Heimarian Odyssey - Chapter 100

In Faustian and Shalor, as well as its neighboring countries, there was an unwritten rule. That was, grand elites like Ritters or Magisters could not simply act according to their own will, Magisters especially.

That was because of the spells that could wipe landscapes at a time, not to mention the impetus of grand knights, Ritters. Although it was impossible for them to literally move mountains and drain oceans, it was still very easy for them to flatten a mountain and smash a huge pit in it.

High-rank Knechts might be killed by ordinary soldiers using swarm tactics, even exhausted peak level Knechts too. However, once they reached the level of Ritters, they were no longer in the same league.

Kingdoms such as Faustian and Shalor had a population of more than 2 million, but none had more than a handful of grand elites. Meaning that there was only one in a hundred thousand people.

The surrounding countries were speculating about how many Ritters Faustian had hidden. More than three was the unspoken consensus.

First of all, to successfully kill a Ritter, at least two Ritters of the same level were required. They must also bear the risk of being injured themselves. Clark Gable's death during the battle at Gordon Heights that year shocked a large group of onlookers.

Clark, a known Ritter of Shalor, was well known even in the Overempire of Aomar.

Secondly, although Shalor had only two grand elites, one of them was a caster. A Magister could do more damage than a Ritter and was much more powerful.

Because of the lack of knowledge about casters, people could only compare using superficial combat power. The generally accepted fact was that a Magister could face three Ritters and still not be at a disadvantage.

If the Magister dabbled in nonconventional disciplines of magic, their combat power would increase even more.

It was a pity that these large and small kingdoms south of the Aomar Empire had very few Magisters, and Shalor was the only kingdom with one among the nearby countries.

Other countries knew too little about Magisters. There were a number of kingdoms, countries away from Faustian and Shalor, that sent spies and scouts to observe the situation. One of their tasks was to find out the actual strength and ability of a Magister.

And since Faustian dared to take action against Shalor with much success, there should be at least three Ritters in the country.

On the city wall, the storm above Kareda was still brewing. More experienced folks would know that this caster had already begun to influence the movement of surrounding elements with his strong mental power without even using mana. If mana was used, this caster could even kill Faustian's thousand-man company using his wide range of magic.

Perhaps the unwritten rules were restricting the Magister. Kareda was still only exuding his own aura, without making any actual moves.

But this alone weakened the Faustian army a lot. On the contrary, Shalor's garrison burst out in cheers.

In front of this supernatural power, every inferior lifeform felt the threat of death. This was a fear engraved deep in their blood. No matter who it was, as long as their level was below mid-rank, they would be affected.

This included Locke, who was in a very poor state at this time. He could clearly see the grey-robed old man on the city wall from such a distance. In his line of vision, it seemed like the figure of the rickety old man was the only thing left in the whole world. Mysterious and deadly silent; the rapid warning signs in his heart and years of intuition warned him to leave here quickly.

The massive Faustian army, in this case, appeared slightly disordered in their formation. Regardless of how the commanders tried to rein them in, some of the timid soldiers had already unconsciously started to move backwards, most of them recruits.

Back on the city wall, Kareda's aura grew more and more vigorous. Just when the army formation became more chaotic, and the commanders could not take it any longer, De Sandro, together with a certain elite in the center of Lion, sent out their own auras to counteract Kareda's, cancelling out the suppression.

Officially, Margrave De Sandro was the strongest in the Faustian military. No one knew the true strength of this margrave, because he had never made a move.

Marmen was one of the few people in the kingdom who knew the true strength of De Sandro.

This margrave's true strength was that of a mid-rank Ritter.

As for the other elite from Lion, he was a hidden existence in the royal family.

Although Lion was strong, the corps jarl was Prince Kenzir himself. No matter how talented the prince was, he was only a high-rank Knecht at this time. However, as he was still younger than 30, he was very likely to become a Ritter.

The other Ritter should be a figure sent by the king to protect the prince.

Kareda was not surprised to detect the two Ritter auras, as if he had already expected it.

"This is not all they've got right?" Under his grey hood, Kareda let out a sneer, "There are only two Ritters. I don't believe they could've killed Clark, since Mist was by his side as well. "

Clark Gable was also a mid-rank Ritter, and was in his prime age. He was only 46 years old when he died in war.

