Heimarian Odyssey - Chapter 159

"How about 'The Empire's Three Millennia'?" said a melodious female voice from behind. Locke turned his head and saw Irene whom he'd met in the cafeteria that day.

Both of them had met several times on campus since then, but they were only nodding acquaintances. Her name was about the extent of what he knew about her.

Locke furrowed his brow. He initially wanted to choose 'Equestrian Skills and Actual Combat'. "I've signed up for 'The Empire's Three Millennia' as well. Since we're friends, I think you should choose the same course as me." Irene folded her arms and looked at Locke.

He then took the book that was titled 'The Empire's Three Millennia' and went to the library's registry for registration. When Irene saw his decision, she smiled.

"You're not from Aomar, right?"


"You don't sound like you're from here. Where are you from?"


"Where's Faustian?"

He simply ignored her.

"Hey, don't walk away! Do you want to grab lunch together?"

Locke suddenly had a sidekick now.

After bidding farewell to Henry and the others in the evening, Locke boarded the carriage that was outside the school gate.

Angelina was already in the carriage waiting for him. He felt that the courses in the caster faculty were more relaxing than the knight faculty's.

"I need you to help me with 'Fundamentals of Mana and Impetus' again tonight." Locked leaned on the backseat in the carriage and stretched comfortably.

It'd been a week since his classes had started, and he didn't expect that the cultural courses would be the first to commence. 'The Aomarian Script' wasn't that bad as he had the basics and Glace would give him tuition from time to time, so he could still manage to keep up with it.

But he was helpless in 'Fundamentals of Mana and Impetus'. He could only keep up with the parts that involved impetus as the profound principles of spells and its basic application rules were too overwhelming and confusing for him.

Angelina had already been tutoring him for three days, but his knowledge of it was still stuck at the first lesson that his mentor taught him.

Locke maliciously guessed that Angelina had purposely asked him to sign up for this course just so that he wouldn't leave her.

He hadn't gone to look for Glace for four consecutive days because Angelina had to tutor him at night. It was even worse for Suzanne as she only got to spend a very few nights with Locke this month.

He would be studying 'The Empire's Three Millennia' tomorrow, and he hoped that he would be able to understand the class. The knight's training courses would only start next week. His first training course would be on equestrianism.

Locke went to class early the next morning. Even though there was still an hour left till classes started, there were already a lot of students in the classroom, with the first three rows already fully seated.

While carrying the brick-sized textbook in his hands, Locke sat on the left side of the fourth row. The seat was directly facing the podium, so he would be able to concentrate better and listen more attentively.

Just as he flipped the book open, he caught a whiff of perfume. Irene came uninvited and sat beside him. The perfume smelled familiar. It was the same kind that Suzanne often used and it was considered as a middle-end perfume in Princeton. Locke had given Suzanne a lot of pocket money, but she was thrifty and wouldn't squander it. She would always go for the cheapest clothes, unlike Glace and Angelina who wouldn't look at the prices when shopping.

As this perfume had cost Suzanne five gold moores, the decision to purchase it made her feel distressed for a long time.

Locke was dazzled by the closely-packed Aomarian words in the textbook, but he still tried his best to read them. There was still an hour left before class, so he didn't want to waste time and tried to read as much as he could.

Irene, on the other hand, was very relaxed. She took a cosmetics bag out of nowhere and started doing her make-up in class.

There were more males than females in the knight's faculty, so the male students would always stare at the very few female students like wild beasts. When Irene entered the classroom just now, she attracted the attention of at least one-fifth of the people in the classroom. They all sighed when they saw Irene sitting next to the barely passable Locke. Yet another good fruit had been taken by a monkey.

Locke had just found out that Irene was also a knight, but he wouldn't expect her to be powerful. He felt that there weren't a lot of powerful knights in his grade as the low-rank Knechts were the strongest in the second grade.

Irene saw that Locke was struggling to understand what he was reading. She then said, "I can teach you if you want." She was an Aomarian native had received a good education since young, so it was a walk in the park for her.

Locke didn't hold back as well. "What does this paragraph mean?" He pointed at a chunk of text in the textbook.

