Heavenly Genius - Chapter 94


Yuan Gang understood Niu Yu Dao. On the way, they were interrupted by a Ghost. He seemed very strange.

At first, he spoiled their torches, but then he stopped. There are two options - either he realized that it was useless, or he just does not know the whole area well. And maybe the two options together. After all, this Ghost did not come to this village where there was no cultivator mentor. This means that the Ghost did not come here.

However, no matter what and how one thing is now possible to find out for sure. This Ghost is very careful. And I don't think he left them. After all, both sides have not yet attacked each other and both sides do not know each other's strengths. So, the Ghost doesn't want to take any chances.

It seems as the Lord of the Tao said, that Ghost is limited in power.

Two women came from the foot of the mountain. They had brought a simple stretcher with them, and a chair hung from two bamboo poles.

As he helped Shu Qing into the stretcher, Niu Yu Dao suddenly said: "Monkey, help the Princess down from the mountain."

Yuan Gang understood that he had hinted to him to check the situation in the village.

Shu Qing and the others turned and looked at him.

Lo An asked: «Mentor. Will you come down?"

Niu Yu Dao: "I have things to do. General Luo, can I take your guard? " he said, pointing to the young man in the pavilion.

Luo An asked in surprise, "I Don't know why the master is doing this."

Shu Qing knew the habits of Niu Yu Dao, even if she asked Him what, he wouldn't answer until he did. So she said right away: "Uncle Lo, listen to him."

When Lo An heard her words, he could only call out to the guard: "Shang Hu, did you hear that? »

The young man in the pavilion nodded: «Heard».

The crowd of people began to descend. Yuan Gang took the bags with him and accompanied Shu Qing.

Niu Yu Dal watched them go, smiling. Just as they were disappearing, Yuan Fan came up to him.

"Lord Of The Tao. You want to catch the devil or the Ghost?" – Yuan Fan, too, he guessed.

Niu Yu Dao quietly replied, " I have come to close my cultivation. However, this devil has not yet appeared. I won't rest until I catch him!"

Yuan Fan understood and nodded his head.

Niu Yu Dao whispered:

"I think he followed us and won't just leave us. As long as the sun is shining, the Ghost will not attack from behind the Yin and Yang barrier. Now we will stay here and wait for the night when he comes out of the cave. Only you will need to wait for him inside the cave so that as soon as he comes out, you will block his escape routes. And as soon as it comes out, you'll give me a signal. Understand?"

Yuan Fan nodded: «Understood. »

He turned and headed for the entrance. Only halfway there did he stop and turn around: "Lord Dao, I should not go in there right now. What if he's there now and sees me come in?"

Niu Yu Dao chuckled and said: "Listen to me."

Yuan Fan came over and Niu Yu Dao said something in his ear.

Then they lit torches and went into the cave together. They went down to the river, where Yuan Fan extinguished the torch and put it in the place of the torches. Then they turned and walked back. Only Niu Yu Dao had one torch. However, Yuan Fan flashed by midway and stayed in a hidden place, while Niu Yu Dao came out of the cave. As soon as he left, Niu Yu Dao immediately dropped the torch and headed towards the pavilion.

Shang Hu, seeing Niu Yu Dao, clasped his hands and greeted Him.

"What are your orders? » "he noticed that Yuan Fan didn't come out of the cave.

Niu Yu Dao: "Are you the only guard here? Does anyone bring food? »

Shang Hu: "Nothing. During the day, one person guards, and in the evening, people come and change it. In the evening, two men guard the entrance and take turns changing every two hours.

Niu Yu Dao smiled: "Understood. Do so. Today I will help you guard. Come back."

"Ah! How can that be?" Shang Hu even waved his hand.

Niu Yu Dao placed the sword in front of him, placed both hands on it, and said sternly:

"Then, do I need to consult with General Luo?»

"Er...good! » Shan Hu scratched his head, as if afraid of Lo An. He turned and said: "Then when the time comes, I will bring you food."

Niu Yu Dao only smiled. Here people are simple-minded and direct. He said, smiling:

"No need. If you have any objections, you can ask the Grand Duchess!"

In fact, with its cultivation, it can now go 2-3 days without food. The only thing is that it just might get weaker.

After seeing off Shang Hu, Niu Yu Dao began to admire the beautiful scenery. Then he sat cross-legged and closed his eyes. He began to meditate. This was what he needed after his trip to the dungeon…

"Uncle Meng!"

