Heavenly Genius - Chapter 99


Niu Yu Dao, who was in the house, immediately left when he heard the noise.

If you hit him, he won't respond? Won't evade and take revenge? Yuan Fang might die, but he wouldn't believe it.

He seriously replied, "Lord Yuan, I didn't mean to take revenge on you at all."

He thought that Yuan Gang was testing him.

Yuan Gang didn't care whether he believed it or not. He just gave him the stick:" hit me!"

Yuan Fang did not take the stick. He folded his hands: "Buddha Amitabha, I'm sorry!" he still shook his head.

Yuan Gang frowned and waved his stick. He almost hit Yuan Fan's ears, his stick stopped right next to yuan Fan's ears: "If you don't beat me, then I will beat you."

..."Yuan Fang couldn't find the words. What's the point? He looked helplessly at Niu Yu Dao: "Lord Dao, tell me what to do?"

Standing on the stairs, Niu Yu Dao smiled, narrowing his eyes.

"If they ask you to hit them, what's the big deal? If a man speaks, he must keep his word. You calm down. I'll be watching it. If he dares to take revenge, then run to me!"

"This..." Yuan Fang was doubtful. Isn't this a dead end?

Yuan Gang stood with a stick in front of him: "I'm speaking for the last time. Either you beat me, or I'll beat you!"

Where would he have heard such crazy requests? Yuan Fang helplessly grabbed the stick.

Yuan Gang stood in the middle of the courtyard and waved at him: "strike!"

Yuan Fan was forced to take a stick and tried to hit Yuan Gang several times but eventually stopped.

"Strike!" Yuan Gang couldn't resist shouting.

Yuan Fan realized that Yuan Gang's patience was running out and hit him. However, in the end, he did not apply force but struck lightly.

"Strike hard!" Yuan Gang shouted again.

Yuan Fang began to gradually increase his strength. However, Yuan gang glared at him as if to say: "Are you playing with me? »

Yuan Fang then hit hard by the Yuan Gang. The blow landed on his shoulder.

"Bang! »

Who knew that Yuan Gang would turn around and go towards the rocks?

Does he want to crush me with rocks?

Yuan Fang felt the cold and turned his head and ran to Niu Yu Dao.

"Lord Dao, you have seen everything. He made me do it. It's not my fault!" he ran to Niu Yu Dao and begged him.

Niu Yu Dao only showed him the Yuan Gang.

Yuan Fang froze. Yuan Gang began to take off his clothes, showing his bulging muscles. Yuan Gang took off his clothes and threw them into a basket on the rocks. He was left only in his underpants, even took off his shoes. In the sunlight, Yuan Gang looked like an Apollo. Any girl would be salivating at the sight.

"You've made up your mind. He just didn't want to ruin the clothes." Niu Yu Dao explained to him.

Yuan Gang looked around and grabbed a relatively small stone slab. He picked it up and hit himself on the head.

"Boom! »

He almost broke his head.

Yuan Fang was simply dumbfounded on the spot. Does he even do this to himself?

Yuan Gang returned to the middle of the courtyard and waved to Yuan Fan: "Again!"

"..."Yuan Fang couldn't find the words.

Niu Yu Dao tapped the man on the shoulder.

"Go. He wants you to help him train."

* Train? * - after thinking for a while, Yuan Fan realized what was happening.

Now he took a bolder stick and said: "Lord Yuan, don't be offended!"

"Less bullshit!" Yuan Gang replied in a cold tone.

"Bang! »

Yuan Fang hit it. Yuan Gang's body glittered, and a red imprint appeared on his back.

"Wow!" - Yuan Gang sighed. He clenched his fists so that you could see the tendons tighten all over his body. He took a deep breath.

"Weak, even stronger!"

* Stronger? * - Yuan Fan struck again, but stronger than Yuan Gang. Only there were clicks and the stick broke.

Yuan Gang looked at him askance.

Yuan Fang understood why he had brought the bundle of sticks.

Without saying anything, he went to the bundle, picked up the stick, and hit Yuan Gang again.

The stick broke again.

Standing on the steps of a Niu Yu Tao said: "Bear if you hit like that, all the trees on the mountain will not be enough. You add your power."

