was happening. They were well prepared here, which made her feel much safer. Then she looked at the proud, independent Niu Yu Dao standing by the fire. Now he seemed like a guardian angel. He was her guardian angel; he was everyone's guardian angel. If he is here, then they will be able to overcome any difficulties.

Realizing this, Shu Qing stood up and sat down next to Yuan Gang. She helped him dry the torches. After all, she could contribute.

After looking at her, the standing Niu Yu Dao did not say anything but just continued to look around.

When a pile of torches appeared near the shore, Yuan Fang ran up to them again and threw the torches. Niu Yu Dao said to him, " Bear, that is enough. Eat and rest."

Yuan Fang was quite tired of always running back and forth. He spent much effort over this long time.

However, he smiled and said: "Nothing, I do not..." before he could finish, he noticed Yuan Gang's sideways glance at himself. He immediately remembered to do what he was told to do.

So, he immediately fell silent and obediently took the food from the bag. While roasting food on the fire, yuan Fang looked at the laboring Yuan Gang and Niu Yu Dao, who was standing and looking around. Yuan Fang even felt good, and he was already getting used to working with them.

Niu Yu Dao said Shu Qing: "Princess, you should also eat and rest."

Shu Qing shook her head, "I am not hungry!"

Yuan Gang said coldly: "At this time, you do not need to understand something. You just have to do it. Now you need to forget that you are a Princess and do what you are told. No one will harm you here. »

Yuan Fang, as Yuan Gang heard, could not help but smile. Nevertheless, Lord Yuan does not just say that about him.

Niu Yu Dao looked around and also said with a smile:

"He wanted to say that in such a situation, it is desirable to restore your strength as quickly as possible. This will not be superfluous! » Niu Yu Dao spoke calmly and warmly, which made everyone feel good.

Not that he had changed his attitude towards Shu Qing. It is just that in these circumstances, you do not need to raise panic and put pressure on people. Moreover, Shu Qing is a girl, and her heart is already uneasy. You do not need to scare her again, and it will not do much good.

Moreover, Shu Qing compared to ordinary women, although soft on the outside, but firm on the inside. It constantly withstands various difficulties. It is better to keep her healthy. You do not need to test it for hardness now.

Niu Yu Dao had known many people in two lifetimes, and few women could make Him admire them. However, Shu Qing is one of the few. Only it's hideous.

Shu Qing also understood that Yuan Gong was speaking for good. So, she opened the bag and began to eat, biting into the food with her small mouth.

Yuan Fang ate and drank and sat cross-legged by the fire. He began to meditate and recuperate!

As soon as Shu Qing had eaten, Niu Yu Dao said to Her with a smile, " Lie down by the fire; it's warm there. Get some rest." – he again said softly.

Shu Qing nodded and obediently began to lie down. She put the bag on as a pillow and put on her clothes.

Watching the fire yuan gang suddenly asked in a whisper: "Lord Dao, can the enemy see in the dark?"

Looking around Niu Yu Dao explained:

"Yin and Yang share environments. Everyone is in their condition. Those who can live in sunlight cannot always live in darkness, and those who live in darkness cannot always live in sunlight. If they live in the dark and the sunlight, they need certain conditions. Like with people. At night, they need a lamp to illuminate the darkness."

Yuan Gang: "Can so-called evil spirits or traits live under sunlight? With what?"

Niu Yu Dao: "Using positive Yang energy!"

"Yang?" Yuan Gang hesitated.

Niu Yu Dao: "as I understand it. Dark matter in special situations can merge with a living organism. To some organisms, it is well accreted as the cultivators are treated with dark matter. For example, they use different techniques and methods, so they process dark matter differently and get different effects. For example, the mythical werewolves in the legends of the West. This can be said to be the result of grafting dark matter into the wolf's body. Yes, here is a living example - this bear. Cultivators are engaged in breathing exercises and also form the dark matter. Ordinary people can also inhale dark matter, but they have different effects. And yet everyone forms a positive Yang energy. Positive Yang energy is also one of the forces. It supports the blood and flesh in a person. Why is there no difference between a person without positive Yang energy or male energy and a dead person? Because Yang energy has the role of life - it is at the same time vital energy. Ghosts can do without body and flesh, so they do not have Yang energy. However, if they do not have Yang energy, they can absorb those who have Yang energy. This Ghost seems to think the same way about us."

Yuan Gang: "does He think so? If he is a Ghost, why does he need our Yang energy?"

Niu Yu Dao: "The so-called spirits of the dead may have become ghosts, but they are alone and have not lost their ability to think. They still want to live or lead a life. Only with the help of others can they appear in the world. Moreover, before such a temptation, few ghosts can resist. »

Yuan Gang: "can't ghosts live on their own?"

Niu Yu Dao: "of course they can. Only a few ghosts can exist on their own. Not everyone can afford to go where they want to go. Moreover, if they gather in a crowd, they can attract people's attention. Furthermore, cultivators and mentors-protectors will not look at them through their fingers. How are things with spiritual herbs? Everyone has set up a network, and everyone will protect their territory from everyone.