Heimarian Odyssey - Chapter 106

The siege of Audis had lasted for four whole days.

Locke and his battalion had joined in three times during this siege, once every two days on average, which drained them out significantly.

Actually, it should be more exhausting for Shalor's garrisons. The noises of people screaming and killing outside Audis had never stopped since the first day, and the Shalorian soldiers hadn't even had the chance to take a break and rest their eyes for a minute.

Both parties were pleased with the outcome of the battle, but they also thought it was unacceptable at the same time.

As for Faustian, the results of the Falcon 1st Division's assault two days ago were remarkable. The valiant soldiers of 1st Division had fought their way straight through Audis' walls under the cover of spells, catapults and giant crossbows. Although they'd been counterattacked by Shalor's garrisons and were forced to retreat, it'd given the soldiers from other divisions a great boost in morale.

When Locke and his battalion retreated yesterday, he'd heard from the other soldiers that Falcon had once again seized the walls successfully during these few days. They were also close to occupying the gates, but unfortunately, they'd been stopped by the Shalorian Capital Guard.

The soldiers who participated in the siege had to avoid the attacks coming from the gates and also climb ladders, so they all had to go into battle with light loadouts. They then needed to face the heavily armoured Capital Guard, which were the only elites left in Shalor. They had no other choice.

Of course, neither Kenzir nor Marmen cared whether their attacks for the past few days could seize Audis. The unexpected results they'd obtained were delightful, unexpected surprises.

Kenzir and Marmen were like two lions staring at their prey. Both of them just scratched their vulnerable prey from time to time so that their wounds would get bigger till their blood eventually drained out. Only then would they rush up and enjoy their feast when their prey was completely helpless.

Nobody was sure whether the prey was conserving its energy in preparation to leap over the wall in desperation.

As a low-rank officer, Locke didn't know the plan of the two big shots. But he'd been a soldier for a very long time, and he could guess that the final clash would be happening soon.

By that time, it wouldn't be like it was now when the many divisions took turns to launch their attacks one after another. Instead, all the divisions would strike at once!

In the distance outside Audis, the Faustian soldiers were mobilising in an orderly fashion. There were also numerous soldiers nearby launching their attacks against Audis. Although the Shalorians had defended the waves of attacks with their large amount of resources and sufficient manpower, they didn't dare to let their guards down.

The scene where the Faustian soldiers rushed up to the walls two days ago due to their negligence was still vivid in their minds.

Not far from the inside of the walls, there was a newly built military command post.

The Shalorian king was in it at this moment, pacing back and forth anxiously. Aside from the king, there were many nobles in there as well.

A messenger then rushed into the tent.

"How is it? How're the defences at the walls now?" The king stopped pacing and asked.

"The enemies have retreated, but the next wave is already gathering," reported the messenger.

"Oh..." The nobles sighed one after the other after hearing the news.

The king kept a poker face. Being in such a high position, he had to remain calm at all times. Any hint of his true emotion would easily affect others'.

The main reason the Shalorians were still persistently defending their city was that the king was still there. He was like their banner. As long as he hadn't fallen, Shalor was still alive.

"Where's Margrave Felippe?" asked the king.

"The margrave is still commanding the battle from the walls," replied the messenger.

After hearing this, most of the nobles didn't express anything. Only the king frowned, he was a little worried about Felippe's health.

Although Felippe looked young, he was actually about the same age as the king. He was very worried that Felippe's body couldn't take it as he'd been at the walls for four consecutive days.

Ever since that day Felippe had ordered his guards to take him away, he'd never left the walls. Only now did the king believe that Felippe would really risk his life to fight for Shalor.

"Go and ask Felippe to take a break." The king sighed.

The messenger felt that the king's order was a little strange, but he still obeyed.

"Sanchez! You'll take Felippe's place!" The king turned his head to a sturdy noble.

"Yes!" replied the man. He then gripped onto the longsword at his waist and led a unit of soldiers towards the walls.

He was the commander of the Capital Guard and the king's trusted subordinate. He was also currently the only peak-level Knecht in Audis. The king felt much relief after sending him over.

Felippe stood on the walls resolutely like a massive rock, giving orders to the soldiers from time to time.

"Where are the 5th Reserve's men? Go to the west gate quickly! The next wave of attacks is coming!"

"7th Platoon! 7th Platoon! Gelson, bring your soldiers and 7th Platoon to the south gate, you all are needed over there!"

