Heimarian Odyssey - Chapter 141

The entitlement ceremony was taking place in four days, which meant that there were only five days left for Locke to spend time with his parents. Once the ceremony was over, he would have to escort Angelina to the Aomar Empire.

Sverre and Barton followed Locke around on the streets.

"Let's head over there and have a look," said Locke as he pointed to the crowd on his left.

The two had no objections and followed Locke closely. These past few days, both of them realised that Locke was actually the wealthiest among them. Barton was about to show off his stash of money that he'd saved, but he got a slap in the face when Locke casually took out a large hundred-thaler bill.

Although Barton was the baron's second son, he'd only saved up a few dozen gold thalers over the years. He'd managed Cardoj's territory for a few years, but he dared not steal the territory's money as they were all recorded in the ledger.

Sverre was worse off. Knights were typically bad at managing money and Wyr was a perfect example. He was someone with powerful strength, but he had to rely on his farm for income and the wellbeing of the people in his territory.

Both of them turned from being Locke's dominant tour guide into his followers in the past few days.

Not everyone was as generous as Locke. Barton wanted a very expensive tailcoat and Sverre wanted to buy velvet pajamas imported from the Aomar Empire for his mother, and Locke had paid for all of them. These children of nobility weren't as glamorous as they seemed to be.

When the three of them finally squeezed through the crowd, they realised that they were at a newly opened jewellery store. They were surrounded by gorgeously dressed women and courteous gentlemen.

"Let's go somewhere else," whispered Sverre. This wasn't a place for them.

"I agree." Barton saw someone he knew; he was a viscount from the southern Dor province. He was holding his wife's hand while chatting with the others happily. Even Cardoj would barely be qualified to be there, let alone the three of them.

"Why are we leaving? Let's go in and have a look!" Locke took the lead and went in first. Sverre and Barton smiled bitterly. They had no choice but to follow him inside. Locke remembered that he hadn't bought any jewellery for his mother and sister yet apart from the two silver rings for them before, and he felt that that wasn't enough.

There was a lot of good stuff in Glace and Angelina's spatial gear, but they all had a Shalorian design and style. He might get into unnecessary trouble if he took them out.

The owner of this jewellery store seemed to be quite rich. The store was three times larger than the other stores on the busy street and it was bright and spacious. Plus, the shop assistants and servants wore clean and neat uniforms, further increasing the standard of the store.

"How can I help the three of you?" asked a soft-spoken shop assistant. Although the three of them were a little shorter than the other customers in the store, they were dressed in tailcoats and boots, so they didn't look like commoners.

"I'm looking for two necklaces for my mother and sister," said Locke bluntly.

"Please follow me!" said the shop assistant as he led Locke and the others to the next room. The jewellery in that room wasn't as pretty as the ones that were displayed in the hall outside.

The shop assistants got a high commission for every piece of jewellery sold. The shop assistant wasn't stupid, so he just brought Locke to the jewellery that he thought Locke could afford based on his purchasing power.

A while later, three jewellery boxes were placed in front of Locke. Inside each of the boxes were a yellow gemstone necklace, a green emerald necklace, and a blue water-droplet stone necklace.

"I think the green emerald necklace will suit your mother and the yellow gemstone suits your sister," suggested the shop assistant.

Locke looked at the three necklaces carefully. He then asked with a weird face, "How much is all of these necklaces in total?"

"That would be a total of 78 gold thalers," replied the shop assistant.

When Locke didn't say anything after that, the shop assistant thought that Locke felt that it was too expensive. He then explained, "These precious jewellery are from Shalor's palace. It's a very reasonable price."

Reasonable? Locke wasn't sure about that. He knew that Kristin's spatial gear was full of such jewellery. If three pieces of it could be sold for 78 gold thalers, Locke would be a millionaire.

The shop assistant was about to continue his sales pitch, but Locke interrupted him and said, "I'm sorry, I'm not buying them." He then left after saying that, leaving the stunned shop assistant alone.

Locke met an acquaintance unexpectedly when he went out. He wanted to pretend that he didn't see him because Angelina had asked Locke to stay away from him. Locke had already tried his best to go the long way round, but he still ended up bumping into him.

"Are you blind?" someone scolded. His voice was loud enough that everyone around could hear him.

Melson was in a good mood today because his jewellery store had just opened. He could finally sell off the spoils he'd gotten from the frontlines.

Someone had just run into him and it might have just been an accident, so Melson didn't really bother about it. But his henchman was being very responsible and refused to let the matter rest, so he had no choice but to look at who ran into him.

When he saw that it was Locke, his eyes widened instantly.

There was a loud sound of a slap in someone's face. The servant fell to the ground after spinning a few times in the air from the heavy slap.

"Are you blind?" Melson snapped, "This is Herr Locke!" He then pointed at Locke as if he wanted the shop assistants to take a good look at Locke.

"My apologies, Brother Locke. You came all the way here to my place and you had to meet such a dumb fellow. I'll teach him a lesson after this!" Melson ran towards Locke and grabbed his hands apologetically.

Locke pulled his hands out from Melson's fat hands forcefully and calmly replied, "It's okay."

Melson thought that Locke was still upset. He then turned around, raised his heavy right leg, and stepped on the servant with all his strength, causing him to cry out in pain. Locke figured that he had broken at least three of his ribs.

"It's not a big deal, let him off," said Locke. It had been a few years since someone last scolded him, so this servant deserved his punishment.

"Alright, whatever Brother Locke says." Melson turned around and dragged Locke back to the store. "Since you're here at my shop, I can't let you leave empty-handed."

A lot of people were watching the scene, and no one would have guessed that it would end up this way.

"Who's that kid?" asked a viscount to another noble that he was close to.

"No idea. There isn't such a person in the royal capital," answered another viscount. "But he must be a big deal since Melson treated him with such great honour and courtesy."

"Let's ask around later."


Although Melson was also a viscount, his family's power and heritage were among the top five in the royal capital. He wasn't comparable to ordinary viscounts.

Besides that, there were currently two counts in his family. One of them was in charge of internal affairs and the other was in charge of military affairs. Plus, his family's business in the entertainment industry dominated the royal capital, so he didn't lack money. Although he wasn't at the apex of power, he was somewhat influential.

Currently, they were in a private room.

"Brother, is there anything that you want to buy here? I'll pick the best for you!" said Melson boldly as he patted his fat belly.

"I wanted two necklaces, but I don't want them now," replied Locke.

"Why not? You can't leave empty-handed. I'll ask someone to bring you some authentic goods from Shalor's palace!" Melson pulled Locke's hand and refused to let him go.

Since Melson had already begged him to take them, it would be Locke's loss if he didn't do so.

A while later, two good-looking servants walked into the private room with two plates in their hands. They unveiled the red silk on the plates, revealing ten exquisite necklaces on them.

"I'll pick one." Locke rubbed his chin and looked at the necklaces carefully.

"What do you mean by pick one?" Melson grabbed all the necklaces and stuffed them into Locke's arms, doing so with a generous bravado.

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