Heavenly Genius - Chapter 93


This conclusion of Niu Yu Dao came from the experience of living in two worlds. Yuan Gang could still understand that. While he was drying the torches, he was lost in thought.

However, the lying Shu Qing, who was still awake, was always eavesdropping on their conversation. Her eyelids were moving. Only Niu Yu Dao's words were nonsense. What are the legends of the West and East? What kind of werewolf? At the end, why she was tired and fell asleep.

Not like her, not even Yuan Fang, who seemed to be sitting and meditating. However, he also listened to all of Niu Yu Dao's words, and only he also couldn't understand It.

After waiting for yuan gang to dry the torches, Niu Yu Dao whispered:

"Eat and take a break. Later, I will ask the bear to continue drying the torches."

Among the three men, Yuan Gang was the most tired of all. He was always running and jumping back and forth and did not save based on qi, like Yuan Fang and Niu Yu Dao, his strength. He was wasting his physical strength. However, he was the strongest among them physically. Nevertheless, it will also take longer to recover. Not like Yuan Fang, who could quickly recover after meditating.

Yuan Gang said nothing and immediately stopped drying the torches. He took out provisions, ate his fill, then put the bag down as a pillow and went to bed. Since Niu Yu Dao was personally guarding them, He could fall asleep without worrying even in this situation.

In the darkness, the sounds of a running black river could be heard, which displayed sparks of fire.

Everyone was sitting quietly by the fire. Only Niu Yu Dao stood by the fire and looked around warily. He held a sword in his hands and occasionally threw torches on the fire.

Two hours later, Yuan Fang got up. He spread his limbs and let it be known that he was already rested. Yuan Fang hinted to Niu Yu Dao to go to bed. However, Niu Yu Dao told Him to continue drying the torches while he continued to look around.

After another two hours or so, Shu Qing woke up. She pulled off the clothes that had been covered over her, but she did not want to get up. It was as if she was thinking about something and didn't dare do it. In the end, she made up her mind and stood up. It was only the rest that made her legs go soft, and the blister swell more, which made her walk with a limp.

"You do not need to go anywhere." Nu Yu Dao hinted to her to be careful.

Shu Qing turned around and started to say something a little confused.

Nu Yu Dao immediately understood what she wanted, and immediately said to yuan Fan, " Bear, watch everything." Then he pointed to the spot and stood close to the stone with his back to the spot.

Shu Qing reached the spot, stood up, and did nothing.

Nu Yu Dao, standing with his back to her, said calmly: "Calm down, I will not peek.»

Shu Qing shifted uncomfortably, then remembered that to Nu Yu Dao, she was an ugly and unattractive person. So she whispered to herself: "All right!" - Moreover, she quickly found one place with her foot…

When she returned to the fire, you could see that her face and ears were completely red.

When Niu Yu Dao returned, he noticed that Yuan Gang was already awake.

Yuan Gang said: "Bear, guard everything. Lord of the Tao, rest."

Niu Yu Dao immediately sat down cross-legged, ate a little, and began to rest with his eyes closed.

It also took about 2 hours, and Niu Yu Dao got up. Then the group began to assemble.

Yuan Fang tied a knot and put 100 torches in it. Yuan Gang put in 50 Grand. Shu Qing, knowing the position of her feet, did not refuse Niu Yu Dao a second time and obediently sat on His back.

The company set off again. Now they were prepared and rested. They moved quickly.

Along the way, several dozen places with torches were empty again. However, distant places with torches were not so destroyed. It is unknown whether the enemy realized that his idea was not successful or he did not know the area further.

In this dark area, there were places with holes in the cave, where the light came through. So they realized that they had been walking for more than a day. As they passed a stone tiger lying on the ground, Shu Qing excitedly said: "We will be there soon. Ahead of them, at a distance of about one Li, there will be a path leading up.»

Indeed, they soon found one staircase half-broken up by men.

The road to the top was several hundred meters long and zigzagged. You could already see the light. Even the torches no longer shone as brightly as that light. Sometimes it hurt my eyes.

When they reached the top and opened the entrance, which was covered with creepers, several people realized that they were on the mountainside. Not far away was a waterfall, and under the waterfall was an emerald pond. You could hear children playing in this pond. A village has settled down near the waterfall. It seemed that this peach spring was outside the human world. It was a land of bliss. With such a beautiful landscape, there was also a calm volcano. Niu Yu Dao and Yuan Gang immediately noticed him.