As soon as Shu Qing and the others came down from the mountain, a crowd of people met them. At the head of the crowd was a gray-haired man sitting in a wheelchair. His face was thin, but his eyes were warm. It looked neat and tidy. You could see his aristocratic manner.

Although Shu Qing was limping, she got down from the stretcher and approached him with red eyes. He was so close to her.

This man's name is Meng Shan Ming. He was originally Ning Wang's great General Shang Jian Bo. He was still an educated man in his own right. Only then, when a detachment of Uli and Inyan in 10 thousandth size broke through the barrier of the hundred-thousandth army, he received a severe wound on both legs. So, Ning Wang let him resign. Ning Wang then suggested that he live in wealth and glory in the capital, only Meng Shan Ming was concerned about Ning Wang's relationship with the Imperial house. So, he decided to retire here with his family and people. And not for nothing. Otherwise, it would also have been removed during the clean-up.

Now he was responsible for that secret passage.

"The Grand Duchess has grown up. It's good that you're all right! » Meng Shan Ming stroked her and also sighed. You could see the moisture in his eyes.

"Before that, the news came from the young Prince, so we learned that you will come within 2-3 days. Only we didn't think you would come in such a short time. That's why we didn't have time to meet you! »

"Uncle Meng, don't stand on ceremony." Shu Qing shook her head. She hadn't expected to be here so soon. It was a good thing that Niu Yu Dao had brought it on his back.

"You're tired on the way. You don't need to stand here. Meng Shan Ming noticed that Shu Qing was limping, so he waved his hand and they headed for the village.

So, they went into the courtyard with the temple. It was the largest structure in the village.

The main hall was thick with the smell of candles. And behind the Smoking room, at the top of the steps, there were nameplates. The names of the dead officers were written there. The name of Ning Wang and his two sons were also at the top of the list.

Shu Qing lit the candles, bowed, and left them in the Smoking room. Then, in the main hall, she sat down in a chair next to Meng Shan Ming. She told me everything that happened after Ning Wang's death. And Meng Shan Ming drove the other people away. Still, there was no need for so many people to know about it.

Meng Shan Ming knew almost everything. He and Lan Ruo Ting had a secret relationship. Only they couldn't discuss everything in detail. Kingbird could not fall into the wrong hands. But now Shu Qing could tell him everything in detail.

After the two people had spoken, Lo An hurriedly came in. He whispered something into Meng Shan Ming's ears.

Meng Shan Ming raised his hand and grabbed lo An's a mustache, causing Him to cry out.

Then Meng Shan Ming slapped him on the cheek with his palm.

"Is the Grand Duchess an outsider? Why is she not worth knowing?"

EN lo got in her face and awkwardly said: «Forgotten. »

Looking at such a big man behaving so submissively and self-consciously in front of the old man, Shu Qing pressed her lips together so as not to smile.

Shu Qing still smiled and said: "Looks like uncle Meng's skill is still at the same level."

Meng Shan Ming waved his hand with a smile and asked Lo An:

"What is it? Speak. »

Lo An: "The man who came down with the Grand Duchess is now walking around the village and examining everything. I don't know if we should keep him out of certain places."

As soon as Shu Qing heard this, she immediately understood what was being said about the Yuan Gang.

Meng Shan Ming replied calmly: "Since he came from the Prince, it means that he is a reliable person. Do not interfere with it, so that there is no misunderstanding."

Shu Qing added: "it's Bad to hide something from him. If he's here, he'll find out."

Lo An immediately left them.

Meng Shan Ming spoke: "I heard that the last disciple was left on the mountainside. Why doesn't he want to see you? »

Shu Qing seriously said, "we had some complications on the way..." she immediately told him everything that happened on the way here.

Meng Shan Ming sat up gravely: "Once there is an evil spirit, it must be eliminated so that it does not create problems."

Shu Qing: "If I'm not mistaken, that's probably what he's doing."

Meng Shan Ming: "Can we send people to him?"

Shu Qing: "If that's what he's decided, then he can handle it."

Meng Shan Ming said doubtfully: "In the secret passage, the evil spirits did not attack you. It is unknown how strong it is. How can the Grand Duchess have so much confidence? »

Shu Qing: "Uncle Meng, you don't know everything. This last disciple of master Dong Guo, although not the highest cultivator among all of master Dong Guo's disciples, is the most capable. We can say that he is now the legitimate head of the highest purity sect..."

Shu Qing told Meng Shan Ming all about Niu Yu Dao. About his imprisonment in the peach spring, about the incident in the monastery of South mountain, how he married the Prince, and how he borrowed the army from Feng Ling Bo… She told him all this.