Felippe's orders had not been executed. His soldiers went up to him and surrounded him instead.

"Lord Margrave, you should take a break."

"Yeah, Lord Margrave."

"My Lord, you should rest for a while."

Every Shalorian soldier had seen Felippe commanding at the walls for four consecutive days. On the second day, the margrave had ordered half of the soldiers to defend the city, and the other half to rest, and they took turns to work. Faustian's intentions were very obvious and Felippe had seen through it. He couldn't let the opponents drain the garrisons' energy.

The soldiers had rested, but Felippe had always been at the walls.

Felippe didn't shut his eyes nor even moved his position for four whole days.

The soldiers who surrounded him could clearly see his pale face and trembling neck. He'd also reached his limit. He was able to hold on until now because he was tough-minded and had good strength.

"My Lord, you should go and rest for a while," persuaded a sturdy Shalorian soldier. He had suffered countless injuries and still insisted on fighting. But shockingly, he was touched by Felippe's persistence and teared up.

"Cut the nonsense, go!" Felippe interrupted their persuasion and ordered them to provide assistance where they were needed.

"Yes, Sir!" The soldier wiped the blood from his face. "7th Platoon, follow me!" He waved his spear and walked towards the north gate.

Felippe let out a sigh of relief when the soldiers left. His body trembled uncontrollably but he didn't collapse and stood firm once again.

Although he was also a high-rank Knecht, he only reached this height because of potions and treasures. He had the power of one, but the truth was that he might not be able to win in a fight against a mid-rank Knecht.

As an outstanding businessman, he didn't need to be on the battlefield personally. He had a group of experts that could help him settle everything.

But he'd indeed burnt himself out now. High-rank Knechts also needed to rest, not to mention Felippe, who had hardly experienced such intense battles.

He'd insisted on not letting his eyes close because he was worried that once he'd shut his eyes, he would never be able to open them again.

Felippe was patriotic towards Shalor, and he was also willing to dedicate his life for his motherland.

"Lord Margrave, you need to rest," A low and muffled voice came from behind. Felippe was caught off guard and broke out in a cold sweat. He didn't realise there was someone behind him.

The margrave could sense a strong aura that had been cultivated over the years as he turned around. A commander in blue armour stood in front of him.

The man was holding a spear that was thicker than the average person's thigh.

Felippe recognized the man the moment he saw him. He was the king's trusted subordinate and the commander of the Capital Guard, Sanchez.

Although Sanchez was holding a heavy spear and wearing bulky armour, his movements were silent. This was a sign of complete control over one's own strength. This commander's strength was unfathomable.

"There's no need to!" said Felippe concisely. Although he was weaker than Sanchez by a lot, he wasn't afraid of him at all.

"This is an order from the king, you need to rest!" said Sanchez as he waved. Two armoured soldiers then came forward and stood by the sides of Felippe.

"Bring the margrave down to rest," ordered Sanchez.

Felippe only then realised that there were many armoured soldiers at the walls behind him. Sanchez had brought most of his unit, the Capital Guard, to the east gate.

Felippe didn't argue, nor did he say anything else. He then followed the two soldiers down the tower. He was indeed exhausted. Now that there was an expert like Sanchez and his armoured guardsmen at the walls, there shouldn't be any problems.

Sanchez and a group of soldiers watched Felippe as he descended the walls. The battles over the past few days had made these low-rank soldiers admire the margrave a lot from the bottom of their hearts.

In the early morning of the next day, Locke and his well-rested battalion were busy sharpening their weapons again. Like usual, they were going to participate in the siege again this afternoon.

"Locke, where did you get this armour from?" Mond looked at the bright yellow armour he was wearing enviously.

The soldiers of Cardoj's unit had seen a lot of blood from the battles in the past few days. The soldiers who were attacking the city would be smashed by blunt weapons by their enemies, so they needed a solid and strong armour for protection.

Locke's armour was no longer a secret. A lot of people had seen him withstanding the falling stones without much effort.

Other soldiers might've guessed that Locke had used impetus at that moment, but Mond, who stood close to him, could guarantee that he hadn't felt any impetus being used. Locke had completely relied on his bodily endurance and equipment instead.

Locke could only play dumb. He didn't want to expose his large amount of military merit. He knew that he shouldn't reveal his wealth.

Mond didn't pester Locke for not answering his question. He could tell that the longsword on Locke's waist and the armour he was wearing were in the same series, and his eyes were full of envy.

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