Heimarian Odyssey - Chapter 170

“Are you really going to help Meron?” Angelina laid down on the big bed in the room as she looked at Joaquin who was dressing up.

“It depends. If the assistance he's providing is helpful, I don’t see why not. You know what Billie’s family does, right?” said Joaquin while applying the powder that she’d brought from the capital on her face.

“Yeah.” Angelina nodded.

Billie was one of the two remaining casters in the group who were strangers to Locke. She was from a noble family that owns a big business in Princeton. She was also the owner’s most beloved granddaughter, so it was very easy for her to ask her grandfather to send someone over to Kanter for a business deal with Meron.

“What about you? Are you not going to accompany your lover tonight?” Joaquin teased Angelina after she’d finish applying some makeup.

Angelina glanced at Joaquin and ignored her. From their accommodation they were provided, they could tell how poor Kanter was. A viscount’s mansion couldn’t even provide a room for each of them, and Angelina and Joaquin had to stay in a room together. They were all speechless.

“Your fiancé is staying in a room all by himself. You can go and look for him, I won’t tell anyone else,” urged Joaquin.

Since the number of males and females was odd, one male and one female could each have a room all to themselves while the others shared. Since Locke was a mid-rank Knecht, the other two knights were forced to stay in one room.

“I’ll go and look for Daenie if you say that again,” said Angelina as she gritted her teeth. Daenie was also staying alone in a room.

“Alright, alright. I’m just kidding.” Joaquin smiled as she jumped onto the bed and huddled with Angelina.

Although she looked mature, she was actually two years older than Angelina and two years younger than Locke. Angelina laid down on the bed and took a glance at Joaquin’s chest. She wanted to ask Joaquin something, but the words were stuck in her throat.

“How are your two thingies so huge?” Angelina finally asked the question after holding it back for a long time.

“Huh? What two thingies?” Joaquin didn’t quite understand the question at first.

When she saw Angelina blinking her big and bright eyes, she suddenly realised what she was referring to.

“Wow, I didn’t know that you were so naughty.” Joaquin shrieked and threw herself on Angelina. “Let me see whether yours are small or not!” said Joaquin as she began to touch Angelina’s body.

Angelina was relatively slim compared to her, so she was obviously no match for her.

It was already late at night when they were done messing around.

After all the lights went out, Joaquin’s voice was heard in the darkness.

“Actually, I’m not so sure myself. They grew so big by themselves,” said Joaquin in a somewhat helpless tone as she touched her breasts.

Unlike other women who were keen on having big breasts, Joaquin was annoyed by hers as they caused many inconveniences in her daily life and impeded her movements during spellcasting.

“Then do you have any special habits or food that you like to eat?” asked Angelina. As an outstanding caster, she lived by the mantra that there was always a cause for every effect. It was basic natural philosophic inquiry.

“Well, I like to drink milk. Does that count?” replied Joaquin after thinking for a while. She knew why Angelina had asked her that question.

“Grillan milk?” asked Angelina as she turned sideways. Grillan cows were one of the very few domesticated minor monsters in Aomar.

“Nope, Mambis milk,” said Joaquin. Mambis cows were just ordinary cows, but their milk was tasty and had a hint of sweetness in them, so they were favoured by the upper-class nobles. It was also priced rather similarly to Grillan milk.

“I’ll try them out when I get back home,” murmured Angelina.

Both Glace and Suzanne were well endowed. While Angelina had the highest status among the other women in the mansion and seemed confident on the surface, deep down she was actually insecure about certain parts of herself. People always liked to compare themselves to others, especially women.

The next morning, the squad was ready to set off for Monki Manor. There would be fewer worries if they’d completed their mission as soon as possible, and it didn't hurt to have more free time to visit other places. Besides Locke and Angelina, Joaquin and the others hadn’t been to many places in the empire despite being Aomarian natives.

Before the group departed for their mission, Meron gave them a map of Monki Manor which was much more detailed than the map that they’d bought when they first arrived in Lipps. It proved to be quite useful. He then gave them two myst orbs that had anti-interference properties, so they were mostly used by casters. They weren’t expensive, but they were rare on the market because of the limited utility they provided.

These two orbs weren’t that effective for casters with strong mental power, but they were useful to the two low-rank Knechts in the group as they could help them withstand certain degrees of mental harm as a result from spells cast by spirits.

Lastly, he also provided some background information about Monki Manor. This had aroused Joaquin and Angelina’s curiosity. Generally, the places that spirits hauted were very special as they tended to be dense with elemental essence. Plus, spirits typically appeared in groups, but there were only one or two spirits in Monki Manor, which made it a special case.

Ten years ago, Monki Manor was a territory that was owned by a knight named Monki. Monki was only a mid-rank Knecht, and he was considered as a noble knight of humble reputation in Lipps. Although he was just mediocre, he’d married a very beautiful woman. What made everyone’s jaws drop was that his wife was a powerful caster. Having the strength of a mid-rank Lehrling was already fascinating enough in this rural area.

He felt very lucky to have such a beautiful wife. In the first place, he was able to win her heart after rescuing her by chance. Just as when everyone was envious of how lucky Monki was, a tragedy happened. Their only daughter had contracted a strange disease, and even his wife, a knowledgeable mid-rank Lehrling, couldn’t do anything about it. She was their beloved daughter and their only priceless gem.

When their daughter was about to die, Monki and his wife suddenly announced that Monki Manor would be closed off and kicked all of their servants out. By the time someone entered the place half a year later, they found that nobody there. The owner had also vanished.

Some daring folks went inside to loot some items for sale, but efw made it out alive. Even if they did, they usually ended up as raving lunatics. After a few repeat incidents, no one dared to approach that manor again.

Later on, the residents around there reported this strange incident to the elites. After Count Frye sent someone for investigation, they discovered that there were two spirits in the manor as powerful as low-rank Lehrlings.

The problem could be solved by a mid-rank Lehrling or a high-rank Knecht easily, but the incident had somehow spread to the royal capital, and it’d became one of the missions assigned by Princeton Academy, which Joaquin and the others took.

After listening to Meron’s story, Locke and the other knights found the incident rather complicated. On the other hand, Joaquin and the others thought that Monki’s wife must’ve used a forbidden method to save their daughter, creating the spirits in the process. Nobody asked about Monki and his wife, figuring that they’d probably passed away a long time ago.

“Well, your help is very useful.” Joaquin nodded at Meron.

Meron lowered his chin and said, “It’s my pleasure to be able to help all of you out.”

The group then set off with the map and the myst pearls in hand. Joaquin had already planned to return the favour, but it would have to wait until they’d completed their mission successfully. Meron was also well aware of these circumstances.

Actually, Meron had also offered to fund their group, but Joaquin had rejected his offer. As the lord of such a poor territory, his small amount of money wouldn’t be of much help to them.

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