Heavenly Genius - Chapter 97


On the mountainside, Meng Shan Ming was sitting by a gazebo, and Shu Qing was pushing a wheelchair behind him. They both looked at the cave where Niu Yu Dao had entered, and two of His guards lowered the curtain. Meng Shan Ming asked: "From the looks of it, does he look quite young? Shu Qing thought for a moment and said, "In his youth, he joined the Highest purity sect. He spent 5 years there under house arrest. You can say that he is young, about my age." (p. p. they will have Shur-Murs) Meng Shan Ming nodded his head and sighed: "Extraordinary, extraordinary! Mr. Dong Guo was a good judge of people. No wonder he had chosen him as an apprentice on the brink of death. The Supreme purity sect has missed such a great opportunity!" Shu Qing, looking at the cave, asked: "Uncle Meng, reclusive cultivation is quite common. Why do you sigh? » Meng Shan Ming: "although I am not a cultivator, I have long understood a lot about cultivators. It is normal to close to cultivation. Not like this. Normal cultivation can be interrupted at any time and your breakthrough can be delayed. But there is abnormal seclusion, this is when your breakthrough to a higher level. Then the cultivator becomes very weak. He can't protect himself. Even a three-year-old child can kill him. You can't interfere with him at this moment. Otherwise, at best, its cultivation will suffer for life. If he's not lucky, he might go mad. And in severe cases, it will simply die. Look at how carefully he approaches cultivation. I also asked them to surround him from all sides. What does the Princess think? What kind of cultivation is it closed to?" Shu Qing was a little worried: "it Looks like the latter! » Meng Shan Ming nodded: "I think so too! How you told me that at the temple of the South Mountain, he defeated three of his fellow students. And now he must be breaking through to Zhu JI's level! This is 100%! If such a young person is already entering the Zhu JI level, then this is a rare talent in the current world of cultivators. He has an unlimited future! If he successfully comes out of seclusion, then you need to remind the Prince to keep in touch with this person very well. No need to repeat the mistakes of the highest purity sect! » Shu Qing nodded: "Uncle Meng, I'll remember." - and to herself, she added: "I've always done this! » "He won't be out for a while. Let's go!" Man Shan Min said. Shu Qing turned the carriage and started down the mountain. People came up to them and helped to lower the carriage… In the cave, when the lamp went out, Niu Yu Dao also calmed his heart in the darkness. However, in the darkness, the rays suddenly began to disperse. He was gradually lost in thought. Cultivators are also called "soul-gazers". This is because they can easily find out what is happening to them. They see and feel the entire structure, image, and state. How their innards function-they all see in detail pictures in their heads and can consciously influence themselves. Gathering his thoughts, all the transformations in his body appeared in his head. The Golden and silver light circled slowly around the Meridian pairs Ren-Mai and du-Mai. Their qi was so powerful that it could circulate strongly at any time. (Ren-Mai and du-Mai (are among the eight unusual meridians 奇经八脉)) Regarding cultivators, this is a special case. For ordinary cultivators, the source of true qi is located in the dantian sea of qi. Niu Yu Dao had two of them, and they were divided into the meridians Ren-Mai and du-Mai. This was a benefit because they can respond to external factors. He still has 31 transmitting creeds to the receiver of amulets, which are located in a web in his 36 acupuncture points. Initially, he had 36 of them. Only the 1st he spent on the black crow at the temple, the 2nd on heating himself when he almost froze to death, the 3rd on protecting himself from Tang Su Su, and the fourth and fifth on developing the Qian and Kun method. In the end, he had 31 of them left. When Niu Yu Dao left the High purity sect, He no longer processed them, because he was afraid that they would saturate his channels with power, which would simply not be able to withstand this pressure. The name Zhu JI refers to the formation of the Foundation of cultivation, and this is the Foundation of channels. This time, he closed down for cultivation just to break through Zhu JI's level. By breaking through this level, he will be able to strengthen the channels so that they can then withstand the more powerful pressure of the Chi movement. Jin, qi, and Shen Niu Yu Dao reached a better state. The two meridians Ren-Mai and du-Mai released a Golden and silver ray, which eventually merged and went to one of the acupuncture points. Where the talisman transmitting the doctrine to the disciple just got stuck. The hot and cold qi began to process it. Usually, cultivators need large amounts of Linyuan pills when they break through to the Zhu JI level. This pill is the most important resource in the world of cultivators. When the spiritual herb is collected, it is then processed and obtained. And this Linyuan pill contains a lot of spiritual qi. Every sect and