Heavenly Genius - Chapter 95


Meng Shan Ming listened attentively, and after saying this, he thought for a while and then said:

"A really capable person. Only his methods are not very noble. This man walks between good and evil! However, in this troubled age, generosity may not always bring justice and good. The sect of the Highest purity made a mistake and missed such a talent, but it helped the Prince. Ah, it is a pity that the sect of the Highest purity did not appreciate the works of master Dong Guo… And now you've offended the Prince! »

Then he looked at the nameplate with Ning Wang's name on it and sighed heavily. The son of a high-ranking Ning Wang is forced to rely on Feng Lin Bo and took Her daughter as his wife. Is this appropriate for Chao Zong?

After that, Shu Qing also told him the plan to capture Qing Shan County. Rather, Chao Zong and Lan Ruo Ting asked her to tell them so that they could get Meng Shan Ming's opinion. Still, he was Ning Wang's chief General and well-versed in strategy. And sending such a plan to the king of birds is quite dangerous.

Meng Shan Ming thought for a moment and said: "I haven't been outside for a long time, so I can't answer right away. I need time, so I will answer."

He also asked about other things and then sent Shu Qing and the man to wash and rest.

Then his wheelchair was wheeled to the library and Meng Shan Ming personally wrote a secret letter to Shang Chao Zong. This letter was sent by the king of birds to him. He wrote that Shu Qing had arrived safely...

In the evening, Niu Yu Dao stood leaning on his sword on the mountainside. No one knew what he was thinking.

Shang Hu and a man named Liu Da Sheng were climbing the mountain and as soon as they saw Niu Yu Dao, they immediately greeted Him: "Mentor!"

Niu Yu Dao turned and asked smiling: "Are you standing up tonight?"

Shang Hu: "Yes, we are on duty today."

Niu Yu Dao said: "You can be on duty today. Just remember: without my permission, no matter what you see or hear, you can't ring the bell."

The two men nodded. They received the order of Niu Yu Dao.

The sun was sinking in the West and gradually fading.

The moon was already rising into the night sky. Niu Yu Dao was sitting on a pile of stones outside a straw gazebo. He held the sword in front of him and closed his eyes as if falling asleep.

A fresh wind, a clear moon, the murmur of insects, the occasional cry of birds, and the sound of a waterfall were scattered here.

The village lights flickered in the dark, echoing with the stars.

It was quiet. The two people on duty at this time were usually talking and laughing, but today, when Niu Yu Dao was with them, two people didn't dare to just make a noise. They were afraid to disturb Niu Yu Dao.

The two people didn't understand what Niu Yu Dao wanted to do here.

Two hours later, in the dead of night, two more men came and relieved the guards. Shang Hu and the second man warned the new guard of Niu Yu Dao's order.

The new guard also did not understand what Niu Yu Dao wanted to do.

And when it was already the second half of the night, not far away in the cave there was a rumble and strange sounds.

There was a series of sounds as if something in the depths of the cave was fighting. However, it was not very audible from outside.

The calmly seated Niu Yu Dao opened his eyes, stood up, and glided toward the cave. However, just as he was about to enter, the movement stopped. He immediately shouted: "Bear!"

Inside, Yuan Fan quickly shouted, " Lord Dao, you've got it!"

Not long after, Yuan Fan came out of the cave holding another old man in white clothes.

The two guards in the gazebo couldn't see him. They only saw that Yuan Fan was moving strangely, but they didn't see the old man.

"Got it!" Yuan Fan said joyfully: "He couldn't do anything. However, as the Lord of the Dao said, he is very careful. He was probing the whole area on the way up, and he didn't miss me. So I had to attack him right away."

Niu Yu Dao examined it and asked: "Did you spoil the torches on the way?"

The old man in white spoke in fear: "Master, please spare me! Have mercy, master! A low person would not dare to cause trouble again!"

Niu Yu Dao asked: "Where's your partner? »

The old man in white froze and immediately said: "No partner. No partner. Just me. Master, please let me go."

Niu Yu Dao: "How did you get down?"

The old man replied in a trembling voice: "A few years ago, I was chased by people, so I hid in a mountain."

Niu Yu Dao listened without interest. He turned and put the sword down: "Bear, keep watching. If his partner shows up, kill him right away."

An old man in white: "Master, I guarantee that there is nothing. I was the only one. If there is, then kill me!"

