Heavenly Genius - Chapter 98


"Huh?" the overturned Yuan Fan felt pain.

"Ah!" - and only then did he react and run.

It wasn't long before he returned with an earthenware jug. He immediately wanted to pour Niu Yu Dao some water, but Yuan Gang wouldn't let Him. He took the jug from him and carefully began to pour water from the spout of the jug into Niu Yu Dao's mouth.

Gradually, a lot of water-filled Niu Yu Dao's belly. Yuan Gang stopped giving him water and looked at him warily.

Niu Yu Dao said again in a weak voice: "Hungry, is there liquid porridge? »

Yuan Gang immediately turned around, and Yuan Fan guessed, " I'm going to run away."

Yuan Gang, looking at Niu Yu Dao, asked seriously: "Lord Dao, how did it go?"

Niu Yu Dao: "Nothing, it's normal. I should be able to recover in about a month. However, I still can't move. Most likely, I will need to be fed this way for 3 days. Then I'll just be able to get out."

Yuan Gang: "Lord of the Dao, when you break through the level, do you always feel like this? »

Niu Yu Dao: "it Must be so. Only a few people have a healing spirit pill with them, so they recover quickly. And I'm being hunted by a lot of people. Besides, you don't need to attract the attention of the Heavenly jade sect. So, you have to rely on the strength of your body."

Looking at his agonized expression, Yuan Gang tightly clenched his jaw: "Damn High purity sect! Sooner or later, I will destroy it."

Niu Yu Dao smiled helplessly. He knew that Yuan Gang was angry at them because of him: "with your strength, do you want to defeat the High purity sect?"

Yuan Gang: "did you forget that there is sulfur here? »

Niu Yu Dao froze. It's explosive. And after all, the APE in a previous life was just a specialist in weapons. He will be able to mix different mixtures and get an explosive substance. And if he wants to blow up The highest purity sect, it will not be an impossible task for him.

"You're right, the matter of the Highest purity sect is already in the past. As long as they don't give me any trouble, and I won't give them any. I don't want to mess with them anymore. After all, it's thanks to them that I'm making such progress now. Especially Dong Guo Hao Ran is their disciple. I don't need to destroy them. On a horse, leading a free life, with rain and wind, life is better. So don't touch them!" Nu Yu Dao began to speak.

Seeing that Niu Yu Dao was babbling, Yuan Gang said:

"I understand. He turned and went to light the lamp so that it would be brighter.

"Originally, I wandered in the dragon's lair, I could separate Yin and Yang with my palm, grab Qian and Kun..." a faint voice rang out.

Yuan Gang raised his head and saw Niu Yu Dao sitting with his feet baptized.

He looked at it for a moment, then sat down on the stairs and heard the chants of Niu Yu Dao. He stared into the lamplight and lost himself in thought…


Tsang Wu County, Ning Wang's estate.

The kneeling man at the entrance, who had been standing there day and night, eventually fell.

As soon as he fell, a lot of people came down to him. They examined it.

"Looks like he's dead? »

"I'll see… No breath, no pulse."

"Still on my knees to death."

"Of course, to be on my knees for so many days. Neither eat nor drink. You stay on your knees, and you won't be able to stand it for a day."

"Did he seem to have a problem with his head?"

The activity at the gate attracted the attention of the cultivators who were on guard. They reported what had happened to Bai Yao.

When Bai Yao came out of the gate and saw that people were holding Wei Duo, he immediately said in a cold tone: "What are you doing? Who asked you to touch it?"

One bodyguard replied: "Master, he is already dead. He died on his knees. We want to take it away now. »

"On my knees killed?" Bai Yao shook. He looked at Wei Duo: "I didn't think there were such stupid people. This is how much you need to be stubborn and stick to your point of view?"

He couldn't stand it and went forward and personally examined Wei Duo. As a result, he found a faint weak pulse in him. A barely perceptible pulse.

"Water!" Bai Yao shouted. And immediately one man ran for water.

Bai Yao took a pill from his belt, crushed it, and opened his mouth to pour it out to Wei Duo. When the water was brought, he quietly poured it into his mouth so that the crushed pill would pass through all his channels.

"Drink it slowly."

Seeing the situation, people understood Bai Yao. Looks like Wei Duo hasn't died yet. And they raised Wei Duo's head, helping him drink water.

After a while, Bai Yao told them to stop and later take him to their courtyard…


Three days later, Niu Yu Dao came out of the cave. More precisely, it was carried out on a palanquin, which was used to lower Shu Qing mountain.

