Heimarian Odyssey - Chapter 173

The spirit fled towards the only remaining room that hadn’t been searched yet.

When they knew that the spirits were severely injured, Bob and Chris, who’d been hiding at the back all this while, held the myst pearls that were about to shatter in their hands, and rushed past Locke to the front. The grey crystals that the spirits produced upon dying were also known as soul crystals and they were very useful to casters and knights. Both of them hadn’t contributed much to this mission, so they wanted to do something useful now in order to earn their part of the spoils.

The last room was not too far away. When they reached the room, both of the spirits had already phased through the wall. Bob and Chris kicked the door open with their foot and ran inside with a sword in one hand and a myst pearl in the other.

Joaquin, Billie, and the others followed closely behind. Locke and Angelina were the last to arrive. Locke wasn’t as calm as he seemed after enduring the sonic attacks and holding the spirit back the whole time. It was his first encounter with this kind of creature, and he suffered many scratches on his body from their claws.

Though, those were just minor injuries compared to the dizzy spells from time to time. He was the closest to the spirit when it screamed and had almost fainted after that. Luckily, he had the half-moon bracelet that Angelina had given to him, which emitted a faint light when he was struck by the sound waves and reduced its intensity, which was the only reason why he was still standing.

When Bob and Chris entered the room, clouds of dust and cobwebs flew around them. They were greeted with an even more powerful sonic attack instead of a helpless, injured spirit that was waiting to be slaughtered on the chopping board. The sound waves turned into pale lines which vibrated when they made contact with the air, emitting a strong light, which could permeate through strong armour and deal strong damage. The two myst pearls shattered into several dark red fragments.

Bob and Chris reacted quickly and hurriedly used their swords to resist the attack. While their longswords were of good quality, they snapped as soon as they made contact with the sound wave. They each rolled towards both sides of the room in dismay to ensure they weren't struck, though their eardrums still ruptured, causing blood to trickle down from the sides of their face. They winced hard, still affected by the sonic attack.

After the two had rolled to the side, Joaquin and the others were completely exposed to the sonic attack. It happened out of the blue, so the casters didn’t have the time to form an effective defence. However, Bob and Chris’ longswords might’ve deflected it slightly, causing it to divert towards the left corner of the door frame where Billie and Daenie stood.

Billie had a ring she could to form vines for defence and attack, but she knew it was useless against sonic attacks during her previous attempt. As for Daenie, she was only good at water spells, which had the poorest defensive ability among other elements. Plus, she was just a beginner-rank Lehrling and she couldn’t even cast Bubble, the simplest spell, in such a short time. Helpless, they closed their eyes in anticipation of the pain that was to come.

Joaquin was the nearest to them and wanted to help them out, but she simply couldn't act fast enough. She knew a lot of fire spells, but they were offensive spells. Although she had some defensive magic items, she could only use them on herself with their limited range.

As a low-rank Lehrling, she knew how powerful the incoming attack was. Subsonic Blast was a spell that could only be cast by mid-rank Lehrlings. Other than its sonic damage, it could also slice things into pieces. Billie and Daenie would no doubt be sliced into pieces if they didn't do anything about it. Who would’ve thought that they would have to face a mid-rank Lehrling in their little assignment? Although Joaquin had limited strength, she would make sure to get the spirit to pay the price.

Billie and Daenie closed their eyes in despair, while Joaquin fumed with rage as Bob and Chris groaned in agony. Mina and Angelina were powerless to do a thing. Out of nowhere, Locke came charging in.

With the help of Falconim, Locke let the impetus vortex in his body surge to its absolute limit. A green film glowed faintly from his toes and his knees, allowing him to dash so quickly that the naked eye could barely see him as he zipped towards Billie and Daenie, covering them from Subsonic Blast just in the nick of time.

The blast struck the back of his armour, causing it to crack audibly. As there were already cracks from before, they spread through the armour and caused it to shatter.

Locke yelled in pain as the soundwaves pierced through his skin, causing him to bleed from his ears and eyes. He tried to tolerate the pain with sheer willpower.

A faint white light emitted from his chest. The half-moon bracelet had protected him from the sonic attack this time. Although the protection wasn’t that strong and didn’t last long, it’d helped him last through the most painful part of the attack. Billie and Daenie were unscathed thanks to Locke and the bracelet. They were only a little disoriented by the sound and didn’t suffer any injuries.

Severely injured and drenched in blood, Locke still managed to roll over to the side with Billie and Daenie in his arms just in case there was a follow-up attack. Though, his blood splattered all over the place as a result, staining Billie and Daenie’s dresses crimson.

He didn’t have the time to pay attention to where he touched them when he grabbed them; they happened to land on their bosom, but he didn’t even notice it. He immediately let go of them and supported himself with one hand on the ground and as he pulled out a small wand hidden in his right trousers. Angelina had given it to him when they departed Felor. According to her, it could cast Fireball twice.

He stimulated his impetus, causing an orange fireball the size of a basin to form in front of him. He then flung it in the direction the sonic attack had come from.

Joaquin also cast a spell and bit her tongue, causing an arrow of blood to form, onto which she sprinkled some magic spices. Then she flung a fireball that was the size of a human head to her front. The two orange fireballs streaked across the room to their target.

“Bone Wall!” Another ashen grey wall appeared, but it didn’t have much effect this time. The fireballs didn’t even detonate in advance, boring two holes through the wall and travelling towards the spirits at blazing speeds.

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