school, when its inner disciples’ breakthrough to the Zhu JI level, provide them with this pill. Only Niu Yu Dao didn't have that privilege. He didn't know what the Lingyuan pill tasted like right now. Fortunately, Dong Guo Hao Ran left 36 talismans in his body to transmit the doctrine to the disciple, and by a lucky chance, the Qian and Kun technique can process their true qi. From this point of view, due to Dong Guo Hao Ran, Niu Yu Dao now had a huge supply of spiritual qi. His talismans contained much more spiritual qi as if these talismans were condensed spiritual qi stones. Therefore, one talisman easily repelled Tang Su SU's attack! Two gold and a silver beam were rotated around a single mascot and quickly processed it. The two light beams processed and more and more absorbed the true qi. It was as if they were very hungry and were sucking in more and more qi, which made them glow brighter. However, Niu Yu Dao, as the carrier of these luminous balls, was under increasing pressure. True qi became more and more and qi began to circulate through his channels, causing his channels to gradually swell. In this ongoing situation, one could sense that his channels were under even more pressure. Gradually, an expression of pain appeared on Niu Yu Dao's face, and sweat flowed profusely down His body. Its channels had expanded and cracked. But he couldn't stop. He had to continue to lead the qi and control the pressure. It was impossible to allow its channels to explode under pressure. And he had to run them everywhere so that they would crack and increase. You can imagine the pain he was in. Indeed, he was looking for trouble. And when the qi went through all the channels and increased the channels twice, you could see that now all of his channels were filled with cracks. Niu Yu Dao even felt that it was all over. If he again runs the qi through them with a stronger pressure, then his channels will not be able to withstand it and will break. Therefore, he stopped absorbing true qi and processing it. With trembling hands, he circled the balloon in front of his chest. Inside his body, luminous rays began to spread out in all directions on all his limbs. During all this time, the silver and gold rays broke and scattered the rays along the channels, and these rays constantly seeped into the cracks of the channels. And indeed, as the saying goes: behind grief comes joy. After that, he felt relief, joy, and coolness all over his body. It was as if his whole soul wanted to fly. In such bliss, when a person is tired, you want to sleep. Niu Yu Dao understood that it was necessary to keep a clear head and not to sleep, otherwise, in this state, he would give up on his efforts. Its channels can no longer be strengthened. After all, if you leave them like this now, they will grow like an ulcer. And when he again wants to stretch and increase them, they will not be so plastic and will simply break. Then all efforts will go down the drain. He released light balls, and his two silver and gold balls circled in the body and each time became paler and paler. He didn't know how long it had been going on. Niu Yu Dao knew that at this moment, he could not yet keep track of time. He knew he had to hold on. And when the two balls were no longer so bright and turned gold and silver as before, he already realized that it was not worth developing them further. Niu Yu Dao stopped developing them. Slowly opening his eyes, he saw only darkness. Nothing was visible. He wanted to move but found that he couldn't move a finger. When he tried to move, he felt incredible pain. And his body didn't listen to him. He said under his breath: "Monkey...monkey...monkey...monkey…» It is unknown how many times he spoke like this when Yuan Fang's voice rang out from outside. "Lord Yuan, it looks like Lord Dao was calling for you." Either Yuan Fang's hearing was so sharp, or there was a light from the entrance and someone opened the curtain. After they heard Niu Yu Dao's voice, two people quickly approached. They lit a torch here. Yuan Gan and Yuan Fang when they saw Niu Yu Dao, they first smelled blood and were afraid. After all, there was sticky blood all over Niu Yu Dao's body. His face was pale, and there was a look of impotence in his eyes. "Lord Dao, what is it?" Yuan gang supported him in a lost voice. "Nothing, nothing. Don't touch me. You don't need to shake me now..." Niu Yu Dao shook his head weakly. He knew where the blood came from. It seeped out of every pore. As soon as Yuan Gang heard him, he immediately let go and asked with a tense expression on his face: "Lord Dao, what should I do now?" Niu Yu Dao asked in a weak voice: "How long have I been cultivating?" Yuan Fan immediately replied: "9 days! Lord Dao, you have been cultivating for 9 days." "9 days? » Niu Yu Dao chuckled. 9 days without water. No wonder I'm so thirsty. "Water ... drink ... water…» Yuan Gang nodded his head and turned his head, only to find that Yuan Fan was scratching his head and looking at Niu Yu Dao. He immediately kicked it angrily, causing it to roll. Yuan Gang shouted after him, " What are you looking at? Water! Haven't you heard? Bring water quickly! »