When Lehrlings reached the stage of a Magister, their life span could skyrocket to 500 years. If they specialised in soul and life, their lifespan may even be double of that.

Unlike them, it was another case for Ritters. Every Ritter's breakthrough was accompanied by a scarred body and exhaustion of potential. In theory, Ritter and Magisters belonged to the same level, so they would also have a lifespan of 500 years.

However, very few of them could live to that age. 200 years was the longest most Ritters lived.

The 46-year-old Clark was at the prime of his life. Kareda, relying on his keen mental power, was able to detect the actual age of De Sandro and the other Ritter, both being over 100 years old.

Only then did he confirm that it was impossible for these two Ritters to kill Clark, who was aided by a peak-level Lehrling.

In fact, a peak Lehrling received the same treatment as a Ritter in many countries, being almost as powerful and valuable.

Kareda chanted briefly, and a simple amplification array appeared near his mouth. "Come out! I don't want to violate the rules of the Sanctum!" Every word spat out was amplified by the array, which allowed everyone on the battlefield to hear him clearly.

Except for a limited number of people, no one knew what the 'Sanctum rules' were. However, even for people who didn't know, from this sentence, it was not difficult to guess that this should be a rule that restricted his actions.

Seeing no one appeared from the Faustian side, Kareda didn't care anymore. His time was running out and he had to do something for his country at the last moment.

Kareda held the long black scepter in one hand and began to chant something. Although the people around him didn't understand, from the increasingly depressing atmosphere and the broiling storm, what was about to happen wouldn't be good for the Faustian side.

"Halt!" A loud voice came from the clouds.

The sky around Audis was covered in dark clouds due to the energy fluctuations of the Magister. It was winter at this time, and some fine snowflakes fell silently to the ground. Snow finally came back again after one long month.

"You're truly a worthy, high-achieving student from the Sanctum Academy. With only the strength of a Magister, you are already able to change the environment and climate," the voice continued. The entire battlefield could hear it clearly.

The grey-robed magician standing on the wall was not as casual and indifferent as before, his widened pupils revealing his agitation.

Without further delay, the Magister snorted, and stopped the chant. He levitated into the air and flew straight to the dark cloud right in front of Audis.

In a place where Locke and the others couldn't see, above the clouds, was a place not as gloomy as the earth's surface. Instead of being covered by dark clouds, the sky was clear. It was now morning. The sun shone warmly in the distance. No one could even tell that it was winter.

Somewhere between the clouds, a man in armour and a red cloak stood there quietly, looking like he had been waiting for Kareda for a long time.

When Kareda saw the man, he was not surprised and flew straight over.

"It's you, Romm!" Kareda seemed to know the knight.

"Meister Kareda, long time no see!" The tone of the knight called Romm did not change. He just lifted his helmet and revealed the face of a middle-aged man.

"If you are only here to stop me, you are not qualified," Kareda did not give into Romm just because of his easygoingness.

"I haven't seen you in 15 years Meister, and your temper is still so bad!" Romm chuckled.

"Hmph, since we met in the Azureflame Hellscape and slaughtered the group of hellfires together, I will not provoke you, and you must not bother me either," Kareda said with a dark look.

"Meister, your heroics when you faced three enemies at once is still fresh in my memory." At this moment, nothing else could be seen on Romm's face, as if he really only had admiration for the man.

"And you are still trying to stop me?" Kareda asked. He knew Romm, and he had participated in a planar war with him. Because their two countries were neighbours, the two knew each other at least.

"After all, this concerns the glory and future of my motherland. This time, I must stand up," Romm did not directly address Kareda's question.

"Heh!" Kareda let out a sneer, "Just you alone?" After that, he looked at the cloak behind Romm. "And your flying cloak?"

Romm did not answer, indifferently taking off the cloak behind him slowly. The magical thing was that the cloak stood floated in mid-air. Yet, it was not the cloak that Kareda stared fiercely at, but Romm, who was also standing in the air.

"You've already broken through?" Kareda asked incredulously. "I don't feel anything at all!"

"No! Not yet." Romm replied honestly, "But I've touched the threshold."

Kareda listened in despair. Romm immediately said, "By the rules of the Sanctum, I can do the same as you by not taking any action."

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