Heimarian Odyssey - Chapter 111

Locke gulped and asked, "Uh... Where are we?"

"Let's go home!" answered Kristin.

But Locke would rather not know the answer.

Although he'd guessed at Kristin and Glace's identities many times before, he found this outcome unacceptable.

This wasn't the outcome that Locke had expected.

Naturally, the front door of the margrave's mansion wasn't deserted. There were two guards standing at both sides of the door; they seemed nervous.

The news of the city's destruction and the muffled screams and killing in the distance greatly unnerved the two guards.

They were worried that they would be shot by an arrow out of nowhere, ending their short and insignificant lives.

They were alarmed by Locke and the others who wore Faustian uniforms and rode war-horses. One of them was about to blow his whistle and flee.

"We're going home! We're going home!" Kristin's sweet voice made the two guards hesitate for a moment.

"Is that the mistress' voice?" asked one of them curiously.

The other person didn't answer him. He took a closer look at the four people on the horses. When they saw it was Kristin and Glace, they were both surprised.

"Mistress, you're back?" greeted one of them as he stepped forward and knelt on one leg.

The other person rushed into the mansion. But this time, it wasn't because he was frightened, he went inside to tell the margrave about the good news.

Glace dismounted, grabbed Kristin's hand, and walked towards the mansion.

Laffey followed behind closely.

Locke wanted to leave this place really badly. His comrades were fighting with the Shalorians desperately outside, and yet, he was here, at the enemy margrave's mansion.

Unfortunately, Locke didn't dare to move a step. The soldier went in to make a report, and by that alone, Locke could tell the man was about his equal in status.

If he dared to move, he would definitely be held back instantly. Plus, judging from the voices coming from the mansion, there were probably a lot of soldiers inside. Locke wasn't a one-man army.

At this moment, Glace suddenly asked, "What are you waiting for? Hurry up!"

Locke dismounted hurriedly and followed.

Shalor's language was similar to Faustian's, but he would definitely be exposed if he said anything. So, he would be better off complying without making a sound.

She was already his woman, and Locke felt that she wouldn't betray him.

Of course, it was his first time entering a mansion. The way from the entrance to the mansion itself was even more complicated than the streets in the city.

Luckily, Glace was there to lead the way. Otherwise, Locke would've probably gotten lost.

He had also seen a lot of Shalorian soldiers and the mansion's guards along the way. Their Faustian uniforms were extremely eye catching. Fortunately, Glace was leading the way in front and the guards didn't make it difficult for them.

It seemed like all these soldiers knew her.

"Who on earth is she really?" murmured Locke. He'd heard the two guards call Glace 'mistress' just now, but it wasn't a proper title per se.

Could it be that she was a margrave's... Locke didn't dare to think about it any further.

They finally arrived at a hall, though Locke was exaggerating by calling it a hall. The hall at the palace was much more magnificent than this.

This could only be regarded as a spacious hall at best. "Wait for us here," said Glace after she brought Locke into one of the rooms next to the hall.

"Okay!" He'd already done his job by bringing Glace into the city. Locke didn't feel safe as there were Shalorian soldiers everywhere in the mansion.

Perhaps he would feel better if he stayed alone in this room.

Glace returned to the hall immediately. Kristin shot Locke a weird look when she left and said, "Wait for me, Big Brother!"

Kristin addressed Glace as her aunt, and Locke as her elder brother. Glace and Locke were more than friends, but they had to keep their relationship between themselves.

After Glace and the others left, Locke sat next to the door. He felt unsafe being in a place like that, so he had to be alert at all times.

By the time Glace and Kristin were back, a few people were already waiting for them.

"Glace, is that you?" asked Felippe. He was sitting at the centre of the hall.

The only margrave that was left in Shalor had aged a lot throughout the siege.

He still looked like a middle-aged man, but his voice and expressions made him appear much older.

"Father!" Glace teared up, walked towards Felippe, and threw herself into his arms.

"Hey, let me see your face." Felippe lifted her exquisite face, but it was now covered in tears.