There was also a thatched pavilion on the mountainside not far away, and a young man was in the pavilion. As soon as he saw several people come out of the aisle, he immediately rang the bell that hung in the pavilion.

"Day, day, day."

There was a clink, and the children playing on the pond immediately returned to the village. Moreover, in the village itself, it looks like there were a commotion and a group of armed men headed here.

"Master of the Dao, nothing. Let me go. " Shu Qing, who was sitting on Niu Yu Dao, spoke.

Niu Yu Dao released her. It was not long before a group of men came running towards them, armed with bows and arrows.

Shu Qing took out a tablet of texts and showed it to the mustachioed man. Moreover, at the same time, she said: "Uncle Luo, it is me-Shu Qing. Recognize it?"

She got up from the ground, and her face was no longer veiled. The man with the mustache, as he looked at the tablet with the texts and its stain on his face, immediately became agitated:

"Grand Duchess!" he raised his hand to the right and left: "Stop, stop! The Grand Duchess has arrived. Everyone stop!"

He dropped the sword in his hands and quickly walked over to Shu Qing. He sat down on one knee and, folding his hands, said: "I-Lo An greet the Grand Duchess! The Prince...he...he... " the man shook his head and could no longer hold back the tears.

Shu Qing understood that Luo An meant Ning Wang's death, so she immediately went over and helped The man stand up: "Uncle Luo, it is all over now."

Lo An wiped his tears on his sleeve and still said excitedly: "These young people have not yet seen the Princess. I hope the Grand Duchess will forgive them! " - then he turned to the young people and shouted:

"Quickly greet the Grand Duchess!"

A group of young people looked at each other in confusion and realized that this ugly girl was the Grand Duchess.

They immediately got down on one knee: "Greetings to the Grand Duchess!»

Shu Qing quickly motioned for them to get up. Lo An noticed that Shu Qing was limping, so he asked: "Grand Duchess, what happened to your leg?"

Shu Qing replied truthfully: "I think I rubbed my feet on the way. It's okay."

Lo An nodded. He had passed through this secret passage himself, and he knew that it was difficult for men to pass through it. The Princess can't be bothered. Knowing that a man should not touch a woman, he immediately sent men to bring the women from the village to help Shu Qing down.

"We haven't seen each other for 7-8 years. The Grand Duchess has grown up. I almost guessed you.»

Shu Qing scoffed at herself: "If it wasn't for my spot, people would have a hard time guessing me."

To this Lo An found no answer, but waved his hand.

From behind, Niu Yu Dao looked at the spring sun, then at the cave, and then asked Luo An:

"Has anything happened to the cave recently?"

Luo An had just noticed Niu Yu Dao and the others. He asked Shu Qing, " Grand Duchess, are these three people?"

"Niu Yu Dao, Yuan Gang and Yuan Fang. Shu Qing then added, " Niu Yu Dao is the Prince's mentor.»

Then she introduced Lo An: "this is uncle Lo, one of my father's command staff. He was originally one of the generals of Uli and Inyan."

Luo An's brows furrowed. He looked at Niu Yu Dao appraisingly. Niu Yu Dao seemed too young for the role.

Shu Qing immediately reminded him, " Lord Dao is the last disciple of Lord Dong Guo!"

As soon as Luo An heard Dong Guo Hao Ran's name, he immediately reverently greeted Niu Yu Dao: "Greetings, master!"

Niu Yu Dao folded his hands and asked again, " General Luo, did anything strange happen in the village recently?"

"Strange? » Lo An was surprised: "What is so strange? Everything was quiet all the time. Unless the kids were fighting among themselves, and so Nothing."

Niu Yu Dao: "there is no mentor in the village?"

Lo An shook his head: "No. This is a safe place. It is hard for outsiders to come here. »

Niu Yu Dao: "how long has it been since people from the village entered the secret passage?"

Lo An said a little seriously: "After the old master died, we received news from Mr. lang. He told them to stop communicating with the outside world and forbade them to approach the secret entrance. The entrance is constantly guarded, and no one has passed through it for five years. Does the mentor think something has happened?"

"Nothing, everything is fine. Just asking." Niu Yu Dao replied with a smile and waved his hand. Then he turned and winked at Yuan Gang.