Meng Shan Ming, Shu Qing, and Luo An were standing at the foot of the mountain. When they saw Niu Yu Dao covered in blood, they were scared. Shu Qing covered her mouth with her hand. Niu Yu Dao was quickly carried past them. And when they reached the secluded courtyard, they began to clear it. Yuan Fang cleaned the dried blood from his body. Then he was carried to the bathing barrel. And then Yuan Gang very carefully began to wash it.

A few days later, Niu Yu Dao came out of the door again. He was already able to move slowly and already looked straight and stately.

Yuan Gang did not leave his side, and Yuan Fan was at their Beck and call.

On the second day, Niu Yu Dao smiled bitterly. Shu Qing was combing his hair again.

She took care of him as if he were ill. And he couldn't refuse her now.

Then the days went on in this way. Niu Yu Dao walked around the village and rested. He didn't cultivate. There is no need to cultivate now. And artisans specially made a chaise longue for him.

So Niu Yu Dao, enjoying the warmth of the sun, lay under it and sunbathed.

Next to him, Yuan Fang was busily grinding soy. He didn't know where Yuan Gang got the soy from or why he was told to do so.

And Yuan Gang, in the direction of Niu Yu Dao, took out some coarse salt in an earthen jar. He dissolved it with water, causing a black liquid to appear. Yuan Fan Yi didn't know why they were doing this.

"Bear, don't sigh. You're a vegetarian, right? Then you will thank the monkey yourself." – Niu Yu Dao lay under the sun and spoke with narrowed eyes.

As they all did, Niu Yu Dao eventually stood up.

Three people went to the kitchen and put all these ingredients in the pot. They also spilled everything through a mesh cloth.

And when they pulled it out again, they got a white, porous thing. Yuan Fang blinked his eyes. Niu Yu Dao tied the bamboo and stirred the cauldron. After that, he asked Yuan Gang, "in a quarter of an hour, everything will be ready. Can you handle it?"

Yuan Gang nodded and looked at the cauldron with satisfaction: «Manage. It will be easy."

When the entire cauldron was white and porous, Yuan Gang put the contents of the cauldron into a Cup and held it up to Niu Yu Dao. Only Niu Yu Dao shook his head and turned away to continue sunbathing.

It wasn't long before Yuan Gang also came out. Yuan Fan held a Cup in his hands and licked the resulting mixture: "Lord Yuan, can we still prepare this thing?"

Yuan Gang: "not Anymore."

Yuan Fan: "But I'm not full..."

Yuan Gang, after taking this porous thing from the cauldron, sprinkled more icing on it.

After a while, Yuan Gang took a fresh fish and went to make soup.

At this time, Shu Qing had just arrived, and she smelled a delicious smell coming from the kitchen. She noticed Nude Yu Tao, who was lying on the couch.

At noon, Shu Qing did not leave them and dined with them.

Several people began to eat cheerfully. Only Yuan Fang sat and stared at his empty cup. But the smell of fish was everywhere. He thought for a long time, finally folded his hands, muttered something to himself, and held on. He did not eat fish or meat.

After eating, Shu Qing put down her chopsticks and said: "Very delicious tofu. Is it made from soy?"

Yuan Fang nodded his head: "Princess, that's right. Unheard of and unseen, but how delicious. It's delicious. If you don't believe it, you can ask the Lord of the Tao to cook it again. If anything, I can grind soy! " - he said, beating his chest.

Shu Qing looked at Niu Yu Dao: "If you sell this tofu, you can make good money."

Niu Yu Dao smiled: "I'm not interested in this. The Princess can ask for a Monkey. »

He knew it was better for a girl than war. Especially in such a restless age, when it is difficult to get food. Such yummy food is even more in short supply..."

After dinner, Yuan Gang came into the courtyard with a bundle of sticks on his shoulder. Yuan Fang quickly closed the door and asked Yuan gang curiously, "Lord Yuan, is this also delicious?"

Yuan Gang held up a stick and said: "Try it?"

Yuan Fang opened his mouth and laughed: "Lord yuan is joking."

Yuan Gang stared at him with a stony face: "I beat you often. You must hate me?"

Yuan Fan waved his hand: "Nothing. »

Yuan Gang: "I will give you a chance to take revenge."

"Don't. It's all in the past. We fought together; we live in peace together." yuan Fan could sense the catch in his words.

Yuan Gang blocked his path.

"You can beat me today. I will not answer, I will not evade, and I will not take revenge!"


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