Heimarian Odyssey - Chapter 112

When the treasury's iron gate opened, Glace took the lead and entered. Kristin pulled Locke along and followed behind closely. This made Edward shut his mouth as he was about to stop Locke from going in.

Laffey was the last person to go in. Since an outsider like Locke had already gone inside, Edward didn't bother about stopping Laffey as she was Glace's maid.

Edward guarded the entrance like a loyal guard.

As Locke walked inside, he was dazzled by the pile of gold. He clicked his tongue and thought about how much gold there was in that pile. After circling around it twice, he guessed that it would probably weigh up to several tons.

If all of them were converted into gold thalers, there would be at least a hundred thousand of them.

"Stop looking at that, come here!" yelled Glace from a distance.

Locke had realised that the pile of gold was just a mere decoration when he saw the rows of shelves as he walked further inside. Each shelf had more than ten compartments, each having at least an item stored inside.

Unfortunately, most of the compartments of the shelves were empty now. Locke hadn't found anything that was useful after looking at them for a long time.

The person moving the items out of the treasury left in a hurry. Locke picked up a green ring from a corner of the shelf; its gem was the size of a thumb. Both the quality and intricateness of the ring were way better than the one that Melson had given him.

Locke shoved it into his pocket sneakily, walked towards Glace, and acted as if nothing had happened.

"What's wrong?" asked Locke. Glace was standing in front of a wall which had weapons and armour hanging off it.

"Pick what you need," said Glace. She then took three golden silk robes and gave one each to Laffey and Kristin.

Unlike the other places in the treasury where the items were almost done being moved out, the weapons and armour were barely touched, especially the heavy armour.

A dark blue armour attracted Locke's attention. There was a shield in the centre and a full set of arm and shin guards by the sides. There was also a lance with a diameter of a bowl lying nearby.

After looking at the armour for a long time, Locke stepped forward and tried to move it. However, the armour didn't budge at all.

"Are you sure you want this?" asked Glace strangely. It was as if she implied they were too heavy for Locke to wear and use.

Locke refused to admit defeat once he'd heard her tone. Impetus started to circulate throughout his body. "Ha!" The veins in his arms bulged, and he lifted the big armour up.

After he'd roughly felt the weight of the armour, he put it down. The armour slammed on the ground audibly, causing it to tremble.

Locke had also seen this type of armour for a number of times during the battles. It was the kind that the Shalorian Capital Guards wore, but theirs were puny compared to this.

"This was specially made for the commander of the Capital Guard," explained Glace. "There are two of these in total. One is given to the commander, and the other is kept here as a spare."

"This is an armour that can only be worn by a high-rank Knecht or above. Are you sure you want this?" Glace doubted Locke's choice.

"I want it!" Locke pointed to the armour he had just put down, and his tone was extremely firm.

Glace had said that only a Knecht with a high-rank or above could wear it, which was obviously the understanding of a layman. Locke had tried to lift the huge armour up just now, and although he couldn't wear it with his current physical strength, he could manage to do so as long as he had impetus circulating in his body.

Based on his current low-rank Knecht's impetus reserves, he could fight in this armour for about half an hour.

In this duration, Locke would be in an impenetrable iron shell. Nobody could hurt him unless his opponent had a weapon that could cut through iron as though it was mud or if his opponent was a high-rank Knecht who could use impetus transformation.

Choosing it was one matter, and bringing it along with him was another question. It was impossible for Locke to keep carrying this huge armour on his back.

Glace didn't bother about Locke, who was still racking his brain, and she continued to walk further into the treasury. There were fewer shelves with fewer compartments as she walked along. Some of them even had only one compartment in it. Of course, the items in the shelves were long gone now.

She had finally reached the innermost part of the treasury till she reached a row of two-meter-long crystal cupboards containing jewellery boxes. Unfortunately, most of them were empty. Only two of the boxes were not.

One of the jewellery boxes contained a crystal necklace with a pink heart-shaped diamond inlaid in the middle, and the other had a ring that sparkled silver.

"Luckily, there are two left." Glace heaved a long sigh of relief. She figured Felippe specifically kept them for her and Kristin. Otherwise, they would've been taken away by her relatives a long time ago.

There were only half of the items left in the treasury because most of them had already been taken away by the other members of the margrave's family as they were mostly light and portable.

