Heavenly Genius - Chapter 96


"The Armory? » Niu Yu Dao was surprised.

Yuan Gang got up and went to the windowsill, where he took out 3 stones and placed them in front of Niu Yu Dao.

These 3 stones were black, dark red, and yellow.

Niu Yu Dao took the black stone, held it and felt it, and frowned: "Coal?"

Then he put it down and picked up a dark red stone. He looked at it carefully and then whispered, " Iron ore? »

Yuan Gang nodded: "That's right. This is coal and iron ore. When I looked around here, I saw children playing. These things are constantly found in the village. There are many artisans and blacksmiths in the village."

Niu Yu Dao understood what he wanted to say. These things rarely appear in the same place. There must be something specially made here. And judging from Ning Wang's past, it's not hard to guess what they make here.

He put down an iron ore stone and picked up a yellow-colored stone. He gave it a good look and then sniffed it: "Sulfur? »

Yuan Gang nodded: "They also played with children. This is most likely due to a volcano."

He placed the stone on the table and tapped it. Then Niu Yu Dao thought, "is it convenient to transport tools in the mountains?" and then he immediately remembered the underground road that connected this place with Cang Wu County. From this, he couldn't help but chuckle: "it Looks like this place is quite interesting!"

On the second day, as soon as Niu Yu Dao opened the door, he saw a silhouette in front of him. It was Shu Qing. She immediately smiled.

Niu Yu Dao came down the stairs, and Shu Qing was afraid. She noticed that Niu Yu Dao had already combed his hair. She thought of many things at once but said nothing.

However, Niu Yu Dao himself explained: "I have to spend 3 days to calm myself and relax my thoughts. When I close up, I don't need to experience any shackles." He prepared to close up and decided to cut off such ties with the girl. What is it when the Princess comes to you every morning to braid your hair? Especially for a long time. Many people will start thinking about something else.

Besides, he had already learned to tie a knot himself.

*That's it! * - Shu Qing immediately smiled: "Also true!"

Niu Yu Dao looked at her leg: "Princess, did you have a chance to rest during this time?"

Shu Qing nodded.

After Breakfast, Yuan Gang and yuan Fang walked next to Niu Yu Dao. They walked and walked into the village. Niu Yu Dao was relaxed. He didn't pull his clothes tight, and his hair fell down his back. He didn't even carry a sword. The sword was held by Yuan Gang.

Fields, mulberries, more cauliflower growing in the sun, and women plowing.

"What a landscape!" sighing Niu Yu Dao approvingly said and added again: "Bear, what if you set up a South mountain temple here?"

Yuan Fan replied without hesitation, " No!"

Niu Yu Dao stopped and turned to face him. He looked surprised: "Such a good place, clean mountains, weather, a well-fed and rich place where people will not invade. Why don't you?"

Yuan Fan tilted his head and whispered, " there aren't many people here. Who will be the kindling of the candles in the middle of nowhere? »

"It looks like you won't be satisfied until they start donating money to light candles in the temple." Niu Yu Dao looked at Him disdainfully, then turned around and continued walking, smiling.

Yuan Gang, who was always silent, said:

"To glorify the temple of the southern mountain, do not look for a luxurious and large place. In a low mountain, there is a famous celestial, in a shallow lake there may be a dragon spirit. If only the Abbot would become famous and the temple itself would become famous. Then donations to the temple will flow. Then, it may be necessary to look for a place to find peace. »

Niu Yu Dao stretched out his hand and patted Yuan Fan's shoulder: "Bear, listen to the monkey. His words make sense."

Yuan Fan froze in place for a moment and found Yuan Gan's words spiritual. He whispered to himself: "in a low mountain there is a famous celestial, in a shallow lake there may be a dragon spirit…»

Niu Yu Dao and Yuan Gang stopped and looked at Yuan Fan who had stopped.

Yuan Fan quickly walked up to them and clasped his hands in prayer, saying excitedly:

"Buddha Amitabha, if it weren't for the true words of the Lord of Yuan, I would still be wandering in the dark!"

Niu Yu Dao and Yuan gang looked at each other in silence and thought to themselves that this werewolf was indeed a spiritual entity.

Yuan Fan is still modestly added: "However, it is still not good to install a temple here. Even if people want to come here, they can't."

The two men turned and walked away. You help, and you still refuse.

The two friends had already noticed that when the conversation turned to the temple, Yuan Fan was already becoming serious. He seems to want to be Abbot!

