Heimarian Odyssey - Chapter 183

The middle-aged caster was taken aback for a moment. He then made a funny expression, glanced at the black crow, raised his hand, and caused a dark yellow crystal to appear. He threw the crystal towards the crow as it looked at it greedily. It flashed across the room and swallowed the yellow crystal.

After burping, it said, “The earth crystals taste bitter. They’re not as delicious as water crystals.”

The middle-aged caster ignored it. He was waiting for it to tell him the news. If the news wasn’t worth a high-quality crystal, he might just fashion a quill with the crow’s feathers. The crow knew the rules and didn’t let him wait any longer and told him what he’d heard.

“Odis is already assembling people,” said the crow mysteriously as it lowered its head.

“What for? Doesn’t he need to stay in the Three Western Isles? What if our enemies, especially those from the east coast, appear?” The middle-aged caster was confused.

“Who knows? Maybe he has already made plans with someone.” The crow didn’t have much information about it either. It only knew that the four masters of the Three Western Isles wouldn’t give up on Botania that easily.

While a lesser world might not seem enticing to Banam, Gaia, Zachary and Odis, it was still very valuable to them as it produced resources that were precious to Zauberia.

“Although there aren’t any world sovereigns in a lesser world, breaking through the barriers of a plane requires the strength of at least a level-four elite. So far, in Three Western Isles, only Odis has the strength and the time to do it.” The middle-aged caster couldn’t figure out what Odis had up his sleeve. If he’d left Three Western Isles as well, their enemies on the east coast would definitely know about it, and their base camp would probably be destroyed within half a year.

“Why are you thinking so much about it? You don’t have the right to make any decisions anyway.” The crow flapped its wings mischievously. It didn’t notice the disapproving look the middle-aged caster gave it.

Nobody knew what the crow’s identity was. It just looked like an ordinary bird, but it seemed to be able to mingle well with all the level-three casters in the conference room.

“Bru, it’s time to go!” yelled a caster who had no facial features. His entire head was only covered by smooth skin. He didn’t have a mouth, yet he could still speak. It was really weird.

The crow flew towards him and stood on his shoulder.

“What are we eating tonight, Charles?” asked the crow.

“...” The faceless caster didn’t respond.

“Charles, Michelle has already been in Centauria for 15 years, are you really not going to look for her?”


“Charles, I think you should change your facial expressions.”


A quiet caster and a talkative crow made up a strange combination.

The other casters around them made way for the faceless caster. Although they were all level-three casters, the faceless caster was one of the most powerful ones among all of them. In fact, he was probably the most powerful caster in the Sanctum right now. Even the old man in a black robe, who was the agent, had to give him some face.

Tens of thousands of miles away from the Sanctum in Missia, there was a huge mountain range between the borders of Aomar and the Kingdom of Jordan. The sacred mountains reached as tall as six thousand metres.

A resplendent yet simple-looking hall was located at the peaks of the mountains that were covered with snow all year round. That mountain was considered a sacred place by all the knights in Missia as it was where the Hall of Knights was located.

Although it was freezing cold, there were still many knights entering and exiting from the hall. One could feel the knights’ powerful blood fluctuations upon getting closer to them. They were so powerful they could melt the snow around them. The knights came to the sacred mountains either by flight or riding all sorts of strange horses.

The Hall of Knights was a huge building with an area that was as large as a city, but it was built to look like a hall. Dozens of knights sat around a huge round table in a room within, looking down on the common folk from their tall mountain just as the casters did from their tower.

A knight in red armour with flamboyant red hair sat at the head of the table. He had sharp eyes and terrifying strength; no one in the room dared to underestimate his abilities.

“Today, I’ll be representing my father to host this meeting to talk about the matters regarding Botania,” said the red-haired man.

Unlike the loud discussion in the Sanctum, the knights here were more disciplined. Only the voice of the red-haired man could be heard in the meeting room.

“In five years at most, we’ll launch our attack and take the lesser world down. When the time comes, you don’t have to worry about the barriers of the plane as they will be dealt with,” continued the red-haired man.

The knights who were present in the room were all Missia’s level-three Himmelritters. They were no strangers to planar wars as they’d no doubt participated in a few of them to reach their level of power.

“Gaia’s Grand Cross Cavalry Division, Zachary’s Sprinthunder Cavalry Division, and several level-three casters from the Sanctum will be joining us on the attack. How many more Ritters can we recruit now?” asked the red-haired man to the knight who was the nearest to him.

“15,000 level-one Knechts and 700 level-two Erdritters shouldn’t be a problem,” replied a Himmelritter with ornate white carvings on his breastplate.

“What about the slave division?” asked the red-haired man to the knight who sat on his other side.

“Around 200,000 more,” replied the Himmelritter.

“I don’t think we have enough people,” mumbled the red-haired man.

Although a lesser plane was among the smallest and weakest compared to all the other planes, it was still a complete plane nonetheless. Centauria had taken up most of the elites from the three continents, so they were strapped for fighters to attack Botania at the moment.

Suddenly, all of the knights in the room felt a strong wave of fluctuations. Unstable ripples were seen in the air around them. Fortunately, they stopped quickly. Plus, it wasn’t the knights’ first time experiencing this, so they weren’t surprised by it at all.

“I’ve just received news that high-ranked Knechts and mid-rank Lehrlings can now join us in the battle!” The red-haired man said.

The order was definitely issued by the red-haired man’s father, Odis, the most powerful person in Missia, as well as one of the four lords of the Three Western Isles.

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