The convoy filled with a sense of enthusiasm and hope, as it was the start of the household's rise back up. Given their wealth, Felippe's family members could rise again in whichever country they fled to.

"Kristin!" shouted Glace.

"Come and pick one." She opened her palms and revealed the two precious pieces of jewellery.

"Wow!" Kristin's eyes sparkled. She grew up in the margrave's family, so she knew what they really were.

"I want this one!" said Kristin hastily as she pointed at the heart-shaped crystal necklace. She then tilted her head and took a peek at Locke not far away.

Glace didn't say anything else and put the necklace around Kristin's neck immediately. Kristin was dressed from head to toe, and the exquisite necklace had made her look even more stunning.

She flaunted her necklace for a while and then shoved it under her shirt carefully. Kristin was very sensible and knew not to be ostentatious. But sometimes she just couldn't resist taking the necklace out to play with occasionally.

Glace walked towards Locke, who was still thinking hard about how to bring the armour along with him. "I'll carry it for you!" said Glace. The silver ring on her left ring finger flashed, and the armour that was 1.5 meters long and half a meter wide disappeared into thin air.

Locke was stunned by her act.

"Spatial gear." Glace waved her hand and showed him the ring that she had just gotten.

Shalorian magic was rather complicated, for them to even have spatial gear. Felippe wasn't named the god of prosperity for nothing. His family's wealth was comparable to that of the Shalorian royal family.

Locke knew that even Angelina didn't possess spatial gear although she had a few magic items with her.

Spatial gear were top-grade magic items. Only Lehrlings of a high-rank and above or those who were proficient in spatial spells and alchemy could produce them.

Shalor was very fortunate to have many high-rank Lehrlings and a Magister. One of the Magister's disciples was an alchemist. Most of the valuable magic items in Shalor, such as spatial gear, were produced by this alchemist.

"Unfortunately, there isn't room for anything else after storing this armour within," said Glace. The ring on her finger was considered as the best item among all spatial items. It could store two cubic metres of volume, but even that wasn't enough.

"Luckily, there's two of these." Glace turned her head and looked at Kristin.

Locke looked at Kristin as well. She was still playing with the necklace that she had just gotten.

When Locke and the other three women walked out, they looked completely different. Although Locke couldn't wear that armour, he had still chosen a lot of items that he could use now.

He had gotten a red cloak and a pair of silver boots. He didn't intend to be so flashy at first, but then he thought that there wouldn't be any battles anymore once the war ended, so he just wore them. Of course, he wouldn't admit that he'd chosen them because they were magic items.

The red cloak could withstand normal arrows, and it had Featherweight, which could reduce one-third of Locke's weight.

On the other hand, the boots had Windblast, which could increase a quarter of one's normal movement speed. When it is stimulated, it could double one's speed instantly.

Locke didn't choose any of the armour and weapons in the treasury. He had tried them on, but they were more or less similar to what he was wearing now. He hadn't spent that large amount of military merit in vain.

Although Laffey, Glace and Kristin were still wearing Faustian uniforms, underneath them were golden silk clothes alongside some other equipment.

By the look of how Kristin was holding her necklace and simpering at it, there were probably a lot of items in it.

Laffey got a set of armour and a longsword. She was also a knight who practised impetus, and the equipment she had chosen was very suitable for her.

Edward stood at attention as soon as he saw the four of them coming out.

"Edward, take good care of my father," said Glace as she walked past him.

"Yes, Mistress!" Edward, who was the head of the household guards, had been trained by Felippe secretly, and was unquestionably loyal. This time, Felippe's relatives were all preparing to leave with the convoy. Only Edward and the other loyal men stayed with Felippe.

"Mistress, Count Maxi and the other adults are already at the side entrance," said Edward.

Glace waved and interrupted, "I won't follow them." Maxi was Glace's brother, as well as Kristin's father. At this moment, even Kristin wouldn't follow her father.

Incidentally, Glace was an honorary countess.

After refusing Edward, Glace turned her head and looked at Locke. Kristin was also pulling his shirt. Laffey was Glace's maid, and of course, she would go wherever Glace was.

When Locke saw this scene, he understood what they meant.

"Let's get out of this city first!" said Locke.

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