"Jing!" came the sound of a sword.

Niu Yu Dao drew a sword that flashed under the moonlight.

"Aah!" came a cry of pain.

The longsword was back in its scabbard, and Niu Yu Dao was standing with his back to them. His movements were not visible.

Yuan Fan shuddered. He didn't think that Niu Yu Dao would suddenly kill the old man. Therefore, Yuan Fan immediately released the old man.

Niu Yu Dao sharply cut the old man in half and the smoke escaped from him. But there was no blood to be seen.

However, the two guards only saw Niu Yu Dao swing his sword and a cry was heard, and the body of an old man appeared on the ground.

Under the moon, you could see the old man's severed body dissipate into black smoke and disappear.

The scene startled the two guards. They now only understood what Niu Yu Dao was doing here and whom He was killing. They did not think that this cave was haunted, so they felt a belated fear.

As soon as the body disappeared, Niu Yu Dao calmly turned around and looked towards the village.

Normally, he didn't like to kill himself. And in general, he did not like to kill people, because it can affect the character and his psyche. This can become a habit and affect the functioning of the brain. Who knows, maybe this will cause problems with the nerves.

He often says that on a horse and the wind will be fair and the rain can be a roof.

And when you come across a fight, it's better to solve everything peacefully.

However, just because he doesn't like blood and doesn't like killing doesn't mean that he didn't do it and can't kill!

Yuan Fan didn't understand why he had just said to go and check the cave for a partner and then killed the old man himself? Such variability in a person is quite frightening!

No one knows that if the Ghost said that he had a partner or flatly refused to talk, it would force Niu Yu Dao to solve this question. And here the Ghost himself vouched that he was alone. Then why is he Niu Yu Dao?

He didn't have the same situation as with Yuan Fan. Niu Yu Dao didn't have the time and energy to slowly deal with this Ghost and find out what kind of character it was. And even more so, they have different ways of Yin and Yang. So, he immediately decided to kill him!

Yuan Fan turned his head towards the cave and asked: "Lord Dao, should I keep watching?"

"You don't need to waste your strength," Niu Yu Dao calmly replied, then waved at the two guards.

Those guards quickly ran up and greeted him with fear.

"Someone brings General Luo An and a few people," said Niu Yu Dao.

"Yes, sir! » - two people reacted.

The two men had a quick conversation, and one of them went down the mountain.

It wasn't long before torches were lit in the village and a group of people started heading this way.

Quickly, Luo An arrived with 10 men. Among them was the Yuan Gang. They were just on their way to find out what had happened here and whom Niu Yu Dao had killed.

"Master, what are your orders?" Luo An folded his hands and asked.

Niu Yu Dao pointed to the cave and said, " General, please bring stones and seal up this entrance for one month, and put more people here. »

Lo An asked: "Didn't the master already kill the Ghost?"

Niu Yu Dao replied with a smile, " just in case. So that nothing happens for a month. »

He must eliminate the slightest danger. No matter how. When it closes for cultivation, it will be very weak at this time. Therefore, he will need to be safe. And in a month, when he is all right, then he will be able to solve other tasks again.

Seeing that Niu Yu Dao was serious about this, Luo An immediately agreed: "Good!"

"Then thank the General. Bear, stay here for now. As soon as the cave is sealed up, then just go down." – Niu Yu Dao told Yuan Fan.

Yuan Fan nodded. He understood it. If the Ghost still wants to pass, ordinary people will not notice it, but Yuan Fan will be able to notice it. And when the cave is sealed up, the Ghost will not be able to pass inaudibly.

Niu Yu Dao folded his hands in front of Luo An, then immediately turned around and started walking down the mountain with Yuan Gang.

The bottom already learned about what Niu Yu Dao had done. Both Meng Shan Ming and Shu Qing knew. However, they did not hurry to question them but decided to give the two men a good rest.

A room had already been prepared for both of them.

As soon as they entered the room, Yuan Gang immediately offered Niu Yu Dao green tea.

Holding a Cup of tea, Niu Yu Dao calmly asked: "What is the situation?"

Yuan Gang: "Time was short. Everything is still unclear. I can't tell you the size of the village yet. However, there is a very cunning invalid here. Judging by the scars, he had been in the war many times. This must be Ning Wang's veteran. There are also many artisans and many families. To be more precise, this place looks like a secret Armory.