"Oh, it says here that in the year 867 of the Aomarian calendar, Alexander VII agreed to the Sanctum's request to establish three caster academies in the empire; in the year 945, Alexander VII once again agreed to the Hall of Knights' suggestion to establish seven knight academies in the empire…"

Locke first pointed at a string of tadpole-like words and muttered "Sanctum…" He then pointed at another string of words that he'd never seen before in the second half of the paragraph and said, "Hall of Knights…"

As Locke was busy mumbling, Irene's attention was drawn towards another section of the textbook. "How long did Alexander VII live for? It has been 80 years since the two incidents happened, but that emperor is still on the throne!"

Locke wasn't interested in how long the emperor had lived, he was still pondering on the two new words he'd just learned.

"The previous emperor has only reigned for 50 years before he abdicated," Irene went on.

A while later, an old man with a grey beard and hunched shoulders walked onto the podium slowly. The classroom was already crowded. It seemed like there were a lot of students taking this course.

The moment the old man settled in, the classroom quieted down. The students weren't stupid. If they were chased out of the classroom or even expelled from the academy for disrespecting their mentor, they would probably have to hang their heads in shame for the rest of their lives.

"My name is Monchi Kuzma, you all can call me Mentor Kuzma. Next, I'll be talking about the Aomar Empire's founding..." Although their mentor was old, his enunciation was clear. Locke could more or less understand what he was speaking.

Keeping up with Kuzma's lecture, Locke flipped the pages to the corresponding chapter in the textbook.

"I can't believe that our mentor is a noble!" whispered Irene as she moved closer to Locke. He could feel the heat from her mouth on his ear when she spoke, and his heart fluttered. He then forgot what his mentor had just said.

He glared at her, turned his head and ignored her.

When the class ended, Locke packed up his things and was about to leave.

"Hey Locke, do you want to grab a drink together?" asked Henry as he approached Locke.

Henry had signed up for different courses, so they didn't have the same classes in the morning. They could only meet in the afternoon during self-study sessions.

Locke had always wanted to go to the library for self-study because the environment there was good and there were a lot of books for him there to read and refer to. Unfortunately, he didn't have enough points, and he still didn't know how to earn points. He couldn't go there often. He would always leave the library after borrowing a book as he didn't dare to stay inside for too long.

"No thanks, I have to go home." Henry usually invited students from the same grade as them for dinner, so Locke wasn't really interested. Plus, they would always have women around for entertainment. Locke didn't even have enough time to spend with his women at home, so why would he waste his energy on wildflowers?

"Right. You already have a very beautiful fiancée!" Henry was envious.

Everyone in his group of friends knew that Angelina was Locke's fiancée and they'd also met her before. Not only was she beautiful, she was also a Lehrling. Locke would definitely be able to stand tall and proud after marrying her. Luckily, they still didn't know that Angelina was a princess. Otherwise, they would be even more shocked.

Angelina and Locke's carriage was already outside of the school gate, but today, she wasn't in the carriage waiting for him. Instead, she was standing next to the carriage with her close friends. Locke could only recognize the red-haired beauty Joaquin because of her attractive figure.

"We're having a gathering this weekend. Are you going?" Angelina pulled Locke close and whispered. She knew that he didn't like going to gatherings with nobles.

"Why do you care so much about him? He's just your fiancé anyway, and you both might not even get married in the end!" Joaquin's personality was as hot as her hair colour and her figure. She was the feisty type.

Locke squinted at Joaquin. "I'm going, why wouldn't I be going? I have a lot of free time lately anyway."

"That's good." Angelina let out a sigh of relief. She really hoped that he could blend with nobles as this would be for their own good in the future.

"Hello, you must be Daenie. Angelina often mentions you." Locke turned around and reached his hand out to a gentle and pretty lady with long light blue hair.

"Hello." The lady was first dazed by his action. She then stretched her hand out as well.

Daenie had soft and delicate hands.

Angelina, Joaquin and Daenie were rather beautiful. Though, Locke didn't really like Joaquin's personality. Instead, he was a little interested in Daenie who'd never spoken to him even once.

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