"You're such a fool! Why didn't you go to Karaman?" Felippe really cared about his daughter, otherwise he wouldn't have just let Glace and Kristin among his other children to leave.

Glace was still in his arms, and she roughly told him about what happened in Farlans.

Felippe was furious when he heard about how Willis had treated them. Although he hadn't treated his illegitimate child very well, he'd already fulfilled his duties as a father.

After having a short conversation, Felippe seemed to have recalled something and hastily said, "Quick, I have already prepared a convoy. Your uncles are there too. Follow them out of the city. The Faustians will be coming here soon!"

However, Glace remained unmoving.

At the other side, Kristin was lifted up by another young man. He was her father, who was also Glace's elder brother and Felippe's eldest son.

Kristin lacked the love of her parents ever since she was a child, and her feelings and their impression on her wasn't as good as Glace and Locke's.

But after wandering outside for several months, she was still as excited to see her father after so long.

However, her parents quarrelled as soon as they'd met.

"Follow me and your mother when we leave later!" said the man. As a margrave, Felippe had already prepared a way out for his family members long ago. Even with the ongoing siege, he was confident that he could send his relatives out of this chaotic city safely.

"No! I want to follow Grandpa and Auntie!" Kristin refused.

"I heard that there's another man who came back with you?" asked Felippe.

When Glace heard the question, she shuddered and nodded.

Felippe didn't ask about Locke's situation; he just wanted to confirm that there was such a person.

"Father, are you leaving with us?" Glace asked the most important question.

From how well she'd known her father, Felippe's choice was probably...

"Go on, it's getting late." Felippe didn't answer her directly. He urged them on instead to show his determination.

Glace knew her father's temper. As a margrave of Shalor, no one could change his mind except for the king.

"There are things that you might need in the treasury. Bring them along with you and go!" said Felippe as he gave Glace a nudge.

The Faustian soldiers had already broken through the city, and no one knew how long it would be before they reached the mansion.

Kristin, who was at the other side, left her father unwillingly and ran towards her grandfather. She complained to Felippe about her father coquettishly. Felippe had always been on her side. Kristin knew neither what would happen next nor Felippe's decision.

He stroked Kristin's head softly and said, "Go along with your aunt. Grandpa supports you!"

Felippe, who was Shalor's god of prosperity, had obviously figured something out.

"Edward!" yelled Felippe.

A black figure suddenly appeared. "Yes, My Lord?"

"Bring these two young ladies to the treasury!" the margrave ordered.

"Yes!" replied the figure.

Glace knew that Felippe was asking her to leave. No one knew when the Faustian soldiers would arrive here, so it would be better to leave earlier.

"Let's go." Glace waved for Kristin to come, and she ignored her father and ran towards Glace.


Glace dragged Kristin out of the hall. The reason why she'd spent so much effort trying to enter the city was so that she could see her father. Now that they'd met, she was satisfied.

As they had walked out of the door, Kristin asked Edward to wait for a while and scampered off to call Locke. Just as he was coming out, still confused, Edward had the biggest reaction. He drew his longsword audibly, being able to sense that the man in front of him was a Faustian with a lot of blood on his hands.

Ever since Locke killed the moonlight wolf in the Bering Mountains, there had been a drastic change in his mental state and overall appearance. He was always perceived as an aggressive knight.

As the jarl of the Felippe household guards, Edward was very sensitive to the subtle aura others radiated.

"Calm down!" Glace spoke up. Only then did he put away his sword slowly.

"Bring us to the treasury," Glace said coldly. At this moment, her cold demeanour somehow made Locke want to dominate her.

After Edward led them to a hidden iron gate in the backyard, he bowed and waited at the side. As a servant, he had no right to enter.

"Five Thirty Elevation," Glace chanted an odd phrase and the gate opened slowly.

Locke took it all in with wonder; this was the power of magic. Before this, he thought that magic items could only be stimulated by mental power and impetus. He didn't know that even ordinary people could use them.

A ray of golden light shone through. Locke squinted and walked inside. The gleam from a small pile of golden treasures almost blinded him.

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