Yuan Fang nodded. He took the stick again and poured his strength into it, and reminded yuan gang:

"Lord Yuan, if you need anything, please tell me."

Yuan Gang nodded, and Yuan Fan hit him again.


Another blow.


Another blow.


Each time, Yuan Fang increased his strength until Yuan Gang fell silent.

After that, Yuan Fan hit Yuan Gang at the same speed.

And Yuan gang sometimes stood in the pose of a rider, sometimes bent back, sometimes stretched out his legs and arms, even his head was exposed to blows.

Yuan Fang was surprised, but there was a glint in his eyes. He had been beaten by Yuan Gang for so long, and now he had the opportunity to take revenge. He walked around him and beat him constantly. It didn't take long for Yuan Gang's body to show red marks from the blows.

Only Yuan Gang did not pay attention to them. It was as if there was some kind of reaction inside his body from such blows. He began to take a deep breath as if he were constantly inflating something. And Niu Yu Dao was able to see everything.

In Yuan Gang's belly, it was as if a spherical ball appeared, which descended to the bottom of the abdomen when inhaling and rose when exhaling.

And with such movements, Yuan Gang's body surprisingly began to change.

Those bloodstains on Yuan Gang's body seemed to come to life and began to wander over his body. They wandered through it and in some places disappeared.

Such a sight would frighten an ordinary person.

Seeing this, Niu Yu Dao narrowed his eyes. After all, these so-called small snakes wandered through his body and disappeared in places of acupuncture points. Bloody wounds are snakes, and acupuncture points are their burrows!

Yuan Gang studied hard qigong. And Niu Yu Dao had seen such training in his previous life. Today, however, was different. Here, Niu Yu Dao realized that Yuan Gang was studying difficult, hard qigong.

Yuan Fang was also surprised. He, being a werewolf, now looked at Yuan Gang as a werewolf!

However, such a scene was terrifying. Good thing it didn't last long. When all the bloodstains disappeared and his body became normal, and the beating lasted for about an hour, Yuan Gang only then shouted for Yuan Fan to stop.

Yuan Fang lowered his stick and panted. However, he still looked at Yuan Gang as if he were a werewolf.

He seemed to hit him, but he was tired of hitting him.

It can't be helped. He needs to hit not weakly, but not hard so that Yuan Gang can withstand it. And even to beat without stopping. And this is difficult to do for an hour. And let the force in so that the stick doesn't break.

Yuan Fan turned his head and also noticed that Yuan Gang was not resting either.

He stood, flexing every muscle, straining every joint and sinew. His bones crunched all over his body. When his entire body crunched, he relaxed again and his entire body took on a pink hue.

Yuan Gang calmed down and went to get some clothes.

Yuan Fang threw the stick into the pile and sat down under the awning. After that, he breathed a sigh of relief.

When Yuan Gang reached the shed, Niu Yu Dao handed him a teapot of water.

Yuan Gang accepted the teapot and began to drink.

Niu Yu Dao: "Your hard qigong doesn't seem to be the same as before."

After taking a SIP of water, Yuan gang paused for a moment and then said:

"There is nothing else. I just felt something was wrong with my body today. It was as if some force wanted to leak out, but something was holding it back. I was looking for a place to train. Decided here… It looks like I managed to break through to the next level."

Niu Yu Dao: "What is the name of your hard qigong?"

Yuan Gang has just shown interesting body changes, and this technique has a name.

Yuan Gang froze: "It's called hard qigong. What else can you call it? Er... " - he thought and seemed to remember something.

Niu Yu Dao didn't bother him.

Yuan Gang hesitated: "it seems to be called; our instructor mentioned its name once. Hard qigong ... Chi Yu..."

"Chi Yu?" Niu Yu Dao said doubtfully: "The Chi Yu who fought Huang Di in ancient times?" (Chi Yu (the giant sorcerer who fought Huang di;)

"Right!" – Yuan Gang loudly nodded. He seemed to remember something and added: "Back then, our instructor also said that this Chi Yu was fighting Huang Di. Or rather, Chi Yu U Fan. »

"Chi Yu U Fan?" Niu Yu Dao said.

Strange name. He had looked at the ancient records, but could not remember the name.