Heimarian Odyssey - Chapter 180

They all knew what business the young man was referring to. The burly man had talked about this before, it was human trafficking. There was nothing valuable in a poor place like Kegmo, so the only valuable resource was manpower. Surprisingly, there were a hundred men in the village militia who fought a long battle before finally surrendering.

There were about a thousand villagers in Kegmo. They could already earn quite a lot by just selling a tenth of the population away. Plus, the risks of the trade were low. It was more cost-effective than robbing a noble’s convoy.

The burly man spat on the ground viciously and said, “We haven’t settled on a decision yet. White Wolf wants to have all the profits to himself!”

“Shall we teach him a lesson?” The young man moved his fingers slightly. By the look of his slender fingers, it was easy to tell that he was an expert in using knives, small ones in particular for surprise attacks. The young man had two hobbies - playing with women and killing. He relished watching others die slowly in fear.

The other bandits were on the same page with him. Although they couldn’t understand why their boss wanted to do business all of a sudden, killing people was their occupation. Ever since they’d acquired impetus, they felt that they were different from ordinary people. With the increase in their strength, killing people when things weren’t going their way had become second nature to them.

“No way!” refused the burly man immediately. White Wolf was a low-rank Knecht with his own men too. Even though the burly man's group was strong, they might not be able to defeat White Wolf.

“I’ll go and talk to him again in two days’ time,” said the burly man annoyedly. He’d already planned to give some of his profits up. After all, it was his first time doing human trafficking, so he just treated it as learning the ropes of the trade. Although he hadn’t studied much, he’d been in the underworld for a long time, so he was quite knowledgeable on the way things were done here.

It seemed like the burly man didn’t want to continue this conversation, so the other bandits went back to playing their cards. At this moment, a voice was heard coming from outside the room. It penetrated through the walls as if someone was speaking right next to their ears.

“Kegmo Bandits?” It sounded like it was a young man’s voice.

“Who’s there?” The burly man and the young man stood up instantly. Both of them felt a chill down their spine as they could tell that the speaker was a powerful person. The bandits in the room picked up their weapons one after another.

“Huh, it seems like I’ve found the right people. Goodbye then!” As the bandits were still wondering why he’d said goodbye, an orange fireball fell from the sky.

Swords were scattered everywhere in the pale room, still being held tightly by their owner’s hands. Only the bandits’ arms were left on the ground; nobody knew where their other body parts went. Angelina held onto the tree for support as she vomited.

“It’s not that bad, it’s just the bodies of a dozen people,” said Locke helplessly.

Meanwhile, the crystal scorpiondrake was feasting on a bunch of grilled meat. This meat was more tender than the ones it’d eaten before, and it would prefer to eat this kind of meat in the future. When Angelina finally stopped vomiting, she felt the happiness her pet was experiencing through her mental link. When she turned to look, she vomited again, this time more profusely.

The Kegmo Bandits were easily dealt with. Locke took his wand out, cast the last Fireball, and blew up the room. The two low-rank Knechts suffered the most from it. One of them lost half of his body and died on the spot, whereas the other lost his legs in the explosion. Locke walked up to him later on and sliced his head off.

The real battle only started when they dealt with the ordinary bandits who tried to escape once they realised that they were in danger. Locke had killed two-thirds of them and Angelina took care of the rest. As a low-rank Lehrling, she’d learned a few combat spells. Fireball was one of them, but its launching speed and power intensity were weaker than Joaquin’s.

After cleaning up the battlefield, both of them hurriedly left the place. They’d wiped out the Kegmo Bandits in less than two hours; Angelina couldn’t believe that the mission was so simple.

“Will this help you improve?” asked Angelina in the carriage.

“I’ve underestimated their strength. The burly man who’d survived the explosion was close to a mid-rank Knecht, so I decided to use that wand,” explained Locke.

The low-rank Knecht didn’t even die on the spot after the Fireball, having only lost two legs from the attack. Locke was impressed with his tenacity. Even he could never resist a high-ranked spell without any magic equipment or armour on him.

Angelina remembered the burly man. He was the one who continued to fight with Locke before he was beheaded even though both of his legs were broken. He would make a great soldier in an army. But she stopped thinking about it after a while because his head was still in her spatial ring. It sent chills down her spine.

Diana and the other captives hid in the ruins the entire time. They only came out of hiding after Locke and Angelina left. They’d never seen spells before and didn't know about the existence of casters. But today was a day that they would never forget for the rest of their lives.

When Locke and Angelina fought with the bandits, they tried to get as far away as possible from the group of women so that they wouldn’t be affected by the spells. It made the biggest impression on Diana as she was the closest to Locke when he cast the spell with his wand. She witnessed the entire process of the huge fireball destroying the whole room in an instant.

She trembled as she watched the two mysterious people leave after exterminating all the bandits as she admired how powerful they were.

It took them a month to arrive there, and another month to return home. Aomar was great, but its territory was too large. Locke had to waste a month in the carriage just for the return trip. Though Bob had already given him the horses as he promised, he didn’t want to ride them. He wasn’t keen on riding a horse for one month straight no matter how good the saddle was.

“I think you shouldn’t meet me for the next two missions,” said Locke.

Angelina nodded after thinking about it for a while. It wasn’t because she was afraid of watching violent scenes with blood everywhere. Her mental fortitude could be considered rather strong as she’d already adapted to the gore after experiencing it once.

She had to carry out experiments and go to classes. Unlike knights who needed a lot of training and field experience, casters preferred to spend their time in their own laboratories. Performing experiments was the fastest way to improve their strength.

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