Heimarian Odyssey - Chapter 230

The black-armoured knight was caught off guard by the question but soon slipped into thought. An item that could contain living creatures was spatial equipment without a doubt. However, those were most in-demand and hard to attain.

Since he’s asking for it specifically, he must certainly be able to afford it, deduced the knight. Unfortunately, he had nothing of that sort on him. As he tried to recall if any of his comrades had something similar, the female knight from earlier had returned with a bottle of beer.

“Moss, why don’t you leave the stall to Howl and come drink with my brother? He demands your company!” screamed the female knight over a distance.

“Oh. Laney, do you have the spoils from when we captured the summoner?” He lifted his head to meet her gaze.

“Mm? You mean the spatial pouch that belonged to the broke mid-rank Lehrling?”

Locke almost choked at the comment. This was the first time he had heard anyone call a caster poor.

“Yeah.” The black-armoured knight pointed at Locke. “Perhaps it’d be of use to this friend here.”

The female knight stopped in her tracks and stared Locke down intently, almost as if she was checking him out. Languidly, she brought out a yellow fabric pouch from her spatial ring and with a little shake, heaps of books, some miscellaneous materials and empty potion tubes came tumbling out. The fabric spatial pouch was a piece of low-level spatial equipment, mostly used by knights who wanted larger storage space but could not afford a ring; wealthy knights and casters wouldn’t use one.

Locke would’ve settled for a spatial pouch or a cheap spatial ring at most if Angelina hadn’t gifted him a spatial ring after he became a mid-rank Knecht. It was no wonder the female knight called the mid-rank Lehrling poor. Everything that came out from the pouch was useless to knights. Unless sold to casters, the spellbane knights would be stuck with the books and empty potion tubes for ages. The Hall of Knights did buy spoils that knights found useless but the prices weren’t ideal.

“Can I take a look at that?” Locke pointed at a small pocket that seemed to be made of white major monster leather. It had fallen onto their stall earlier and he recalled the black-armoured knight mentioning that they looted this off a summoner. Generally, summoners could be categorized into those that were skilled at summoning elemental major monsters; those that had a tendency to summon familiars from a foreign plane; and those that preferred to summon monsters of their local plane. If its original owner was the latter, Locke was in luck.

“Go on, feel free to look around!” The female knight waved casually, her other hand holding a mug of beer. She talked to the black-armoured man, occasionally sneaking glances at Locke in between sips. On a serious note, this was her first time trading. Though she was a high-rank Knecht, her stronger brother and overprotective comrades always made sure that she received sufficient spoils after every mission. However, she had never once tried selling off her items. No one desired the summoner’s spatial pouch so they conveniently left it in Laney’s care.

“I want everything aside from that pile.” Other than the small bunch of major monster feathers, Locke wanted the spatial pouch along with its books and empty potion tubes.

“Cough! Cough!” The female knight choked on her beer violently. “Are you sure you want them?” She was in absolute disbelief.

“That’s right!” From how she was awfully fixated by the sight of gold moores, Locke could tell that she was a plutomaniac.

“Uh... The price...” The female knight was incredibly hesitant to name a price. As a first-timer, she had no frame of reference to the market prices.

“How about three high-rank crystal cores or four thousand gold moores?” The black-armoured man suggested helpfully.

“Okay, okay! That’s the price!” The female knight confirmed excitedly. Four thousand gold moores was akin to two months of allowance from her brother.

“That’s too expensive,” Locke quickly rejected. “The only thing I’d find useful is the silver major monster pouch and it isn’t worth that price.” If he wasn’t wrong, the pouch was specifically made to carry familiars around; but only if the familiar was bound to an owner.

The black-armoured knight did inspect the pouch some time ago. He remembered noticing faint magic activity from it. While it was most certainly spatial equipment, they failed to put anything inside, so he was surprised to learn that it was actually a magic tool to contain living beings. The knight knew much about spatial equipment; there were a few specific pouches that could only be used by casters with trained mental abilities, and the silver major monster leather pouch was one of them.

“What will you offer for them then?” offered the black-armoured man. The entire pile was complete trash to them yet they’d like to get the most out of it. It was better off sold to Locke than selling them to the Hall of Knights. Plus, having Locke make an offer could serve as a good reference point for when they needed to sell off something similar again.

“I’m willing to pay one crystal core at most,” said Locke.

“Alright. Crystal cores have a higher value than gold moores. What do you think?” The black-armoured man asked the female knight.

“I’m good with that!” Without hesitation, the female knight nodded. “What about everything else? Didn’t you mention that you want them all?” Her beautiful eyes stared at Locke hopefully; his purchase would allow her to go shopping for cosmetics on Melisa Street. That commercial area was a famed trading spot geared towards noblewomen, mainly visited by the countesses and margravines. The prices there were quite a stretch on a high-rank Knecht’s wallet.

“I’ll pay three hundred gold moores for the empty bottles,” Locke said after some thought. He could bring these home and see if Angelina would have any use for it. Even if she didn’t desire it, he could pass it to Glace since she had gotten into potion-making recently.

“What about the books?” The offer placed for the empty bottles was reasonable as she had already appraised their worth prior. However, the number of books was disproportionately large.

“Well…” Locke was in a dilemma. While these books did belong to a summoner, it wasn’t all that useful for the Lehrlings at home. He had initially planned to bring them home and see if Angelina would be interested in them; she was a bookworm anyway. His hesitation had the female knight anxious. One crystal core and three hundred gold moores were worth a total of one thousand and six hundred gold moores, just enough for that luxurious cosmetic set she had been eyeing for a while. However, she was looking to get a few pieces of jewellery too and she had no wish to tap into her allowance for that!

“How about getting the books at ten gold moores per pound?” A thought struck the female knight.

“Ten gold moores per pound?” After a long moment of silence, Locke finally gave in. “Sure!”

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