They went around the mountain and noticed a river running fast. It was quite busy near the river, which attracted their attention.

On the Bank, someone was carrying a log upriver on his shoulder. And in the river, people were going down on logs. They sat on the logs as if on a horse. Moreover, they had stuck in their hands like tools. These sticks were bound with cloth, and the wet cloth made their sticks even heavier. Each tried to push a man who was swimming nearby into the river with sticks.

Even Niu Yu Dao, who was not considered a master of strategy, however, realized that this was a cavalry training session. Only this training was very dangerous. Much more dangerous than riding a horse. On a log, such training takes a lot of effort. It is much more difficult to stay on a log than on a horse. And then you need to shoot down people floating nearby.

Constantly they watched the scene, as people fall from the logs and immediately swim to the shore. They still pull the logs to the Bank and carry them up against the current.

The sound of a chariot came from behind. Three people turned their heads and saw Meng Shan Ming being brought in a wheelchair. He stopped beside them.

"Their fathers-who was injured, who was maimed, who died. In such a hectic time they have a little time to live in peace… However, after Ning Wang's death, this place will not be quiet for long. Sooner or later we will be discovered, so young people are now training. For your protection, for the sake of the young Prince! » Meng Shan Ming sighed as he spoke.

This was not a good place to talk because of the noise, so he waved them all in. And they followed him along the little path.

Niu Yu Dao, looking around, asked: "What is this place? Where are we? »

Meng Shan Ming: "We are already outside of Qingshan County. We can say that we are within the borders of the Kingdom of Zhao. However, there are vast inaccessible mountains and it is dangerous for people to live here. Also, there are dangerous fumes everywhere. It will be difficult for strangers to get here. If it wasn't for that secret passage, then it would be difficult for the people here to leave this place. Even if there were no poisonous fumes, it would still be difficult for an ordinary person to come here. Your teacher, Mr. Dong Guo, came here specifically to investigate the situation. He said it would take at least a few months for a common person to get here. And in these mountains, we have taken only a very small place, like a drop in the sea. It will be difficult for outsiders to come here. Therefore, you can safely shut yourself away for cultivation!

* Was Dong Guo Hao Ran here? Did he explore these places? It seems that he had a close relationship with Ning WAN. * - Niu Yu Dao spoke to himself. He asked: "Since my teacher was here, he probably found a way to get rid of the dangerous fumes? »

Meng Shan Ming nodded his head: "Someone who has been here for a long time knows the keys to all these harmful fumes and how to deal with them…»


In front of the cave stood Niu Yu Dao. His hands hung down, and he closed his eyes and was silent.

A road was made to this cave during the time. Meng Shan Ming pointed out this cave to him and asked if it was suitable or not. Niu Yu Dao replied that he would go. So here people have prepared everything well and cleaned the cave.

People were stationed around to guard this cave day and night and not allow outsiders to approach.

And near the entrance to the cave, it was enough to put one person. Because of the dense walls, it was possible to exclude a sudden attack by other people.

Niu Yu Dao has not yet broken through Zhu JI's level. He only read about it in books. Moreover, he didn't have any pills that would help him break through the level. And he didn't have the environment of the sect disciples who were protected by the sect. Therefore, he had to do everything carefully and rely only on himself.

Yuan Gang and Yuan Fan came out of the cave.

Yuan Gang: "master of the Dao, everything is carefully checked. There shouldn't be any problems."

Two people checked everything inside several times and didn't miss a single corner.

Niu Yu Dao opened his eyes and said calmly: "At this time, I'm counting on you two."

Yuan Gang didn't say anything, and Yuan Fan only smiled and said: "No problem."

Without saying anything, Niu Yu Dao calmly went inside and disappeared into the darkness of the cave.

Yuan Gang and Yuan Fan immediately lowered the curtain that had been prepared in advance so that the wind or rain would not disturb Niu Yu Dao and continued to stand at the entrance.

How long it would take to break through - Niu Yu Dao did not know. Therefore, from this moment on, Yuan Gang and yuan Fan will both stand guard. After a while, they took turns going behind the curtain to rest.

Inside the cave, the space was not very large. The entrance was small, but the cave was wide. An oil lamp stood on the floor in the innermost part of the room.

Approaching her, Niu Yu Dao sat down with his legs crossed and balanced his breathing. He slowly closed his eyes, waved his sleeve, and a powerful wind blew out the lamp.

The cave was dark…